Can Dogs Eat Apples – Best Question to Ponder

Have you ever asked yourself a weird question? For instance, have you ever been to a question like – Can dogs eat apples? Dog owners are actually not aware of what can apple bring to their dogs. This is the very reason why they first carry out some research as far as apples are concerned. The main purpose of it is to ensure that their dogs will be safe and will be healthy as they eat it.

Reading this article can help you to completely understand what can apple bring to your dog? Are dogs allowed to eat apple or not?

  1. Apple Fruit Health and Nutrition Facts

  2. Can Dogs Have Apples?

  3. Different Types of Apples Good For Your Dog

  4. Why Are Apples Sometimes Bad For Your Dog?

  5. Reasons Why Dogs Really Love to Eat Apples

  6. What Breed of Dog Can Eat Apples?

  7. What to Do When Your Dog Ate Several Apples?

  8. Questions and answers

  9. Conclusion

 Apple Fruit Health and Nutrition Facts

One of the most favorite fruits of health conscious people is the crunchy and delicious apples. This is also commonly chosen by fitness lovers who believe in health as a wealth. This fruit is completely packed by rich and healthy phytonutrients that offer optimal health benefits. Certain antioxidants found in apples offer disease prevention and health promoting properties. This is the reason why some people say that eating one apple a day can keep a doctor away.

Apples are also a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin A, C, K and even fiber. It also contains essential pectin and fatty acids including phosphorous and calcium. This is the reason why apples are really proven to be healthy not only to humans but even to dogs.

Apples can now be eaten by your dog in making its muscles and bone healthy. So, if you have your own dog at home, it’s now the right time to feed them on with nutritious and healthy apples as part of their dog treats.

Can Dogs Have Apples?

Are apples good for dogs? The answer is yes. Apples for dogs are healthy as these are considered as a wondered fruit to offer them huge numbers of benefits.

Vitamins and nutrients found in apples can help your dog in several ways that are as follows:

  • Vitamin C and Vitamin A

Dogs also need to have vitamins just like humans. Apples are completely packed with vitamin C and vitamin A that helps support their bodies for an improved coat and skin. This also helps them strengthen their immune system. Vitamin C is known to aid in the proper development of bones and muscles of dogs at the early stages. It also helps older dogs to stay healthy despite their age.

  • Canine Constipation Treatment and High Fiber Content

An apple fruit is high in fiber content that can help in the overall digestion process of a dog. Its high fiber content helps increase the bulk and water in their intestinal contents giving them regular and firmer bowel movements.

  • Healthy Dog Treat with Low Calorie, Fat and Protein Content

Apples are a natural form of healthy fruit for dogs to help curb their appetite and rectify their weight concerns. Due to minimal fat, calorie and protein content of this fruit, dog owners are most assured of having this as a healthy fruit option.

  • Dental Health of Dog

Some owners often wonder how to clean the teeth of their dogs. Well, regular brushing is a way but this can be a bit painful. If you want to reduce the pain that your dog experiences, you may try the natural process of cleaning their teeth by the texture of an apple. The usual way of dogs chewing apple against their teeth surface helps them to remove tartar and harmful plaque buildup. This may also give them shiny and whiter teeth.

  • Antioxidant Best For Your Dog

Antioxidants are known for their vitamins and minerals that help fight against free radicals. These also help them prevent damaging their cells. Antioxidants can be found in apples and can help them stay healthy and happy.

Apart from that, they can also help your dog for an improved eyesight and immune system. This fruit can also help them develop healthy and strong bones. Their bodies could also be free from chronic type of diseases.

These are just some of the benefits that apples can bring to your dog. By giving this type of fruit to your dog, you help it obtain a healthy body free from chronic diseases. With the benefits mentioned above, you are already given with a hint on what apple does in your dog.

Different Types of Apples Good For Your Dog

Are you aware of the best type of apples to give to your dog? Well, there are several types of apples that are found to be perfect for their taste, age and type of dog.

To make it easy for you to find the best type of apple for your dog, here is the complete list of some of the best apples your dog can eat:

  • Granny Smith

This is an apple that is usually picked during the month of November. These are late seasoned apples which are stapled in supermarkets because of their thick skin.

  • Honeycrisp

If you want to obtain that juiciness and sweetness, then don’t miss out the chance to try eating Honeycrisp apples.

  • Fuji

One of the best apples perfect to eat when fresh is Fuji. This is a one type of juicy apple that is used in baking. You can make use of this apple in making salad for that juicy and sweet flavor.

  • Golden Delicious

Some people think that Golden Delicious apples are boring and bland. A fresh and ripely picked Golden Delicious apple is known to be rich in sweetness and juiciness.

  • McIntosh

This is a classic type of apple that can be considered for being very bright, sweet, fresh and juicy when chewed. This is the reason why this is an apple that almost all people loved to eat.

  • Macoun

Macoun apples are usually known as sprightly type of apples. This is due to the acid and the sweet balance of taste that it offers. This turned into Cortland brown when slowly cut. This is the main reason why it is considered to be the best among other types of apples used in making salad.

  • Northern Spy

This is another apple variety which is tart but is sweetly honeyed. This is also a luscious type of apple yet subtle. When you eat this apple fresh, you will surely obtain its high content of vitamin C.

  • Mutsu

Oversize green apples are also called as Mutsu. Since this is oversized, two people can feed on it and share it. In addition to that, this is a sweet and juicy apple that you should try out with.

  • Twenty Ounce

This is an apple grown primarily in huge manufacturers. This is an apple that weighs twenty ounce and this only requires simple peeling. An apple that weighs twenty ounce will be enough as one pie.

  • Tart Apple

A tart apple is a late seasoned apple that offers its different types of flavor. It is even made better as it is kept in the refrigerator for a long period of time. This helps preserve the freshness, juiciness and sweetness.

  • Pinata

Pinata apples are crisp and are sweet with tropical fruit hint.

These are just few of the types of apples for dogs to choose from. There are still a lot of apples for dogs that will now depend on the breed and the ones that you like for it to eat.

Why Are Apples Sometimes Bad For Your Dog?

Are apples bad for dogs? Despite the huge numbers of benefits that apple for dog can offer, there are still some limitations you need to consider. The main purpose is to ensure that apples will be safe for your dogs.

While it is always a good idea to let your dog eat apples, make it sure that the apple you will give them will be seedless. Give your dog a fresh apple for it is known to be a safe thing to do. Nevertheless, be cautious when it comes to the seeds.

Even though a few apple seeds will not have its major impact on your dog’s health, a significant amount of these seeds will result to a buildup of cyanide in it. This can bring more harm to its body.

Apple seeds are known to be very toxic. This is due to the reason that these are a compound known as Amygdalin. This is usually found in a cyanide form. In this type of compound, it is meant to offer unhealthy results to your dog.

This is the reason why dogs need to ingest several apple seeds immediately to avoid significant damage to it. Since cyanide is found at the seed cover, there will no longer be a problem as long as the cover is kept intact.

In addition to that, you need to avoid giving dogs with dehydrated apples. While these types of apples can offer the same nutrients like the hydrated apples, these still lack adequate water needed throughout the digestion process.

Dehydrated apples can cause upset stomach and some unhealthy digestive issues. Hence, it is always best to avoid giving them dehydrated apples.

Apples can also be harmful for your dogs. This is also especially if they suffer from unhealthy diabetes. Although the fact remains that these are healthy, still, these contain an amount of natural sugar which makes diabetes condition more serious.

Moreover, giving too much of it to your dog is not healthy. There is simply no need to overfeed it with several apples.

 Reasons Why Dogs Really Love to Eat Apples

Think about the foods you will have to give your dog every day. They may get the same foods at the same day. Nevertheless, this is quite a dull experience for your dog. It is now the right time for you to give it a food that makes it feel happy and exciting when chewing it.

As you would mostly notice, dogs find it more special eating a sweet taste and crunchy texture of food. Well, no need to look for those expensive foods treats anymore that your dog would not approve in the end. You may try to give your dog an apple. This is a healthy type of fruit to purchase at a more affordable price as compared to other dog treats.

What Breed of Dog Can Eat Apples?

Do you have pet dog at home? Are you also interested of giving it apples to eat? There are instances that dog owners are often hesitant of giving an apple to their pets. This is because they are afraid that these are not great for their breed. This is why they end up giving them dog treats that are not proven to be healthy and nutritious just like apples.

Whatever is the breed of dog, it can still benefit from apples. This only means to say that breeds such as Boxers, Labs, English bulldogs and many others can enjoy eating this healthy food treat. You can give them more apples for them to stay healthy and strong.

To ensure that these apples will not affect the health of your dog, it is always better to seek for the advice of your veterinarian. Veterinarians are skilled and professional people who are knowledgeable in terms of dog diets and right food choices.

Apples are proven to be very safe and healthy for different dog breeds. But still, ensure to consult your dogs veterinarian when you want to give it some apple treats.

What to Do When Your Dog Ate Several Apples?

Can dogs have apples in huge quantity every day? Despite the fact that this fruit is safe, when you give it to your dog several times a day, it may bring out a different reaction. This is the reason why you need to start giving your dog only a small amount of apple while you monitor its reaction.

If it is your first time, you may choose to incorporate apples in their treats. Always remember to give apples in moderation. This will be a healthy way for them to keep their body healthy and free from chronic illnesses and diseases. If you will give your dog a lot of apples a day, expect for some changes in their digestive process. This could sometimes lead to vomiting or diarrhea.

You need to monitor the quantity of apples that your dog eats. The main purpose of doing so is to ensure that they get only the right amount of apple every day. Always remember to give your dog only a moderate amount of apple every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Dogs Allowed to Eat Apples?

Yes, dogs are allowed to eat apples only in moderate quantity as part of their dog treats. This is due to the fact that apples are completed with the health nutrients perfect for dogs.

2. Are Apple Cores Bad for Dogs?

Yes, apple cores are bad for dogs as these contain cyanide that only bring them unhealthy effects.

3. Can Dogs Eat Apple Cores?

No, dogs cannot eat apple cores as these may only affect the health of their dogs.

4. Can Dogs Eat Applesauce with Cinnamon?

Applesauce with cinnamon is very healthy for your dog as part of their treats. This will also offer a lot of health benefits to your dog. This will help to answer the question “Can dogs eat applesauce with cinnamon?”

5. Will Cinnamon Hurt Dogs?

No, cinnamon will not hurt your dog but this will definitely give your dog some health benefits that it could not obtain from any other type of dog treats.

6. Can Dogs Have Green Apples?

Dogs can always eat green apples as long as the seeds are removed.

7. Can Dogs Eat Apple Skin?

Dogs cannot eat apple skin as this only cause some unhealthy effect to their body just like the apple seeds.

8. Are Apples Safe for Dogs to Eat?

Apples are known to be safe for dogs when taken in moderation and when the seeds have been removed.

9. Can Dogs Eat Granny Smith Apples?

Granny Smith apples are not highly recommended for dogs since these usually have a thick skin. Thick skins of apples are not also healthy for your dog.

10. Are Apples Bad for Dogs?

Yes, apples are bad for dogs especially when it comes to the seeds. Giving your dog apples with lots of seeds only causes harm and illness to its body.

11. Can puppies Eat Apple Slices?

Puppies can eat apple slices provided that the apple skin and the seeds are removed.

12. Is Apple Ok For Dogs?

An apple is also ok for dogs especially when it is seedless.

13. Are Apples Good for Dogs?

Yes, apples are good for dogs as these could offer them with health and nutritious benefits in their body.

14. Can Dogs Have Apples?

Yes, dogs can have apples when these will be given in moderate amount only.

15. Apples Ok For Dogs?

Yes, apples are ok for dogs when these have become a part of their healthy dog treats. Just always keep in mind to give this treat in moderation.

16. Can I Feed my Dog Apples?

Yes, you can feed your dog with apples as long as you give it in moderation.

17. Can Dogs Eat Crab Apples?

Yes, dogs can eat apple crab as long as this will be given to them in moderate quantity. As long as you remove the core and the seeds, you will approve of this to be really beneficial for your dog.

18. Can Dogs Eat Apple Seeds?

No, dogs cannot eat apple seed. Even if apple seeds have no impact on the health of dogs, these can still cause harm and illness when taken in huge quantities.

19. Will it be right to serve apples to your puppy?

The majority of the dog owners explore can puppies eat apples or is applesauce good for dogs. Research suggests, this delicious fruit fetches array of benefits to the health of your dog and hence, you can certainly serve the fresh fruits as well as applesauce to your beloved pet.

This is a low calorie & low fat food that comes loaded with the right extent of good quality protein. Hence, this fruit is ought to benefit the health of your dog.

In addition, apple contains natural antioxidants in high volume that nullifies the harmful effects of the free radicals. Hence, vets suggest the inclusion of apples in the diet plan of dogs.

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If you are one of those dog owners who still think of the best and healthy dog fruit treat for your dog, I highly recommend you to give these apples.
Apples are a common food eaten by people. Some animals also eat these apples as these are loaded with juiciness, sweetness and nutrition. These are also offered at their affordable prices as compared to other fruits. This is the main reason why more people enjoy the chance of letting this fruit be a part of their diet.

As far as dog diets and treats are concerned, apples could simply offer health and nutritious benefits to your dog. Your dog would simply love to chew this sweet, juicy and nutritious fruit. Nevertheless, you need to be very careful when it comes to the amount of apple you will have to give it. The main purpose is to prevent unhealthy impacts and reactions from occurring.

There are several types of apples to give your dog. Therefore, choose only the best and healthiest apple fruit for your dog. These types of apples are also a perfect choice for different dog breed types that you have. This only means that with whatever breed of dog you have at home, you can give it the best apple that it needs.

You may also prepare for a budget to know if you can afford to buy the apple. Several apples for dogs are offered at their different prices. You may choose apples for dogs while you do not cut a hole in your pocket. Despite the difference of apples in their prices, these could still give your dog the best nutrition and health benefits that it needs.

I recommend all dog owners to give their dog the right quantity of apples as their dog treats. As you give apples to them, they will think of it as fun and exciting activity. Apples are also healthy and sumptuous for them to eat.

Can dog have apples? The answer is definitely a yes. So, give your dog apples as the healthiest and most nutritious treats ever!

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