How to Prevent Food Aggression in Dogs

Food aggression in dogs is a problem that some pet owners experience. If you have more than one pet living in the same house, it can be a major issue. You must make sure your dogs are not within the same space when eating to prevent a fight. In this guide I will give you valuable information about how to deal with this problem.

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks of Guides

2. Introduction

3. How to Choose the Best Guide?

4. Introduction to the Guide to Prevent Aggression

4.1 Dog Training Books (2 Books In 1) by Rose Marie James

4.2 Dog Facts, The Series #1 by Amy Shojai

4.3 Zak George Dog Training Revolution by Zak George and Dina Roth Port

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

6. Final Verdict / Conclusion


A dog has instinctively printed the aim to protect food.

Especially if they have experienced lack of food at some point of their lives.

It could be as puppies when they were the smallest and weakest dog in the pack that they learned to be defensive when they needed to eat.

Most times food aggression in puppies is the first stage.

Next, it comes with other animals and toward people.

You must put a stop to this behavior.

There are ways of correcting this aggression.

Some trainers may advice to behave as the pack leader even at the slightest sign like if your dog growls when eating.

However, that is not always the best way to go.

There are other ways of breaking this behavior.

How to Choose the Best Guide?

The best guide to preventing aggression is a combination of training and getting along with your dog.

You need to learn how to teach your pet good habits.

It is important so that your pet behaves even when you are not there.

You must look for a guide to help you from the start.

Some guides offer food aggressive puppy training and that is the best stage to get rid of such a bad habit.

Introduction to the Guide to Prevent Aggression

This is a summary of books that can help you to deal with correcting food aggression in dogs. I selected these titles because they provide valuable information not just on food aggressive dog, but also for general training.

PRODUCT NAME                                                                                                  VERSION                                         SCORE
Dog Training Books (2 Books In 1) by Rose Marie James                             Kindle, Paperback                             4.6
Dog Facts, The Series #1 by Amy Shojai                                                            Kindle                                                   5
Zak George Dog Training Revolution     Kindle, Paperback, Audible Audiobook, Spiral-bound, Audio CD         4.8

Dog Training Books (2 Books In 1) by Rose Marie James

Review of the product

This product is actually two books in one at an excellent price. You will get the following titles:

  • Dog Crate Training: 8 Tips to Help Your Best Friend Adjust
  • Dog Aggression Training: 7 Common Training Problems Solved for Good

The second title addresses specifically the food aggression matter. You can think of the first as a bonus with excellent tips on how to help your dog to adjust to a new home. This title is particularly useful if you adopt a dog as an adult.


  • You can get the kindle eddition of the book or order a printed coppy.
  • There is more information than just breaking an aggressive behaviour towards food.
  • These are proven tips coming out of the experience of a real dog owner.


  • There are few examples on how to deal with puppies.

Important points

  • If you are taking a new dog from a shelter, it is important to help it adjust to your home. This book will give you valuable information to help on the transition.
  • Get the kindle edition to save over 50% compared to the paperback option.


Training a pet is a challenge that you don’t have to overcome alone. Take advantage of the experience of real people who have gone through it. By reading this book, you will learn how to deal with aggressive behaviors and other bad habits your new pet may have.

Click To See The Dog Training Books (2 Books In 1) by Rose Marie James

Dog Facts, The Series #1 by Amy Shojai

Review of the product

The Pet Parent’s A-to-Z come care encyclopedia is a kindle book that will give you information on everything about your pet. It is a book for consultancy you must have at home. You can find any treatment and preventive advice, along with training tips. This is a must have book to take care of your pet at home.


  • There is valuable information on anything you may want to know about having a dog.
  • There is contact information of veterinaries and dog organizations.
  • You can know how to identify any illness, with tips on how to handle it.


  • There are tips on how to treat such behavior, but you have to look for the right words to find out.
  • There is no paperback edition.

Important points

  • The Dog Facts Home Care Encyclopedia is a book you must have at hand if you own a pet. I don’t recommend you to read it straight, but to have it for consultancy.
  • Download the kindle app in your mobile phone to have this book at hand.


Get valuable information beyond just fixing aggression in dogs with this book. It is conveniently packed in a kindle edition so that you can take it anywhere.

Dog Facts, The Series #1 by Amy Shojai” Dog Facts, The Series #1 by Amy Shojai Recommended By Us

Zak George Dog Training Revolution by Zak George and Dina Roth Port

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love

Review of the product

The Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution book is a great way to learn techniques that will help you to train your pet and avoid this behavior. There is valuable information and training techniques with loads of ideas on how to make your love to behave the way you want.


  • You can get this book on a kindle edition, printed, or even as an audiobook.
  • The voice the authors use is kind and entertaining. You will love reading (or listening) this book!
  • The techniques the authors share are proven, and they come from their personal experience with dogs. Their objective is to get a happy pet.


  • The audible audiobook is just a trial. To get the full book you need to get the audio CD, and there is no downloadable version.
  • There are no specifics on certain techniques to train your pet they are using.

Important points

  • You can find online videos around this book that are the perfect complement to the information you can find here.


Read this book from the beginning to the end. You will learn how to get rid of this aggression, but furthermore, you will learn how to train your pet. After reading this book, dog food aggression toward people will be something you know how to deal with. Your best friend will behave in every situation from now on.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to stop such behavior in dogs?

Stopping aggression is a matter of training. You must teach your dog to behave when he is close to his plate. Show your pet that it can be rewarded if it is willing to sit and stands till. I do not recommend to beat the instinct by force.

You will not be fixing this behavior at all if you try to show your pet you are in charge. The pack leader may seem to break this aggression in dogs, but it will not work for everyone. Aggression with other animals and toward people apart from you will continue.

How to stop a dog from growling while eating?

A dog growls while eating because it has a protective instinct towards its food. There is a perimeter it is willing to protect against anyone who comes close to it. To avoid growling simply step back. As soon as the dog feels you are not a threat it will stop growling immediately.

Why do dogs growl when eating?

To growl when eating is a defensive way against any threat that can take away the dog’s meals. It is a matter of survival. When the dog growls when eating, he may have been under stressful starving situations in which he used such behavior towards other dogs for survival. If it is a puppy, then it is an instinctive way to protect food.

How to cure?

Correcting is not easy. It depends on how aggressive is the dog. If he has a light behavior with only some growling, it will be not too complicated. However, when it acts defensively, ready to bite, it can be a true training challenge. If it is an instinctive behavior, then the best approach is to start with food aggressive puppy training as soon as possible.

Video: Cesar’s Dog Training Video: Aggression During Feeding

Click here to see video.

Final Verdict / Conclusion

It is possible to get rid of such dog behavior. You just need to train your pet so that it understands that there is nothing out of such behavior. If you identify such behavior in puppies, then start the food aggressive puppy training immediately.

Our recommendations above are excellent ways of eliminating dog food aggression. With the products we recommended from, you will learn some other valuable tips to train your pet that are going to be very useful.

I recommend you to follow the instructions carefully so that you can live together in harmony with your beloved pet. The training may take a few weeks or even several months. Be patient, you will eventually break your pet’s resistance.

Finally, I recommend you to get the three books I have selected on this post. They all have different approaches and valuable information that will serve as a complement for any training effort, and even for your pet’s overall health and grooming.

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