German Shepherd Mix: Noble Spirits and High on Intelligence


A German Shepherd Dog commonly known as GSD is one of the strongest, muscular and intelligent dog breeds. This breed known for its protective personality is the best police and military dog in the world. A faithful companion, GSD is very adaptable and excels at about anything that he is trained to do. There is something captivating about this species that when it meets another gene, the results are loved by everyone.

The German shepherd mix are so adorable that they have gained popularity not just in their native land i.e. Germany but throughout the world. While fully grown German shepherd are both lovely and strong, you cannot just take your eyes off the attractive personalities of the German shepherd mix puppies.

Due to all the love and adoration that German shepherd garner, we the German shepherd enthusiasts strive to protect and preserve the integrity of our fond breed. As a part of our project to spread awareness regarding various German shepherd we are trying to educate the dog lovers throughout the world regarding proper selection of dog breeders so as to have well bred species.

An improper selection of the pet may lead to lifetime of problems and can badly ruin the pet keeping experience. Due diligence is required at the time of choosing the breeder to eliminate the health, temperament and aggression related issues at the initial stage of taking the ownership itself.

Only a learned decision can lead to a correct decision, and therefore we present before you a guide on choosing the right German Shepherd hybrid Puppies as your faithful companion.

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1. Introduction

2. Quick Links to Our Picks of Products are Recommended

3. Important Traits and Hidden Features to Look for

3.1 Which is the Most Adorable and Popular German Shepherd Puppy Mix?

3.2 Which are the Most Ferocious and Dangerous Mix Breeds?

3.3 How to Identify a Pure Breed from a Mixed One?

3.4 What About the Budget and How to Maintain it?

3.5 Will Your New Family Member Mix Comfortably with Your Long Time Member Cat?

4. 4 of Our Top Listed Mix Breed for Those on a Tight Budget

5. 7 High Maintenance Hybrid and Best Mix of German Shepherds for Dog Lovers

6. Know Your Breeder Before Taking Up the Ownership of Your Mix Breeds Dogs

7. How to Bring Up Puppies Hassle Free?

8. What to Do in Case Your Hybrid German Shepherd Falls Sick?

9. What Products are Recommended for Your Hybrid Dog?

9.1 German Shepherd 2.8 Seconds Sign

9.2 Dog Harness for Large, Medium & Small Breed

9.3 Training Your German Shepherd Dog

9.4 Greenies Pill Pocket for Dogs Treats

10. Conclusion

Important Traits and Hidden Features to Look for

German shepherds are considered to be smart and are very easy to train; they are a herding breed known for their courage, loyalty and guarding instincts.

German shepherd species are large, muscular and very active. Their playful behavior gels them well even with children. Due to their strong guarding instincts they tend to be doubtful of strangers. However, poorly bred species are too nervous and dull and therefore due care should be taken to socialize them at a tender age.

They should never be left alone or with other dogs, owners should introduce them to family and neighbors and they should be trained to be obedient. Given to their highly active nature, they should be involved in ample physical activity like exercise, outdoor games etc else they are likely to become mischievous.

Which are the Most Adorable and Popular German Shepherd Puppy Mix?

German shepherds due to their courageous personality are themselves highly sought after species. When they are genetically crossed with other species, the outcome is just adorable. We bring you a list of top 7 most adorable German Shepherd species, which will surely make you decide on bringing one home at the earliest.

  • A German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute and Timberwolf Mix: A very strong and unpredictable cross breed. It will do all the mischievous things and make you smile throughout the day.
  • German Shepherd and Husky Mix: A combination of strength and beauty, a German Shepherd and Husky mix will surely make you fall in love with itself.
  • German Shepherd and Boxer Mix: The most amusing and energetic dog breed you will ever come across.
  • German Shepherd Corgi Mix: The calm and composed dog, the GSD and corgi mix likes to relax and keep calm.
  • Golden Retriever German Shepherd Hybrid: No one would need anything else after this I guess. A German shepherd and Golden Retriever is just way to cute and adorable to handle. You cannot put your hands off this soft little species.
  • German Shepherd and Chow Chow Mix: A mix of brown, black and chocolate hair colors, this cross breed is so adorable that petting it is like touching the wave of clouds. They are incredibly witty, clever and curious.
  • Shug: A combination of German shepherd and a pug, this breed is extremely intelligent.

Which are the Most Ferocious and Dangerous Mix Breeds?

  • German Shepherd Rottweiler: It is one of the strongest cross breeds of the German shepherd. Some think that it is a very aggressive mix but can be very loyal if trained well.
  • German Shepherd Doberman Mix: This breed is a mix of the Doberman pinscher and the German shepherd and is very huge in size. Especially used in military, this dog is very versatile and active.
  • German Shepherd and a Wolf Mix: The temperament of any wolf dog can be at times very difficult to handle.
  • Gerberian Shepsky: Siberian Husky/ German Shepherd Hybrid/German Husky requires lot of physical activity and exercise and can become very difficult to handle if that is not provided.

How to Identify a Pure Breed from a Mixed One?

It is necessary to properly understand what a pure-breed and a mixed-breed dog actually means in order to wisely differentiate between the two.

A pure-breed dog is the offspring of the dogs of same breed. It is the one whose lineage can be confirmed through official documents clearly stating that the breed of the dog’s mother and its father is same.

A breeder has to mandatorily register his offspring with the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the United Kennel Club (UKC) to receive the official documents mentioning the pedigree (family tree/lineage) of the dog. It is necessary to confirm that the dog’s ancestors are of same breed.

When the lineage of a pure bred dog is recorded, that dog is said to be pedigreed.

A mixed-breed dog commonly referred to as a mutt is the result of hybrid amongst two or more different breeds where neither the mother nor the father is a pure breed dog. The ancestry or the lineage of a mixed breed dog is usually unknown.

Following points can be helpful in order to effectively distinguish between a pure breed and a mixed-breed dog offspring:

  • Compare with the breed standard
    • Observe the behavior of your dog with the behavior of other purebred dogs.
    • Check the appearance of your dog and compare it with that of standard breeds, it is very likely that you will find features distinct to those of standard breeds.
  • Check for pedigree papers
    • As stated earlier all breeders need to register the genetically mutated breeds with concerned authorities. You can always check for pedigree papers of your dog to confirm its lineage.
  • Ask your Veterinarian
    • With wide exposure and vast experience, Vets are the correct people to guide you on this. Vets see hundreds of dogs every year and are very likely to correctly identify its parentage from his appearance, behavior, habits, etc.
  • Arrange a DNA test
    • You can always arrange for a DNA test for your dog to identify its lineage and confirm whether it is a purebred or a mixed-breed

What About the Budget and How to Maintain It?

Owning a pet and keeping can be tedious especially to your pocket. If expenses are your concern too here are useful tips:

  1. Do It Yourself & avoid waste You can always find free stuff or create something useful and necessary for your pet from the stuff that you no longer need and is just dumped in your store room or a garage. It not only saves cost but also boosts your creativity too.
  2. Grooming and routine Health care can be done at home. Of course the complicated health care procedures require experts to handle it, but the basic health care and grooming like cutting nails, giving a shampoo or grooming the fur can be very well done at home. This will cut short your Vet bills and will give you more happy moments with your dear pet.
  3. Taking advantage of discounts and bulk shopping of supplies is another effective way of taking care of your budget. You can keep an eye on various sales and discount coupons over the internet or in the physical market to make best out of it and save big.

Will Your New Family Member Mix Comfortably with Your Long Time Member Cat?

Pets are an integral part of the family and introducing a new pet in the family is like adding a new family member. Many pet owners decide on adding a new pet member in the family after having one for years, this perhaps is a very dicey situation.

The new member may or may-not mix well with the long time member and especially when the long time member is a kitten and the new one is a puppy you need to introduce the two with caution.

Always remember to give importance to the older member, it is the older member that has been loyal to you all these years and it requires your attention in the last years of its life.

Introduce new dog to the senior cat on cat’s terms, make the cat feel that she is secure and the dog shall not harm it in any way. While introducing the dog keep it on a leash or restrained and also keep all the escape routes for the kitten open. Once the cat starts feeling safe you can wade away the distance between the two.

Never make the older pet feel second to the newer one. While showering your tender love and affection on your new dog don’t forget or avoid the senior cat. Give proper care and play time to both the pets.

As the time passes pets learn to live with each other, have patience.

4 of Our Top Listed Mix Breed for Those on a Tight Budget

Love to have a dog but running short of budget, here is our list of top 4 low budget mixed breed canines

  1. Mutts: Usually found in shelters or given away for free, Mutts may not be very desirable but are certainly affordable. Mutts are generally healthy, but a little research on background and behavior of the mutt you ought to bring home can help you eliminate the health risk.
  2. Puggles: A offspring of a beagle and a pug, the puggles are small in size and adorable. They require little grooming which can even be done at home. Easy to maintain, puggles can be the right choice for people wanting to have low-cost dog.
  3. Beagle: Short haired and low on appetite, beagle is yet another mixed breed dog that requires minimal grooming and food needs. Highly active by nature these dogs are very friendly and make good companions.
  4. American hairless terrier: As the name suggests, since these dogs have very less hair, they have very little grooming needs. Like the others, food for your American Hairless Terrier won’t cost much.

7 High Maintenance Hybrid and Best Mix of German Shepherds for Dog Lovers

A true dog lover does not leave a single leaf unturned to find the best dog to be his companion. He is ready to do all necessary things required to have and maintain the dog of his desire. Here is a list of 7 such German shepherd mix for such dog lovers:

1. Labrador and German Shepherd

Labrador and German Shepherd

Commonly called “German Sheprador” or “Labra Shepherd”, both the black and the golden Labradors can be mixed with a German shepherd. The alert and protective nature of the German Shepherds are mixed with the caring and friendly nature of the Labradors. This breed is both a family dog due to the caring nature derived from Labradors and a tough worker due to the genetic makeup of the GSDs.

2. German Shepherd and Rottweiler

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

A German shepherd Rottweiler Mix also makes good workers and protectors or caretaker dogs. They are usually aggressive and territorial and are extremely loyal. With proper training they can become good family dogs.

3. Golden Retriever German Shepherd Hybrid

Golden Retriever German Shepherd Hybrid

The intelligence and herding lineage of the GSD is mixed with the hunting instincts and caring nature of the Golden Retriever. This mix, however, can start feeling aloof and therefore daily exercise and playtime are recommended.

4. Husky and German Shepherd

Husky and German Shepherd

An offspring of the strong and intelligent German shepherd and the beautiful Serbian Husky dog, this mix breed of dog is also called the Gerberian Shepsky. Both the parents in its lineage were originally bred for working, and therefore a German shepherd husky is excellent for working along with being a good family dog.

This breed is extremely brilliant if trained properly, however, since both the parent breeds are dominant by nature, they are difficult to control and mostly require expert trainers. Regular and intense physical activity is recommended for this breed.

5. German Shepherd Poodle Mix

German Shepherd Poodle Mix

The Shepadoodle is one of the best companion/family dogs that one can get.
Known for superior intelligence, high level of energy, and affection these small mix dogs display towards their owners, they are easy to train and need daily exercise.

6. German Shepherd Wolf Mix

German Shepherd Wolf Mix

Famously known as the wolf-dog, this is a hybrid of a German shepherd with a Wolf and is one of the popular mixes besides Pitbull German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Hybrid.

Since the wolf dog has varying temperament it is not recommended as a family pet. The wolf-dog retains many wild instincts and traits like a wolf but at the same time, it can be friendly and playful like the GSD also. Though the wolf-dog is intelligent due to its wild nature and dominant personality, it is difficult to train and control.

7. German Shepherd Boxer Mix

German Shepherd Boxer Mix

A mix breed of the German shepherd and the boxer dogs, it is a complete family dog and an excellent guard. Since both the parent breeds are intelligent, boxer shepherds are naturally intelligent and witty.

Know Your Breeder Before Taking Up the Ownership of Your Mix Breeds Dogs

There are certain absolute know-hows about the breeder before taking ownership of your mix-breed dogs. Taking ownership of a dog and raising it is really awesome; however, it comes with its own madness. When one plans to have a dog, the very first question is where to get it? Whether to en route to the breeder or any other shelter home? Both routes have their own pros and cons.

Here I shall deliberate on the due diligence to be observed while enrooting the breeder for your puppy ownership. It is important to ensure that the puppy you own is bred by an ethical and legal breeder. There are plenty of breeding houses that have commercialized the breeding science.

The facilities they use are neither hygienic and nor are their behavior towards animals is justified. Most of these facilities are not government regulated and work illegally.

Puppies bred in such facilities are more likely to have health-related issues and genetic problems due to the inappropriate breeding habits inculcated by such breeders and the unhygienic environment of such facilities. Further, being a dog lover you will never want to encourage animal abuse in any sense.

So before you take ownership of your next dog make sure the source where they are bred, thoroughly enquire about his facility, ask as many questions as you can about the breed you are going to take ownership of. This will help you in checking the knowledge level of the breeder and shall make you take a wise and learned decision.

How to Bring Up Puppies Hassle-Free?

Inclined you are to take immediate ownership of your beloved puppy, but raising them requires real trick. It has never been easy to raise a pet, and when it comes to the strong and intelligent German Shepherd the task becomes even more challenging.

You need to be really careful and hyperactive when it comes to handling and raising a German shepherd hybrid. Following are some of the useful tips to efficiently train your dearest pup:

  • Start early:

Though German shepherd hybrid can be trained at any age, however start training your pup at an early age for added advantage. At a young age when they are relatively less strong, they can be efficiently controlled and their personalities can be effectively molded.

  • Teach basics first:

Give small and simple commands in the beginning as you start training your pub. This will help them in better relating and faster learning. You can always gradually increase the level and teach them difficult tasks. The key is to have patience.

  • Acknowledge and appreciate:

Very much like us, even our puppies want to be acknowledged and appreciated. Frequently praise them and reward them for commands completed and for showing good behavior.

  • Understand your pets time cycle and his requirements:

Keep a close watch on the behavior of your pet and understand his time to time requirements. Give him priority and understand his traits. Every creature on this earth has some unique qualities, spend time with him and understand what best suits him.

What to Do in Case Your Hybrid German Shepherd Falls Sick?

German shepherds are strong creatures. They have large bodies and strong immune systems. They are known as the police and military dogs due to their strength and healthy bodies. German shepherd hybrid rarely need to medical attention; however, like any other creature even they can fall sick.

There can be several symptoms that may indicate that your dog is getting sick like sudden and prolonged dullness in behavior as otherwise GSDs are very playful and full of energy. Stomach related issues like constipation or vomiting, or having continuous hiccups, higher than normal temperature (38 degrees to 38.5 degrees in case of GSDs) can be indications of bad health.

In any of these scenarios, you should consult a veterinarian without any delay. The dog should be checked for diseases like Hip Dysplasia, Allergy, Pancreatitis, Cryptorchidism, etc. all the necessary actions like medical tests should be done promptly along with additional dosage of love and personal care.

What Products are Recommended for Your Hybrid Dog?

German Shepherd 2.8 Seconds Sign

I fell in love with this sign as soon as I noticed it at Amazon. It makes for a perfect addition to a dog lover’s collection. Not only that I recommend it to anyone looking for high-quality product at a very reasonable price. The best part of this sign is it is gentle and polite in conveying the traditional message of “Beware of Dog (s)”.

Being owner of a huge house I have an electrical fence barbed around the entire property and thus required cables ropes and punching techniques to fix it up. Honestly, I did not expect it to stand this tough test, but it proved me wrong. I am so glad I landed up on this product page accidentally!

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Dog Harness for Large, Medium & Small Breed

This one size fits all harness was what I just wanted. This harness is perfect for people having several German shepherd dogs at their place and who want a multipurpose harness to fit all the sizes. I loved it’s no pull feature and got it last year.

My three boys namely German shepherd Corgi mix, Border collie German shepherd hybrid and Goldendoodle have worn it quite a lot of times. Surprisingly it has withstood the test of time and I am still happily using it. Being extremely light weight my beloved mates wear it willingly without creating any kind of fuss.

The main features of this dog harness for German Shepherds due to which I recommend it are its dual handling mechanism including a hand pull point and a D shape metal hook to attach the leash to. My dogs have reached a massive height and weight. Although growing into giant dogs this harness stays their unfaltering companion.

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Training Your German Shepherd Dog

Training Your German Shepherd Dog

I bought it online on the recommendation of my friend who swear by its simplicity and effectiveness. Although hesitant initially, once bought it has proved to be a constant life savior to me in terms of all the relevant tips and techniques it talks about so clearly.

The book furbishes with great ideas for positive mind building in bringing up German shepherd puppies and not let them become hounds. It is evident from the write up that the author is either a great lover or a great fan of German Shepherds in general.

Check Price & Availability The Training Your German Shepherd Dog

Greenies Pill Pocket for Dogs Treats

The best and cheapest solution to hide and feed your furry adopted son his medicine. I highly recommend it to anyone facing issues feeding their dogs medicines. Greenies neither too expensive nor easily spoiled allowed my dog to take his joint pain medicines without creating a fuss at all.

Being chicken flavored dogs are not able to recognize the smell of the medicines easily and happily chew away the entire thing without a hint. I always keep a pack handy for emergency purposes because no matter how sick my beloved German shepherd is, he will never take his medicines without his greenies.

Greenies Pill Pocket for Dogs Treats Recommended By Us

Video: German Shepherd Dog Breed Guide

Click here to see video.


After doing lot of research I totally recommend buying or adopting a German shepherd for the following reasons:

  • They can be trained easily

They actually enjoy the process of coming to know their master and being able to understand them completely. I myself have had adopted a German shepherd ones and trained him in a jiffy.

  • Simply beautiful

They are easy to groom as they have naturally smooth and shiny multi colored fur coat which does not require much of grooming work. Although they shed their body hair every season, it is absolutely worth it.

  • Highly energetic and super active dogs

These dogs are very high on energy and make a great companion for fitness freaks and lazy people. In case of being adopted by lazy and unhealthy beings these dogs with their persistence and patience will nudge you out of your comfort zone and make sure you take him for a regular walk every damn day.

  • They’re Healthy

Compared to other breeds – pure or mix alike these dogs if given the right amount of food and proper time to exercise will seldom fall sick.

  • They are companions for life

While it may sound over the top but I have had personal experience in this case. These dogs can live for an average of 11 years and in some cases have surpassed their life expectancy by 4 to 5 years.

In the end I would just like to conclude by saying that these lovable and intriguing companions are the best mates you will ever have. I recommend you to adopt a black, white, labradoodle or goldendoodle German shepherd if looking for very budget friendly one to suit your pocket otherwise go for the premium ones.

They thrive on your love and nurturing, and are thirsty for affection. Finally just make sure that you know what you are signing for. These dogs though extremely faithful and compassionate by nature can tend to be acutely ferocious when left unchecked in the midst of strangers.

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