The Filson Dog Collar – Review in 2019

Filson dog collar is known as one of the best collar available in the market for dogs. It is made with soft leather to provide comfort to your pet while its overall design can enhance the look of your dog.

If you are planning to purchase Filson collar for your pet, then you should read this article because following I am sharing my review about this stylish collar and why you should purchase it for your dog.

In the following review of this leather dog collar I have also shared the negative points and how to ease them if you purchased it. The prices of Filson’s products are bit expensive but they give you really good quality in return. That’s why it is a wise idea to read the review by existing customers and get real facts about the products before spending money.

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2. Introduction

3. How to Buy a Leather Collar for a Dog?

4. Benefits of Dog Leather Collar

5. Filson Collar

6. What Makes Filson Collar Special?

7. Conclusion


Finding a dog collar could be challenging. If you have already purchased one then you can easily understand next time that what thing you should keep in mind when purchasing a dog collar. In the market, the dog collars are available in different material, size, color, and design. The leather dog collar is famous for ages because of its durability. You can allow your dog to play in the water while wearing a leather collar.

Although, a leather collar has been proven one of the most collars for pets because its material is soft and provide comfort to the pets. But not all leather collars available in the market are made with high quality of leather. So it is a wise idea to look at different leather collars a purchase the one which has been made with leather-like bridle which is soft in texture.

How to Buy a Leather Collar for a Dog?

The dog’s collars are mainly available in four different materials which include cotton, leather, metal, and nylon. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages but among them, leather dog collars have been considering best for the dogs.

Why? Because leather is breathable, durable, looks attractive and good for all ages of dogs including big dogs. If you have not purchased a collar for your dog, then go with the leather and forget others because a leather collar will provide your dog very comfortable as compared to other collars available in the market.

The search does not end here. When we talk about leather collars, then there are different types of leather collars also available in the market. The most popular type of leather is bridle where leathers like top grain, latigo, and naturally tanned skirting leathers are also famous.

The dog’s collars have been made with all of these leathers. Personality I prefer a collar that has been made with bridle collar like “Filson dog collar” because it comes up with deep colors where it is not only durable but also resists from stretching.

Benefits of Dog Leather Collar

If I am talking about leather collars from the start of this article, then there would be many reasons behind it. What are those and how you can get benefits from them?

Durability: The dog collars which have been made with leather are durable which means that they will hold up for a long time. Like other collars, you do not need to care about it. The texture of these colors does not get damaged if your dog plays in the rain. Naturally, the leather is water and dust resistance so you do not need too much worry about its life.

Appearance: As compare to other types of collars like metal and cotton, the leather collars are very stylish in appearance and suit with all breeds of dogs. The texture of the leather itself enhances the look of your dog due to its natural color. It does not matter that how old is your dog, the leather dog collar like Filson collar will suit any age.

Filson Dog Collar

The Filson collar is made with pure bridle leather. Its texture is very soft; your dog will feel comfortable. This collar is an excellent product for those dogs who have not to wear collar before.

It makes it easy for your dog to carry it because the width of this collar is 1 inch where it is very light in weight. The total length of this collar is 10 inches, so it can be worn by big dogs as well. The length can be easily adjusted with its brass hardware.


  • It is made with bridle leather which provides comfort to the dogs
  • This leather collar is durable and water resistance
  • The width of this collar is 1 inch which makes it easy for dog to wear
  • The center of this collar is O-ring which turns inside out
  • The collar is available in three colors including natural color
  • The price of Filson Leather Dog Collar is very affordable
  • It features brass hardware and riveted construction.


  • The collar is available only in three colors.

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What Makes Filson Dog Collar Special?

Filson is a popular brand (but here you can find nice gold chain collar for dogs) which is famous for its pet accessories. But this is not the only thing which makes this leather collar special. Following I am mentioning some of its important features which make you buy it right now for your dog:

  • The design of this collar gives a stylish look to your pet
  • The leather which has been used in this collar is soft
  • It can be easily attached with dog chain
  • This collar has been made in the USA with complete standards
  • The center of this collar is O-ring which allows inversion.

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Filson dog collar is an excellent collar which has been made to provide comfort to the dogs. If your dog does not like to wear collar or new to it then start it with Filson collar. Due to its extra width, soft leather texture and O shape center, your dog will become a friend of it. This collar may last for many months due to its durability while it is also dust and water resistance.

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