Have you ever wondered what the best food for your dog is? Which food can have negative impact on the organism of the dog and which food improves the health?

Even though there are a lot of advertisements that say some products are the best source of the needed ingredients for your dog, the studies and research projects have shown that a lot of those products contain preservatives, artificial ingredients and many chemicals that have the opposite impact. So, you are thinking in which product to choose.

A special kidney condition at your dog may cause extra problems. When the kidney failure is diagnosed, you need to provide the needed health care for your dog. There are a lot of products and foods that help with this issue. You need to find the right diet for your dog.

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1. Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d Canine Renal Health
2. Royal Canin Renal Support E Canned Dog Food
3. Canine Renal Support D Canned Dog Food
4. Wysong Synorgon Canine Formula Dry Dog Food
5. Burns Puppy Original Chicken & Brown Rice All Breeds

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How Does it Work the Canine Kidney Health Nutritional Program?

  • The Royal Canin kidney diet is a specialized diet that is consisted mainly on herbs full of minerals and vitamins that provide the needed healthy improvements of the kidney function to your dog.
  • This program helps in the renal diet for dogs and in the nourishing process. Generally the symptoms of the kidney failure are not visible until 25% of the function of the kidney is left. Most of the symptoms include lack of appetite, nausea, poor coat, weakness, excessive drinking, weight loss and excessive urination.
  • The kidney failure can be diagnosed via blood tests.
  • After the diagnosis, the best food for kidney issues needs to be provided to your dog.

What are the Conditions of the Canine Kidney Disease?

  • The Canine Kidney Disease comes in several forms: Congenital, Chronic, Acute Kidney Disease, Glomerulonephritis, and Kidney Failure because of Lyme.
  • This is an aggressive disease that is considered to be irreversible. So, in this case a lot of diets and nutritional programs are prepared for the dog since the best food for dogs with kidney problems is applied in the diet.
  • The kidney diet for dogs mainly includes food with low levels of phosphorus
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What Is the Best Diet for Dogs with Kidney Disease?

Royal Canin kidney diet for dogs is formed depending on the stage of kidney disease present. One diet cannot fit every stage of the disease, so there is a prescription kidney dog food which might be restricted in some ingredients.

The diet if it is not managed well can lead to muscle loss and protein malnourishment. The prescription kidney diets are very beneficial and have positive effects on your dog, so you need to learn about the kidney condition of your pet before choosing the diet.

The best diet for dog with kidney failure needs the following:

  • Canned pet food – this contains high levels of water, so the dehydration will not happen;
  • In order to maintain normal blood pressure you will need to provide food with low levels of sodium;
  • The level of B vitamins needs to be increased in order to compensate the loss via the urine;
  • Antioxidants are important for the immune system and need to be present in the diet for dogs with kidney disease; the antioxidants include vitamin E, C, beta carotene and lutein;
  • The presence of omega 3 fatty acids reduces the inflammatory reactions;
  • The low protein diet for dogs with kidney problems includes low levels of proteins in order to reduce the workload of the kidneys;
  • Low level of phosphorus to improve the health of the kidneys;

Choosing the Right Dog Food for Kidney Issues

  • In order to choose the right food for your dog you will need to take some precautions in the restriction of ingredients present in the food.
  • The food with high levels of proteins is not good for the renal function, so you will need to remove the food containing proteins. Although the proteins are important for your dog, you need to restrict the dosage;
  • The restricted phosphorus in the organism reduces the calcification of the body tissues in the organism and will improve the kidneys’ function of your dog. It also helps in decreasing the toxins in the bloodstream.
  • Whenever you decide to choose the food for your dog you will need to consult the vet before. In some cases the condition of the kidney disease requires some special diet, so the vet will inform you in some preference of the renal dog food.

What Does the Canine Health Food Includes?

  • This food includes 9 nutritious vegetables, 6 organic grains, vitamins and herbs that improve the health;
  • Despite all this, you need to provide fresh food for your dog every day, it will be the best diet you can choose;
  • The Canine health food does not include preservatives, chemicals, artificial ingredients or dyes, it is completely natural;
  • The dog food for renal health kidney friendly dog treats provides easily digestible proteins that can easily be transmitted in the bloodstream;
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Product Review for Renal Dog Food

Guide for diet for dogs with kidney disease includes the following products that will give the needed nutrition values and ingredients to your dog.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine Renal Health

Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Canine Renal Health - 8.5lb
Price: $50.40
Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Canine Renal Health - 8.5lb

If you want to improve the renal health of your dog you will need to provide the best food for it. There are a lot of brands and foods that are made for these purposes. The Hill’s Prescription Diet is among the best.


  • This food contains reduced level of phosphorus and helps in maintaining the function of the kidney;
  • It also contains reduced protein levels in order to prevent the workload of the kidneys;
  • The blood pressure is maintained at normal levels because the food contains lower levels of sodium;
  • The flow of the blood is improved since the food contains higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids;
  • The presence of B-complex vitamins compensate the vitamins lost via the urine;


  • The dog might not respond on the food like you have expected, so in this case you need to visit a vet;

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Royal Canin Renal Dog Food Support E

The renal support for your dog can be achieved if you give the right food and maintain an adequate diet. If you don’t want your dog to lose its kidneys soon, then provide the suitable food. The Royal Canin Renal dog food is definitely among the best brand dog foods and will provide the needed renal support.


  • It contains high levels of omega 3 fatty acids which improve the blood flow;
  • The immune system is highly improved since it contains a mixture of antioxidants;
  • The presence of soluble and non-soluble fibers help in the digestion;
  • It is of great importance for the kidneys;


  • The food might not be enough for your dog, so you might need to provide extra sources of it in order to deal with the kidney issues.

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Royal Canin Renal Dog Food Support D

The Canine Real Support dog food will help you with the kidney issues of your dog. The new formulation of the products contains an improved version of the previous products, and definitely better one.

Providing this type food in the daily feeding of your dog will improve its health and its kidneys’ function. Your dog deserves the best, so why don’t you buy this brand dog food?


  • The inflammatory reactions are regulated by the increased levels of DHA and EPA;
  • It contains very low levels of phosphorus that help in the digestion process;
  • The presence of omega 3 fatty acids helps in the blood flow;
  • The medium and small breed adult dogs are prevented of getting chronic kidney disease;
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  • The dog might not react on the food like you have expected, so you need to find a way on how to make it eat this food.

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Wysong Dog Food Synorgon Canine Formula Dry

The dry dog food of the Wysong Synorgon brand is one of the best foods for your dog if you want to help and improve the kidney function. Those dogs with renal issues often struggle in digesting the adequate food.

This new formula of the Canine food brand is improving the health of your dog sooner than you expected. If you are still thinking on which type of food to buy, definitely need to consider this one.


  • The package contains flaxseeds and omega 3 fatty acids that are important for the blood of your dog and improve the blood flow;
  • It contains high levels of micronutrients and high levels of dried meat, fat, protein and organs;
  • It is suitable for all sizes of dogs and all breeds;
  • There are no artificial preservatives present in the food;


  • This food contains limited amount of ingredients, so your dog might not get the other needed nutrient values;

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Burns Puppy Dog Food All Breeds

This brand of food is made with whole grains and with animal proteins of high quality. This food allows complete diet and the needed ingredients for improving the kidney health of your dog. It is hypo-allergenic and no soya, dairy or wheat is present. Provide this food to your dog and you will see the results immediately.


  • Hypo-allergenic food that is wheat gluten free;
  • It helps in the digestion process and is highly digestible;
  • It is economical, since it is with affordable price;
  • It is suitable product for dogs with sensitive digestion and skin;
  • It provides only vitality and health;


  • Your dog might not accept the food like you would have expected, so you will need to find an alternative one in order to provide the ingredients that are present in this product.

Burns Puppy Dog Food All Breeds Recommended By Us

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We have seen that specific foods have different impact on the dog’s health. So, choosing the right food might be quite difficult, but you need to do it since the health of your dog is considered. Be careful while choosing and always consult a vet before making any decision.

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