American Bulldog Training Guide

The American bulldog is one of the cutest breeds of dogs.

Usually, bulldogs are considering a violent dog but they are not if you take care of them at the start by focusing on American Bulldog training.

To help you with this, we bring a detailed guide about American Bulldog training.

This guide is good for both, those who have already an American bulldog and those who are planning to adopt in the near future.

Table of Contents

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How to Train American Bulldogs

American bulldog training is not as difficult as it sound like because this breed of dog is very active, faithful toward their owners and has the ability to learn new things very quickly as compared to the other breeds of the dogs.

You need to follow some rules to make training easy for your American build dog and there are some rules for it.

To help you with this, I am sharing the list of them in the main headings and subheadings.

How to Train Your American Bulldog Tricks?

  • Use tricks into small parts:

This is one of the most useful ways to encourage your bulldog to learn new tricks.

Instead of giving the whole treat at the end of the trick, it is better to give treat on each step or action which your bulldog follows this will motivate your dog to keep following your orders.

You can divide your tricks into small parts if you can’t afford a lot of tricks.

  • Command consistency:

Being consistent with your American bulldog is important.

If you are not consistent with your dog, then your dog may forget that which trick you have taught to him.

Make sure that you are using the same word for a specific command and do not confuse your dog by changing the words.

  • Fading out the treats:

It is true that treating your American bulldog is important to make the American bulldog training easy but at the same time, you cannot make your dog used to it.

So, make sure that slowly you are teaching your dog tricks without tricks.

The best way to fade out the treats is to do it slowly.

  • Practice makes it perfect:

The only way to make your dog perfect in your trained trick is to keep your dog busy in the practicing the tricks but don’t overburden your trick with the practice.

Choose the same hour of the day and do not spend more than one hour on the training.

How to Train Your American Bulldog to Catch a Disk?

  • Learn about your dog’s interest:

You can’t force your dog to catch a disk.

First, you must learn that whether your dog is interested in this game or not.

Also, make sure that your dog is physically too because generally the American Bulldogs are not made for the high jumps and jumping high could give them pain or even cause pain forever.

So learn about your dog before you start teaching him how to catch a disk.

  • Provide food in the disk:

To build the interest of your dog in playing the disk, it is a good idea to provide food on the disk.

You can also put food like treats in the disk so that your dog gets familiar with these new toys.

Do not start the training on the first day but give 2-3 days to your dog so he can get familiar with the disk first.

  • Tease your dog:

Teasing your dog by hiding the disk is a great idea to allow him to grab the disk by mouth.

First, give the disk to the dog and take it back and allow him to do little effort to catch the disk from your hand.

  • Appreciate your dog:

Once your dog grabs a disk from your hand, make sure to appreciate his effort verbally.

This is the beginning of the training and now you are ready to roll the disk in the year.

  • Throw the disk:

There are some rules for this. Make sure that you throw the disk far away and the dog must have the view of it.

Do not expect that your dog will catch it on the first try; first, let him play with the disk for a few days.

Slowly, your dog will start catching the disk before its reach to the floor.

This process may take few days to few weeks so you need to be ready for this.

House Training Your American Bulldog

  • Puppyhood is the best time:

Are American Bulldogs easy to train?


If you are planning to adopt an American Bulldog, they prefer to go with a puppy because American bulldog puppy training is easy.

You can teach the tricks and other things to the puppy very easily as compared to the adult dog by adding good habits.

They are also fast, more physically fit and desired to learn new things.

  • Keep your puppy in the restricted area:

By keeping your dog in a restricted area, you can make the training process very easy.

When your dog knows his limited then it can protect the new guests at your home and your bulldog from unwanted guests.

To do this you need to create a small area for your dog which could be in the backyard or storage room etc.

  • Take your puppy out daily:

It is important that you take care of the outing of your dog.

Don’t just take your dog out for the potty but also for the proper walk on a daily basis.

This walk could be from 1 hour to 3 hours which will depend on the basis of the size of your dog.

American Bulldogs love to go on the outing because it allows their joints to keep working well.

  • Praise your dog:

Throughout the training, it is very important that you praise your dog verbally and by giving the treats and new toys etc.

Whenever you,r dog follows your command and does good things, praising could encourage him to do it again in the future.

  • Follow a strict schedule:

The American bulldog training could not be complete without following the strict schedule.

As mention, earlier that practice is important to teach new things to your dog but this could not be done if you don’t have a strict schedule to follow.

If possible, train your dog at the same time every day.

  • Avoid aggressive behavior:

At one point, you could lose patience; this is your turn to avoid the negative reinforcement.

The training required both of your time and patience.

If you talk to your dog aggressively or try to punish him then he may become a rebel against you.

So avoid the negative reinforcement.

Exercising Your American Bulldog

Remembered that, all breed of dogs required exercising on a daily basis, even those who are the lazy breeds of dog.

Exercise helped them to keep active and ease joint pain.

There are different ways of exercising your American Bulldog.

This includes: take your dog out for the walk.

The walk could be from 30 mins to 3 hours long.

Do not over walk if you feel that your dog is already tired.

The second way of exercising your American bulldog is to play different games with your dog.

You can play the games like grab the ball or catch the disk or just run the nearby dog park etc.

If you feel that your dog gets tired quickly, then consider meeting with the vet.

Socializing and Training Your American Bulldog

Socializing is one of the most important parts of training because you cannot keep your dog in the house all the time.

Socializing can be taught when your dog is young because later it could become very difficult or even impossible.

The different ways of socializing includes:

  • Take your dog to the dog park for a walk
  • Meet with the people who also have other animals
  • Adopt a puppy or dog who is already socialized
  • Start bulldog obedience training

This training could take some time but you have to make sure that you do not punish your dog especially in front of other humans, dogs, and animals because the Bulldog have feelings too and getting punished in front of other living things can hurt you and even make them stand against you.

You can also consider meeting with the professional dog trainer for this purpose if you are having trouble or have no time for the socializing of your American Bulldog.

Taking Care of Your American Bulldog’s Health

Health is an important part of dog training.

When you are adopting a dog, make sure that all the necessary immunizations have already done, if not then meet with the vet for this purpose.

You need to also educate yourself about the different American dog health-related problems.

For this purpose, you can explore our website and get familiar with the basic health-related problem and how you can deal with them.

Video: Dog Training: Obedience commands and American Bulldog

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When it’s come to train an American Bulldog, there is a lot to come but these are the basic things which you must take care of at an early stage.

This will make the whole training process easy for you.

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