15 Best Small Dogs for Kids in 2019


Having a dog is a great thing.

Owning to its friendly and reliable nature dogs have been accompanying human beings for a long time.

Growing up with some best small dogs for kids is one of the greatest joys of childhood.

These sweet creatures are not only a full package of cuddliness and lots of happiness but also the most trustworthy as well as a devoted friend of the owner.

The dog was the first pet of human beings, and several times it has proved it’s faithfulness in the history of a human being.

Different people like dogs for various reasons.

Some keep these creatures for security purpose, and on the other hand, some keep them as a companion.

Whatever the reason for raising a dog is, it serves the purpose best.

When it comes to kid-friendly small dogs, then there are different breeds of dogs available.

So, if you are thinking of buying a small for your child, then there are various things to keep in mind during your selection.

In order to make the best buy for your child, below are the 15 best small dogs for kids.

These will not only help you to decide the best dog for your kid but also ensure that it serves all of your purpose best.

Let’s look into the guide and know which one you are going to get.

1. Introduction

2. How to Choose?

3. Kid Friendly Small Dogs

3.1 Beagle

3.2 Pug

3.3 Cavalier King Spaniel

3.4 Staffordshire Bull

3.5 Boston Terrier

3.6 Border Terrier

3.7 Keeshond

3.8 Cocker Spaniel

3.9 Havanese

3.10 Canadian Retriever

3.11 Norfolk Terrier

3.12 Wheaten Terrier

3.13 Bichon Fries

3.14 Brussels Griffon

3.15 Eskimo Dog

4. How to Take Care of a Dog?

5. Best Food For A Dog

6. Frequently Asked Questions

7. Final Verdict

How to Choose?

So, finally, you have decided to purchase a dog for your little one, and your child is certainly has shown much fondness toward you for your decision.


It’s an excellent opportunity to come a bit closer to your baby.

But which breed you choose for your kid?

With which breed your child will mesh properly!

Don’t you have any idea?

Well, there is nothing to worry about because below is the list of some important aspects that will certainly help you to decide the best dog for your kid.

  • Before you jump into the pet shop for buying the best small breed dogs for kids because your child is making tantrums and arguing with you for a new pet; you need to judge the kid’s eagerness.
  • Don’t buy a pet without the eagerness of having a pet of your baby. Otherwise, you may end up bashing your head on walls
  • According to experts, it’s good to buy a dog for a kid when he is over 5 years of age
  • Check the responsibility factor of your kid. Sit and talk to him and ask why he needs a dog at all. And ask him how much responsibility and care is he going to take to his new pet. Being a responsible parent until you find your kid is ready for a pet dog, don’t buy it
  • Explain your kid importance procedure of keeping a dog and enquire him how much work share is he going to bear
  • Visit a vet before purchasing of a dog and check whether your kid is anyhow allergic to dog
  • Besides judging the responsibility factor and your teen’s mentality you need to keep an account of your lifestyle while buying a dog. If you live in an apartment, then it’s good to have a small dog, and if you are a nuclear family, then you can go for large dogs
  • Before buying a dog know about the grooming requirements of a dog
  • If you intend to buy a small dog, then make sure it’s old enough to survive without any extraordinary treatment. Otherwise, you may end up in a bankrupt condition with your new pet

Well, these are the important aspects that you need to take care of while buying the best dogs for kids.

Besides these, you need to check the temperamental match and habit of the dog before buying.

Following these, you can not only save a lot of money but also can provide your kid with the best pet with whom he can mesh properly.

Kid Friendly Small Dogs

If you are all set to buy the best small dogs for children, then there are a plethora of options available.

Each of the breeds is unique in their way.

Every race carries some unique features and some negativity too.

Whether willing or not just look at them and, then decide your puppy for the best future experience.

Among these 15 dogs, some may fulfill your need some may not, but everyone is explicit in style and characteristics.

Thus to know more about your available options look into them and then decide.



Want to play with your new pet along with your kid!

Then try this one.

This stubborn and hard little dog is one of the most healthier and hardy breeds among all the others.

Gentle in nature and relaxed in temperament this dog is acknowledged as one of the most potent rabbit hunters.

For many years people, especially shepherds use this for hunting and organizing the herds or flocks.

Thus it can give much-needed security to your child.

Moreover, the calm nature and temperament of this dog are suitable for growing a healthy and happy child too.


  • Healthy and lives long
  • A good companion for children
  • Doesn’t require much attention and doesn’t makes tantrums


  • The price of this breed is a bit of concern.



This is certainly one of the goofiest and friendly dogs among all other options available in front of you.

Broadhead and large chest and dark mouth with saggy chins may not make it a gorgeous dog on the list, but it certainly serves its owner, better than any other dog of this list.

It sticks with its master all the time and loves to play around.


  • Doesn’t require too much care
  • No need to feed costly food


  • Price is a bit high compared to other breeds

Cavalier King Spaniel

Cavalier King Spaniel

This one is a small breed of spaniel and one of the cutest dogs on the list.

With its tiny nose, big eyes and long hairs it can easily win the hearts of anyone.

This breed is friendly in nature, and these small dogs good with kids can become an excellent companion for your kid if trained properly.


  • Small in size but hard in structure
  • Calm minded and friendly in nature


  • Require care frequently
  • Long hair over ears may look good but need proper cleaning often

Staffordshire Bull

Staffordshire Bull

It may look muscular and an intimidating, but in reality, they are very loving and sociable dogs.

You can have this one if your child is strong enough to do regular exercise and has a lot of energy in the long run because when it comes to Staffordshire bull, then they are pretty health-conscious.


  • Muscular in structure and intimidating in look, thus can frighten any wrong doer quickly
  • Can provide security to your child


  • Require regular care
  • Food quality essentially has to be good
  • Need a long walk or ring every day in order to maintain good physic

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

It is one of the smallest and gentle dogs on the list. Breaded in Boston is coined as the American Gentleman because of loving nature.

With rabbit-like long ears and a little face with big eyes, this dog is a real joy for any kid.


  • Well suited to children
  • Doesn’t require care frequently


  • Tiny built of this dog may not be able to frighten any wrongdoer

Border Terrier

Border Terrier

This dog was mainly breaded from fox hunting, and vermin so does it has characteristics of both.

This beautiful pet is good for security as well as can become a good companion for the owner.

They are even-tempered and ideal for children.


  • Cute in look and comparatively taller in size
  • Suitable for sports


  • It is a bit furry and requires several washes for proper cleaning
  • Keeping it at home is tough because of its dynamic nature. It loves to play around.



This is the most intelligent and active dog on the list.

If you want to make your child active and wish to give him a real companion, then go for this one.

For blind children, this can be the ideal friend because it has excellent guidance capability.


  • Can act as GPS in the road and can securely reach your child to his home without any issue
  • Very smart and active in nature


  • Price is a bit higher

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

Fluffy, soft and small size bird hunting breed of spaniel is a good option for every home.

Are you looking for the best small dog breeds for kids!

Then this can be a good option for you owing to its friendly nature and mild temper.


  • Calm and friendly in nature
  • Suitable for outdoor activities like hunting


  • Need attention owing to its fluffy built
  • This dog may not be the cutest dog in the list



Oh! This one is certainly the cutest dog on the list.

Except for this, it is very fond of kids and loves to play around.

Thus this one is a great option for kids.

This even-tempered and cuddliest dog can become a member of the family pretty quickly.


  • Can win hearts with its cute look pretty easily
  • Fluffy and soft to hold


  • Fur on the body need frequent wash otherwise it gets dirty pretty quickly
  • Need special food for a healthy life

Canadian Retriever

Canadian Retriever

This intelligent and active dog can be a part o your family and help you to a great extent in order to give your child a happy and healthy life.

They are hard in structure and bold in look.

Thus, it can easily frighten any wrong doer.

Moreover, it needs regular exercise, and this good nature can easily be infused in your child by accompanying him with this dog.


  • Lives long and doesn’t require much care
  • Price is not very high


  • Isn’t the cutest dog in the list
  • Sometimes need too much care

Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier

This adorable and small dog is a good companion for every child.

With its timid nature and soft temper, it can become close with a child pretty easily.

With curly hair and soft fur all over the body, it is pretty soft to hold.


  • Available in many varieties
  • Good for outdoor activities


  • There are no negative points regarding this breed

Wheaten Terrier

Wheaten Terrier

This soft coated medium-sized dog is a real treat to have for any child.

It looks good and sounds good.

With long fur on the head and cute paws covered with hair, this breed of dog can easily win a lot of hearts.


  • Whenever you see it, you will love to cuddle with it
  • Playful and friendly


  • Doesn’t require too much care

Bichon Fries

Bichon Fries

Cheerful and this little ball of fur is an excellent option if you are looking at the best small dog breeds for kids.

It is tiny in size but loud in noise.

Moreover, it’s good to hold and playful in nature.

If you live in a small house and lazy in nature, then this one is ideal one for you.


  • Too cute to look at
  • Can become friend with child easily


  • Require frequent wash
  • Good quality dog food is essential

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

This dog is another good option for small dogs.

If you want such a dog that will always stick with your child be it home or playground, then this one is an ideal choice for you.

Its furry structure and small built makes it perfect for small apartments.


  • Doesn’t need much care and washes
  • Price is little


  • There is no such negative thing with this dog

Eskimo Dog

Eskimo Dog

The name says it all.

This is another small dog that is almost the same as the ball of cotton.

With its white fur and cute face, it can easily befriend with any child.

Moreover, the price is cheap and it doesn’t require much care.

Thus it can be one of the best options for your child.


  • Doesn’t require too much care
  • Price is low


  • It loves to stick around with its master
  • Good quality dog food required for proper breeding

How to Take Care of a Dog?

Keeping a dog at home is a magnificent thing.

It not only provides joy but also provide safety to the owner.

Taking care of a dog is full of tantrums.

From feeding to keeping health care, everything is labors and tiresome job.

When it comes to the best small dogs for children, then the task becomes more tedious.

Whether your dog needs 990 calories of 1700 calories; you need to keep a good eye on it.

Moreover, is it time to go for a walk with your dog or not, you have to check this too.

How much food you need to feed and when it’s time to poop; everything you need to keep in mind.

Otherwise, you may end up bashing your head for, and you will eventually curse yourself for your wrong decision.

Best Food for a Dog

When it comes to eating habits of small dogs of kids, then being an owner you need to be very specific.

Without proper feeding and good care, a little dog can’t survive.

While feeding a dog, you need to keep in mind two things mainly.

You need to feed your dog at least 3 times a day and secondly maintain a proper routine regularly.

Try to avoid feeding your dog whenever you are free.

According to experts, it’s good to leave the dogs while they are eating.

If you have bought a 4 to the 8-week old puppy for your kid, then the level of care and maintaining a proper food habit is paramount.

Below is a list of dog food, which is a very suitable option for small dogs.

  • Complete health natural dry small breed dog food – this dog food is enriched with natural ingredients that can provide much-needed vitamins and nutrients to your dog
  • Diamond dry food – if you want to feed your dog some healthy dry food, which is made in the USA, you can try this one. Available in small to medium size kibbles is the ideal one for puppies who are older than three to four years
  • Grain-free fresh food puppy recipe – feed this your puppy if you want to let him have some good and tasty food. Enriched with omega 3 fatty acid and other healthy ingredients this food can not only enhance the health of your dog but also can give him long life too
  • Halo spot dry stew – feed whole meat stew, which is full of proteins, vitamins, and other essential nutrients vitamin.

These are some of the best food options when it comes to dog food.

These will help you to provide excellent health and long happy life to the best small dog breeds for kids.

Moreover, this food is cheap too that can help you to save a lot of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below here is a list of frequently asked questions.

Look over them and let your knowledge pool regarding friendliest small dog breeds increase to a great extent.

How to Find the Best Breeder for Small Dogs?

Buying small dog breeds for kids is not an easy task.

It requires a lot of research and proper knowledge about the various breed of dog.

But this is easy hard to do.

Taking care of a baby and in addition to this knowing all the details of different dog breed is a hard thing task.

Thus before choosing the dog, a buyer needs to find the best breeder.

One can read magazines, journals or do net surfing for details about various dog breeders.

Moreover, there are many clubs and organization who arranges dog shows.

One can visit these shows to know more about dogs.

What Sort of Precautions Required Taking Before Buying A Dog?

While you are about to buy the small dogs good with children you need to take some precautions.

Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Decide your and child’s commitment
  • Judge whether your new family member will fit with your lifestyle or not
  • Go for an interview with veterinarians before buying a dog
  • Do research and know as much as possible about every available breed for making the best choice

Video: Top 10 Dog Breeds for Kids and Families – Amazing Facts

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Final Verdict

At final determination, it can be said that dogs being the cuddliest and prettiest pet in the world can play a crucial role in your kid’s childhood.

These animals have long-lasting bonding with human beings, and it will remain like this in the coming years too.

Depending on your decision for the best small dogs for kids can make your life a happy one if properly meshed with otherwise it can make you bankrupt.

Thus, keep these details in mind while making a choice and buy such a dog that suits your purpose as well as your pocket.

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