Best Affordable Dog Food – Our Comprehensive Guide in 2019

Do you consider your dog a part of family? Of, course you do. Every dog lover knows how loyal and adorable their dogs are. But when it comes to their insanely expensive food, we don’t know what to do?

The best and healthy dog food seems mostly too expensive and always forces a thought of compromise on health of our dogs. But if you are a dog owner, here is the good news for you. No matter at what stage your dog is, thanks to researchers that now you can buy best affordable dog food with even healthier nutrients than before to feed your pooches.

Be it an early stage dog with more in need of protein or senior dog, these five rated dog feeds are a happy treat for your dog as well as your pockets.

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1. Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula
2. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Food
3. Diamond Naturals Dry Foods for Adult Dogs
4. Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dry Food
5. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Dry Food
6. Merrick Grain Free Food
7. PEDIGREE Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food
8. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks

2. How to Choose the Best

3. Review of the Good Cheap Food

3.1 Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula

3.2 Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Food

3.3 Diamond Naturals Dry Foods for Adult Dogs

3.4 Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dry Food

3.5 Hill’s Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Dry Food

3.6 Merrick Grain Free Food

3.7 PEDIGREE Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food

3.8 Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food

4. Frequently Asked Questions

5. Conclusion

How to Choose The Best

When you tend to decide the diet of your dog, it is never one particular nutrition which is selected. There are number of things which are kept in mind while selecting the good affordable dog food. To get a perfect balanced diet in your dog’s plate, you need to make sure that the food you are selecting has a proportion of 63% fats and 30% proteins.

Any food item which you select should always have lowest proportion of carbohydrates and make sure that the amount of it never crosses 7%. Apart from all these three, one has to be sure that the immune system of dog gets stronger and dog tends to remain cheerful and happy.

For this a diet which is rich in fresh produce and antioxidants is highly recommended. I also recommend looking at the size of particles as this can reduce the dental problems and in fact the plaque problem can stay away from dogs.

Of course you tend to select best low cost dog food, but never compromise on the quality. There are some cases when few dogs can be allergic to particular ingredient, in such cases try avoiding those food items. There can also be times when the puppy is transiting into the other stage, again this should be tracked and the dog should be fed accordingly.

These factors are very important while buying a budget dog food as that will ensure that your dog lives a longer, healthier and happier life.

Review of the Best Value Food for Dogs

The market is flooded with so many brands and types of best dog foods, that sometimes the dog lovers can get baffled among the choices. Therefore for the ease of users, I have reviewed the most popular ones after going through number of websites, user experiences and of course by keeping the above factors in mind.

Below are the reviews of the best products which I think can help you in choosing the best for your dog. After all dogs are reasons for happiness in lives of dogs owners, so why not take wise decisions for our dogs’ diet.

Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula

If you have a dog who craves for wild food, then I would recommend the Taste of the Wild High Prairie Formula, which is a perfect combination of digest able protein, fatty acids, legumes and other nutrients giving your dog enough energy for a day. It is one the cheapest high quality dog food which is a complete nutrient package for your dog.

This five star rated product on amazon has all the ingredients a dog owner would look for from high protein to low fat for the dog which means shinier and voluminous hairs than ever before. So, on a whole, if you start giving the taste of wild to your dog, you can expect him to see much healthier.


  • It is healthy for dogs of all breeds and ages.
  • Low fat which means the dog will not put on weight.
  • Perfect without any grains, as dogs always loving anything grain-free
  • Contains antioxidants which makes the dog more playful
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Salmon is the first ingredient


  • Contains salt

The Taste of the wild is among that good inexpensive dog food, which will be easily adapted by dogs. There have been reviews when the dog has been eating this food since it was 47pounds. There are very items which are highly nutritional, and this one is the energy-booster for your dog.

Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula Recommended By Us

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Food

If you have a dog that is prone to different allergies and you are looking for something which is best reasonably priced food and at the same time is healthy for your dog, then Natural Balance limited ingredient food is the choice. I would highly recommend this to the dog owners who are very particular about the skin quality and optimization of furs of their dogs.

I highly recommend this for the dogs of all ages, which are vulnerable to allergies and vets have suggested limited ingredients food items to them. As a matter of fact, anyone who is also looking for change in diets of their dogs and also want something free from added flavors, then this should be the first choice.


  • Only one protein and one carbohydrate in the food item, so less chances of allergy
  • Competitive prices
  • Available for both senior dogs and puppies
  • Gives healthy coat to the dog
  • Contains canola and salmon oil, which means this is very natural product
  • No preservatives, flavors added to the food.


  • Ocean fish is not used in the food
  • One has to stay updated with formulae to ensure no allergic ingredient is there

Easy to use for the pet parents who know what is allergic to their dogs. If you are one of the owners who want to find novel protein and carbohydrate combination, to avoid troublesome allergies to the dogs, then go for this product.

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Diamond Naturals Food

This beef flavored food, is rich in Vitamin E and selenium for your dogs. The diamond Naturals food is an absolutely amazing food with perfect combinations of nutrients to deliver excellent energy level among dogs.

The flavor of the Diamond Naturals food makes it highly likable among dogs because of its big taste. The product is ideal for dogs whose owners want their dogs to be fluffy and playful.


  • The dogs of every breed cherish diamond naturals food
  • Integrated with antioxidant formulation
  • Top nutrition makes it a popular choice among dog lovers
  • Keeps teeth clean and reduce the chances of plaques among dogs because of its large kibble size
  • Available for dogs of all ages
  • No digestive problems


  • Dogs will eat it too fast. It is non-filler.

Easy to be liked by the dogs who don’t like corn or chicken because of its different taste. The diamond Naturals food has been formulated in a way to ensure happy and healthy dogs at your place. Since it contains 28% protein and 17% fat along with Omega 3 and omega 6, I would suggest all the owners to buy it. Don’t think it as an average “dog junk food”.

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Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dry Food

If you want to treat your large breed dog puppy healthy and right by keeping its immune system strong, healthy joints, well-functioned immune system then I would strongly recommend Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dry Food.

This nutrition is enough to keep your dog active throughout the day. And you don’t have to worry about how your dog will react to it because the components have been added to make it taste better.


  • Chicken and whole grain both are relished by dogs.
  • Antioxidants added to the composition
  • No added colors and flavors.
  • Highly popular among the amazon buyers with 4.5 star rating


  • Only good for puppies of large breed dogs

The availability in two different sizes of cans leaves flexibility to the buyers as it has a competitive price. It is highly recommended to change the diet of 1 year old puppy of large breed to Hill’s Science diet food because of the nutritional value attached to it.

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Hill’s Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Dry Food

Being one of the best reasonably priced this chicken flavoured food has a perfect composition of the nutrients to give the necessary energy to your dog.

With the precise nutritional balance it makes sure that the dog has a strong immune system and therefore it is one of the highly recommended and used food products among the owners of adult dogs. With the crude protein of 21% and moisture as less as 10%, this has highly digestible ingredients and perfect level of phosphorus.


  • Meets all the nutritional values required for shiny and furry coat of dogs
  • Solution to bowel problem among dogs
  • High quality lean muscle maintenance
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No plaque problem


  • Not recommended for puppies or nursing dogs.

On a whole this rich and nutritious food product of dogs is easily liked by all the dogs.

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Merrick Grain Free Food

With 70 % meat and 30% fresh produce, it has everything a dog can need at any stage to be playful.

With de-boned buffalo and fish as main components, the researchers have composed it in such a manner that from immune system to lean muscles, every aspect of healthy dog life has been covered. This brand has always been among the top known among dog lovers because it knows how the dig should be cared.


  • Meets all the nutritional values required for shiny and furry coat of dogs
  • Sweet potato and potato provide sustainable energy.
  • Chicken flavour is enjoyed by dogs
  • No grains added
  • 30% fresh produce of fruits, potato and peas, makes the diet richer and more balanced.


  • Might be bit expensive.

If you are looking for best dog food with value for money, then there can be no better choice than Merrick food.

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PEDIGREE Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food

Founded in 1957, Pedigree Petfoods is an organization which has never left any stone unturned to meet the needs of our dogs. They know what to add and what flavour to keep, to make sure our dogs enjoy their meals. With 21% of proteins and perfect size of kernels, this dry food is rich in vitamins to act as a catalyst for the growing dogs which require more energy.

It is highly recommended for dogs which have just crossed the age of 1 year old because the composition of pedigree dry food suits the furry friend’s immune system.


  • A perfect balance of nutrition and taste to create a joy among dogs
  • Enriched with antioxidants.
  • The composition has been kept very digestible
  • No artificial flavours added
  • Contains quality proteins for strong and healthy muscles of dogs


  • Insufficient meat content.
  • Low quality grains

On a whole, I will recommend this brand because it has been able to meet the percentage composition of the ingredients, which definitely means it is healthy and it should be placed in best food for dogs.

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Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Dog Food

If you are looking for something which tastes like a natural recipe and your dog enjoys every moment while chewing it, then you should be going with the thousands of dog lovers who have been trusting Rachel Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Dog Food. With the flavors of chicken the food has been given a tongue tickling taste so that dogs can have tastier health. The best thing about Rachel Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Dog Food.


  • Composed with natural prebiotics to ensure healthy digestion
  • Contains real meats and veggies, which are the real needs of a dog and dog owner
  • One of the most healthiest chicken that is US farm raised chicken is added for flavours.
  • No grain fillers added to the composition
  • No animal-byproducts or preservatives are added in it
  • Suitable for all age groups


  • It can turn allergic to some of the dogs, so be careful

With no wheat or wheat gluten it is one of the healthiest foods available in market. It is of such a good quality that even the expensive brands cannot meet its nutrition richness. It is easily available online and on the local stores. It can be given the badge of top foods for dog.

Check Price & Availability The Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Dog Food

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good quality inexpensive dog food?

All we need at home is a highly energetic dog who is always active to play with us and whenever we take it for walk. To make sure that your pooch is always high on energy, the food should be tastier as well as perfectly balanced with all the nutrients. It should not be of a form that you always find leftovers in its bowl.

Instead from the size of kernels to the amount of moisture, everything should be maintained so that dog stays healthy. A best food which is equally healthier is a lifelong investment from our end, and I would personally recommend not to ever compromise on that.

What is the best dog food for money?

When you go on deciding the best dog food for your dogs, you tend to choose between wet and dry. Obviously some moisture is required so that the dog does not feel dehydrated throughout the day.

But still I would personally recommend here Merrick food, for its perfect combination between fresh produce and meat. In this way it adds anti-oxidants to the food keep the food grain-free and at the same time has a wonderful taste to make a dog crave again and again for it.

What is the good dog food brand?

Not every brand available in the market can be good for your dog’s health. After carefully scanning all the brands available in the market, there are very few brands which have been able to meet the standards of nutrition, quality, and services and understand the love for dogs of dog lovers.

Some of these brands are Taste of Wild, Pedigree, Hill’s, Naturals and many more. All these brands which have been composed keeping in mind the needs of growing puppies as well as all the matured puppies are considered as good dog food brand.

Where to buy?

As of now, you know all the brands which are available in the market and have been able to secure a place among ten because of their nutritious value. Now you can purchase them from local pet store or the places recommended by veterans. In fact nowadays, everything is available online itself.

So you can go ahead and purchase from amazon also, where you can read more first-hand experiences of the products by the users. There are many places where you can buy dog vests from. You can also contact your neighbors to know where they buy the cheapest healthy dog food from.

What is the cheap puppy food to buy?

Puppies are always full of joy and happiness. And we all know that they grow much faster than the matured dogs so the cravings for proteins among growing puppies are much higher than the bigger dogs. And if you have a dog that is puppy of larger dog breed, you have to be more cautious about which particular food will fuel his growth.

Look for the food which is low in grains and high in proteins. Definitely you can find brands like Hill’s for puppies, which has good nutrition density. But never compromise on nutrition bag of the pup.

How to buy the cheap food for your pet?

You need to refer to the reviews of foods above that will enable you to make the most realistic assessment of the worthiness as well as the pros & cons of these products (see above).

In that regard, it will be wise to the opt for the products from the top brands, getting you the best grade foods at the most inexpensive rates.

Video: Is Expensive Pet Food Better? – Ask A Vet

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Investing in healthy food is always very wise decision as a dog owner, because the kind of nutrition it is fed decides all other activities throughout the day. Obviously, the food is not of one single type or one single brand in the market and you always have to watch out what will match your dog’s breed and age. Always keep a close watch on how your dog is behaving when you are switch its diet.

Also we understand, that it is not possible to go out of the budget to get him such food, but definitely we have listed many brands, which show that cheap does not mean bad and if you know the perfect ingredients, you can manage them at cheaper prices too.

No matter which product you choose, you would need to remember that you should use it without compromising on the health of your dog. If the dog is not getting healthy feed and enough nutrients to get the sustainable energy it can all result in inviting unwanted problems.

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