How to Choose the Best Dog Grooming Shears?

Providing your dog the best grooming care is one of the things you must do if you want to grow and maintain the dog. For that purpose you need to have the best dog grooming shears among your other tools if you want to do the job perfectly. Finding the right set of dog shears is a little bit of a struggle, since there are a lot of sets on the market today, but most of them are with a very low quality.

If you want to get professional dog shears, then you might consider the famous and already known brands that provide these types of products. Below are listed few of the products where you can see some of our best recommendations for you and your dog.

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1. Scaredy Cut Silent Home Pet Grooming Kit For Cats & Dogs
2. Pettom 5 PCS Professional Pet Dog Grooming Scissors
3. Geib Gator Shear Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Kit
4. Geib Cheetah Starlite Professional Grooming Shear 3 Piece Kit
5. Oster 3-Piece Oster Kazu Shears Kit
6. Master Grooming Tools Stainless Steel 5200 Rainbow Series Pet Straight Shears
7. Black Pearl 8.5″ 3 Piece Set

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks

2. How to Provide the Best Pet Shears?

3. How is the Procedure for the Grooming?

4. Product Reviews

4.1 Scaredy Cut Silent Home Cat and Dog Grooming Kit

4.2 Pettom 5 PCS Professional Pet Dog Grooming Scissors Suit Shears for Dogs

4.3 Geib Shear Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Kit

4.4 Geib Cheetah Starlite Professional Grooming Shear 3 Piece Kit

4.5 Oster Grooming Shears Kit 3-Piece

4.6 Master Grooming Tools Pet Straight Shears

4.7 Black Pearl 8.5″ 3 Piece Set

5. Conclusion

How to Provide the Best Pet Shears?

  • You might become an expert in grooming your dog; you just need to have the right set of pet shears. Among the equipment you will need, besides the pet grooming shears are combs, clippers, slicker brush and a spray for your clippers. Once you have set up the tools and the materials you can start grooming your pet.
  • The grooming shears kit has the needed tools, so whenever you start the grooming, it will be useful if you have someone to hold your pet. In order to save your back it is recommendable to use an elevated table or if you don’t want your dog to move using an apparatus which can hold the dog is a good idea as well.

How is the Procedure for the Grooming?

  • The first thing you need to do is to wash your dog and then brush it in order to get rid of the clumps and tangles of hair that can cause you difficulties in the grooming;
  • Next, you need to use the right tools;
  • Choose the clippers that make less noise;
  • Do not pull the hair from your dog;
  • Make the clipping in the right direction;
  • The animal shears might cooperate with your dog, follow every movement;
  • Make sure that you work with the right blade and you have the right pet shears for dogs;
  • Make sure you know how your breed has to look like;
  • Check the temperature of the clippers in order not to burn the dog;

Product Reviews

Here is a guide with information of some of the types of grooming shears you can take into consideration:

Scaredy Cut Silent Home Cat and Dog Grooming Kit

Grooming your dog requires having a quality set of tools in order to provide the grooming in the best possible way. If you want your dog to have great coat and amazing skin, then you need to use products that are of already known brands that are offering products of high quality.

This product of the brand “Scaredy Cut” provides the best home pet grooming kit that can serve as a tool for grooming your dog or your cat. It is a great alternative to the electric clippers to those dogs that are sensitive. Do you still have doubts in getting this product? Well this might help you decide.


  • The kit contains attachment combs, scissors and a silent hair clipper, with this set you get 3 in one and for a good price; instead of looking for each tool at different places, you will have all 3 in just one.
  • Those pets that are sensitive and bothered from the electric clippers can handle this kit;
  • There are 7 attachment combs for different lengths;
  • The kit also contains serrated blade and knob for adjusting the tension;
  • There is also a removable gel for the fingers in order to fit perfectly;


  • Only the price could be the only disadvantage here, but since you are buying it for longer period, it is worth the money;

Click Here To See The Scaredy Cut Silent Home Cat and Dog Grooming Kit

Pettom 5 PCS Professional Pet Dog Grooming Scissors Suit Shears for Dogs

“Pettom” brand is one of the best, since it provides the best sets for grooming your pets. This set contains 5 pieces of professional grooming scissors that suit every type of cutting.

Among the pieces are 7-inch cutting scissor, 7-inch curved scissor point down, 7-inch curved scissor point up, grooming comb, scissor cloth and scissor case included. The shears are from a stainless steel and are with coated titanium, so they are very durable and easy to clean.


  • High quality set that provides the best grooming experience;
  • You can solve any hair problem because they are with different thickness;
  • The blade of the scissors is smooth and they have razor sharp edges, so you will have great balance during the grooming;
  • The ergonomic design and the rounded tips protect your dog of not being stabbed and are easy to use;
  • Even if you are working 10 hours with these scissors you will not hurt your fingers, this is because their design is excellent;


  • One and only disadvantage would be the fact that you cannot choose the color of the set, will be sent to you with a random color after purchasing it online;

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Geib Shear Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Kit

The “Gebib Gator” brand always gives the customers only the best. This set contains 3 types of scissors that provide the best grooming experience. If you don’t know which products to buy and take care of the coat of your dog, then this kit is the right choice for you.

It is made from stainless steel and includes 8-1/2 inch straight shear, -1/2 inch 42 tooth thinning shear and 8-1/2 inch curved shear. This set makes the coat of your dog shining and perfect. If you are still thinking if you need to get one, then read this below.


  • The package is packed in a vinyl case from a cordovan with high quality;
  • Because of the double screw tension the scissoring is smoother;
  • The shears are with a stainless steel allow with high quality;
  • The grooming will go faster;


  • You might need other tools in order to complete the set, this might not be enough;

Push Here To ViewThe Geib Gator Shear Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Kit

Geib Cheetah Starlite Professional Grooming Shear 3 Piece Kit

“Geib Buttercut” provides excellent sets for grooming your pet. If you have had some struggles in finding the right set for you, then this kit might be the perfect choice. The model of this brand is Cheetah Starlite Grooming Shears which is widely known that is a recognized model with excellent quality.

This scissors set provides good quality grooming and is a “must have” tool. Do not think anymore and get this 3 piece kit immediately if you want to experience the taste of high quality.


  • This set can be used in any size of dog, small, large or medium;
  • You will provide to your dog the best grooming care and its coat will be glowing;
  • The set is easy to manage and is one of the best until now;


  • No disadvantages.

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Oster Grooming Shears Kit 3-Piece

“Oster” brand offers this Oster Kazu Shears kit with 3 pieces of shears. They are of different type and with a different purpose. Having this kit in your tools is a great way to provide the best grooming care for your dog. The shears are easy to manage and maneuver, so can be fitted in different ways.

They are offered in black color with some grey scent. The cutting can be done perfectly since the scissors have a split screw design that can be adjusted, so if you, as an owner, haven’t decide on which set to buy, then this is the right choice for you.


  • Perfect cutting since the screw design is easy adjustable, so you will not have any difficulties while grooming your dog;
  • The scissors are easy to handle and use;
  • Both of the sets can fit different finger positions;


  • No cons;

Click Here To View The Oster Grooming Shears Kit 3-Piece

Master Grooming Tools Pet Straight Shears

The master grooming scissors are one of the rarest and best products intended for a perfect grooming to your dog. They are very economical, with an affordable price, fashionable and can be maintained easily. The scissors are perfect for touch ups and can make a great shimmering finish.

The color of the scissors is like a rainbow, and the tools are available in 8-1/2 inch length and 6-1/2 inch length. You can choose the length depending on your preferences.


  • Reduce the hand fatigue and some dialed tension because are easy to use and adjust while cutting;
  • You can set the cutting tension the way it suits you;
  • They are very attractive on appearance and you will fall in love immediately;


  • You will definitely need other tools in your closet since only this tool will not be enough to provide perfect grooming to your dog. They are worth the price and you must have them.

Check Price & Availability The Master Grooming Tools Pet Straight Shears

Black Pearl 8.5″ 3 Piece Set

“Ed Geib Buttercut Shears” is the famous brand that is producing this set of scissors. Having this set in your home will provide you the easiest way of grooming your dog. They are offset handles with a black color and silver sparkle holster.

You can finish the grooming with a perfect pace. Your dog deserves the best, so why don’t you give the best? Buying this product will make your life easier. You will not have to worry about finding the right set of tools; you have it in front of you. If you are still not convinced, then read the benefits of this set.


  • Easy to handle and are adjustable to any size of fingers;
  • You will finish the grooming faster;
  • Affordable price and you must have it in you’re the set of your best tools;


  • No cons;

Black Pearl 8.5″ 3 Piece Set Recommended By Us

Video: Pet Grooming Hand Tools for the Do It Yourself Dog Groomer

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Having the dog hair shears with the best quality will provide your dog an excellent grooming experience. I would recommend you to try some of these products above and see the results soon.

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