Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon – Guide About Serving Foods With Cinnamon

Can dogs eat cinnamon? This is a question that is frequently asked by dog owners from across the globe. For dog owners, their canine pets are nothing lesser that their biological children and hence, whatever the dog owners love themselves, they aspire to share it with their pet.

Cinnamon is one of the most popular Spices for its capacity to enhance the taste of the foods manifold. Thus, dog owners aspire to add a little tinge of this Spice to the food of their dogs so that the food turns tastier and the dogs can be made to eat the food easily.

However, especially the first time dog owners, wonders can dogs have cinnamon. Well, to answer their question, first of all, it is required to discuss about the types of Cinnamon and then to discuss the cinnamon good for dogs and cons of each type to derive at a well researched conclusion about if, dogs eat cinnamon and if this Spice is safe enough to be added to the foods of the dogs.

These answers will extend the most effective guidance to the pet owners and will enable them to take the best care of their pets.

1. A Note About Ceylon Cinnamon VS Cassia Cinnamon

2. What are the Health Benefits of Cinnamon for Dogs?

3. Is Cinnamon Toxic to Dogs?

4. The Daily Dosage and Remedial Measures if the Dog Consumes Cinnamon in Excessive Volume

5. Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon Baked Goods?

6. Frequently Asked Questions

7. Final Verdict

A Note About Ceylon Cinnamon VS Cassia Cinnamon

Let’s start the discussion about Cinnamon with the most common species of it. Ceylon and Cassis are the 2 most popular variants and both are the natives of the Asian Continent. Though, both these variants of Cinnamon are widely used across the world as Spices, on comparison, the Ceylon Cinnamon is a better alternative to the Cassia Cinnamon.

It is for the reason that the former variant features better quality and due to the low content of Cinamaldehyde oil, the flavor is to the milder extent. Hence, it will be easier to adopt the dog with this variant of the Spice as dogs may not love the strong natural flavor as in the Cassia Cinnamon.

However, both these options are healthy as it can assist the dog in fighting the troubles of diabetes as well as obesity. Especially if you are on a low budget, Cassia Cinnamon will be more viable to adopt from the financial perspectives.

What are the Health Benefits of Cinnamon for Dogs?

As in the case of human consumption, Cinnamon is not loved just as a Spice to add taste to the foods, but, it comes with loaded of benefits to human health, the same statement holds relevance in the context of the dogs as well. It implies, adding this Spice to the foods for the dogs, you can not only entice the pet to eat, but, your pet will be getting manifold health benefits as well. Following are the key points in that regard:

  • Stimulates Appetite: if you ever find your dog has lost the appetite, the easiest yet the simplest solution to solve the trouble will be to add a little of this spice to their foods. You will be happy to see your dog getting back the usual craving for food. On the other hand, if your dog doesn’t like the food you are serving, you can certainly add this spice to entice the dog to eat the food.
  • Cinnamon features anti-inflammatory, anti-Microbial as well as Ant-clotting features and hence, can safeguard your pet from various ailments.
  • Cinnamon has the capacity to prevent the growth of the harmful bacteria, yeasts, as well as Fungi. Hence, it can prevent those microbes that offer resistance to the common drugs.
  • Another candid benefit that Cinnamon can offer to the dog is that it prevents the outburst of diabetes. Dogs that are fed with Cinnamon-loaded foods,stand lesser chances to be affected by this ailment. Even if you start mixing this Spice in the Food of the dog, after the outburst of the ailment, it will come effective to cure the disease. Thus, it will be a wise approach to serve Cinnamon baked Foods to the dogs as treats. They will relish this healthy snack and at the same time, reap some significant health benefit. However, neither you should add Cinnamon to the food in high volume, nor you should serve Cinnamon baked Foods as a part of the staple diet of the dogs.
  • One of the best parts about this Spice is that it fights the Bad Cholesterol and significantly boosts the cardiac health of the dogs. Thus, mixing a little bit of this Spice to the food of the dogs, you are not only enhancing the taste of the food,but, you are taking an effective step to safeguard the cardiac health of your beloved pet.
  • As Cinnamon comes loaded with dietary fiber, it has got the capacity to enhance the digestive functions of the dogs. In addition, this spice boosts the metabolic functions. For these reasons, Cinnamon comes as a highly effective remedy to Obesity troubles in Dogs. It is for the high content of fiber that this Spice can treat the troubles like Diarrhea and constipation.
  • Research reveals the fact the Cinnamon is a highly effective agent to prevent the outbursts of Cancer, especially Colon Cancer. This is a candid reason to add a little bit of this Spice to the foods for your Canine pet.
  • The nice aroma in Cinnamon, in addition to entice the dog for the food, stimulates the brain cells and hence, can enhance the capacity of the brains in dogs. Thus, vets suggest to add a tinge of this Spice to their foods to support brain development.

While discussing about the health benefits in Cinnamon for dogs, you must give a special mention to the combination of honey and cinnamon for dogs that offer manifold health benefits to the dogs. Serving this mixture to the dogs, you can safeguard them from troubles with the Teeth, bone, indigestion, respiratory system, as well as Obesity.

In addition, serving this mixture to the dogs suffering from low immunity, you will witness significant improvement at a drastic pace. Likewise, you can serve the dog with this mixture, when it starts suffering from cold and flu.

Is Cinnamon Toxic to Dogs?

If this is a question revolving in your mind, you will be happy to know that the ASPCA certifies this spice as non-toxic and hence, you can certainly add Cinnamon to the foods of your dog. Likewise, you can even serve foods, baked with this Spice to your pet. In both these instances, there stands no chance for this Spice to act as a toxin and trigger adverse health effects to your dog.

The Daily Dosage and Remedial Measures if the Dog Consumes Cinnamon in Excessive Volume

Though the points discussed above establish the worthiness of this Spice and the pros associated with it, going as per the proverb excess of anything is not good, you should refrain from adding too much Cinnamon power to the foods or using the Spice in very high amount while baking the foods.

Keep in mind that just a pinch of this spice in the food or a teaspoon of this Spice of baking the foods is perfectly alright. However, exceeding this limit, it can trigger bloating problems as well as indigestion that will affect the convenience and the well being of your pet.

If your dog even consumes Cinnamon in excessive extent, you simply need to make the pet drink some additional water that will flush it out of the body. As this is not a toxin and the side effects are limited to indigestion and Bloating, you need to worry a lot about it.

Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon Baked Goods?

The discussions made above, establish the point that there is every reason for the dog owners to adopt their dogs with this Spice that not only pamper their taste buds, but offer, a plethora of health benefits. Hence, dogs can certainly eat foods that are baked with Cinamon. However, you should ensure that you are not adding the spice to the foods in excessive amount.

Mixing a tinge of this spice in the food is absolutely acceptable and you can be assured that it will come 100% safe to the health of your dog. This holds true for the puppies as well as for the adult and elderly dogs.

Frequently Asked Question

What is cinnamon good for?

First and foremost, Cinnamon enhances the taste of the foods and enticed them to eat it. This natural herb can even enhance the appetite of the dogs. Most importantly, this an effective natural remedy for excessive high blood sugar and obesity. If used in combination with honey, it can enhance the immunity power to a significant extent.

Will cinnamon hurt dogs?

As this is a non-toxic, natural herb, Cinnamon comes completely safe for dogs. However, care should be taken that you are not mixing it in the dog’s food in excessive amount as in those instances, it can trigger indigestion problems.

Video: The Benefits of Cinnamon For Dogs And Recommended Amount

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Final Verdict

The points discussed above should have answered your questions can dogs eat cinnamon. Add this Spice to the food of your pet in nominal volume to pamper its taste buds as well as extend some significant health benefits to your beloved pet.

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