Best Motorcycle Dog Carrier – Our Guide in 2019

Top 3 Motorcycle Dog Carrier

Latest Update: July 28, 2019

What about sharing a drive in your motorcycle with your beloved pet dog?

The canine pet becomes an important member of your family and hence, it is obvious that you will aspire to be accompanied by the pet when you go out on a ride.

In addition, there can be instances like taking the pet to the Vet, when the motorcycle pet carrier will serve you significant utility.

The best motorcycle pet carrier will enable you to carry your pet in your motorbike, comfortably and conveniently.

Thus, it will be a wise move to get the motorcycle dog seat for your pet.

Understanding that the t can serve significant utility, the demand for these products is rising at a massive pace among the pet owners worldwide.

You will be getting an inexhaustible collection of these products the online as well as the brick-&-mortar pet supply stores.

It will be relevant to state that these products come for reasonable rates and hence, you will not find it tough to afford these wonderful items for your pet.

These products will enable you to share the excitement and enjoyment in a motorbike with your loving pet and hence, the carrier will definitely strengthen the relationship between you and your pet.

1. How to Buy the Best Motorcycle Dog Carrier?

2. 8 Helpful Guide for Selecting the Most Suitable Option

3. Reviews Will Help You to Make the Perfect Selection of the Motorcycle Dog Carrier

3.1 Kuryakyn 4199 The Pet Palace Bag

3.2 T-BAGS Pet Carrier

3.3 Kuryakyn 4141 Black GranTour Bag

4. Frequently Asked Questions

5. Final Verdict

How to Buy the Best?

With the market loaded with the various options on dog box for motorcycle, making a selection will not be a daunting task.

However, remember, this will be directly related to safety and security as well as the comfort of your pet. Hence, it is important to source a suitable option for your dog.

Thus, it turns inevitable that you approach the purchase process with due consideration that will enable you to make the perfect selection that will serve the highest utility and offer you the best value for your money.

8 Helpful Guide for Selecting the Most Suitable Option:

1. Sturdy Case

The box should be sturdy enough to secure the dog in the course of the trip

The most important point of consideration is the aspect of safety and security of the dog in the course of the ride.

You will certainly not want your dog to fall off the bike and hence, you need to get those boxes that can accommodate the pet in assuring safety.

2. Chew-Proof Harness

You need to get the chew-proof harness: dogs have an inherent tendency to chew anything that comes close to them. Hence, while they are carried in the box, it is likely that the animal might try to chew the edges.

Therefore, you should opt for the motorbike dog basket that is chew-proof.

3. Accommodate the Dog in Comfort

The dog basket for a motorcycle should accommodate the dog in comfort.

Just like the aspect of safety, while buying the motorcycle dog carrier, you need to ensure that the box accommodates the dog comfortably.

You may look for those boxes that come with padded interiors.

4. Right Size of the Carrier

It will be important to get the right size of the carrier.

5. Detachable Boxes

Opt for the detachable boxes: it will be wise to opt for the detachable carriers as you can separate the boxes in instances you are not taking the dog with you to the ride.

In addition, if the box is detachable, you can separate it easily from the motorcycle for cleaning purposes. This will enable you to ensure hygiene for the dog.

6. Easy to Install

The box should be easy to install: another important point to check is the ease of installation of the boxes. If the carrier is easy to install, you can do that without damaging the motorbike.

7. Matching of Style and Design

The style and design should match with the design of the bike: you will certainly not want the boxes to hamper the show of your motorbike.

Hence, you should ensure that the design of the box is not contradicting the design and look of the bike.

Fortunately, the top providers can offer you robust products, coming with an aesthetic and stylish design.

8. Durability

Check the durability of the product: you will definitely not want to buy these products at frequent intervals.

Hence, you need to opt for the ones that come with the promise of the longest durability.

This will reduce the maintenance and repairing needs as well as will enable you to escape the expenses for buying the carriers at frequent intervals.

Buying the dog carrier, following the tricks and tips suggested above, will enable you to pick the one that will delight you with its utility and fetch you the sweetest return for your money.

Remember, the motorcycle carriers for small dogs will not be of use if your pet is a large breed, where you will need the motorcycle large dog carrier.

On the other hand, if the box is excessively large, compared with the size of the dog, there are chances that the dog can topple out of the box and get hurt.

Hence, while buying these boxes, you need to give the right size of the dog to the providers so that they can suggest the right size that you need.

Unless the box offers adequate comfort, the dog will tend to slip out of the box and will be reluctant to use the box and it will make tough for you to orient the dog with the carrier.

If such instances happen, the entire money you spend for the purchase of the box goes for a toss.

Reviews Will Help You to Make the Perfect Selection of the Motorcycle Dog Carrier

If you are not able to decide which model of dog carrier you should opt for, there are the reviews that will assist you to select the most suitable model.

You can certainly rely on the reviews as it comes from the users who have actually used these devices and hence, the reviews give you a realistic evaluation on the worthiness as well as the suitability of the carriers in your case.

Most importantly, you can explore the pros & cons of each model and hence, it will turn easier for you to pick the best dog box for your motorcycle.

Kuryakyn 4199 The Pet Palace Bag

This carrier is one of the top choices among the carriers for its aesthetic & sleek look, durability and most importantly, capacity to accommodate the dog comfortably and safely.

This dog box is extremely easy to mount on the motorcycle and this is one of the prime reasons, beyond the popularity of this box.

Thus, it will be a wise act to invest in these products as it promises you the sweetest return of your money.


  • Available in multiple shades
  • Easy to mount on the motorcycle.
  • Robust construction and Durable
  • Sleek and aesthetic design


  • Not suitable for the small breeds of dogs.

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T-BAGS Pet Carrier

Featuring robust construction with top-grade Nylon material, this bag promises you the maximum durability.

The one side-open design makes it easier to load the bag with the pet.

This bag features an impressive stretchable mounting system that makes the bag suitable for use for all sizes of dogs.


  • It offers the maximum comfort to the dog.
  • Washable
  • Easy to load and unload the pet.
  • It comes with UV and Fade-resistant treatment.
  • It comes with a weather cover to resist the adverse weather.


  • Some issues with the quality of the product noticed in few instances.

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Kuryakyn 4141 Black GranTour Bag

Pet owners love this bag for its user-friendly design and the ease of mounting and removing the bag on and from the motorcycle.

These bags come with a unique retractable locking system that retains the carrier at the place where you want.

This bag comes with a rain cover to extend additional protection to the pet.

This is a Weather-resistant bag and hence, can withstand the adverse effects of the weather.


  • Leather construction to offer the maximum comfort to the pet
  • Sleek & trim design
  • Easy to mount and detach on and from the motorcycle.
  • Durable
  • Easy to load the pet inside the bag.


  • No major cons noticed in the course of the review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why it is important to consider the aspect of comfort while buying the dog carriers?

Consideration on the aspect of comfort is necessary as unless the pet is feeling comfortable inside the box, it might try to slip out of it and it will trigger the chances of accident in the course of the ride.

What type of carriers should you opt for?

Opt for the motorcycle carrier that are easy to mount on the motorcycle, easy to operate and most importantly, can ensure the safety and convenience of the dog.

It would be wise to opt for the washable carrier boxes as you can clean it from time to time.

Video: Your Motorcycle Pet Carrier Guide

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Final Verdict

The options discussed above enjoy the trust and reliance of the dog owners across the world and hence, you can definitely prioritize these models over the others.

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