Grain free dog treats have been around for a while now. Though grains don’t make it to the top of the list of pet allergies, they are among the top five, and this implies that some dogs will have to avoid the consumption of grain products such as those with wheat and corn, for them to live a happy, healthy and normal life.

Whether you desire for your pet to eat healthier or it is a recommendation by your veterinarian to give your dog grain free dog treats, you need to be informed that there is a plethora of them in the market and not all of them are guaranteed to be beneficial to your dog’s health.

The last thing you want is to purchase a treat labeled as “wheat free” dog treat, only for it to have the exact opposite effects on your dog, since only the packaging was marked as wheat-free yet the actual content is made of wheat. To help you out and to ensure that you get the best treats for your dog, here is a brief guide on how to choose the grain free treats, and also a recommendation of the top ten grain free treats for 2017.

Quick Links to Our Picks of Grain Free Treats

  1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Trail Treats Biscuits Variety Pack
  2. Wellness Pure Rewards Natural Grain Free Treats
  3. Cloud Star Grain Free Buddy Biscuits Dog Treats
  4. Nylabone Nutri Dent Complete Dog Treat Bones For Medium Dogs
  5. Triumph Dog Turkey, Pea, & Berry Grain Free Treats Jerky
  6. Bandit’s Biscuits Natural Grain Free Crunchy Dog Treats
  7. Lucky Dog Treats Wheat-Free Biscuits
  8. Greenies Grain Free Dental Dog Treats
  9. Treats Happen Dehydrated Beef Lung 4oz
  10. Sojos Simply Raw Freeze Dried Grain Free Treats, 4-Ounce Bag

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How to Choose the Best One

The process of finding the best grain free treats for your dog should not be as difficult as rocket science. But I have to admit that if you are just starting out, then it can be a bit overwhelming. However, after two or three purchases, you shall have known what to look for and it will be second to nature for you. Before we take a look at the vital factors worth considering when you are buying your dog treats, whether they are grain free do chews or grain free dog biscuits.

The first consideration into choosing the best grain free dog chews is to consider the ingredients used in making the treat. Since your main concern is purchasing grain free treats, you should read the list of the ingredients labeled on the package to know the exact composition of the treat. While looking at the ingredients, you should be advised that the first few on the list are the most important ones, since they make up the bulk of the content.

Keep it natural – just like human beings do well with natural diets, your dog will also do well when you consider giving them only the natural treats. Baby carrots and other vegetables can be perfect options for occasional treats for your dogs. There are, however, other natural treats you must never consider for your dogs because they are toxic to canines. These include treats with raisins, garlic, grapes and onions.

Ingredients to avoid – While examining the list of ingredients, there certain ingredients should be avoided at all costs if you desire your dog to have a good health and avoid the common problems. Some of these ingredients include:

  • Artificial preservatives such as potassium sorbate, sodium nitrate, calcium propionate etc
  • Chemical humectants like propylene glycol.
  • Artificial colors normally added to make the treats appeal to the buyers yet they do have detrimental effects on your dogs.
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The Best Grain Free Treats Reviews

Just as promised earlier, here is a list of the top ten grain free dog treats you can trust to help your dog have the very best of health. They have been manufactured under strict guidelines and are guaranteed to not have preservatives, artificial colors or flavors of any form.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food Trail Treat Biscuits

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Trail Treat Biscuits Variety Pack - Grain Free - 3 Flavors (Duck, Turkey, & Salmon) - 10 oz (3 Total Bags)
Price: $19.57
6 new from $19.570 used

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treat is one of the best grain free dog biscuits you will ever come across. It is available in a variety of packs and can be found in three difficult flavors, including turkey, duck and salmon flavors. It is a perfect crunchy treat that every dog will love eating.


  • made from finest natural ingredients
  • has real turkey in it
  • no grains, wheat, corns etc
  • doesn’t have chicken or any other poultry byproduct meals


Perhaps the most notable con about this dog treat is that the duck, salmon and the other meat flavors are packed in Chicken Broth and this may not go down well with your dog if they are allergic to chicken.

The con highlighted above isn’t a very serious one and the company may have changed the packaging by the time you read this article. Otherwise, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats is such a solid grain free dog treat your pet will love feeding on at all times.

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Wellness Pure Rewards Dog Treats Grain Free

Wellness Pure Rewards Natural Dog Treats are wholesome, grain free, all natural wheat free, soft and tender dog treats. They are specially formulated with limited ingredients which results into a primal taste that every dog will love.


  • Perfect treat for dogs of all ages and sizes
  • Has no byproducts of grains, fillers or soy
  • Quality assured and manufactured from top globally sourced ingredients
  • Tender and soft, thus highly palatable by the dogs.


  • Jerky pieces are broken into fine pieces ideal for sprinkling on top of food and not being given as treats.
  • If delivery delays, they may arrive stale and your dog may reject them

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Cloud Star Grain Free Buddy Biscuits Dog Treats

Buddy Biscuits dogs treat is a grain free, gluten free dog treat that will put a smile on the face of your dog at all times. It can be digested easily and it doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


  • Free from corn, wheat and soy
  • Low on fat and calories
  • 100% grain free
  • Gluten free


  • Only a tiny dog can use them as biscuits
  • They are crumble and comes in a lot of pieces
  • They don’t smell nicely and most dogs tend to reject them because of this

Since the Buddy Biscuits Dog Treats are from high quality natural ingredients and have undergone minimal processing, they are wholesome and satisfying grain free dog biscuits your dog will love at any time.

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Nylabone Nutri Dent Complete Dog Treat Bones For Medium Dogs

Nutri Dent Grain Free 26 Pantry Pack
Price: $32.52
You save: $8.47 (21 %)
2 new from $32.520 used

Nutri Dent Complete Dog Treat Bones are gluten free dog chews ideal for dogs without all their permanent teeth in place. They are manufactured with irresistible chicken flavors and when eaten by the dogs, they have a cleaning effect like that of brush and they taste like a real treat.

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  • Clinically proven to be more effective than brushing
  • Grain free, hence ideal for the sensitive dogs
  • Has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives


  • May make some dogs to vomit
  • May be poorly digested by some dogs

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Triumph Dog Treats Turkey, Pea, & Berry Grain Free

These are healthy and holistic treats with awesome flavors that will be truly cherished by dogs with allergies to grains.


  • 100% grain free treats
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Healthy and holistic
  • Super premium treats


  • May cause some dogs to vomit
  • Has a strong chemical scent which most dogs don’t like

Not all dogs will have the same reception for different treats, but apart from the minor cons, Triumph Dog Treats falls in the category of gluten free dog treats you can always rely on for the health and happiness of your dog.

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Bandit’s Biscuits Natural Grain Free Crunchy Dog Treats

If you need grain free dog biscuits that are not just that are not just made from natural and healthy ingredients, but also baked fresh and guaranteed to put a smile on your dog’s face, then you have every reason to check out the Bandit’s Biscuits Natural Grain Free Crunchy Dog Treats.


  • Baked to crunchy perfection for the delight of your dogs
  • Made from all natural healthy ingredients
  • Gluten free/ grain free


  • May upset stomach rash of skin on your dog

Some of the ingredients of this dog treats are super foods, thus will have the greatest health benefits to your dog. They are also rich in fiber, phytochemical and antioxidants needed by your dog for a healthy life.

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Lucky Dog Treats Wheat-Free Biscuits

This grain free dog biscuit is a delicious and a nutritiously-balanced dog treat made with complementary ingredients to make it a holistic snack for your dog. It has no corn, soy or wheat and it is ideal for dogs of all sizes and ages.


  • Made from 100% natural and healthy ingredients
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Designed to nourish the dog so that they can live a happy and healthy life
  • Baked in accordance with SQF 3 standards


  • For some reason or another, some dogs won’t just like them.

Being that Lucky Dog Treats Wheat-Free Biscuits is made from 100% all natural human grade ingredients in the United States, it makes a nice grain free dog biscuits your pets can cherish at any day or time.

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Greenies Dog Treats Grain Free Dental

Complete oral health care is vital for your dog’s health, with the potential of gifting them with a few more years. Greenies Grain Free Dental Dog Treats is very effective in fighting both plaque and tartar build up in your dog’s teeth. The treat is also vital in freshening the breadth and making both the teeth and gums healthier.

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  • It is the number one recommended dental chew for dogs
  • Leaves the teeth clean and fresh
  • Controls the buildup of plaque and tartar
  • Formulated from natural ingredients
  • Safe and easy to digest


No major cons, other than other customers having a feeling that their dogs did not like the greenies for one reason or another.
Most dogs love greenies and the Greenies Grain Free Dental Dog Treat is one option worth considering if you are interested in helping your dog control the buildup of tartar and plaque in their teeth.

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Treats Happen Dehydrated Beef Lung 4oz

Treats Happen Dehydrated Beef Lung 4oz features a single ingredient beef lung which is prepared with a lot of care to remove moisture while at the same time giving your dog the flavors it cherishes. Each pack of the treats can last for up to two years and this gives you the ability to pack them in bulk and give them to your dog in proportions you see fit.


  • Easy to digest
  • They cherished by dogs who are naturally picky eaters
  • They don’t crumble
  • Made from a single ingredient and is 100% grain free
  • Ideal for dogs with chicken sensitivities


  • No major cons to point out in this product.

Treats Happen Dehydrated Beef Lung 4oz are loved by all dogs, including those who are natural pickers. It is dog treat you can comfortably purchase without ever worrying about rejection by your beloved pet. If your pet is the picky one or you are looking for a perfect alternative for dogs with chicken sensitivities, then you have every reason to purchase this Treats Happen Dehydrated Beef Lung 4oz.

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Sojos Simply Raw Freeze Dried Dog Treats, 4-Ounce Bag

Dogs love meat, and this is the reason for their unending love for Sojos Simply Raw Free Dried Grain Dog Treats. Your dog will always craze for raw meat, but as the owner, you desire to give them what they want, while ensuring they eat healthy at all times. With these treats, you get the chance to choose either between lamb, beef and Turkey dog treats to make our dog happier and healthier.


  • Raw made easy
  • Made from human quality meat
  • Contains premium natural ingredients
  • Grain and gluten free
  • No preservatives or anything artificial


  • Since it’s made purely of meat, it may contain fats which may not be good for the dogs
  • Some dogs had diarrhea after taking it

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Video: Learn about Grain-Free Dog Food

The health of your dog is just as important as your own health and that is why it is imperative to keenly check anything you give it to ingest. Giving your pet dog free grain treats should be a conscious decision you make to ensure that they eat healthy at all times so that they are not bothered with the common ailments known to cause all kinds of illnesses and mainly due to the kinds of food eaten. Refer to this list each time you need to purchase grain free dog treats or grain free dog biscuits to give your dog a good health and avoid lots of trips to the vet.

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