Best Dog Nail Grinder Guide in 2019

Dog owners have to make an intelligent choice when it comes to selecting the best dog nail grinder product for their pet. Among the various options available, it is best to approach a product that is easy to use, high quality and electric. Grinders have a better utility compared to grinders. This guide will help you select the best grinder for dogs.

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1. Amir Grinder for Pet
2. Oster Grinder for Pet
3. FURminator Grinder
4. Dremel 7300-PT 4.8 V Nail Grooming Tool
5. CORNAIR Pro Pet Products
6. Wahl Professional Animal Ultimate Grinder
7. SHENNOSI Pet Dog Cat Claw Nail Grooming Care Grinder
8. Master Grooming Tools 10-Piece Grinder Kits for Pet

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks

2. Difference Between Nail Clippers and Nail Grinders

3. How to Choose?

4. Things to Know About Pet Grinders

5. The Best Dog Grinder for Nails in 2018

5.1 Amir Grinder for Pet

5.2 Oster Grinder for Pet

5.3 FURminator Grinder

5.4 Dremel Nail Grinder 7300-PT 4.8 V

5.5 CORNAIR Pro Pet Products

5.6 Wahl Professional Animal Ultimate Grinder

5.7 SHENNOSI Pet Dog Cat Claw Nail Grooming Care Grinder

5.8 Master Grooming Tools 10-Piece Pet Nail Grinder Kits

6. The Verdict

7. Recommendations

Difference Between Nail Clippers and Nail Grinders

Nail grinders are an improvisation of nail clippers. Nail grinders minimize the chance of cracks, pressure and breakage of the nails. The difference between nail clippers and nail grinders is only that of their usage and power.

An electric nail grinder reduces manual work, whereas nail clipper is all about control the clipper, your dog and your own hand movement. Furthermore, a nail grinder gives a smooth finish and prevents scratches. Therefore the majority of the vets recommend nail grinders over nail clippers.

How to Choose?

The first thing you have to check is strength of the grinder you are selecting. Not every grinder comes with the same power. If you have a large dog with rough and thick nails, an ordinary electric grinder would not be sufficient.

Another important thing is the convenience of use. Ensure that the grinder you are selecting is easy to carry, hold and perform with. A good nail grinder always comes with a cap that holds the nail dust and prevents it from scattering all over the place. For more convenience, think of getting a cordless nail grinder which you can use freely.

Things to Know About Pet Grinders

1. Is every nail grinder safe to use?

Although they are designed to minimize breakage and scratching, the quality of the product greatly affects the safety aspect.

2. Would a pet be scared?

Many dogs panic at noise. If your dog gets scared at the noise of vacuum or shower, then he is likely to get anxious by the noise of the electric tool. It is suggested to use a noise free product for such pets.

3. Is a traditional clipper better?

Not really. A nail grinder has a better utility.

4. How to use a nail grinder?

Nail grinders come with an instruction page. Follow the instructions before you start assembling and using the product.

The Best Dog Grinder for Nails in 2018

Product                                                          Features                                   Rating
Amir Pet Nail Grinder,                                         Noise free, easy to use, efficient performance           5 star
Oster Grinder for Pet                                        Lightweight and powerful performance                      5 star
FURminator Nail Grinder                                       Good design with LED lights                               5 star
Dremel Dog Nail Grinder 7300-PT 4.8 V                  Easy to use, files nails, good design                       4 star
CORNAIR Pro Pet Products                                       Rechargeable battery, variable speed, adjustable cover      5 star
Wahl Professional Animal Ultimate Grinder           Corded, High speed performance                               5 star
SHENNOSI Pet Dog Cat Claw Nail Grooming Care            Cordless, replacement heads, high quality performance       3 star
Master Grooming Tools 10-Piece Pet Nail Grinder Kit           Good kit, high battery time, efficient performance           4 star

Amir Grinder for Pet

A safe and easy to use Diamond but grinder that is more effective than a traditional nail clipper. It makes clipping the nails of your dog much easier while minimizing the risk of hurting the pet. It comes with a brass shift, mute motor and a one of a kind of mute technology which helps you finish the job without scaring the dog. Although it is the best nail grinder, it can be used for all pets.

It comes with 3 ports that you can shift according to the size of the dog/pet and the nail characteristic. In the accessories, it also features a plastic cover which prevents the nails from flying while cutting. It has a resin body which is comfortable and easy to hold. It does not have a strong power, which is why it is more recommended for pets of small age and breed.


  • It is a great noise free solution for dogs who are afraid of noise
  • It is easy to use and extremely handy
  • Before the dog knows it, the job is done
  • The plastic cover has a great utility for it prevents the nails from flying while you cut


  • It is slow and not recommended for large breed
  • It can need replacement earlier than expected

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Oster Grinder for Pet

On the second place is the Oster grinder for pet which is an amazing toenail grinder. As the title suggests, Oster means pet care and the company has so far nailed it. It is compact and lightweight with a finger grip design to enhance control and comfort. The variable speed gives you the access to control the level of power and safely grind the nail of your dog. The handy carrying case stores and protects grinder. It comes with a 1 year warranty of parts.


  • The light weight design of this product is definitely a pro
  • It is powerful and gives good result
  • Ergonomic features increase the utility of the product
  • Finger grip design gives better control of the device


  • Dogs get scared of it because it is noisy
  • If you reduce the power to control noise, it would become less efficient in grinding
  • A more human friendly than pet friendly design

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FURminator Grinder

The FURminator Grinder gives owners a better control of keeping the nails of their dogs well clipped. This is a two-speed portable and cordless grinder which gives high performance nail grinding service while maintaining safety and care.

It comes with an ergonomic design and LED light which helps you grind the nails with comfort. The design of the device ensures painless and efficient trimming of nails. It comes with 2 replaceable bands and alkaline batteries.


  • Good product that promotes easy trimming
  • It has a good design
  • The LED light really helps
  • It is a good grinder for large dogs


  • It makes noise which scares your dog
  • It does not come with any instructions
  • It has a bad smell and can get too hot for small pets

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Dremel Dog Nail Grinder 7300-PT 4.8 V

It comes with a rotary tool which provides an effective and safe alternative to clipping. The two rotation speed allows you to carefully and safely grind nails. The cordless operation gives you absolutely perfect control. Following the instructions is essential to ensure that the product is used effectively. It is compatible with other bands and drums by Dremel. It has a 3 hour battery life.


  • A good product that makes it easy to grind the nails of the dog
  • Minimizes stress of cutting the nails of the dog
  • Easy to use
  • Files the nails


  • The packaging and instructions are difficult to follow
  • Dogs do not like it

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CORNAIR Pro Pet Products

It is a product that is designed for specifically grinding the nails of different pets. It is the best nail grinder for pets in the market. It is lightweight, powerful, and compact and noise free. It comes with a protective and adjustable cover. An easily interchangeable sander/stone attachments.


  • It is noise free and perfect for dogs who are scared of noise
  • It is efficient and decent
  • The design is human friendly


  • It is not recommended for small dogs
  • Is slower than expected

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Wahl Professional Animal Ultimate Grinder

Wahl Professional Animal Ultimate grinder is also listed on top when we talk about the best nail grinder for dogs in the market, for the year 2017. It has an ideal design for grinding nails, smoothing and shaping the nails of larger breeds.

It comes with a variable speed to ensure effortless and smooth grinding. It is quite, maintenance free and lightweight. It gives you a better control and comfort of use. The company gives a 1 year warranty.


  • It can grind nails of dogs of different sizes.
  • This electric nail grinder gives a smooth and soft finish
  • It comes with an extra storage space


  • Often times the pets do not get along with this product
  • The higher the speed, the higher the noise
  • Not good for dogs who are new to nail grinding

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SHENNOSI Pet Dog Cat Claw Nail Grooming Care Grinder Trimmer Clipper Electric

It reduces the hassle of keeping your pet well groomed. This product ensures grinding the nails of your pet in an easy, fast and gentle way. It is cordless and works conveniently with long lasting batteries.

It is more powerful than the traditional clippers that cause cracking and splitting. It has a painless experience. It prevents snags and scratches. It is a clipping device that is recommended for all sizes of dogs and pets.


  • Leaves a high quality and soft result
  • Comes with a guard and container for filling


Check Price & Availability The SHENNOSI Pet Dog Cat Claw Nail Grooming Care Grinder Trimmer Clipper Electric

Master Grooming Tools

It is an effective and safe way of grinding the nails of your pet. It features a powerful motor which delivers power at 18,000 RPM. It is a heavy duty high quality grinder which comes with hanging hook that gives easy storage of the clipped nails. Thee finger grooves give unmatched control of the product.


  • It is a good kit
  • Never runs out of power while grinding
  • The nail grinding process is easy and simple


  • The spin setting is useless
  • Not at all long lasting

Master Grooming Tools Recommended By Us

Video: Dremel Dog Nails, Trimming Dog Nails with Dremel Tool, Clipping Dog Toenails

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The Verdict

The products quoted in this review are the best nail grinder for dogs in the market. The conclusion depends on what feature you are looking for, the size of the dog and how well you have trained your pet.

If you have pets that are trained to make peace with noise would probably settle for any of the above mentioned product, otherwise it would be preferable to go with Wahl and Dremel models.

Recommendations and Tips

  • Decide how much nails do you want to trim before you start doing it
  • Never force your dog to a product that makes noise, as it would cause anxiety and aggression
  • Train your dog about the nail grinder and show it to him a few times
  • Grind at 45 Degree angle, always

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