German Shepherd Doberman Mix – All About Doberman Shepherd + 8 FAQ

German Shepherd Doberman Mix

The German Shepherd Doberman mix is prominent and is a large to giant cross-breed resulting from a German Shepherd and a Doberman Pinscher parent.

He is a versatile dog taking part in several events and this includes military work, racing, sighting, and herding.

He lives around 10 to 13 years.

This is a large designer dog that is good looking featuring German Shepherd mix breeds.

The German Shepherd Doberman has a lovely silky coat and this is owing to the combination of its parents.

Generally, these mix dogs coat colors are black, brown, and mostly solid colors.

This mixed dog is surely gigantic and physically very strong.

It is a must to spend time with them, else they develop separation anxiety and this is inherited from its parent, Doberman Pinscher.

Likewise, like its parent, Doberman Pinscher it dislikes cold weather.

Its relatives shed low and so is good in houses where people get allergic due to dog’s excessive shedding.

However, regular brushing of its fur helps in maintaining the quality feel and look.

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1 of 4. Where Does the German Shepherd Doberman Mix Come From?

It is a hybrid dog – a combination of two purebreds, half German Shepherd half Doberman.

They became popular in the 1990s suddenly in America and they were referred to as designer dogs.

These are a mix and so ensure to choose the right breeder with utmost care so that the puppy is also a perfect mix.

This Doberman Shepherd mix breed is very expensive.

The word ‘pinscher’ refers to ‘terrier’ the German word, while terriers are a genetic makeup part and Doberman is not regarded as a terrier.

2 of 4. About The German Shepherd Doberman Pinscher

In the 19h century, Louis Doberman, a tax collector required a dog to save him from bandits as he was collecting money.

He was looking for a loyal and good companion.

He bred the Doberman Pinscher first and others expounded it.

Other breeders tried creating him a master dog who was the strongest, bravest, smartest and toughest.

Thus, the dog turned to be very aggressive and stubborn, and he came in the 20th century to America.

There was anti-German sentiment during world wars and it also included German dogs during World Wars.

Slowly his popularity reduced and it became rare in Germany.

Today in Germany and Britain he is known as a Doberman.

He is not strongly aggressive, but has a protective nature and readily protects his family if threatened.

He is active and intelligent, completely loyal, playful and affectionate.

He is a dog to trust but requires physical and mental challenges to stay happy.

He responds to kind and firm leadership.

Doberman Pinschers have a status.

They are fearless war-dogs that are watchdogs and loyal protectors.

However, modern Pinscher is less ferocious in comparison to its ancestors.

Though Doberman has retained its traits of being non-aggressive, they do not attack other dogs or strangers.

In fact, they are intelligent, loyal, easily trained and are keen dogs ready to please their owners.

This makes it a perfect breed for owners wishing to have a medium-size dog in the house.

Doberman Pinscher requires low maintenance that means infrequent grooming, while routine brushing helps as it has moderate shedding.

It requires regular exercise to stay fit and obeys its owners.

The German Shepherd was bred in the German cavalry by a captain at the19th century end as the best herding dog.

He looked for an intelligent dog that was athletic, exceptional at herding and truly loyal.

This was the happening time of industrialization and the need for herding dogs went low.

To keep this breed useful, the captain used his connections to get him to work at police and military.

During World War One they turned to be excellent as a carrier, messenger, sentry, rescue and guard dogs.

The Americans observed their bravery and they gained popularity. In America, he was bred for looks.

However, considering a working dog, the police and the military looked to German bred dogs.

In the recent few decades, American breeders focused on abilities and health than appearance and so the breed is recovering.

Now he is a reserved dog and not aggressive.

With his family, he is relaxed, loving and very loyal.

He is intelligent, quick at training, athleticism and protective making him an excellent family or working dog.

He is not good to be left alone as he may suffer from separation anxiety.

doberman german shepherd mix puppy

Doberman German Shepherd mix puppy

2.1. German Shepherd Doberman Mix Quick Stats

  • A combination of a German Shepherd and a Doberman Pinscher
  • The average estimated lifespan of between 10 – 12 years
  • The average estimated weight of between 90 – 110 pounds
  • The average height of approximately 22 – 26 inches
  • Training difficulty – Medium
  • Grooming requirement – Medium
  • Exercise requirement – Medium

2.2. Temperament

The German Shepherd Doberman mix is an intelligent, bold, very energetic and confident dog.

A Doberman temperament is that he is athletic as his parent breeders, besides is also well mannered, loving and charming.

He is affectionate and loyal to his owner, besides he is protective of his family.

He needs consistent and firm hand training, though he is strong-willed.

He loves the company and does not like living alone for a longer time.

2.3. Training and Exercise Needs

The German Shepherd Doberman mix requires a lot of activity daily.

It is required for his health and he is not an appropriate choice in an apartment ad he requires to access and need room to move around.

He requires long walks and some playtime, visiting a park is good.

If you are really active, he can run with you, job and also join you in hiking.

Assure games offering mental stimulation, besides being physically active, so that he does not become obese.

He is easy to train as he is bright but does have a stubborn streak.

Use a firm tone, reward with praise and be positive.

Make sure to get training and socialize him from a younger age to get a better-behaved dog with his enhanced best traits.

Doberman’s temperament is that he will get trained quicker and requires less repetition.

These German Shepherd mix-breeds require training as it keeps him mentally stimulated.

2.4. Living with a Doberman Shepherd

A German Shepherd Doberman mix does not require daily grooming.

He does not shed a lot but needs brushing three times a week, and if you can once a day works better.

Bath time is tricky unless you have given training from a young age.

Just bathe when required, go to a groomer’s parlor or use the garden hose.

His nails need occasional clipping.

You should clean his ears weekly and brush his teeth daily.

It helps to raise him with your children and other pets, as also to get him socialized and trained.

He should not be left with children alone if he is not socialized perfectly.

Keeping this Doberman Shepherd mix growing with your children means he will be very good as a family as they grow together.

2.5. Health Concerns

The health issues can be avoided if you buy from a reputable breeder and stay away from general pet stores.

You may get a dog with potential health issues.

The health problems of this half German Shepherd half Doberman may be inherited from their parents include bloating, joint dysplasia, allergies, EPI, heart problems and eye problems.

2.6. Names

A German Shepherd Doberman mix has many names for both males and females.

Naming a dog may be a process to get to know him and so finding something suitable to his personality is required.

Here are some of the male names of these Doberman Shepherd mixes that are really popular Abby, Abdel, Badger, Baron and many more, while the female names go as Aba, Adina, Baci, Bari, and lots more.

Name lists are available in all the alphabets, choose that you wish.

2.7. Feeding

A German Shepherd Doberman mix requires to be fed dry dog food of high quality, twice a day.

You can check our articles about feeding the best dog food for German Shepherd or Doberman.

The amount should be around 4 to 5 cups.

A Doberman temperament is that he will bark occasionally.

However, do not overfeed; else these German Shepherd mix-breeds become obese very soon.

2.8. Size, Height & Weight

On average, an adult dog is in gigantic size, weighing around 90-110 lbs and standing tall as 22-24 inches.

2.9. Exercise & Physical Activity

A German Shepherd Doberman mix is a large, muscular and strong dog that requires decent amounts of physical activity and exercise every day to stay healthy.

Both it is parents, the Doberman Pinscher, and German Shepherd was prominent as working dogs and this doubles their need to exercise in adequate amounts daily as they are half-German Shepherd half Doberman.

It is perfect to keep these German Shepherd mix-breeds physically active and if you are fit enough it can be a part of your exercise routine and physical activities.

In this way, you and your dog can stay fit and active, besides spending quality time as well.

As the Doberman Shepherd mix is huge in size, it needs a property featuring a large backyard so that there is enough space to move that any apartment fails to offer.

2.10. Watchdog & Guard Dog

A German Shepherd Doberman mix is most Intelligent of Guard Dogs.

They originally were bred to herd sheep and this makes them excellent guard dogs.

They stay naturally protective to the family it belongs to, besides being quick and strong that they can be trained for the guard jobs.

The German Shepherds are the choicest breed for many works.

This includes police and military roles, search-and-rescue and even acting roles.

In the United States, this popular breed ranks second and in England as the fourth popular breed.

They stay very safe and alert to make perfect watchdogs.

It will bark in a dangerous situation.

As it is tall and strong, it has good body power and can see intruders from long distance.

One thing that sets these half-German Shepherd half Doberman apart as watching dogs and guard dogs are their hearing abilities.

This German Shepherd mix-breeds detect suspicious movement and hear even from a very far distance.

Its superb loyalty and courage make it a perfect guard dog.

The German Shepherd Doberman mix will stare death in the face to protect its owner.

It should be given proper and firm training to calm down and to realize not dangerous situations.

2.11. German Shepherd Doberman Mix Care

A German Shepherd Doberman mix is an athletic dog requiring proper physical activities.

Go on regular walks and give enough playtimes to stay mentally and physically fit.

Give training for:


Ensure to reward at short intervals while training and give commands such as sit, stay, off and so on initially so that it enjoys the training process and follows.

Emphasize certain commands such as stop so that he knows he must cease.


To ascertain a positive way of behavior, make these German Shepherd mix-breeds interact with animals and people at times.

This will teach them to know the threats from regular occurrences and will stay calm without getting aggressive.

Taking them to walks and parks will also teach socialization.

Separation anxiety:

A Doberman temperament may be stubborn if it has inherited the Doberman-like separation anxiety.

You may counter it by keeping your pet during the day time alone and increase the span slowly.

You should give a safe area so that it does not comprise its bedding or toys (tap if you want to read about toys for this breed).

This will help in acquiring self-confidence.

3 of 4. Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do they look?

The German Shepherd mix breeds look large to giant weighing around 90 to 110 pounds and have a height of 22 to 26 inches.

He is well muscled and yet compact to look at.

His coat is silky and short haired and is in black, brown and tan colors.

His ears stand up, but some have droopy ears.

2. How do you train a GS Doberman mix?

The training for this half German Shepherd half Doberman mix dog is exact the same way as you give training to any other dog.

The training should be given with positive attitude, affirmatively and should deliver in responsiveness to the behavior of the dog, besides teaching him calming signals is a must.

3. Can they be good pets in apartments?

A Doberman Pinscher can be a good apartment dog, if you assure to give him enough daily exercise.

Dobermans have good house manners as well.

But a German Shepherd Doberman mix is not good as apartment pet.

However, you should be committed to giving physical activities regularly in lots.

4. Is Doberman Shepherd hypoallergenic?

No, it is not hypoallergenic. However, if you have a severe allergy, none of the dog breeds won’t suit you.

5. Good family dog?

They are good to very good with socialization.

6. Good with children?

Yes, especially if you grew up with them.

7. How to keep your dog healthy?

You need:

  • 90 min of exercise and activity per day
  • Avoid overfeeding – it is enough 4-5 cups dry dog food for at least 2 meals
  • Brush your dog every couple of days

8. What are the additional costs of keeping a dog?

You should count on expenses within $ 500.

This includes a variety of medical procedures, whether castration or taking blood for testing or equipping a dog with accessories.

Video: Doberman Pinscher German Shepherd Mix

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4 of 4. Final Verdict

A German Shepherd Doberman mix is a breed of giant size developed by the German Shepherd crossing the Doberman pinscher and they are half-German Shepherd half Doberman.

These German Shepherd mix-breeds are robust, well-muscled and compact dogs having an attractive appearance as their parents.

They have erect ears and appear large.

Their versatile nature makes them excel in activities such as herding, racing, military services, and sighting.

A Doberman Shepherd mix makes excellent dogs for your home to watchdog and guard dog.

They are committed to their work as their parents and are very loyal.

Their height is an added advantage and so they can smell danger or see from a very long distance.

They make great companions and are friendly, loving and seek your care and attention.

A German Shepherd Doberman mix is one of the right choices.

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