Top 8 Calmest Dog Breeds

There was a time when the dogs were all pure breeds. There were no scientifically mutated species of dogs or the cross-bred varieties. All the pure breeds had their own character, strengths and weaknesses. While some were very calm dog breeds, there were the ones that were ferocious.

As time passed, experiments with the breeds of dogs began. At first we were mix breeding the angry young dogs with the calmest dog breeds to create a balanced generation of house dogs; but little did we know that we will soon be technically ‘manufacturing’ the breeds of the dogs.

Years passed by and the pure breed went on diminishing, giving way to the supposedly better breeds of dogs. The mix-bred experiment was followed by the carefully and scientifically created generations of dogs which over the years led us to the present day, where a Pug and a Saint Bernard are best friends.

Today, we are compiling a list of world’s calmest breeds. This list contains dogs of all kinds – mix breeds, pure breeds, and what not. If there is a dog belonging to the mellow breeds of dogs, it is a part of this list.

1. List of the Top 8 Calmest Dog

1.1 St. Bernard

1.2 Great Dane

1.3 Newfoundland

1.4 Scottish Deerhound

1.5 Bullmastiff

1.6 Bulldog

1.7 Basset Hound

1.8 Pug

List of the Top 8 Calmest Dog

St. Bernard

St. Bernard

If you are talking about the most calm breeds, there is no one as calm and lazy as a St. Bernard. These dogs are like the most chilled out dog ever. They are patient, gentle, kind and friendly but not at all playful. They care for the family and do not hesitate from travelling an extra mile just to see everyone happy. However, they have excessively high barking capability which goes against the families who prefer quiet environment.

They are filled with love for the owner and do not like ignorance or being left alone. If a St. Bernard is left alone for a prolonged period of time, it has the tendency to get itself into a trouble just to get your attention. They also love the guests and generally welcome them with you. This being said, due to the size of a St. Bernard, they pose a risk to small children who can get hurt while playing with them.

Although they are the calmest breeds, but like any other breed, they need daily exercise. The level of exercise is however very low. A moderate walk or a short run is all they need to vent out their energy. The only downside of owning a St. Bernard is the stubbornness that this one of the very calm dog have.

Only buy this dog if you are comfortable with brushing a giant ball of fur every week after a clean-up.

Great Dane

Great Dane

Another breed of calm large dogs, Great Danes are a perfect family dog. People love them for their unusual height and specifically hunting spirit. Historically, this breed has served the Royal Courts across the world.

Talking about the nature that this one of the calm breeds has, they are amazingly gentle and love everyone around them. They are positive, playful, caring yet very calm and peaceful. They are easy to train and love their owner to the next level.

Although Great Danes are known to be of a loving nature towards strangers and guests as well, they are excellent at judging people’s attention. If they think that the family or a loved one is at risk, in no time, they change from very calm breeds to highly aggressive attackers.

The only thing that you should consider before buying a Great Dane is the size of your house. Great Danes are highly energetic and if they do not have enough space to roam and sleep, they can get irritated and turn sluggish and unhealthy.



If you need a furry, sweet, patient and a highly calm dog, Newfoundland is perfect for your household. They are tall and beautiful and love everyone in the family. They are mostly playful with everyone but when they sense danger to themselves or a family member, they turn highly defensive.

Originally, this breed was used by the fishermen of Newfoundland to pull fishing nets and haul wood. As a result, this very calm breed has developed strong swimming skills in its genes.

Also, this makes them highly energetic and as a result they need a lot of exercise on a daily basis. Their super friendly nature makes then easy to train and their high intellectual levels make them an amazing company. All these combined with their love for the pack makes them a highly social dog.

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before buying a Newfoundland for yourself or a family member. They have high drooling capacity which often means a lot of cleaning for you. They are not easy to groom because they have a good fur. Also, since this breed originally belongs to the territory of Newfoundland, they are not so accustomed to hot climate.

Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound

This is one of the few very calm breed that have a dual character. While indoors, they calm easy going dogs but as soon as these are taken outdoors, they turn into highly active dogs who would chase everything that is moving fast around them. They are extremely energetic and get playful a lot to impress and gain attention of their owner.

Talking about their compassion, they love to interact with children and other pets. They are amazingly friendly and affectionate with everyone in the family.

However, they are unable to differentiate between a pocket-sized pet and a small prey, which is strange considering their intelligence but at the same time considering the history of their ancestors. Also, since they do not bark much and save their energy for walks and sprints makes this calm breed highly family friendly.

Again, the downside of owing a Scottish Deerhound is the fact that their large size and their high exercise requirement make them unfit for an apartment. Although they are moderately trainable, they need a lot of discipline. They do not drool a lot but they shed a lot of fur and require a lot of grooming.



A little stubborn and unfriendly towards other dogs, this breed is known to love its owner and its family to an unmatched level. It is highly devoted to serving its owner and does not step back if it feels that the family is in danger.

This is one of the few dogs with calm personalities that are firm and fearless to the level of fighting till death. It belongs to the small calm dog breeds that should never be mistaken as less aggressive because of their short size. These dogs demand a lot of attention but can do well even without a strict owner or a trainer. They are generally disciplined and easy to train as compared to many other dogs of the same size.

However, they are not so adaptable to a hot climate. They do not like sharing their owner’s attention with any other pet and are generally aggressive towards the male dogs of any breed. They need a lot of exercise and love to roam around. If you are looking for a dog who would adjust to an apartment living style and would love to play a lot, this is the calmest breeds you can get.



They are highly popular because of their cute and extremely adorable looks. They have a silent nature and are generally very mellow. They have been serving as a pet to many dog owners around the world and are loved by everyone. This special kind of very calm dog breeds is quiet but alert.

Apart from their beautiful look, these dogs are also known for their stubborn nature; and surprisingly, in spite of being stubborn, they would do everything to please their owner. They are moderately intelligent, friendly towards other pets, welcoming to stranger and thus easy to train. Summarizing all the qualities, this is the best out of all the calm gentle dog breeds.

However, if you wish to buy a dog who can entertain and as well as protect your family, this is not the dog for you. Due to its small size and lazy behavior, it can hardly protect you from an attacker. It is moderately easy to maintain breed and has a great potential to quickly gain weight.

Lastly, if you are looking calmest dog breeds who would fit into an apartment and not be aggressive, Bulldogs are the one you should get.

Basset Hound

Basset Hound

An easy going and good natured dog breed, Basset Hounds are one of the rarest very calm dog breeds that are known to be calm puppy breeds right from the beginning of their life. They love everyone in their vicinity and thanks to their looks, people love them unconditionally.

Although they are known to belong to very calm dog breeds, they were used to hunt small animals like rabbits in the past. Interestingly, they are still used for the very same purpose in many parts of the world till date.

But when they are not hunting, they are either resting silently in their bed or playing with the kids in the house. Their small size makes them favorable to the apartment living and their intelligence and friendly nature makes them easily trainable.

Such dog breeds calm temperament has a down side too. They cannot tolerate extreme climates. They face health issues right from an early age and get tired easily. Thus, they cannot be your high intensity walking partner or a playful friend.



Unofficially, these dogs belong to the cutest and a few small but very calm dog breeds. They are like the clowns of the dog world. They are highly playful, confident and very friendly. They are small sized and wish to please everyone around them. People also love them for their cute show-off kind of nature and their never ending stupid games.

While they love to play, and show affection to the people and other pets, their stubborn nature is rarely hidden. They normally suffer from health conditions and due to their strong head, are hard to train.

Although excessively in demand, there are a few reasons why you would want to reconsider your decision to buy a pug. They are not so much fond of roaming around or exploring the city and love to stay within their territory. They have high exercise needs and but limited energy which eventually means high food intake. But if you wish to get a friend that people will instantly fall in love with, pug is your choice.

No matter which very calm dog breeds you like, make sure that your house is good enough for its living. Like humans, even dogs need space and if you live in an apartment, refrain from buying a big dog even from the calmest dog breeds.

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