Your Guide on Buying the Best Chihuahua Mix Dogs


Named after a Mexican province to which it is the native, the Chihuahua Dogs happen to be the smallest of all breeds of dogs and are highly adorable dogs, making them the best choice as pets.

These dogs are highly agile and active and dog owners simply love to spend time with these little dogs. Chihuahua dogs come with various options in terms of their sizes, colors, head shapes, as well as the coat length, giving the dog owners ample of options to choose from.

Alternatively, you may opt for the Chihuahua mix dogs that blends the features of the Chihuahua dogs with the breed of dogs that are mixed with this breed. These dogs like the Chihuahua German Shepherd, Chihuahua Terrier, as well the Boston Terrier Chihuahua with other breeds of dogs are gallant options to tame.

Boston Terrier Chihuahua

The basic purpose of mixing different breeds of dogs with Chihuahua is to develop crossbreeds of dogs that will hold the special features and characters of both the breeds. This extends more options to the dog lovers to tame as canine pets.

Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix

The mix puppies will resemble the appearance of its parents as well as display the most prominent features of both the breeds of dogs. Hence, the cute mixes enjoy a huge demand among the dog owners from around the world.

Coming to the scopes of the mix dogs, the options are extensive and ever growing. For instance, you can opt for the options like the French Bulldog Chihuahua, English Bulldog Chihuahua, as well as several other types of Chihuahua mixes, depending on your liking and preferences.

English Bulldog Chihuahua

The Chihuahua mix breeds are available across the world and comes across a wide range of budget. Hence, you will not find it difficult to make a suitable selection.

1. Introduction

2. How to Choose the Best Chihuahua Mix Dog?

3. Reviews Can Help You to Make the Perfect Selection

4. Frequently Asked Questions

5. Final Verdict

How to Choose the Best Chihuahua Mix Dog?

Remember, the term “best” is a relative one, the impact and exact meaning of which varies from one person to another. This holds true when you start searching for the Chihuahua mix.

Boxer Chihuahua

Once you start looking for the probable options, there are alternatives like Boxer Chihuahua mix, Black Lab Chihuahua mix, Chihuahua Terrier Poodle mix, as well as various other designer hybrid dogs are available in the market. Here is the guide to select the most suitable Chihuahua feist mix puppies to ensure that you get the perfect companion.

Black Lab Chihuahua

  • The Appearance of the dog: speaking on general notes, the mix breeds of Chihuahua dogs are likely to resemble the some common features of the parent dogs. This implies, the dogs like the Chihuahua Terrier Poodle, the Bichon Chihuahua or the Chihuahua mixed with a Poodle, for instance, should get an appearance that gets determined by the dominant and recessive factors of the parent dogs. However, it is almost impossible to predict the actual appearance and you should make the selection, based on case to case basis.


  • The health of the dog: No matter you are aspiring for the Pekingese Chihuahua, the Beagle Chihuahua or mix with other breeds, you need to check the health of the dog. Buying a puppy born with retarded physical or mental health, or an adult mix dog with existing diseases, hardly makes any sense.


  • The temperament and behavior of the dog: depending on the breed of dog mixed with pure Chihuahua dogs, these mixed breeds are ought to have different types of temperament and behavior. Though this is a character that is hard to comprehend precisely, you should study the characters of the pure breed to get some general ideas in this regard. It implies, the Chihuahua Doberman crossbreed or the Chihuahua jack Russell mix, for instance, will display some basic features of both the breeds.


  • Does the weather of your place suits to the breed of the dog: another key consideration that comes up while selecting the Chihuahua crossbreed is the suitability of the weather of the place to the breeds of the dogs. Chihuahua are natives of Mexico and hence, dogs feel comfortable in cooler climate. Likewise, depending on the other breed, mixed with Chihuahua, it will have the requirement of a specific weather. You need to pick the type, considering the weather conditions that both the breeds prefer.


  • The need for care: dogs of different breeds, need care to different extent. When a certain breed of dog is mixed with Chihuahua, the crossbreed dog will have its own type and extent of care taking needs. You should individually study the extent of care that the breeds individually require to get an idea in this regard. Alternatively, you should seek consultation with the professional dog breeders to get detailed guidance in this regard.


  • The training needs: before you opt for the crossbreeds of Chihuahua like the jack Russell Chihuahua dachshund mix, you need to consider the training needs for the breeds of dogs. Though, it is very difficult to precisely foresee the behavior of the mix dogs, as a general approach, you can take some significant estimation, considering the pure breeds that participate in the cross breeding.


  • The ailments that the crossbreeds are most likely to catch up: dogs of different breeds stand exposed to different types of ailments. The problem with mix breed dogs is that these dogs stand vulnerable to all those ailments that the participating pure breeds are exposed to, individually. You need to have a round of discussion with the vets and the breeders to get some precise knowledge in this regard.


Before you pick any type of Chihuahua mix, you should consider the points stated above to take a better call about the selection. Alternatively, you can seek the guidance from the professional dog breeders and reliable people in your connection to get the necessary information on the points that keeps revolving in your mind about the selection. A wise and considerate selection will get you the perfect companion that can keep you entertained and engaged.

Reviews Can Help You to Make the Perfect Selection

Another simple yet effective move that you can take, in addition to consulting dog breeders to seeking advice from people, individually, is to check the reviews. These days, reviews are given importance, equal to that given to the personal recommendations.

These reviews come from those flocks who already have some crossbreeds of Chihuahua dogs and hence, they possess a real-time experience about dealing with these dogs. As such, the reviews from these flocks that are basically the expert of their experience with the Chihuahua mix dogs, will give you the most realistic assessment about various types of crossbreed Chihuahua dogs.

Chihuahua Terrier Mix

If you have to get the highest entertainment and the best companionship, from your canine pet, remember it is highly crucial to make the perfect selection.

These reviews will enable you to know about the key features of the crossbreeds, their temperaments, appearance, nutritional & care taking needs as well as other crucial information that you require knowing before making the selection of the breed of the pet dog. This will enable you to know the pros and cons of these dogs and hence, it will turn easier for you to make a selection, out of the available options.

French Bulldog Chihuahua

Frequently Asked Questions

What breeds of dogs are usually mixed with Chihuahua?

You get an inexhaustible options, comprising mixing of small, medium and large size dogs with Chihuahua. Hence, you can make a selection, depending on your choices as well as the suitability of the pure breeds with the living conditions that you can offer to the dog.

Is it possible to get crossbreed of Chihuahua with dogs of larger sizes?

Though you have the availability of Chihuahua mix, mixing these tiny dogs with larger breeds, due to massive difference in the size, it is impossible that such mixings happen naturally. Such crossbreeds are usually made artificially.

What is my Chihuahua mixed with?

You can identify the breed, mixed with your Chihuahua, considering its appearance as well its temperament and behavior. Though it is impossible to precisely predict the breed that the crossbreed will resemble, some features of the appearance of both the breeds will be displayed.

Which type of Chihuahua Mix will be ideal for me?

The suitability is entirely relative and you need to take a call, considering the features of the breeds of dogs as well the suitability of the mix dogs with the living conditions that you can offer.

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Final Verdict

The Chihuahua Mix dogs are highly adorable and can offer the dog owner the best companionship. However, you need to make the selection of the Chihuahua crossbreed with detailed considerations. The tricks and tips discussed above can extend you the most effective selection.

Remember, making a suitable selection is important so that you can keep the dog fit and fine, putting the minimum efforts and time. One thing stands for sure that these dogs, with its exquisite appearance and intelligence, are the best companions of mankind.

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