Do Yorkies Shed?

Do Yorkies shed is one of the most common questions which have been asked by the new Yorkie owner. Why? Because of the length of Yorkies hairs and different texture. If has been believed that Yorkies has fur like any other breed of the dog but this is not true. Actually, Yorkies does not have any fur but they have hairs like a human. So calling their hairs as furs is not the correct term.

That’s why, if you have adopted a Yorkie recently and want to adopt Yorkies in future, then you must know the answer to the most common question “do Yorkies shed hair?” and reason behind it because if you know about Yorkie shedding, then you can take care of your pet in much better way and know about the timing, when you Yorkies required trimming and hair cutting etc.

1. Do Yorkshire Terriers Shed Hair?

2. Why Do They Shed Hair?

2.1 There is Difference Between Furs and Hairs

2.2 The Phase of Hairs is Different from Furs

2.3 Yorkies’ Hair Grow Constantly Throughout Year

3. Why Do Yorkie Shedding a Lot?

3.1 Change in Hormones

3.2 Different Disease

3.3 Different Allergies

4. Final Verdict

Do Yorkshire Terriers Shed Hair?

Before you get the answer to this very common question, first you must know the reason behind the Yorkies shedding. Like other breeds of dogs, Yorkshire Terriers and Yorkie poos do not exactly have furs. Yes.

Most of us classified their hairs as fun but exactly, they are not. Their furs have been classified as hairs (like human hairs). This is why their hairs required much more attention that the furs of any other dog. As Yorkie owner, you need to take you Yorkie to hair stylish and plan hair cut or at least trimming on regular basis.

Like human hairs, the hairs of Yorkies also get fall on the basis of many factors which include climate change, hormones, diseases, and parasites etc. The face content applies to any other dog which belongs to Yorkie’s family like Yorkie poos. So, the answer to your question do Yorkshire Terriers shed hair or do Yorkie poos shed? Is Yes!

They do shed their hair, but the cycle of their hair shedding is much slower and basically, depend on seasonal changing as compared to any other breed of the dog. Defiantly, there is some other breed too who shed (because they don’t actually have fur or hairs) but Yorkies are most famous as compare to other.

Why Do They Shed Hair?

There are a number of reasons behind it. As mentioned above, they do not have fur but hairs like a human. But there are many other reasons do exist which can tell you exactly that why do Yorkshire Terriers shed hair a lot on specific time of the season. These things include:

There is Difference Between Furs and Hairs

If you own Yorkies, then you won’t go to find their hairs all over your house including bed and carpet as compare to the furs of a dog. Because the thickness and texture of their hairs are much different than the furs of the dogs. The thickness of fur is much thick as compared to the hairs.

That’s why you can easily found their furs on the bed but not the hairs of Yorkies. Just like human’s hairs, their hairs do fall out but not as much as the furs of a dog while the shedding time of their hair is very limited and seasonal. If you take care of them and wash on a regular basis like you wash your own hairs, then you can actually make shedding process further slow.

The Phase of Hairs is Different from Furs

Like above, the phase of Yorkies hairs and other dog’s fur are much different. For example, they have a phase of growth and falling but this does not happen with the hairs of Yorkies. Yes, their hairs grow throughout the year like a human but they do not get fall very regularly like the furs of dog. This is also, why we have very long hairs of Yorkies but the length of other dog’s furs are not very long.

Yorkies’ Hair Grow Constantly Throughout Year

Another reason, why do Yorkies shed is the growth of their hairs. Like human hairs, their hairs grow throughout the year. With the passage of time, their old hairs get shed automatically. Of course, there is much other reason for it too but usually, they shed because the new hairs make their space on the skin of Yorkies.

Why Do Yorkie Shedding a Lot?

There is nothing wrong if your Yorkies are shedding as it is the normal process of their life like human hairs gets fall time to time. You can make this process slow by taking care of your Yorkies hairs which include brushing them on daily basis, feeding good nutrition food, bathing on time and trimming when its required etc.

But if your Yorkies are still shedding a lot then you has to be worried about it. This could be happened due to following reasons:

Change in Hormones

Due to change in hormones, the Yorkies shed a lot. This happened during the pregnancy time of female Yorkies and heat. You do not need to be worried about for this as their hormones will get normal with the passage of time.

Different Disease

While there are many diseases which can cause shedding a lot, but one of the common is the production of cortisol in Yorkies body. Other reason includes serious illness. So, visit the doctor if your Yorkies’ hairs are shedding due to these diseases.

Different Allergies

Shedding a lot in Yorkies could be also happened due to skin allergies. The allergy could be caused due to any reason including eating the allergic food and not getting the required nutrition etc.

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Final Verdict

So the answer to your question do Yorkies shed? Is Yes, and there could be many reasons behind it as mentioned above. By taking care of their hairs, you can actually make the shedding process very slow but you cannot make it stopped because it is natural when Yorkies shed. You should consider the different signs if your Yorkies are shedding a lot because this could give them permanent baldness skin if you do not concern with the doctor.

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