Cold Weather Dog House – Our Best Guide in 2019

Dogs are like the family member to you and thus it is important to provide them proper shelter in order to keep them happy and healthy. Dog have fun moving outside and enjoying the wonderful smells.

The dog needs a good form of shelter in both the case whether your house is small or the dog loves to stay outside. In the winters when you feel cold, your dog also feel cold and thus it is more essential to provide them with best dog house for cold weather else he might be at risk of frostbite and hypothermia.

There are several ways in which you can give the best dog house to your dog in winter. I prefer to provide your dog with carpeted doghouse. It should be nailed and attached carpet so that it does not come out with dragging. Using a heat lamp and the regular light can also be preferred to give heat to your dog as it can give warmth in small area. Straw is the inexpensive type of insulator which can be used in the dog house.

Choosing heated pads is also an option but it is quite an expensive one. The heated pads are available which can warm the dog house upto 102 degrees with minimum energy usage. Insulating the doghouse can also be preferred. But the best option is to choose the readymade dog house which is specially designed for the cold weathers.

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1. Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban
2. Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin
3. Suncast DH350 Dog House
4. Dog Palace Insulated Dog House DP20
5. ASL Solutions Deluxe Dog Palace Large Doghouse
6. Confidence Pet XL Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor Winter House

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks

2. How to Choose Best Dog House for Cold Weather

3. Review of This Dog House

3.1 Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban

3.2 Precision Pet Dog House Extreme Log Cabin

3.3 Suncast DH 350 Dog House

3.4 Dog Palace Insulated Dog House DP20

3.5 ASL Solutions Dog Palace Large Doghouse

3.6 Confidence Pet XL Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor Winter House

4. Frequently Asked Questions

5. Final Verdict

How to Choose Best Dog House for Cold Weather

Now you might be clear that it is important to have a cold weather dog house for your dog. Let us discuss how to buy the best one. I am providing some of the cost effective options that can make your dog comfortable and also prove to be cost effective solution for your dog.

Moreover, they can be switched if in case the dog is not satisfied or comfortable with any particular addition. Choosing a dog house which has insulation equipped is a better idea. Usually the dog houses are equipped with the number of insulation material and additions of your own can be done to them. Make sure that when you choose the insulated dog houses for winter, it has insulation in all the parts of shelter.

If in case it is not provided then it is preferable to add your own. The most important insulation area needed is the floor. Between the walls, the polystyrene and Styrofoam sheets can be used as they work as one of the best insulation material. A dog house insulation kit can also be chosen which can keep the outside cold and warm inside. I prefer you to check all the weak spots and holes in the house before planning for insulation.

Usually some people worry that only insulation may not be able to serve the dogs and thus the heating pads and units are also preferable. The heating pads should be of bigger size than the shelter and they should not be kept on all time.

They should not be bigger as compared to the shelter size. The device can be put on some time basis s that the dog gets warmth as pr need. Make sure that the cords are hidden from the dog to avoid that they don’t chew them.

The cold weather house has an important consideration of bedding. The bedding should not be chosen which is cheap like fabric and sheets. This would not be able to protect the dog when wet. The shelter bottom can be lined with straw and the cedar shavings that can easily keep your dog dry and warm. Make sure to change the bedding of the dog house in regular intervals.

While choosing the dog house for winter another important concern is about the water bowl. Usually in winters there are chances that the water gets freeze. In such cases the water is to be changed ever few house and a heated water bowl can also be preferred in order to prevent the water from being freeze down. It is an easy way which can be found easily. Make sure not to place the water bowl near the bed in dog house.

Review of This Dog House

There are number of options available when you are choosing the best dog house for cold weather. I would explain you some of them which are best in different manner and also cost effective. Some of them have the insulation included and in some you need to add some parts in the dog house.

Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban

This is the Petmate indigo dog house which is developed and designed by Petmate and it is very reputable company. This dog house is developed from the high quality materials and they help a lot in insulating the dog against the wind and the rains. Thus it proves to be the best dog house for cold weather.

They are made using Microban which proves to be a great material for fighting against the odor causing bacteria and the stains. They aso contains the duty structural foam which make them string insulated dog houses for winter. They are weather resistant and are able to let the snow off the house.

The house s also known as the Dogloo and it is designed issuing the principles of the igloos. It has the front door which is offset and it is used to keep the air warm in the winter seasons. Moreover, it also helps in keeping the air cool in the warm times.


  • They are made from Microban and thus they never encourage the growth of bacterial, mildew and germs.
  • They provide protection from both wind and rain.
  • Insulating benefits of the design for the dogs.
  • They can be installed easily without making use of any tools.
  • It is very much easy to clean whenever you need to
  • They are considered as the most durable and strong as the winter proof dog house
  • They contain the door flap and also the self heating pads.


  • They are not decorative in look like other dog houses.
  • Their size is very small and the large one which is available can accommodate around 70 pound dogs.
  • They are quite expensive one as compared to the other dog houses.
  • If your dog is loust then it may become difficult to fit him inside. So make sure to check the dimensions well in advance.
  • Purchasing the right size online important.
  • There are many times when the latches of these dog houses come with the broken state and thus you should buy it from the seller who has a good return policy.

Overall it can be said that if your dog is small and you want all the insulated products inbuilt then it is the best cold weather dog house for you.

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Precision Pet Dog House Extreme Log Cabin

This is the cold weather dog house which is developed with the solid wood construction and it is designed such that it becomes the weather resistant one. It has coating. The dog house has the off center entrance which is provides shelter to the pets against the elements of the outside. Moreover, they have the plastic used which can be useful for the pets in the rainy season as well.


  • This dog house is useful both for winter and rainy season as it is designed using such materials.
  • It is weather resistant and is slanted so that the water runs away from it.
  • The installation and assembling is very easy in this dog house and it is suited for the dog’s upto 90 lbs. The assembling steps are provided and it can be done in 3 simple steps.
  • It has the cedar finish which allows the dog house to give a natural look and compliment your backyard.
  • This dog house come with1 year warranty from manufacturer.


  • It is not a much attractive dog house as compared to others.
  • Moreover, it is detachable and easy to clean. But at times the screws are to be worked while fitting it again.

Overall I would say that this dog house is not much attractive in look but it has great features. If looks does not matter for you then this dog house can be chosen.

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Suncast DH 350 Dog House

Suncast is the well known name in the outdoor dog house for winter and they are available in two different models but both of them look similar. Their essentials are same and they only have some minor changes. The Suncast dog house belongs to the most popular dog house. The house can be snapped together easily and they can also be separated easily.

They are designed and developed using the thin plastic sheets which have rigidity. When the parts are snapped together they gain good amount strength. It is the medium sized dog house which can accommodate the dog with almost 70 pounds. The flaps are provided to keep the rain running. They are quite attractive and safe in use. They are durable as they are constructed with the crowned floor.


  • They easily can be snapped together and can be easily assembled without using any tool.
  • They include the door flaps and that can be removed easily and cam also be added easily.
  • They also come with the letter so that you can write your dog’s name on the dog house. It can e personalized. The vinyl doors are constructed.
  • They are quite sturdy and can be perfect one or the senior of the laid dog.
  • The biggest advantage is that they are quite inexpensive as compared to the other house in the market.


  • The biggest drawback is that this cold weather house do not contains any insulation and you will need to add the heating pad additionally into it for the winter seasons.
  • They are not raised off ground.
  • The floor of the dog house is quite thin which makes it easy for the water to run into it. In this case you will need to attach the pallet and board additionally so that the flooding situations can be avoided,

Finding for the inexpensive option for your dog and an attractive one then I would prefer this option rather than others. It is inexpensive and some additional things like insulation are to be added. The personalization feature is the most attractive part of this dog house.

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Dog Palace Insulated Dog House DP20

For your cold weather dog house plans, the ASL insulated dog palace is the perfect option. It is the dog house which contains the 4 inch of foam and EPS insulation. It means that it is very easy to keep the temperature inside the dog house of around 30 degrees in the winter seasons.

It proves to be much warmer as compared to the outside temperature. I prefer to choose this dog house when the dogs are to be kept warm with around 25 degrees temperature. They have the cleaver trap design for doors which keeps the water and wind away.

The windows can be easily removed which gives you the improved air in the warmer months. The floor has the drain hill which can whisk the water and other liquids. They are constructed with the plastic material which makes it durable and resistant to the sun rot.


  • This dog house has the sloped floor and contains a drain hole which makes it easy to remove the liquid.
  • The assembly of the dog house is easy
  • The insulation facility is included and the material used in the dog house is plastic which makes it the best dog house.
  • It is durable and can last for almost 4 years and also more if used properly
  • The design is quite attractive.
  • It comes in two different colors; gray and tan
  • It has the door with a window so that the dog can view who is outside the door. Once the dog is trained for using it, this the best dog house


  • The dog house has the self closing doors and it can make the dogs scared. You need to open the door until the dog is comfortable and then train the dog to use the door.

I like this dog house as it has the entire feature which can work in all the seasons. The only concern is about the door but the dog can be trained for it.

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ASL Solutions Dog Palace Large Doghouse

The ASL deluxe dog house is the winter proof dog house which is quite similar to the Dog palace house. The only difference is that it comes with the additional features of the fan and the heater.

The heating pads are included into the dog house which makes it easy for dogs to survive in the winter season. Moreover, they can be easily removed from the dog house. They also keep the house ventilated as the fan is provided which is solar powered. This fan allows the house to be ventilated and keeps the interiors of the dog house cool.


  • There is real foam of around 2 to 4 inches insulation in the panel
  • They are designed such that the dog can easily pass through it and also are self closing.
  • They have the fitted insulated door and not flap.
  • They are stable for the dogs of medium and large size.
  • The window panes are self string and they can be closed in the winters and can be opened crossed in summer for ventilation.
  • The floor has the insulation and it is raised around 4 inches which does not allow the rain to come in. moreover, it gives the warm and dry bedding in the winter season.


  • The only disadvantage with this dog house is that they need electricity for the heater.

I would suggest this dog house as it proves to be best one for winter, rainy and summer seasons.

ASL Solutions Dog Palace Large Doghouse Recommended By Us

Confidence Pet XL Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor Winter House

This dog house is also in my list of the best dog houses. This is the outdoor winter dog kennel which is purely recommended. This is the waterproof pet house which is made up of the plastic material and it is developed and designed by the best manufacturer of the industry.

The material used in the dog house is of high quality. This is the 100% durable and resilient dog house which can be useful for any condition and weather. The plastic used in the dog house is completely safe for the dogs and it is not destructible.


  • The material used in the dog house makes it is the perfect one for your dog.
  • It is able to retain good amount of heat
  • It is highly durable and best stands against all types of weathers.


  • The problem is that it does not have a door which makes it difficult for the heat to escape. But it can be solved by adding the additional flap for opening,
  • You need to add the heating pad additionally.

If you wish to give your dog some natural heat then this is best option.

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But if you do not want to buy a house for a dog, then for the time of cold it can be sheltered in a mudroom bench storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to heat a dog house in the winter?

Dogs have the natural fur which protects them towards winter but it cannot be completely sufficient for them. There is a need to provide dog’s with the additional dog houses features like insulation, heating pads, etc which can keep them safe from the cold. There are dog houses which are readily available with the heating pads and insulation features which are listed above.

Should I shrink the dog house?

Yes you should shrink the dog house so that the dogs can use their body heat in staying warm in the cold weather. The large dog house may prove to be luxurious but it can make him feel cool also. The dog can easily keep himself warm in the enclosed house which has the flap or any type of covering at the door. They should just have the enough room to turn around in the dog house.

Should I check the material of dog house?

Yes it is the most important that is to be checked in the dog house. The dogs usually have the habit of chewing the things that they find. Thus it is important that the dog house which is chosen is developed with the material which do not affect if the dogs chew. Moreover, the heating pads and some other material should not be visible to the dogs else they can damage them.

How do you insulate a dog house?

The heating pad can be either laid under the floor so that it gives the dog complete heating in the dog house. At time the heating pad is placed such that it is easily visible.

Where to put dog house?

It is advisable to put a dog house above some level of land so that it can be beneficial in season. The water cannot run easily into it and it stays a level higher than the snow.

Video: How to Build an Insulated Dog House

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Final Verdict

It is important that you choose the best dog house for cold weather. The requirement of each and every person is different and thus some of the best and unique dog houses are listed above. I am sure that each one will be able to satisfy the needs for having the dog house. Whether you wish to have a decorative and attractive looking house, a cheap one, a good one with high features etc all of the option I have listed above.

The recommended products are highly reliable and valued by the customers. I highly recommend the Dog palace insulated dog house DP20 and you can add the heating pad additionally. Its other version is also available which comes with the heating pads. This is bets suited as it looks attractive and keeps your dog safe.

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