Review of the Born Free Dog Food

Only a dog owner can understand the bond between a human and a dog.

For the rest of the world, they may be just some animals, but for you and me they are the world.

This goes without saying, but we take good care of them and keep them close.

However, sometimes things go wrong, and our little ones fall sick.

One reason that is very common in dogs falling sick is a bad diet, and therefore, I want to share a great product for our dog – Born Free dog food.

It has all the things you will need and in totality is complete pet food.

Let’s find out more about it.

If you are looking for good dog food, which does not have grain, does not cause allergy, and has plenty of nutrients, then the rest of this review will be a lot helpful for you.

Born Free foods are the latest and up-to-date formulae which are aimed at promoting growth in the dogs in a natural way.

They are available in 4 variants that cater to the different dog needs.

Table of Contents

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1 of 3. Why You Should Choose Born Free?

There are many reasons why you should choose this dog food.

But since we wish to keep this review short and sweet, we are going to include the most important ones.

  • No grain content

Dog food that has grain content in it is highly harmful to the dog.

The grain is rich in gluten, which happens to be one of the many things that a digestive system of a dog cannot process.

Now, gluten that enters into the body of the dog eventually causes a lot of problems like skin rashes, itching, loss of fur, and many other such infections.

Born Free food is free from grain and thus totally harmless.

  • Calories and Fat

A puppy is highly active.

It is always running around, playing with things, fighting with the furniture, and fooling with the kids.

Therefore, it is important that the puppy food is rich in calories.

This is taken care of by the Born Free foods in each and every recipe, and therefore we recommend them to everyone.

As a dog grows old, it needs fewer calories and more carbohydrates.

This brand also considers this fact and hence produces food for dogs with low calories and fats.

  • Fiber content

The fiber in dog food plays an important part in enhancing the digestion in a dog.

It is important not only because it increases the metabolism, but it is also important because it removes the toxins from the body.

Born Free food has a decent 5-6% of the fiber in its latest recipes which is enough reason to buy it for your dog.

  • Natural ingredients

Another important thing that you should consider before purchasing a dog food is that all its ingredients should be natural.

There should not be any synthetic proteins or flavoring in it.

Also, always go with the food that is not synthetically colored.

A colored food means that it used dye.

The digestive system of the dogs is very delicate and it can face a problem with almost any kind of material that is not natural.

Everything that goes into this dog food is 100% natural and safe for your dog.

2 of 3. Breaking Down the Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, the brand has 4 different dog food recipes to cater to the need of the dogs.

While the first ingredient differs in them, the rest of the recipes are quite the same.

Let’s look at all the ingredients these recipes contain and how do they benefit your dog.

  • Depending on the recipe, the first ingredient can be chicken, lamb, fish, turkey, duck, or even pork. This ingredient is a high-quality one and the most nutritious too. It usually contains water content up to 80% which keeps the dog hydrated. However, when the food is cooked, the moisture content reduces, and the overall weight of the food also goes down.
  • The next ingredient is a meat meal. It is not as a high-quality ingredient as it sounds, but it does have a significant protein value. A meat meal combined with the first ingredient makes up for most of the protein content.
  • Then there are peas in the dog food which makes sure that the dog gets a lot of carbohydrates. Peas are a rich source of fiber and contain a significant amount of protein as well. In fact, the protein content is so high in peas that it adds to the overall protein content in the food.
  • The next common ingredient is potatoes. They are gluten-free and contain a high amount of digestive carbohydrates. Although people consider them as fattening, they provide a decent amount of nutrition to your dog.
  • Adding more protein to the dog food is the next ingredient which is nothing but pea protein. It is a pea after its starch has been removed. This way what is left finally is a concentrated source of protein which has as high as 80% of the protein content in itself.
  • Born Free food gets most of its fiber from its next ingredient which is tomato pomace. Tomato pomace is a questionable ingredient because it is made up of what is left after all the tomato juice has been used to make ketchup and soup. However, it is a high source of fiber and contains enough nutrients to be contained in dog food.
  • The dog food also has a hint of poultry in it in the form of dried eggs. The eggs are dried completely, and then their shells are removed, and powder is made of the remaining egg which contributes to the nutritional value of the dog food.
  • Fish oil further raises the number of nutrients in the recipe. It is an incredible source of EPA and DHA type of omega-3 fatty acid. These are the best kinds of fats any dog, or as a matter of fact, any living being can consume.
  • The last notable item in the recipe is flaxseed. It is again a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fiber.

3 of 3. Final Verdict

If you consider all the benefits it has and the quality of ingredients that build this dog food, Born free foods are way above average.

That being said, protein in the product is merely 35% and carbohydrate content of around 40% which is nothing special and a usual score in the price range.

However, as compared to most of the competitors, Born Free foods have an average fat to protein ratio of a little below 60% which is why we recommend everyone to try out the Born Free dog food.

Born Free meal is mostly a plant-based dry dog food that has a high amount of meat or fish content.

This animal content is the primary source of protein and is supplemented by many plants based proteins and fibers.

The dogs love the smell and taste of this food, and since it is the wholesome grain-free recipe, there are no gluten-related skin or ear infections.

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