Best Products For Dog Incontinence – Shoppers Guide And Reviews in 2019

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So, if you own an adorable canine and have been searching for best products for dog incontinence, then you can follow this guide, and you can be certain to avail quality recommendations on products, benefits of buying as well as reviews of the products.

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks

2. What is Dog Incontinence?

3. Diagnosing and Treating Urinary Incontinence in Dogs

4. How to Choose the Best Products

5. Reviews of the Best Products

5.1 Washable Doggie Diapers and Belly Bands

5.1.1 SnuggEase Doggie Diapers

5.2 Bakertime Incontinence Pads, Belly Bands and Warps

5.2.1 Regular Diapers

5.2.2 Premium Diapers

5.2.3 Regular Belly Bands

5.2.4 Premium Belly Pads

5.3 Dog Beds for Incontinent Pets

6. Frequently Asked Questions

7. Final Thoughts

What is Dog Incontinence?

There are all types of reasons why a formerly house trained canine can develop an incontinence issue, ranging from severe disorder and conditions to behavior problems. For mid aged or senior canines, the incontinence is mostly likely age-associated condition that’s the outcome of weakened muscles no longer competent of correctly controlling the urine flow.

Bladder control is specially affected when the canine is sleeping or resting. Regardless of the cause for your incontinence, be wise that your canine is not purposely having mishaps.

Since there’s such a huge array of incontinence causes, it is suggested that you consult the veterinarian to discover the cause and get correct treatment. Learn about few of the most usual causes and symptoms for incontinence below.

Diagnosing and Treating Urinary Incontinence in Dogs

Once a canine is house trained, incontinence is most usual noticed in mid age or elderly dogs, which lose stamina in sphincter muscle with age. It is especially usual with spayed females, since they’ve a shortage of hormone estrogen that aids maintain the muscle tone of sphincter. Few other potential causes of canine urinary incontinence are:

Possible causes for the incontinence

  • Disorder such as hypothyroidism, kidney disease, or diabetes: these disorders all lead to intensified water drinking and intensified thirst. With more water being consumed, canines have a corresponding requirement to urinate more often that can sometimes outcome in an inability to correctly hold it and go in suitable location.
  • Ectopic ureter: even though it is not necessarily the most usual cause, a misaligned ureter or ectopic ureter which fails to correctly connect the kidneys and the bladder, can even cause a canine to experience incontinence.
  • Behavioral problems: submissive urination is a kind of a stress associated cause of involuntary urination that is featured by the pet assuming a submissive position whilst urinating. This might happen when your canine is confronted or scolded by a person or dog that the pet sees as an alpha. If urination happens when you play with the pet, and is not escorted by a submissive position, it is known excitement urination.
  • Infections: UTIs or bladder infections can cause incontinence in older dogs as a side impact. Urine analysis and a medications course will usually discover and treat these diseases and with the treatment, the incontinence symptoms will dissipate.

How to Choose the Best Products

Incontinence supplies for dogs and belly bands are useful for all phases of a canine’s life, from the puppy phase, to adulthood, till seniority. They are best tools to help in house-training new puppies, particularly those with submissive urination or excitement urination. Below are some of the types of.

Pet diaper round up:

  • Washable diapers or belly bands (for leaky canines)
  • Washable diapers + incontinence pads (functions well for medium sized dog)
  • Adult dog diapers or incontinence briefs (particularly for larger dogs)
  • Baby diapers (particularly for smaller pets, or dogs who are paralyzed)

Reviews of the Best Products

Dog urinary incontinence items are made to make life with leaky dog simpler for each one. It doesn’t matter whether your canine’s incontinence is because of illness, injury or age… the issues it causes are the similar:

Leaky plumbing makes life harder for each one; however you can reduce those complexities by utilizing the right incontinence treatment.

On this page I have taken a look at each thing from incontinence pills to belly bands to water proof canine beds, cleaning items and more have a look at it:

Washable Doggie Diapers and Belly Bands

Washable incontinence pants for dogs are not the least labor intensive choice however they do have few benefits across disposable ones. Initially they tend to suit better, are more ease for Fido, are noiseless and for few reasons for your canine seem to be less likely to attempt to pull them off.

Additionally, they are more eco friendly. Washable canine diapers come in huge variety of fabrics, sizes and styles, and there is one to match each canine and each level of incontinence.

SnuggEase Doggie Diapers


  • 4 layers or top notch quality, top notch absorbent fabric
  • Appropriate for female or male canines
  • Has little “poop” reservoir


  • Quite bulky and thick
  • Obtainable only in one shade (navy blue)

Integrated Pet Solutions SnuggEase Washable Dog Diaper Recommended By Us

Bakertime Incontinence Pads, Belly Bands and Warps

Bakertime makes female diapers and washable belly wraps or brand for males. There are even adjustable suspenders to aid hold belly or diapers bands in place for additional safety, in a huge variety of designs and colors are obtainable.

They all want to be utilized with Bakertime reusable diapers liners or you can utilize ladies incontinence pads or sanitary pads for adults.

Belly bands and nappies for dog’s incontinence come in premium and regular choices and are obtainable in x-small to xx-big sizes.

Regular Diapers

These pads are made using the comfy and soft polyester cotton material in a huge array of adorable patterns.


  • Ergonomic pattern for superior fit and less leaks
  • Adjustable and secure Velcro fastenings
  • Quick drying and fully washable


  • Sizing is not generous, hence be extra cautious in measurements
  • Not absorbent sufficient to be utilized with extra liners or pads

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Premium Diapers

This incontinence bed for dogs is made of soft, comfy terry fabric lining with completely waterproof exterior.

Pros and cons: are as for usual diapers, with one vital addition these premium dog diapers are completely water resistant for maximal leak preservation.

Press Now To See Male Wegreeco Washable Dog Diapers

Press Now To See Female Wegreeco Washable Dog Diapers

Regular Belly Bands

Soft polyester material lined with comfy fleece.


  • Elasticated, ergonomic pattern for superior fit and minimum leaks
  • Easy off/on with adjustable Velcro fastening
  • Loads of adorable fabric designs and patterns


  • Should be worn with extra liners and pads

Push Here To View The Brooke’s Best Belly Bands for Male Dogs Washable

Premium Belly Pads

These belly pads are made with completely water resistant outer surface plus super absorbent and soft terry fabric inner layer.

Pros and cons are as for usual belly bands; however this premium line has super leak proof qualities because of the addition of water resistant material.

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Dog Beds for Incontinent Pets

Nothing is a main issue for majority pets with urinary incontinence. It’s not secure or sanitary for a pet to sleep on wet, urine filled surface, either is it probably that you’ll wake up in mid of night to cleanse the pets bed.

That leaves very certain choices to aid promote the pets health and your sanity, however thankfully there’s a great choice out there for you both!

SleePee time bed from the was designed and developed to suit the requirements of incontinent pets whilst they sleep.


  • It is a distinct, patented item that offers protection and comfort for your pet, and we surely like it!


  • The only downside of the product is that it is not made for pets over 75 pounds

Check Price & Availability The Hartz Home Protection Dog Pads

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the usual symptoms of urinary incontinence in dogs?

Dripping urine that can annoy the skin plus cause redness is the most identifiable symptoms of incontinence, as is immoderate licking of penis or vulva region. Pet parents might even notice the region where the pet sleeps is contaminated with the urine.

What are few complications of urinary incontinence in pets?

Few bouts of urinary incontinence ebb as well as wane, however others can cause and progress more severe kidney and bladder infections. A skin infection might outcome in regions that are in contact with urine.

The age when incontinence first appeared?

Even though urinary incontinence can both pets of any age, gender or breed, its most frequently in mid aged – older spayed females, Springer spaniels, cocker spaniels, old English sheepdogs and Doberman pinschers are among the certain breeds frequently prone to incontinence.

How is incontinence treated?

Incontinence medication will rely on its underlying cause. Treatments can frequently effectively manage this case and stop each day mishaps. Some medications aim on hormone therapy, whilst others, such as strengthen the urethral sphincter, phenylopropanolamine that controls urine flow.
Surgery even might be a choice if medication alone does not work. Collagen injections, the latest therapy for incontinence, seem to have promising outcomes.

In conditions of incontinence because of the bladder stones, the protruding disc or the congenital abnormality, surgery might be suggested.

What must I do if I wonder my dog is incontinent?

Make an appointment with a veterinarian that will confirm diagnosis and attempt to identify a cause. The veterinarian will take a comprehensive history, execute a physical test and likely conduct the urinalysis to check whether your pet is suffering from the bladder infection that need medications with antibiotics. Other exams might incorporate an ultrasound, radiographs, blood work as well as a urine culture.

What causes urinary incontinence in pets?

Anatomic diseases
Congenital abnormalities
Presence of other disorders that cause excess water consumption, such as Hyperadrenocorticism, kidney disorder and diabetes.
Prostate diseases
Protruding intervertebral disc
Degeneration or spinal injury (often noticed in German shepherds)
Urinary stones
Urinary area infection
Weak bladder sphincter
Hormonal imbalance

Video: Urinary Incontinence in Dogs and Cats

Click here to see video.

Final Thoughts

You must always establish the cause of incontinence prior putting any pet in diapers. In this relate you can consult your veterinary doctor who will be able to suggest you. Potentially, you might be featuring the cause to the loss of bladder control when indeed; pet has a urinary infection which must not be ignored untreated.

But, for the older pets that are becoming incontinent of urine, pads can make all the dissimilarity and let your pet to go on living in your house, laying in all his best loved locations as well as relishing hid old age, instead of being banished or becoming the resource of family upset because of those little mishaps that would otherwise occur with intensifying frequency.

With the inception of internet era, you need not have to move to and fro from one outlet to another. There are various online sites that assist you in finding best products for incontinence like beds, warps, belly bands, pads and so forth.

Make sure to go through the ingredients thoroughly prior buying and check whether it is suitable for your dog or not. When it comes to payment section, precautionary measures have been taken to ensure financial safety of the customers.

Moreover, the best part of buying through online is, payment can be made once product is arrived at your door steps, after going through the quality of the product else it can be returned for exchange.

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