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Latest Update: June 21, 2017

German Shepherd Dog House

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Ware Premium A-Frame Dog House

  • Ware Premium A-Frame Dog House
  • Adult
  • 44 x 38 x 41 in
  • 66 lbs
  • Made from fir wood
    • Peak-roof design
    • Waterproof shingle roof, adjustable feet
    • Door opening 15"W X 21.5"H
    • Waterproof Slanted Peak Frame
  • 7.2 of 10
  • $$

WARE Premium Plus Dog House

  • Ware Premium Plus Dog House
  • Adult
  • 31 x 45.5 x 32.5 in
  • 57 lbs
  • Made of solid wood construction
    • Large size premium plus doghouse
    • Waterproof shingle roof, adjustable feet
    • Assembles in minutes with only a screwdriver
    • Waterproof Slanted Shingled Roof
  • 6.8 of 10
  • $$

Aleko Large Weatherproof Dog Kennel Pine Pet Shelter

  • Aleko Large Weatherproof Dog Kennel Pine Pet Shelter
  • Adult
  • 31 x 31 x 46 in
  • 54 lbs
  • Solid pine construction. Weatherproof
    • Raised floor is removable for easy maintenance
    • Roof opens from above with 2 locking arms
    • Great for large and extra large dogs up to 95 pounds
  • 7.0 of 10
  • $

Outdoor Dog Gazebo Shelter Kennel Pet

  • Outdoor Dog Gazebo Shelter Kennel Pet
  • Adult
  • 48 x 48 x 48 in
  • 37.5 lbs
  • Steel Construction
    • Highly Functional and A Compliment to Any Property
    • Unique Octagonal Design
    • Low Profile Design
  • 7.0 of 10
  • $$$

Nowadays a lot of the problems with the dogs are caused because the dogs don’t have suitable place for living. Every dog needs space and somewhere where can lie down and rest. In that way the dog knows that the place belongs to it.

The breed German shepherds need a special place for them. The German shepherd dog house has to be of adequate size, to not be locked, to have a roof and the construction to be made of the suitable material.

Finding or building the right house requires time, but you need to provide the best for your dog. It deserves to be happy. From the moment you bought the dog you agreed to provide the needed care. So, follow these instructions in choosing the dog house.

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1. Ware Premium A-Frame Dog House
2. Ware Premium Plus Dog House
3. Aleko Large Weatherproof Dog Kennel Pine Pet Shelter
4. Outdoor Dog Gazebo Shelter Kennel Pet

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How Can You Find the Right House for Your German Shepherd?

  • Finding the right house is a bit of a struggle, but you will need to think of few things before providing the house.
  • If your dog has some designated area in the house where it sleeps, then manage to put the house in that place, since the dog already has a habit to rest in that particular place.
  • If the dog does not have a particular place for resting and falls asleep anywhere in the house, then teach the dog where to lie down.
  • Providing a place for your dog where it can rest is important because soon the dog will become aggressive, stressed and will not feel comfortable.
  • You can find the right house if you think carefully about the size of your dog and measure it before you provide the house.
  • After all measurements are done you can buy or build the house for your dog.
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What Will Be the Dimensions for the Large Dog House?

  • The dimensions for large dog house are measured in a principle where you add plus inches to the dog’s length in width, height and depth.
  • There are a lot of formulas for measuring the dogs, but the most suitable dimensions are based on the dimensions on your dog. All of the formulas are similar, but provide different sizes of houses.
  • If you plan to build the house, then this will be a little bit tough for you since you need to be precise;
  • The dog houses for large breeds are quite difficult to find, but there are stores that offer any type of house with any size, suitable for every breed.
  • Finally the most used formula for building a dog house is: the length of the dog + 12 inches in depth, the length of the dog + 18 inches in width and the length of the dog + 3 inches in the low side and 9 inches in the high side in height.
  • The large dogs need the biggest dog houses.

How to Build a Doghouse for a German Shepherd?

Before starting with the building of your dog’s house, measure the dog. After you have the measurements you can have the size of the door and then of the whole house.

  • Measure the dog from its ears to the ground and from the nose to the haunches, and add 12 inches.
  • Make sure you have enough supplies, wood and the needed tools before you start building.
  • If you are building the house on cement or on bricks, make sure that you have purchased enough materials.
  • Make a perfect square for the floor and measure it from one side to the other.
  • After you have measured the square, screw the plywood on the top and then flip the square so it is against the ground.
  • Make 2 other supports for the floor since these supports will be between the sides.
  • Screw the plywood in the support floors and make even space according to the chalk line.
  • Then build the walls and mark the sides of the floor with appropriate letters, so you can know which wall is front, which side and which one is front.
  • Cut boards according to the sizes of the floor and then when you have made the walls screw them into the plywood.
  • Then the roof comes. Measure the walls after screwing them and build the trusses. Make sure you have cut the angles appropriately and make a triangle with the boards.
  • The next step is to cover the roof with plywood. Cut the plywood so it fits the roof and then screw it.
  • The final step is to paint the house in the color you want.
  • You can put sand at the sides and at the edges.
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Dog Sizes by the Breed

Here are listed some dog sizes by the breed. Based on this the dog house can be built. In the small breeds are: Chihuahua, Pekingese, Maltese, Toy Fox Terrier, Poodle-toy and Miniature Pinscher.

In medium sized dogs are: Boston Terrier, Fox Terrier, Pug, Scottish Terrier, Shih Tzu, Beagle, Welsh Corgi and more.

In the large sized breeds are: American Cocker Spaniel, Border collie, English Springer spaniel, Keeshond, Whippet, Akita, Chow Chow, German shepherd, Golden retriever, Pointer, Dalmatian and much more.

The giant breed types consist of: Great Dane, Afghan, Saint Bernard, Irish Setter, Giant Schnauzer and more.

The Godzilla types are Mastiff and Irish wolfhound.

Dog Plans

  • There are also available dog plans where you can make sure that the building of the house goes in the right direction. The plans are simple and can be easily completed; you just need basic skills in building.
  • Be sure that you are following the instructions given.

Product Review

Here is a guide on which product to choose. Below are given 4 models of dog houses that are suitable mostly for German shepherd. Reading the short description of each item you can decide which type will suit the most to your dog.

Ware Premium Dog House A-Frame

Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus A-Frame Fir Wood Dog House - Extra Large
Price: --
Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus A-Frame Fir Wood Dog House - Extra Large

Are you struggling on providing the best house for your dog? Have you tried many options but none of them was satisfying? This Ware Premium A-Frame house will be the perfect choice for your dog. The dog will have enough space and will be protected from snow, rain and other weather conditions. Its size is 76 ilbs and the door is opened 15 inches in width and 21 inches in height.


  • This house is waterproof and can be adjusted the way you want;
  • It is made from fire wood and the stain with which is sealed is non-toxic;
  • The space is enough, so your dog will be able to fit in the house completely and enjoy in the place;
  • The dog can freely adjust its legs and take comfortable position.


  • You need to take the needed size of the house because if you are growing the dog from a little puppy you might need bigger house.

Click Here To View The Ware Premium Dog House A-Frame

Ware Premium Plus Dog Houses

The Ware Premium is a great brand that provides excellent houses for the dogs. If you have the German shepherd breed then this will be the most adequate house for your dog. Finding a suitable house might be annoying and tense, but you need to find the right one if you want your dog to live better. This “Plus” type of house has a different design than the previous one, but is as good as any other dog house from this brand.


  • Can be assembled shortly;
  • The construction is made of solid wood and is of a large size;
  • It is made with waterproof roof and allows comfortable placement for the legs.
  • The house size is 41 inches in width and 25 inches in height.
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  • It might be too big for your dog, or the dog might not like it since the design is not like the classical dog houses.

Check Price & Availability The Ware Premium Plus Dog Houses

Aleko Large Weatherproof Dog Kennel Pine Pet Shelter

Choosing the right house for your German shepherd might be a difficult task. There are different types of dog houses with different sizes. While choosing the house you need to be aware that your dog will grow, if you got it as a puppy, and provide the right size of the house. The ALEKO brand offers pretty solid and good dog houses with more modern design.


  • It has waterproof kennel pine and is large;
  • The pine construction is fine;
  • The floor that can be elevated can be removed if you want to maintain the house easier. The shelter can be also elevated so the dog can adjust its feet;
  • Easy to manage and very useful;
  • Comfortable atmosphere for your German shepherd;
  • It is excellent choice for large dogs, suitable for the Golden Retriever besides the German shepherd;


  • No disadvantages with this type of house.

Click Here to Learn More or Buy from Amazon

Outdoor Dog Gazebo Shelter Kennel Pet

Your dog deserves the best. Be sure you choose the right home for your dog. This new design of the Crate House for dogs provides a different type of house for the German shepherds. It looks like a cage and is pretty big house.

Offers great protection to your dog but it has to be placed at some suitable place, so no rain or snow reaches the dog. This is new design that still is not widely known among the customers.


  • It is very functional house with unique octagonal design;
  • The construction is from steel and is safe and secure;
  • Provides maximum protection for your dog;


  • Your dog might feel like is not free, so it might not like it. Since this design is new, customers are still not convinced in experimenting with it. They mostly use the classical types of dog houses.

Click To See The Outdoor Dog Gazebo Shelter Kennel Pet

The house has been arranged, now think about feeding your pet with right food.

Video: How to Build a Large Dog House


After all this I would recommend you to purchase houses of already known brands so you get the needed services. These brands above provide the best dog houses, so you will have appropriate house for your dog, no matter if it is XL dog house. They have every possible size.

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