Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes – a Comprehensive Guide for the Dog Owners

Dog Owners around the world share one point in common which they love to share the items of their liking with their canine pet. It holds true in the case of the foods as well. People across the world eat Tomatoes, either fresh or use it for cooking.

Hence, it is obvious that a passionate dog owner will love to make his/her pet to relish the tangy taste of this citrus fruit. However, the question that comes up in this instance is, can dogs eat tomatoes. Before you start serving tomatoes to your dog, you need to have comprehensive knowledge on the pros and cons of feeding tomatoes to your dog.

As nothing under the sun is absolutely right or wrong, the same words apply to the question can dogs have tomatoes. As it comes up from the observations, serving ripened tomatoes to the dogs can produce several health benefits as well as they love the taste.

However, you need to consider the cons that are associated with serving these fruits to the dogs. This holistic observation will enable you to reap the benefits and escape the risks and on the whole, your dog can reap the most delightful outcome.

1. Are Tomatoes Good to Be Served to the Dogs?

2. What are the Health Benefits of Tomatoes for Dogs?

3. Are There Any Threats Associated with Serving Tomatoes to Dogs?

4. Can Tomatoes Act as Toxins for Dogs?

5. Frequently Asked Questions

6. Final Verdict

Are Tomatoes Good to Be Served to the Dogs?

One of the most popular fruits around the world Tomatoes is exceptionally healthy and it comes loaded with various nutrients that are necessary for a sound health. If you wonder, are tomatoes good for dogs, you will be delighted to know that this fruit belongs to the family of nightshade among vegetable that implies that it carry a few components that comes helpful to the health of the dogs, while there a few points that can trigger health hazards.

As suggested by the vest, ripe tomatoes are a safe and healthy food for dogs. These animals enjoy biting these juicy fruits and tomatoes ensure the supply of the key nutrients to the dog, keeping the healthy and shielded from various ailments. Hence, if you are exploring can dogs have tomatoes, make a note that you can certainly serve this fruit to your pet.

However, you should make a note that you should serve it in restricted amount and it should be used as a treat and never this fruit should not be included in the list of the daily diet of the dog. If you are sticking to this guideline, you can certainly serve this fruit to your dog.

What are the Health Benefits of Tomatoes for Dogs?

Are tomatoes good for dogs? This question can be countered with the mention of the fact that this fruit carries various nutrients for the dog and keeps them safe from the attacks of devastating ailments like the degenerative diseases as well various types of cancer. Following are the key points in this regard:

  • Tomatoes are loaded with Lycopene and is a cost-effective alternative to the reddish-fruits like watermelon as well as Papaya. In other words, if you don’t have the availability of these foods, you can serve the similar benefits to the dog, serving them fresh tomatoes.
  • Tomatoes keep the dogs well- hydrated. For its high water content, in addition to the nutritional values, tomatoes are a wonderful option to ensure that your dog stays hydrated to the optimum extent. Remember, dehydration can trigger various ailments, including the troubles with the skin and the fur. Thus, you can escape those threats, if you are serving the dog with ripe tomatoes as treats.
  • Tomatoes are among the best sources for various kinds of Vitamins, especially, Vitamin C. This vitamin is responsible for the immune system and plays a major role in escaping dermal troubles. In addition, Vitamin is one of the key nutrients to ensure the optimum growth of the dogs and to keep the animal healthy. Hence, tomatoes can be a truly beneficial food for dogs.
  • Another feature to appreciate about tomatoes is that it is rich in content of antioxidants that comes highly effective to mollify the devastating effects of the free radicals that escalate the rate of cell damage and paves the way for untimely aging. The high antioxidant content of tomatoes makes this fruit a natural remedy to these threats. Though you are likely to take the maximum care to ensure that the food served to the dog contains antioxidants, research suggest that there is ought to be some lacking. In those instances, the easiest yet the most effective approach will be to treat your pet with ripe tomatoes. Doing this, you can save your dog from being prey of bad health and untimely aging.
  • Another health benefit for dogs in Tomatoes is that it is a rich source of Beta-Carotene. This fruit comes for cheaper price and is easily available. Hence, you will not find it tough to serve this fruit as a treat or snacks to your dogs in intervals of days.

Though Vets approves the serving of tomatoes as snacks and treats for dogs in intervals of days, you should make a note that you need to refrain from serving the commercial tomato sauce to the dogs.

It is for the reason that the majority of the commercially-manufactured tomato sauces include artificial additives that can act toxins and hence, can trigger various ailments in dogs. On the other hand, It is likely to involve the use of unripe and green tomatoes that triggers adverse effects on the health of the dogs.

In this regard, it will be wise to serve the organic fruits only. It is for the fact that these fruits never involve the use of synthetic manures that can take a devastating toll on the health of the dog.

Thus, the natural and organic tomatoes, if ripe and served in moderate extent, certainly comes safe to the health of the dog and produce arrays of health benefits. However, never make this fruit a regular item in the diet plan of your dog.

Are There Any Threats Associated with Serving Tomatoes to Dogs?

Are tomatoes bad for dogs? If you are first-time dog owner or you have never served tomatoes to your dog previously, this question is ought come up in your mind. Likewise, you are likely to hold questions like can dogs eat grape tomatoes or, can dogs eat cherry tomatoes.

Similarly, dog owners are likely to wonder can dogs eat raw tomatoes. Though these questions, apparently appears to be simple, on the long run, it turns highly crucial as anything that has benefit to offer, will be offering a few challenges to the other side. Hence, answering these questions are crucial, before you start serving tomatoes to your dogs.

Starting the discussion in this regard with the question that what type of tomatoes to be served to the dogs, as well as the ones, you should refrain from, as suggested by the vets, dogs should be served with ripe tomatoes only.

Grape tomatoes are not suggested to be served to the dogs, while, the cherry tomatoes get the recommendations of the vest. The correlation between green tomatoes and dogs is in the inverse side. It is for the reason that the Green and unripe fruits contain certain elements that can trigger adverse effects on the health of the dog.

Just like the green tomatoes, the green parts of the plant can trigger health threats to the dogs. If you are wondering, are tomatoes harmful to dogs, this is a point that you need to keep in mind.

Hence, if your home garden includes the tomato plant, you should take adequate care that the pet is not getting into the garden and starting to bite the unripe tomatoes or the green parts of the plant. In those instances, it will be wise to install fences that will prevent the straying of the dogs in the garden.

Can Tomatoes Act as Toxins for Dogs?

For any kinds of fruits and tomatoes, there are always the chances that the food contains some agents that can act as toxins. Thus, the question, are tomatoes poisonous to dogs, seems to be obvious. Before you serve tomatoes to the dogs, you need to gain adequate knowledge on this point, so that, you can escape the threats, if any.

You need to make a point that tomato belongs to the nightshade category and hence, there are certain Threats associated with the consumption of tomatoes by dogs. Research shows that the green leaves as well as the stem of the plant contain Tomatine, an agent that can act as a toxin, if the dog is consuming this fruit in very high extent.

In instances you are wondering are tomatoes toxic to dogs, note that the ripe tomatoes include Tomatine in the minimum extent, compared with the level of the content in green and unripe tomatoes as well as in the greener parts of the plant. Hence, serving ripe and cherry tomatoes in moderate volume and in intervals of days, is completely a safe alternative that gets the approvals of the vets.

Following are the key symptoms to identify the occurrence of Tomatine Poisoning:

  • Gastrointestinal troubles and upsets.
  • Adverse effects on the cardiac health.
  • The animal can lose the coordination capacity.
  • Tomatine Poisoning can result in weakening of the muscles
  • Animals suffering from this trouble, is likely to suffer from Seizures and Tremors.

These troubles are ought to appear for various other reasons. However, if you see the problems are persisting for longer than usual, you should take the animal to the vet for adequate medical care, on an immediate basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can puppies eat tomatoes?

If you are serving the Cherry tomatoes or the ripe fruits in moderate quantity,it will be to serve tomatoes to the puppies, once in a while. However, the seeds can block the throat and hence, you need to cut the fruits in small pieces, before serving it to the puppies. Alternatively, you can extract the juice and serve it to the puppies, after filtering the seeds, out.

Can dogs eat tomato soup?

Yes. You can certainly serve tomato soup to the dogs in smaller volumes, as healthy and tasty snacks. However, you should not serve the tinned foods that are likely to contain artificial additives that can trigger adverse effects on the health of the dogs. Remember, you should prepare the soup with ripe tomatoes only.

Can dogs eat tomato sauce?

It will not be an issue if you are serving homemade tomato sauce to the dogs, made with fresh and ripe fruits. However, you should not serve the commercial grade products to the dogs as these items are like to carry the artificial colors, taste and flavors and hence, these items can have a toxic effect that can trigger various kinds of hazards on the health of the dogs.

How many tomatoes can a dog eat?

As suggested by the vets, ripe tomatoes should be serves to dogs, once in a while and in low extent. It implies, you should not serve this fruit in high volumes as it will make more extent of Tomatine to get inside the body of the dog and can trigger poisoning. Serving one ripe fruit, in intervals of a few days, however, should not trigger such troubles.

Can dogs have green tomatoes?

If you are wondering, can dogs have tomatoes in the green the unripe fruits, make a note, these fruits as well as the green parts of the plant contains Tomatine, a poison, in very high amount. Hence, refrain from serving green tomatoes and the green parts of the plant to your dog.

Video: Indian Vegetarian Dog Eating Tomato Like Chicken

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Final Verdict

The points discussed above should answer the question, are tomatoes good for dogs. You can certainly serve ripe tomatoes in medium volume and once in a while. This will ensure the supply of the key nutrients as well as enable the dog to escape the threats of catching ailments like cancer. Thus, you can certainly serve tomatoes to the adult dogs and puppies, provided you follow the points that has been suggested above.

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