Your Guide to the Most Expensive Dog in the World

When it comes to the selection of the pet animals, there are none others that can compete with the dogs. It has been for a thousand years that these animals are serving mankind and giving them companionship and hence, in instances, one decides to tame an animal, the first choice is that of the dogs.

Once you decide to go for taming a dog, you have widespread options to choose from. Just as there are options in terms of the breed or the size of the dog, there are the options like the budget range pooch as well as the most expensive dog.

Again, the list of the most expensive dog in the world is long can you can get get extensive alternatives. Thus, if you decide to bring home one of the expensive dog breeds, you have ample of options to opt for.

Remember, taming one of the breed from the list of the expensive dog in the world will uphold you affluence and successful life and will segregate you from the mass. Hence, people keep looking for the top ten expensive dogs that definitely produces the sweetest value for the money they spend for bringing home the pooch.

1. How to Buy the Most Expensive Dog?

2. A List of the Costliest Dogs in the World

2.1 Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

2.2 English Bulldog

2.3 Saluki

2.4 Chow Chow

2.5 Peruvian Inca Orchid

2.6 Azawakh

2.7 Akita

2.8 Rottweiler

2.9 Pharaoh Hound

2.10 Tibetan Mastiff

2.11 Samoyed

2.12 Lowchens

3. Frequently Asked Questions

4. Final Verdict

How to Buy the Expensive Dog in the World?

If your financial means permit, you can certainly opt for a breed from the list of the top 10 expensive dogs. However, the financial capacity of the buyers is not the only crucial point in this regard.

You will be spending a significant amount of money, expecting that the animal can give you the best companionship. However, to ensure it happens, it is necessary that you are bringing home the most suitable breed of richest dog in the world. Thus, it is important that you approach the purchase, being wiser.

In instances of purchasing one from the tally of the most expensive breed in the world, following are the points that you need to consider:

  • The lifestyle of the dog: before opting for the costliest dogs in the world, you need to consider its lifestyle. This is to say that you need to decide on the breed of the pooch, depending on factors like the weather of the place to which the dog is native, the nature of the dog, the type of the foods it likes & dislikes as well as the types of activities that the dog performs. If you find that you cannot provide a suitable ambiance to match the inherent lifestyle of the dog, it will not be wise to go for those breeds. For instance, if the dog is a native of the place that records the lowest temperature and you are living in place where the temperature stays to the highest extent, it will be better not to opt for such dogs as the animal may not be able to cope with the adverse weather and environment.
  • Can you provide the adequate size of living area for the dog: especially if you are planning to buy the dogs of larger size, it becomes important to check if you can produce the adequate span of living space for the dog. If you are living in smaller houses or in a rented apartment, don’t pick the large size dogs.
  • Is the breed suitable for your family: there are a few dogs in this category that are highly aggressive and exhibits biting and attacking tendencies. If you have kids and infants in your family, dogs with such tendencies will be a perfect No-No. It is for the reason that these dogs can emerge as a threat to your family members, especially for the babies. However, if you have enough space within your premises, wherein you can keep the dog in isolation, you may consider opting for these dogs. However, you need to ensure the safety of the dog.
  • The purpose of taming the dog: you need to consider the factor that made you to decide to tame a pooch. Is that you are looking for a companion? Do you need the service dogs? Or, you are adopting the dog to perform watch and ward? The choice of the breed will largely depend on the answers to these questions. If you are petting the pooch for companionship, go for the ones that are timid and polite in nature as well as smaller in size. On the other hand, if you want a watchdog, Pick those breeds that have inherent capabilities to perform such tasks. However, you still have the options for dogs that can serve both these purposes.
  • Is the dog trainable and manageable: You will certainly not want your pooch to be unruly, neither you will love those dogs that you can’t manage and control. Hence, before you are picking any breeds of dogs, consider if the dog is trainable and manageable for you.
  • The financial obligations: Adopting a pet involves considerable expenses and this is likely to grow manifold, if you are buying the world’s costliest dog. Hence, you need to be very sure, if you can manage these expenses on an ongoing basis. The costly dogs will have their own requirements for foods, pet supplies, medicines as well as accessories. In addition to that, you need to calculate the yearly expenses for insuring the dog. As a matter of fact, the insurance premium for insuring the expensive dogs goes to the highest extent (here you can find super detailed guide about pet insurance). All these heads will accumulate to result to a significant amount. Hence, you need to be very sure that you can seamlessly afford this amount for the entire lifespan of the dog.

Thinking on these points, before picking the canine pet is important as it will determine whether if you are making a wise selection. Remember, if you have to relish the company of the dogs, selection of a suitable breed is important.

If you are finding it tough to decide on the breed of the most expensive dog in the world to opt for, you may take guidance from the experienced pet owners or the professional breeders.

A List of the Costliest Dogs in the World

Once the points that you require considering for buying costly dogs have been discussed, it will make sense to discuss about a few breeds of dogs that are the most expensive. This listing and description will streamline your search and assist in picking the breed that will be the best selection in your case.

The listing will give you options on breeds from around the world and coming in various sizes and hence, you can certainly expect to get the one that you will love the most as your pet.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

This happens to be a relatively new dog breed and its actual lineage hails back to an experiment that was conducted in Czechoslovakia in 1955. The experiment involved the breeding of 4 Carpathian Wolves with 48 German Shepherds to execute the plan to form an engineered breed that will the mental qualities of the German Shephard along with the power, stamina and the physical attributes of the Wolves from the Carpathian region.

However, as it comes up from the reviews, this is not the ideal breed for those owners who are going to adopt a pooch for the first time as it will turn impossible for them to control and manage these powerful dogs.

English Bulldog

English Bulldog

The discussion about the most expensive dog will be incomplete, without the mention of this breed that are originally the native of the United Kingdom. Rated as one of the most intelligent, playful, affectionate, and gentle natured dogs, English Bulldog will produce the sweetest return of each of the Peny that you will invest in it. These dogs are the show-stoppers in the Dog shows.



With its origin lying to the Fertile Crescent in ancient Egypt, this breed of dogs have been the top choice of the ancient Royals from Egypt. The feature attribute of these dogs is their Deep-chested built and longer legs. These dogs are independent and intelligent by nature and they are loved by the owners for their gentle and affectionate nature.

Speaking on a general note, the price of these dogs is around 2500 USD, though it can go higher in some extent. If you are looking for the breed of the costliest dogs in the world, that will be of bigger size, the Saluki is definitely a top choice.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow

These dogs hail their origin in the Arctic region and they are very sturdy and powerful. For these features, these dogs has been traditionally used in their native land as working canine. However, in today’s time, these dogs are mainly adopted as pets and they even participate in Dog shows. The appearance of this breed is very similar to Lion with its black or blue tongue as well as immense coat.

Peruvian Inca Orchid

Peruvian Inca Orchid

The breed that has been a witness of the rise and fall of the Peruvian Inca empire, is one of the most expensive dog. This is a large breed with its unique hairless appearance that makes it different from other dogs.

As the dog is completely hairless, you will never find troubles with shedding of the dog. This is one of the major factors that triggers dog lovers to put a whopping amount on the purchase of these dogs. Thus, petting these dogs, you can display your high class lifestyle to the world.



The natives of the African continent, resemble major similarity with the Saluki, though these dogs feature almond eyes and are thinner than the Salukis. These dogs are available in various colors, though the brown and sandy shade are the most common colors.

These dogs are active in nature and loves participating in various activities that would provide them some physical exercises. However, these dogs need extensive care and if you cannot afford such extensive time and effort, you should not opt for these dogs.



This is yet another breed of large size dog that originates from the Northern parts of Japan which is a mountainous area. You get these dogs in 2 different varieties. The strain from Japan, which is commonly called the “Akita Ken” and the other one, known as Amercian Akita, is the US strain.

The strain from Japan feature thin color palette, along with the shades that are atypical for this breed. On the other hand, the US strain comes in colors that are usually noticed in dogs. These dogs have got a short, dual coat that closely resembles the breeds like Siberian Husky and the Northern Spitz. However, dogs with long coats can be found in various cases, for a recessive gene.



This is a German breed and belongs to the category of the domestic dogs. These dogs, till the time the railway tracks were laid in Germany, used to pull the carts, carrying meat to the market. Hence, they are sometimes called the Buther’s dog.

These dogs are powerful and intelligent, though timid in nature. In contemporary times, the Rottweiler dogs are used as police dogs, for watch & ward as well as for guiding the blinds. Don’t get surprised at the mention of the fact that the price for this breed can go to the highest extent.

Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound

This breed belongs to Malta and there, it has been traditionally used to hunt rabbits. Belonging to the category of Hounds, these dogs are highly athletic and possess high intelligence. You will not mind investing a high sum on these dogs, considering its royal appearance.

However, these dogs are tough to handle and control and sometimes, can turn highly aggressive. Hence, it is not the suitable breed as pets, especially if you are having children in your family.

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

This Tibetan breed originated from the erstwhile Nomadic cultures of Tibet, Nepal and China. The local tribes from these countries employ this dog to protect their herds of sheep and cattle from the predators. As a matter of fact, these dogs are among the biggest and the most protective breeds of dogs. They can grow to the extent of 3 feet and as for their weight, it can cross 160 pounds.



The dog breed derives its name from Samoyedic flocks that were the inhabitants of Siberia. These dogs are polite in nature, active, playful and affectionate, in addition to possessing qualities like alert, intelligent and strong.

However, as these dogs are from the Siberian region, they find it hard to resist high temperature. Therefore, if you are living in a country that is excessively hot, it is wise not to go for these dogs. The Costing for bringing home this breed is likely to cross a fortune amount.



Endearingly called the “little Lions”, you will see these dogs in the painting from the days of the Renaissance. These paintings would depict the royals along with these dogs. These days, this breed has turned extremely rare and hence, dog lovers would not mind paying the extravagant amount for these dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costliest breeds of dogs in the world?

Well, there are various breeds of dogs that you can tally in this list. Lowchens, Samoyed, and the Tibetan Mastiffs are the top 3 expensive dogs that you can find. In addition, there are several other breeds, coming from different parts of the world and featuring various sizes and the respective features of the breed.

What are the factors that determine and influence the cost of a dog?

The breed of dog, its age as well as the location of its origination are the key factors that determine or influence the cost. If the case is that the dog is a breed from a foreign location, you will automatically have to pay higher prices for including the pet in your family.

Likewise, the Pedigree of the dog is another factor that plays a significant role in determining the price of a dog. You should be ready to pay higher prices for those breeds that are rarely found.

How reviews can help you to pick a suitable breed of dog?

Reviews will pinpoint on the special attributes, features, and the key points about the breed of the dogs. Checking these reviews, you can get to know about the nature of the dog and compare if the breed will be suitable in your case.

These reviews come from the pet owners and breeders and hence, it can give you the most realistic assessment about the dog. This information will make it easier for you to identify the breed that will be the most suitable in your case.

Video: Top 10 Expensive Dogs

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Final Verdict

If you are planning to bring home the dog, you can definitely opt for the breeds listed in the paragraphs above. These breeds have been staying close to mankind for several centuries and considering their beautiful appearance, features as well as the extent of companionship and other purposes that they can serve, it will be definitely a wise move to invest in these breeds.

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