Buyer’s Guide and Reviews of Best Dog Food for Hunting Dogs

Owing a hunting dog is really a great thing! If you have the one at your home, then probably you would have understood how important it is to feed them with right food. Even dogs and cats are similar to humans. They love some food or hate it at the same instance.

Obviously we all love out pets and do all the things to keep them happy and healthy. Feeding food for pets is not the same food that we all have. It should just not only be tasty, but it should be nutritious as well. However, choosing the best dog food for hunting dogs can be really a daunting task until and unless you are aware of it.

The happiness, well-being and health of your dog are linked to the diet that you feed it. Concerning to find best diet requires proper research, careful planning and thought.

As there are wide array of best sporting dog food options available for hunting dogs, it can be overwhelming to find the best one. So, it’s good have basic understanding about the dietary requirements of your dog, so that you can take best decision for your dog.

If you are familiar with high energy dogs, then obviously you would be aware of how to feed them with best dog food for high energy dogs. If not, it’s better to know how you actually feed them.

If you feed your dogs properly, then surely it will safeguard you from various dangers else you will have to tolerate the boredom and annoyance of the dog. This is really a setback for the dog owners.

It should also be noted that high energy pets need some extra essential nutrients you need. You will find across plenty of similarities between the nutritional requirements of an athlete and hunting dogs.

Both of them need plenty of nutrients and without having those nutrients, they won’t be able to perform in a much better way. Therefore, these dogs need a special treatment and without getting the special treatment you will not be able to ensure that they are actually strong enough.

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks

2. How to Choose the Best Food

3. Ingredients Present in Food

4. Reviews of Best Food

4.1 Victor Dog Food GMO-Free Performance Beef Meal

4.2 Annamaet Dog Food Ultra Formula Dry

4.3 Black Gold Dog Food Ultimate Lamb Meal and Rice

4.4 Enkanuba Dry Dog Food Premium Active Adult Dry

4.5 Purina Pro Plan Sport Dog Food Salmon & Rice Formula Dry

4.6 Nutro Natural Choice Dry Dog Food

4.7 Redpaw Dog Food PowerEdge

4.8 Purina Pro Plan Sport Dog Food Formula Dry

5. Frequently Asked Questions

6. Final Verdict/Conclusion

How to Choose the Best Food

  • Your dog should consume nutritious rich food and the energy is provided usually in the form of animal protein. Make sure that your dog consumes at least 30% to 40% of the protein. This is very much essential for the well being of the hunting dogs. We all are aware of how beneficial the high protein for dog is? It’s definitely important that your dog requires high energy of proteins of muscle building also.
  • If your dog is hard working, then you should provide them nearly 20% of the fat content. You should realize that you have to provide high energy through least amount of food. If you provide fatty food, then surely it will feed its muscles and gives necessary strength as well.
  • Ensure to feed your dog with the food that is rich in fiber content with minimum of 4% to 7% of fiber content in it. Every fiber source in food is equally essential and it should be meant particularly for dogs. Amongst the fiber source food for dogs, beet pulp is the best amongst those. It is definitely great and indeed very cheap as well. Moreover it’s good for pet from its overall development point of view.

Ingredients Present in Food

It doesn’t matter what type of dog breed you might be having at home, but make sure that your dog needs to work out and make use of lots of energy. The best dog food for hunting dogs should be dense with nutrients and high fat content. Here are list of ingredients that need to be included in the food for dogs:


A layer of fat for hunting dogs can easily make its coat thicker. This is really pretty much essential when you hunt during cold climatic condition or when it wants cross the lake.

Nutrient dense

Protein helps in the development of the muscles thereby making your dog much stronger and resilient to terrains. In the meanwhile, the fat content provides additional energy to optimize the dog’s performance.


Though carbohydrates are known to raise the blood sugar level, but it gives quick energy. Too much amount of carbohydrates can cause intestinal gas; while too little can cause constipation in dog.


Proteins are called as building block of muscles. These dogs need to maintain its metabolism rates to avoid any sort of injuries and to stay stronger.

Water, minerals and vitamins

When you purchase best food, ensure that it contains vitamin D, E, B, and K, A, phosphate and calcium. All these content encourages for metabolism and digestion.

Additionally, you also need to avoid soy and corn in your top food for active dogs (best dog food for active dogs), but you can include cereals, oats or rice. Don’t feed your dog with food items that contains excessive amount of protein.

Reviews of Best Food

Naturally we assume that paws, ears, eyes and coats deserve huge TLC prior to hunting. But what actually matters inside is, their muscles and joints and its overall health depends upon the food, supplements as well as medications we provide them.

So, ensure to choose wisely as your hardest working dog depends on the food you provide. Following are some of the best dog food that you need to consider.

Victor Dog Food GMO-Free Performance Beef Meal

This grain free food comprise of real punch, 26% of protein, Omega 3, selenium, vitamin E, omega 6, 18% fat and other such beneficial nutrients.

This food works together works to keep the dog’s joints as well as its digestive system healthy enough and one must be thankful to the added probiotics and glucosamine. For this particular reason, victor GMO is considered to be the top pick amongst top energy dog food. Though it is expensive, but outperforms other such brands.

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Annamaet Dog Food Ultra Formula Dry

It is an all life stage formula suitable for all puppies and also for the performance of the dogs. This product comprise of 20% of the crude fat and 32% of the crude protein. The presence of calcium and phosphorous ratio make it a perfect fit for the growing of puppies. It comprises of 480 kcal/cup.

The first ingredient present here is the chicken meal, it is then followed by brown rice and chicken fat preserved along with mixed tocopherols in vitamin E form. Annameat makes use of algae as the source of omega-3 fatty acids which is quite good for skin, coat and for heart development. The food also comprise of DHA content for brain development. It also contains clelated minerals as they can be easily digested.

This is not the first food available when you want to choose food for athletic dogs, but if you are looking for the food with quality ingredients having suitable fat and protein content, the this would be an ideal choice.

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Black Gold Dog Food Ultimate Lamb Meal and Rice

This food is probably not familiar to everyone. In fact, this product has great reputation. This product doesn’t contain no soy, wheat or no other by-products. This is food for all life stage.

The major five ingredients present in this food are : Chicken fat, Brewers Rice, Chicken meal, dried Beet pulp, crude fat 20%, crude fiber 3%, crude protein 28 percent and moisture 12%. They posses super blend along with higher protein and fat content. Some of the grains are free blends and other foods as well.

A food the ensures the supply of the necessary nutrients

The black gold dog food features the right balance between the necessary nutrients like protein, vitamin, Carbohydrates and others at the right extent that supplies the adequate energy to support the active lifestyles of these dogs.

Most importantly, dogs love the taste of these foods and hence, you will not find it difficult to orient the dogs with these foods.

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Enkanuba Dry Dog Food Premium Active Adult Dry

This is one of the best dog food formulated by considering its performance. This food item comprise of animal based protein as well as calcium for bones. This special formula present in this food reduces the tartar build-up of dog.

Some of the major ingredients present in this food are.

  • Chicken
  • Chicken by-product meal
  • Breswers Rice
  • Corn meal
  • Ground whole grain Sorghum

On the other hand, crude fat 20%, crude fiber 4% and crude protein 30% and moisture 10%. It also features couple of other performance relate formulas present in it.

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Purina Pro Plan Sport Dog Food Salmon & Rice Formula Dry

This is one of the most popular pick while choosing best dog food for dogs. It comprises of 16% of fat performance food, 26% of protein and also offers complete nutritional levels by making it ideal for your dog of all activity levels and size.

Anyways it comprise of few artificial ingredients and grains and that’s the reason why it has scored lower points than other. Nevertheless, it is an mid range food for those who don’t want to spend extra bucks on the dog products.

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Nutro Natural Choice Dry Dog Food

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most purest and best products that is available in the market. It is completely free from fillers and other additives. It is made from healthy chicken meal, oat meal and whole brown rice.

This food keep your dog in perfect shape ;whilst promoting healthy and shiny coat, strong joints and bones and also for the maintenance of the overall health. As it is expensive, that’s why it scores much lower than the victor GMO food for dogs.

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Redpaw Dog Food PowerEdge

This food product comprise of 32% of protein and 20% of fat. It is designed specifically for high performance hunting dogs that are trained at least 3-4 times/week. Like any other dog products, this product is 100% free from fillers, flavorings, sugars and artificial colors. It means, this food product comprises of all the things your dog wants and none of the thing it doesn’t want. It also comprise of certain amount of grains.

Check Price & Availability The Redpaw Dog Food PowerEdge

Purina Pro Plan Sport Dog Food Formula Dry

This is one of the best dog food of the year. It is quite popular with hunters, dog breeders, dog show people, field enthusiasts and also pet people. This product is designed specifically for canine athletes as well as dogs under stress.

This food product comprise of amino acids, glucosamine, omega-3 and anti-oxidants. Some of the vital ingredients used in this product are- Corn gluten meal, chicken, brewer’s rice, poultry by-product meal, animal fat preserved using mixed tocopherols (in the form of vitamin E).

The dog food purists doesn’t like some of the ingredients used in this food, but people love the food by the results. It comprises of 30% of crude protein, 3% of crude fiber, moisture 12%, and crude fat 20%. Hunting dogs are actively benefitted from this plan.

Purina Pro Plan Sport Dog Food Formula Dry Recommended By Us

Frequently Asked Questions

When to feed a hunting dog?

It takes approximately about 20-24 hours for dog’s meal to get digested and get discarded through the bowel movement. As such, it is suggested to feed your dog at least once in a day for optimal digestive performance.

What to feed a hunting dog for its best performance?

It’s well known fact that these dogs burn ton of calories. The amount of fat and protein plays an important role from the overall health point of view, but also in its functionality. So, they need to be fed with diets containing nearly 15% – 20% of the crude fat (it allows muscles to get adapt to high performance results). It should be given at least 25% of the meat protein that helps in building and maintaining the muscles.

Can hunting dog be supplemented with calcium products?

The biggest mistake performed by the dog owners is, supplementing their dog with calcium diet when not advised by a veterinarian. This is because calcium competes with the vitamin D and thus leads to serious complications.

Why Vets recommend the black gold dog food for these dogs?

In instances you are looking for the best quality foods for your dog, you can certainly opt for the black gold dog food with confidence. This brand of dog food gets the endorsement of the Vets.

Video: Feeding Your Dog a Raw Diet

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Final Verdict /Conclusion

Finding the best food for hunting dogs is certainly not one of the easiest tasks. The above review is intended to aid the dog owners in finding the best food for their hunting dog, so that they can depend on the healthiest food that is available in the market.

Hunting dogs really work hard and it becomes essential to provide your dog with best nutritious food. The above source of information is really helpful. Look for the best dog food with lots of top notch quality animal protein and higher percentage of animal fat that would usually feed. Choose the food items that contain lower carbohydrate. Change the food menu slightly to less fat and less protein.

With the inception of internet era, you need not have to move to and fro from one store to another. There are various online sites that assist you in finding best food for hunting dogs. Make sure to go through the ingredients thoroughly prior buying and check whether it is suitable for your dog or not. When it comes to payment section, precautionary measures have been taken to ensure financial safety of the customers.

Moreover, the best part of buying through online is, payment can be made once product is arrived at your steps, and after going through the quality of the product else it can be returned for exchange.

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