Best Dog Nail Trimmer – Our Guide and Review in 2019


Selecting the best dog nail trimmer can be a tough task for you. In fact, before you buy a dog trimmer there are many things you should know which differentiates these trimmers for dogs.

You should not buy cheap clippers for your dog. The good thing about nice quality clippers is that they do not cost much than the cheap ones.

The cheap clippers are more likely to hurt your dog, cut uneven or even leave long nails which could be frustrating for you.

1. Introduction

2. How to Choose the Best

3. Best Trimmer for Dogs

3.1 Get the Best Pet Trimmers for Dogs or Cat Claws

3.2 Dremel Cordless Two-Speed Rotary Clipper

3.3 Professional Safari Trimmer

3.4 Professional Pet Clipper

3.5 Simply Pets Clipper

3.6 Andis Pet Animal Clipper

3.7 Go Pets Clippers for Dogs with Sensor

3.8 Professional Razor Sharp Stainless Steel Blades With Safety Guard

3.9 Millers Forge Clipper

3.10 Millers Forge Stainless Steel Clipper

3.11 Pro Cut Pet Clippers

4. Commonly Asked Questions

5. Final Verdict

How to Choose the Best

There are three main types of nail trimmers.

Guillotine Style

This is the most popular and most widely used nail trimmer. As this trimmer is very simple to use it is best for smaller dogs.

You just need to insert the nail of your dog in a metal hole and press it in order to trim the nail.

There is a blade that slides across the hole which helps to cut the overgrowth of the nail.

This best nail trimmer for pets is fantastic but the only drawback is that you need to replace the blade while using it.

Moreover, this trimmer us not able to trim large dog’s nails it does not contain the required force.

Miller’s Forge Trimmers

These popular clippers for dogs are best for small and medium-sized dogs. These clippers are very much similar in look to scissors but they have indentations that are semi-circular in shape.

When you open the blades of this trimmer there is a formation of the hole due to the indentations where you can insert the nail of your dog.

The best part of this clipper is that you can apply more force and moreover you are not required to change blades while using this clipper.

There may be a problem while using the handles of this trimmer if you are suffering from a problem of joint pain. These are one of the best dog nail clippers.

Large Trimmers

These nail trimmers are somewhat similar to the above-mentioned trimmer.

These trimmers are made simple and strong so that you can easily clip the nails of large dogs. These trimmers are not meant to be used for small dogs.

Rotary Trimmers

These types of trimmers use a small bit of sandpaper.

This piece of sandpaper is used to trim the nails of your dog.

This system of cutting your dog’s nail is good as it cuts clearly and there are no edges left. In addition, you can move slowly and do your job clearly without doing any harm to your dog.

Best Trimmer for Dogs

Get the Best Pet Trimmers

This cutie pet small pet nail clipper will give your pet a safe and clean nail trimming experience.

With this one, you can improve the paw health of your dog by simply trimming their paws on a regular basis. This also saves you money.

This dog nail shaver is made from very good quality stainless steel which cuts the nail of your dog very sharply and accurately.

This trimmer is designed so perfectly that it makes the trimming of your dog’s nail very easy.

They are available in many attractive colors and it could be fun using them.

They come with a safety guard that protects the nails of your dog from getting damaged.


  • You can save money and groom your pet on your own
  • It helps to trim your dog’s nail safely and cleanly
  • It contains stainless steel blades that give you perfect cuts for your dog’s nail.
  • It gives 100% satisfaction
  • It comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee


  • This trimmer is a bit expensive as compared to other trimmers.
  • It is not perfect for trimming the nails of big dogs.

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Dremel Cordless Two-Speed Rotary Clipper

The Dremel cordless two–speed rotary tool is one of the best accessories to do the small household jobs.

This machine operates on two rotary speeds which makes your task easy.

This is one of the best dog nail buffer available in the market. You can drill, shape and perform the small tasks at home by using this compact machine.


  • It is a cordless rotary tool which is highly compatible
  • This is a great tool for a delicate and small task.
  • It comes with lightweight housing of plastic
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • The Dremel is great for rough shaping and smoothing wood
  • It removes rust from metal


  • At times could be difficult to carry
  • It needs assembling which consumes time.

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Professional Safari Trimmer

The professional Safari trimmer is made from stainless steel which gives a long-lasting and a sharp cut to your dog’s nail.

You should be regular in trimming the nails of your dog and this product helps you to do so.

You should try to get the nails of your dog trimmed at an early age which will build a good bonding and you can enjoy this great experience.

With this one, you can make your dog look clean and presentable. Safari trimmer is one of the best trimmers you can choose.


  • It is made of stainless steel
  • It is safe to use and prevents injury
  • The quality of this product is guaranteed
  • This trimmer makes the trimming of your dog’s nail much easy and quick.
  • This is a durable and sharp trimmer for your dog
  • The sharp stainless steel edge lasts for long


  • It is not suitable for puppies
  • You need extra attention at times

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Professional Pet Clipper

The Professional dog clipper is another fantastic dog nail shaver.

This product is made of stainless steel. This clipper comes with very good quality material and does not bend or rust.

This clipper can stay sharp for a long time. This is one of the best animal clippers.


  • This clipper has been specially designed for precise and quick cutting
  • It contains blades of very high-grade steel which gives very good sharpness.
  • The spacing of blades is perfect for medium and larger toenails.
  • It comes with rubber-coated handles which gives you a comfortable and secure grip
  • It comes with a 100% lifetime warranty
  • It comes with a safety lock


  • It is not recommended for very small dogs

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Simply Pets Clipper

These pet nail trimmers are made the very fine quality of steel and are highly durable. These trimmers are designed to last longer and their sharpness is maintained for many years.

While using this clipper the clipping of the nails of your dog becomes quicker and safer and you get a more comfortable experience.

This is a versatile nail cutter for dogs. These clippers come in bright colors have a 100% guarantee.


  • These are the best dog nail clippers and are designed for safe and secure use
  • They come with a sharp long-lasting steel blade that cuts quickly and easily.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee and you get more accuracy in clipping your dog’s nail.
  • The handles of this trimmer are coated with rubber which makes it easy and comfortable for you to use.


  • This product is a bit expensive than other clippers available in the market
  • Sometimes it requires you to be extra cautious.

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Andis Pet Animal Clipper

The Andis Pet animal clipper is a fantastic animal clipper and is best for all sizes of dogs. It comes with heavy-duty and stainless steel blades.

In addition to added comfort, you will also find spring-loaded action in this trimmer.

The blades of this trimmer are sharpened and treated under heat to get maximum strength and fine cutting of nails.

The grip of this trimmer is firm and gives you a very nice grip. There is also a safety lock in this trimmer.


  • This trimmer is best for all size dogs
  • It comes with a heavy-duty stainless steel blade for a perfect and easy cut
  • It has spring-loaded action
  • The handle of this trimmer has a very nice grip which gives you safe and easy grooming of your dog
  • It prevents overcutting


  • This product is great but it slightly higher in price

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Go Pets Clippers for Dogs with Sensor

The Go Pets clippers for dogs with sensors is an amazing dog clipper for nails which gives you a great nail trimming experience.

This trimmer gives you a clean cut every time and comes with a suitable design t o help you trim your dog nails in a perfect manner.

This clipper is best for pets of all sizes ranging from small, medium to large. This trimmer is great for all breeds.

You get a free nail file if you are opting for small size and large clippers which comes as a bonus for you. This is one of the best nail clippers for dogs.


  • It comes with a stop guard which reduces the risk of injury
  • It is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs.
  • It is thoroughly tested for quality


  • You need to be extra careful at times

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Professional Razor Sharp Stainless Steel Blades With Safety Guard

This is one of the best clippers for your dog. This product helps you to save money on your veterinary bills.

This product comes with spring-loaded cutting technology which helps you to cut the nails of your dog quickly and easily.

The blades of this trimmer are very sharp which cuts fast and accurately. This is one of the better know battery-powered trimmers.


  • You get 100% satisfaction with this great product
  • It comes with heat tempered stainless steel blades which give you fantastic trimming experience
  • This trimmer is very easy and comfortable to use
  • It comes with conical spring which smoothens the process of cutting.
  • It comes with an anti-pinch spring guard that protects your hands while trimming the nails of your dog.


  • You cannot afford to be careless while using this trimmer

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Millers Forge Clipper

Miller’s Forge Quality Clipper is yet another clipper which needs no introduction.

This trimmer is a fantastic heavy duty clipper which is specially designed for dogs that are over 40 pounds. This clipper is made from German steel and made in Italy.

This clipper is also the preferred choice of vets. The blades of this trimmer are perfect to give a quick and clean cut.


  • It comes in large size
  • It is a heavy-duty trimmer and is made in Italy
  • Perfect choice or vet and groomers


  • It is not suitable for small dogs

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Millers Forge Stainless Steel Clipper

The Millers forge stainless steel clipper is a very durable plier-style pet clipper. This clipper is made of very fine steel which makes it last for many years.

It contains red plastic grips which give you better cutting. This is one of the best dog toenail clippers. This is also one of the best puppy nail clippers.


  • It is a very durable plier-style clipper for your dog
  • It comes with a spring-loaded mechanism that gives you smooth cutting.
  • This clipper can be used for dogs of all sizes
  • The steel used in this clipper is of very fine quality.


  • Not suitable to be used for a very large breed of dogs
  • This product is a bit costly as compared to other dog toenail clippers in the market.

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Pro-Cut Pet Clippers

The Pro-cut pet clippers for dogs and cuts are fantastic clippers for your pet.

These clippers are made from stainless steel and are designed to give clean and accurate cutting experience.

These clippers are able to cut the nails of your dog in one single motion which makes it easy for you and your dog.


  • Gives smooth cutting off your dog’s nail without leaving any edges.
  • It contains a comfortable handle which does not skid
  • It is very easy to use
  • It can last long for a good number of years
  • You can use it for dogs, cats, and many small animals.
  • It comes with 10 years full money-back guarantee which comes as a bonus for you.


  • This product is expensive as compared to another trimmer for dogs in its class.
  • It requires you to be extra careful while using it.

Pro-Cut Pet Clippers for Dogs Recommended By Us

How Often Should You Clip Your Dog’s Nails?

This is a good question and the good thing about it is that it does not have a specific answer.

The number of trims for your dog will depend on the amount and type of exercise your pet gets.

If your dog leads a sedentary lifestyle he will need trimming on a regular basis as the nails are not damaged due to lack of activity. On the other hand, if your dog walks and plays regularly he will need trimming more often.

Hear and Listen

If you can hear the nails of your dog clicking on the floor you should realize that it is time to cut them.

In case if there is no hard floor in your home you can check the small parts of nails on your carpet and mats.

You should trim the nails of your dog on a regular basis which will give your dog an active and clean look.

Will Your Dog Sit Still While You Clip His Nails?

You should stay calm while trimming the nails of your dog as failing to do so can prove to be harmful to you and your dog.

There are some dogs that do not like their feet to be touched while there are others who do not mind.

You should have treats ready for your dog before you start clipping his/her nails.

Do Not be in a Hurry

Try to cut the nails of your dog slowly and easily.

If you are in a hurry you might cut the dog nails too short which will make things difficult for you and your dog.

If in case you happen to cut extra part of the nails keep a styptic powder handy to apply on your dog’s nail.

Can You use Your own Scissors or Tools?

You should not use your own tools to trim the nails of your dog. This is because trimmer for dogs is specially made to trim the nails of your dog.

The handles of the trimmer are crafted and blades are finely carved to give a fine and accurate cut which also minimizes the accident while trimming.

On the other hand, if you use your household kitchen and scissors for this purpose it increases the risk of infection.

This infection can be both ways either from dog to human of humans to dogs.

You should always use a sharp blade to trim the nails of your dog as it will help you cut more smoothly.

Commonly Asked Questions

Where to buy the best dog nail clippers?

You can buy this product on Amazon.

How much are dog toenail clippers?

The price of the nail clippers varies with model. You should decide the size of the dod nail clipper according to the size and breed of your dog.

How to file a dog’s nails?

You will get the details of filing in the catalogue of this product.

What are the best dog nail clippers?

There are many good clippers in the market. You can always check the best clipper for your dog on Amazon.

How to trim a dog’s nails?

Ideally you should cut your dog’s nail at 45 degrees and if you need more detail you can check the product catalogue.

How to use it?

You can check the details of usage at Amazon.

Which is the best?

There are many good quality clippers available. You can choose the best according to the size and breed of your dog.

Is there any special dog clipper for my dog?

You can always check from various clippers available at Amazon.

What is the life of the nail clipper?

All the clippers are made of good quality material which makes them last longer.

Is the item durable?

Yes this item is very durable.

Is this item easy to use?

It is very easy to use and you can groom your dog on your own.

What are the dimensions of this item?

This item is compact in size. However clippers for your dog are available in different sizes.

How is the quality of these items?

These items are made from very good quality material and due to which they can last for many years.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Dog’s Nails?

  • If your dog has long nails it could be painful for him to walk. Long nails are harmful to your dog as it can cause a lot of pain and strain on his feet. In addition it causes more pressure when your dog pushes against the nail’s bed. You should not wait for the nail to grow as it can make nail cutting much harder for you.
  • It can result in bad posture of your dog.

How to Clip Your Pet’s Nails

  • You should try to clip the nails of your dog in natural light or in a room which has a good amount of light. This is because it becomes easier for you to do so in the light as you can see clearly.
  • You should hold the blades of the clipper in a way that it is parallel to the nail of your dog.
  • You should enjoy this activity and you should keep treats ready for your doing before and after clipping his nails.
  • You should not squeeze the toes of your dog as it will hurt your dog. You should use your fingers to separate the toes of your dog.
  • If you want to shorten the nails of your dog you should cut them every week and if you simply need to trim them you can cut them every fortnight.

Video: Trimming Your Dogs Nails (Dark & Clear Nails): Do It Yourself Dog Grooming

Click here to see the video.

Final Verdict

Thus we see that there are many options available for the best trimmers. Some of these products are perhaps the best animal nail clippers in the market.

These clippers are designed in a perfect manner to give your dog the best cut which makes them more comfortable throughout the day.

These are electric dog trimmer which requires to be charged very less and you can complete your job with a single charge as the quality of battery used in these products is very good.

They are made with such perfection that they make your job of trimming the nails of your dog very easy and comfortable for you and you do not have to worry about it.

This trimmer for dogs is very portable and you can carry them with you if you are going on a trip with your dog.

The compact size and lightweight of these trimmers make them very special.

They clearly give us the message that it is very important to cut the nails of your dog if you want to make them look active and smart.

The best thing about these trimmers is that they provide you some of the fantastic features and most of them come in the price which you can afford. It has also been proved that if you want to keep your dog properly then these trimmers are an important accessory for you and you must own them.

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