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Can Dog Eat?

Learn about permitted and prohibited human foods for dogs.

Each food have its importance as it has useful ingredients for your canine. However, each canine has specific needs. It is best to consult your dogs vet before switching diet to know can dogs eat that food. Balanced diet is essential for your dog and it means proper nutrients are important for your pet to stay healthy.

It is a must to know can dogs have food, that empowers immune system, increases strength and maintains optimal digestion in association supporting the body systems.  Knowing this helps in choosing the right food for your pet.

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Best Dog Food Brands

Owning large breed dog comes with huge responsibilities, especially with providing best dog food for large breed. Thus it becomes important to feed a high-quality, properly formulated healthy dog food brands.

Dogs require nutrients minerals and vitamins to make a balanced diet.  Even the commercial dog foods include grains, meats, vegetables, and fruits meeting regular standards of dog food regulations.

Top dog food brands available must present combined sources of protein, fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals such that it gets digested easily. Large breed puppies require surplus calcium to support healthy growth of bones, while the medium and small breed dogs also require nutritional needs.

About all dog food brands you can read here.

Best Dog Food for Large, Medium and Small Breeds

There are companies making foods particularly for large breed dogs and this means you get special food for big dogs. The important part is to make sure your large breed dog gets appropriate nutrition and also look for the labels.

Another term to concentrate is medium-large, which means it is for breeds over 50 pound and less than 70 ponds. Dog foods is specific for its breeds and so find best dog food for small breeds as it is unique and has special needs meeting particular food restrictions. As dogs vary in shapes and sizes, the intake of food also differs, but as owners do consult your vet and give balanced food.

What is the best puppy food for large breed dogs? What is the healthiest dog food for small breeds? What is the best food for dogs? Find the answers to these and many other questions in this section.

Dog Gear Reviews

Dog gears include many accessories such as collars, leashes and harnesses, dog safety gear, dog clothes, dog packs, water bottles, dog bowls, dog carriers and beds, dog treats, dog toys and dog waste management. The traditional leashes are bulky and the retractable leads break off, so find a leash that is indestructible, light and packable.

Gears also come in varieties, so go through dog gear reviews and consult with your friends or relatives and get the right gear for your dog that is comfortable for your dog and you, besides being pocket friendly. Even if it is a dog collar gets a machine washable collar matching your dog leash.

Dog gears section you can find here.

Dog Health & Medicine

Dogs lead a healthy life and to help your canine enjoy good healthy, you should know the common health problems that the dogs face, their symptoms and how to handle them.

Ear infections are common, worms are also internal parasites.  Another dog health problem is the fleas, while vomiting and Diarrhea are also common dog health problem.

Symptoms vary with each dog and you have to keep a vigilant eye to notice the differences in your canine’s behavior. Taking immediate precaution is the best giving proper dog medicine, so that your furry friend need not suffer. Consult the vet frequently to ensure good health of your pet.

Be aware of your pet’s health by reading this section.

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Dog Breeds (from small to large)

Many people love large dog breeds like Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds as these are well known for their energy, versatility and athleticism. Large dog breeds include Collie, While German Shepherd, Mastiffs, Labradors, Newfoundland, Australian Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Rottweilers and Great Dane.

There are small dog breeds that are also athletic, active and high spirited namely Dachshund, Jack Russell Terrier, Shetland Sheepdog, Miniature Pinscher and Beagle.

Each dog breed varies in its activity levels and behavior. You may opt to choose the best dog breed you prefer the most and know its best qualities so that it helps in training and feeding accordingly.

Read more about dog breeds in this section.

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