The Best Bully Sticks for Dogs Review

Bully sticks for dogs are items that the majority of the dog owners are familiar with. Made with beef, these items serve as treats that serves the nutritional needs as well as take care of the dental health of the dog and satisfies the inherent tendencies of dogs to chew. Hence, vets suggest the pet owners to serve these sticks to their canine pet so that they can reap manifold health benefits.

The market has the availability of these products in abundance and hence, you will not find it difficult to avail one for your canine pet. However, to ensure that you are getting beneficial and safe products for your pet, you need to approach the purchase process being wise and considerate. For instance, you need to consider the points like what sticks made of, do sticks digest as well as the pros and cons of serving these sticks to the dogs.

Unless, you are buying the sticks, considering these aspects, you will not only end up buying inferior grade products, but, you will end up buying products that are likely to challenge health hazards in your canine pet. After all, it is a wise and considerate buyer who deserves the best value for his/her money.

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks

2. How to Buy?

3. Don’t Buy the Bully Sticks Unless You are Checking the Reviews

3.1 12-inch Standard Sticks

3.2 Downtown Pet Supply 6″ Sticks

3.3 Odor Free Sticks for Dogs

3.4 Big Sticks 25 Count Mega Pack All Natural Dog Chews

3.5 6″ Standard Sticks for Dogs by Sancho and Lola

3.6 Cadet Sticks Gourmet 12 Pack

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5. Final Verdict

How to Buy?

If the abundance in the available options for bully sticks for dogs seems to confuse you about taking the right purchase decision, you may either take personal recommendations from reliable individuals in your network, taming dogs or refer to the reviews on these products.

These sets of information will guide you to take the best purchase decision. On the other hand, you should purchase the sticks, considering the following points so that you can make the perfect selection from the options available in the market:

  • The ingredients used in the manufacturing of the sticks: First and foremost, the point of consideration should be about the sticks ingredients. The best grade sticks are made with beef or pennies or puzzles of bulls that carry certain health benefits for the dogs. You should always pick the ones, made with natural ingredients and coming without any added flavors, colors, preservatives and other additives that might act as toxins.
  • If the sticks will be digestible for the dog: another point to consider of the sticks are digestible for the dogs. If not, it will certainly trigger adverse effects on the health of the dog and can even pave the way for obesity troubles. Hence, you should always opt for the natural ingredients-based products that the dog will not find tough to digest.
  • The Calories in the sticks: even if the sticks serve arrays of health benefits, as the primary ingredient in Beef, it is obvious that the calorie content will be towards the higher side and hence, it is most likely that regular consumptions of these sticks can trigger obesity problems in dogs. As the bully stick calories are towards the higher sides, Vets suggest that you should serve these sticks to the dogs as treats and never as an item of the regular diet plan.
  • Consider the size of the sticks: it is equally crucial to consider the length of the sticks, considering its suitability with the size of the dog. For instance, if the stick is excessively smaller in size and you are serving it to the larger size dogs, there are chances that the pet can swallow it. On the other hand, you can’t serve the big size sticks to the miniature dogs. Hence, the dogs should be served with the size of the sticks that will be appropriate to its size.

Consideration of the points stated above will assist you to buy the best bully sticks for dogs that will serve the desired utility, meet the nutritional needs and most importantly, comes safe to the health of your dog.

In this regard, it is advised that you always opt for the products from the reputed brands that ensure the qualitative standing of the sticks as well as the safety of the products. Investing in these sticks, you are ought to reap the sweetest return for your money.

Don’t Buy the Bully Sticks Unless You are Checking the Reviews

It is understandable that considering the features, pros and cons of the sticks for dogs is not a that easy task as it apparently looks like. However, should you refer to the reviews, you can get some effective assistance to pick the products that will be the best among the lot and hence, can offer you the highest value in return for your money.

Reviews come from users who have used the products and hence, they are the most practical assessment of its pros, cons, and worthiness.

12-inch Standard Sticks

If you are looking for the best bully sticks, you will hardly get a better alternative to this product. Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, these sticks safeguard the dental health of the canine pet is a source of high-quality protein that is essential for the health and well being of the dog. These sticks are wonderful alternatives to the rawhides.


  • 100% organic and natural ingredients
  • Don’t include synthetic additives.
  • Promotes the dental health of dogs
  • Easily digestible


  • In some instances, it triggered vomiting and diarrhea

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Downtown Pet Supply 6″ Sticks

These sticks feature the right blending of the protein and vitamins that makes it a tasty and healthy treat for the dogs. In addition, the sticks come loaded with minerals that are necessary to strengthen the health of the dogs. Most importantly, the calorie content is within the permissible limits.


  • Made with natural beef
  • The product does not include any chemicals, preservatives, flavors, or scent.
  • Made in the USA
  • Approved by FDA


  • Dogs may not love the taste

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Odor Free Sticks for Dogs

These sticks are rich sources of protein and boost the dental health of the dogs. The best part about these sticks is that it is easily digestible and comes completely safe for the health of the dog.


  • Promotes the dental health of the dog
  • Contains no additives, preservatives, and chemicals
  • Rich source of protein
  • Easily digestible
  • Has got the FDA/USDA approval


  • Some issues with the quality of the sticks.

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Big Sticks 25 Count Mega Pack All Natural Dog Chews

This gourmet sticks are healthy yet a tasty treat that your pooch will surely enjoy. Made with all natural ingredients and without the slightest tinge of artificial additives, these sticks carry arrays of health benefits for your dog. These sticks do not contain foul odor and the dogs love the taste and hence, you will not find it difficult to orient the pooch with the serving of these sticks.


  • All natural ingredients
  • No added flavors, preservatives, and taste
  • Easily digestible and suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs as well
  • Promotes the dental health in dogs
  • Comes with satisfaction or money back guarantee


  • No prominent issues noticed during the course of the review

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6″ Standard Sticks for Dogs by Sancho and Lola

Made in the United States with the best quality raw materials, these sticks are the store of necessary nutrients for dogs. The manufacturer of this product has hot a reputation for serving quality materials and these sticks justify the reputation of the manufacturer in this regard. Manufactured with natural ingredients, these sticks are definitely the best Bully sticks.


  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Free of odor
  • No additives
  • Promotes dental health and hygiene
  • Nutritious and tasty


  • The Dogs haven’t loved the taste in some cases.

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Cadet Sticks Gourmet 12 Pack

The best part about these sticks is that it never includes any additive and by-products and hence, comes completely safe for your dog. Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, you can serve these treats to your dog with confidence. Better to say, these sticks get the recommendation of the vest as a beneficial and safe product for the dogs.


  • Beneficial to the dental health of the dog
  • Healthy and tasty
  • Made with natural ingredients, without artificial additives
  • Durable product


  • Issues with the thickness of the sticks noted in a few cases

Cadet Sticks Gourmet 12 Pack Recommended By Us

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bully sticks made of?

These sticks for dogs are usually made with beef or with the penis or the Puzzle of the bulls.

Are Bully Sticks Safe for Dogs?

They will be absolutely safe for the dogs if you are buying those Sticks that are made with natural and organic ingredients and do not carry artificial additives.

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Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best sticks for dog, it will be wise to opt for the products, review above as it comes healthy and completely safe to the health of your dog.

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