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Dog Bones, USA Rawhide, and Dog Chews

Grrillers Bag

Chicago Style Combones - Original combinations of beef, pork, and lamb resulting in some creative dog bones, dog chews, and dog treats; the original Bacon in a Blanket.

USA Rawhide - American made rawhide bones, rawhide retriever rolls, rawhide chips, and of course our original Grrrillers. With raw ingredients from the Midwest and processing in Chicago, these thick, long lasting rawhide chews are 100% USA!

Natural Dog Bones and Dog Chews - All natural, no additives or preservatives. These dog bones and dog chews come in three flavors (beef bones, pork bones, lamb bones) and a variety of sizes for both large and small dogs. Some favorites include: bacon rolls, bully sticks, curlies (compare to Merrick Pet Care, Inc's Flossies®), knuckle bones, beef femurs, pig ears, cow ears, lamb ears, and much more. Now carrying Nature's Variety Pizzle Twists and Steer Sticks.

Cat Food

Cal Nat Grain Free Chicken Cat Food

For the happiest and healthiest cats, only high quality ingredients will do. Our solution: seven brands of ultra premium cat food and kitten food: California Natural, Eagle Pack, Innova, Innova EVO, Natural Planet Organics, Nature's Variety, NutriSource Pure Vita, and Wellness.

Cat Supplements

Nupro Supplment for Cats

Sometimes cats need a little something extra to tide them over. A modest selection of all natural solutions for your special feline concerns. Alaska Naturals, Ark Naturals, Eagle Pack, Nature's Variety, Nupro.

Cat Treats

Wellness Pure Delights Cat Jerky Treats Fend off your carnivorous cat cravings with these tasty morsels. Jerky, jerky, jerky, and more! Ark Naturals, Innova, Innova EVO, Love Your Pet, Nature's Variety, Wellness.

Dental Care

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Dental Treats For fresh breath and clean teeth, check out this assortment of dental liquids, foams, gels, powders, and treats from Ark Naturals, Breath-A-Licious, Old Mother Hubbard, and Tropiclean!

Dog Food

Dog Food Bag

Dog breeders know that only the best dog foods with the the highest quality ingredients will suffice. With our brands, California Natural, Eagle Pack Super Premium and Holistic Select, Innova, Innova EVO, Natural Planet Organics, Nature's Variety, NutriSource, NutriSource Pure Vita, Spring Naturals, Wellness, you can find out why.

Dog Supplements

California Natural Skin and Coat Supplement

Whether it's for your pet's skin, coat, bones, joints, or some other special health need, we offer only all natural supplements with the most select ingredients by Alaska Naturals, Ark Naturals, Eagle Pack, Nature's Variety, and Nupro.

Dog Treats

Innova EVO Grain Free Dog Treats

Healthy dog treats come in a wide variety of soft and crunchy treats, always all-natural and manufactured in the US and Canada. Our dog favorite treats include: Alaska Naturals, Ark Naturals, California Natural Health Bars, Eagle Pack, High Hopes, Innova Health Bars, Innova EVO Treats, Love Your Pet Jerky, Mother Nature Treats, Nature's Variety, NutriSource, NutriSource Pure Vita, Old Mother Hubbard, and Wellness.

Grooming and Hygiene

Spa Lavish Your Pet Fresh Bubble Bath

If you enjoy the luxuries of a day Spa, your pet will love the skin treatments of the SPA Lavish Your Pet collection. Need protection against biting insects? Not you, your pet...Try Ark Natural Neem Shampoo. Or, spruce up that fine canine odor with a shot of some unusually pleasant smelling colognes.

Odor and Stain Eliminator

Clean and Green Odor and Stain Remover

Clean and Green odor and stain remover is the craziest, environmentally and pet safe product you may ever come across. Cleans grape juice and cat vomit right out of the carpet AND can take the skunk smell off a dog. Don't believe it? How about a money back guarantee?

Dog Fancy