Best Himalayan Dog Chew – Buying Guide in 2019

The Himalayan dog chew comes as a gallant resource to prevent arrays of dental troubles in dogs. When it comes to the aspect of securing the health of your canine pet, the dental health of the pooch is definitely one of the most crucial aspect. Dogs have a natural tendency to chew all those stuffs that might come in its way.

On the other hand, the debris of foods keeps accumulating along their jaws and gum line. If you have to secure the dental health of the dog, you have to ensure that the teeth and gums of the dogs are cleaned at regular intervals that will eliminate the plaques and tartars that accumulates on the jaws and gums.

Likewise, there are significant chances for the dogs to catch certain injuries and other threats on the dental health, as they tend to chew the things, coming in their way. Serving the dog chews to the dogs, you can ensure that your pet is safe from various threats to the dental health.

Dog owners keep looking for dog chews that are usually made with artificial items and ingredients. Though, you cannot ensure the extent of the effectiveness of these chew toys, one thing is for sure that as the pooch goes on chewing these toys, they keep on swallowing toxic elements that can be present in the artificial toys.

Thus, even if there are ample of options on chew toys available in the market, users are always scared about the safety of the products. In that regard, the chew toys from this company comes as an effective as well as a safe option of the dogs.

As it comes from the Himalayan dog chew review, these products are made with natural ingredients like Salt, Lime Juice and milk and hence, it stands assured that these products will come safe to the health of the dog. On the other hand, the use of lime and salt benefits the dental health of the dog, eliminating the plaques and the tartars that can not only give rise to bad breath, but can trigger various ailments to the dog.

It will be especially relevant to state in this context is that these natural dog chews not only serve as chewing materials for the pooch, but as these items include the milk of the Cow and Yak, it fetches several nutritional benefits to the dogs. Hence, these chews serve as Himalayan dog treats that can meet the nutritional needs of the dogs.

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks

2. A Few Points About the Company that You Must Know

3. How to Buy the Best Natural Dog Chews?

4. Check the Reviews on the Chews to Find its Worthiness

4.1 Natural Dog Treat

4.2 Mixed Pack

4.3 100% Natural, Small

4.4 Large Dog Chews

4.5 Dog’s Treat with Yak and Cow Milk

5. Frequently Asked Questions

6. Final Verdict

A Few Points About the Company that You Must Know

This company was established by a trio of visionary entrepreneurs from Nepal who claims themselves to be avid dog lovers. In their opinion, they started this business to serve completely natural chews that can provide nutrition for the dogs as well.

The company owners, subsequently created a pool of 3000 farmers in the Himalayan region to produce natural dog chews, using the milk from the cows and Yaks that are being brought up, feeding on natural grasses. Most importantly, the milking process involves no use of modern devices that ensures that the process stays natural from the initial phase. These chews are prepared using the Cheese that Is manufactured from this milk.

Thus, as the dog keeps chewing these Chews, they keep on getting the supply of nutrition from the milk content. Thus, these products keep serving the dogs from 2 perspectives, in parallel. Thus, the Himalayan chew enjoys the recommendations of the Vets and dog owners.

How to Buy the Best Natural Dog Chews?

Feeling confused about the right approach to buy the best quality dog chews? If this purpose is to be accomplished, you need to deal the process being wiser. Here is your guide that will enable you to pick the best quality product:

  • Consider the ingredients used in the production of the product: the point that deserves consideration ahead of the other aspects is the raw materials used in the production of the chew. You should opt for the ones that are made with natural raw materials that will not only produce the best outcome in keeping the teeth of the dogs, healthy, but most importantly, comes safe to the health of the dog. It is for this reason that the yak milk dog Chew from this company is the first choice of the dog owners.
  • Get the chew of the right size: to ensure that the chew comes safe for your dog, it is important that you are picking the Chews of the right size. The right size of the Chew is to be fixed, considering the size of the dog. The safe chew treats for puppies should come in a size that the puppy should not get the product swallowed yet, the little pooch should be able to carry the Chews easily.
  • The chew should not include any sorts of artificial additives: in some instances, you will find that the Chew Toys, even if made with natural ingredients, contains some artificial additives. Likewise, you can pick up those toys that are made with bones. However, vets suggest that you should go for those items that are completely free of such additives. Likewise, rather than the bone Chews, it will be wise to opt for the Himalayan yak chew that will not only serve the chewing tendencies of the dogs as well as support their nutritional needs.

Picking the dog chews, considering the points stated above, will enable you to pick the best quality products that can produce the sweetest return for your money.

Check the Reviews on the Himalayan Chews to Find its Worthiness

If you are going to buy the dog chew for the first time, it is obvious that you will be having some concerns on some aspects related to the product. For instance, you might be considering the features and Pros & Cons of the products.

Likewise, it is obvious that you will have concerns about the dog chew safety. The only way to get answers to these questions will be to refer to the reviews on the various options, offered by this company. Likewise, the reviews will help you to pick the product that will be most suitable for your pet.

Natural Dog Treat

This product is one of the most popular options from the portfolio of the products from this manufacturer that promises maximum nourishment for your dog. You get the Chew in dimensions of 2 inches for the width and for the length, it goes to the extent of 6 inches. The best part about this product is that it is made with 100% natural and organic materials.


  • Made with an ancient recipe from the Himalayan Region.
  • 100% natural and organic raw materials
  • No preservatives
  • Feature the right balance between the necessary nutrients.


  • In some instances dogs disliked the taste

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Dog Chew Mixed Pack

This product has been made especially to serve the dogs of the larger breeds and it comes with a comprehensive package of 3 units. The chew produce the best outcome in eliminating the dental plaques and tartars. Investing on this Chew, you are ought to get the best value for your money.


  • Serves both as a chew as well as natural treats for dogs
  • Manufactured with organic milk, juice of lime and salt.
  • Contains no preservatives.
  • Support the nutritional needs of the dogs.


  • Unsuitable for the dogs of smaller sizes.

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Dog Chews 100% Natural, Small

As it comes up from the reviews, this product includes crude protein to the extent of 52% and hence, it is a gallant product to serve the nutritional needs of the dogs.

Made with organic grade Cow & Yak milk as well as salt and lime, using an ancient recipe from the Himalayan region, this Himalayan dog chew is one of the popular option among the dog owners. It will make sense to state that these chews are easily digestible and hence, never triggers any troubles with the digestive system of the stomach.


  • Absolutely gluten free
  • Contains no artificial additives
  • Effectively cleans the teeth
  • Support the nutritional needs of the pets.


  • No prominent cons came up in the course of the review

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Dog Chews Large Pack

These large sized, natural Chews are the best choice for the dogs of larger sizes. You should serve these items to your pets with confidence as the product is completely made with natural ingredients. Therefore, these chews enjoy the trust and reliance of the pet owners.


  • You will not require to preserve these products in refrigerators.
  • The product includes no synthetic additives or bonding materials
  • Made with organic milk of Cows & Yalk, salt and Lime juice.
  • Completely safe for the dogs
  • Eliminates the dental plaque and tartars


  • Some issues noted with the quality of the product.

Himalayan Chews – Large Recommended By Us

Dog’s Treat with Yak and Cow Milk

This product have won the hearts of the dog owners as it ensure for the longest span of time. The chew comes extremely effective in eliminating the dental plaques and tartars and hence, it produces the sweetest value in return for your money. You can restore the original shape and size of the chew, simply by leaving it over the microwave for about a minute that will puff the chew.


  • 100% natural and organic ingredients
  • Highly durable
  • Completely digestible
  • Includes no artificial additives, taste or preservatives.
  • Easy to restore the original shape of the chew.


  • No major flaws, came up in the course of the review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why these Dog Chews get the recommendations of the Vets and the pet owners?

These natural chews are wonderful tools that meet the craving of the dogs to chew and while they chew it, it effectively eliminates the dental plaques and tartars that secure the dental health of the dog. In addition, these chews are made with milk of the Cows and Yalk that serve the milk protein to the dogs.

Hence, it supplements the nutritional needs of the pets. Most importantly, these products come absolutely safe to the health of the dog and hence, Vets and pet owners recommend these chews on very positive notes.

How is this product different from the other chews?

These chews are different from the mediocre dog chews in terms of the high quality and organic ingredients that the manufacturing involves. In addition, these chews are rich in nutrients as it ia made with milk. Thus, these Chews offer manifold benefits to the dental as well as the over health standing of the dogs.

Will it be safe to serve these chews to the puppies?

Yes, absolutely. The manufacturer has various options that individually serve the small, medium and larger breeds of dogs. In addition, the production of the chews with organic raw materials as well as the absence of synthetic additives and the right sizing of the chews makes it absolutely safe for the puppies as well.

In this regard, it will be relevant to state the these products get the endorsement of the dog owners and the vets. Hence, you can certainly opt for these chews with confidence.

Video: Himalayan – Dog Chew

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Final Verdict

Himalayan dog chew finds massive demand among dog owners across the globe and this huge demand is the largest indicator of the worthiness of these items. Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients that boost the dental as well as the general health of the dogs, these chews endures for the longest span and hence, you can keep the expenses for buying the chews, within control.

Most importantly, these products are absolutely safe to the health of the dog as it never involves the slightest tinge of additives. The reviews from the existing users of these products comes highly positive and it established these chews as a worthy option to opt for. Thus, you an certainly buy these chews for your beloved canine pet. You can stay assured that your money shall never go for a toss.

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