Pug Health Problems – Guide for Owners

Pug is the cutest breed of dog due to their small size and loving nature. They can bring a smile on any one’s face easily. This is why most people, especially the kids love to own pug at their pet.

If you are planning to be pug parent in near future or own a pug already then you must concern about Pug health. Like other dogs, there are a number of health problems, diseases and disorders exist for pugs. Knowing about them is very necessary for the dog owners so that they can treat them on time without giving further pain to their pug.

The common pug health issues are eyes problems, muzzle problems, intestinal problems, legs problems and neurological problems. These are also common small dog health problems and that’s why required treatment on time. The pug health problems usually occurred when you do not provide them their required nutrition and proper physical training.

Some of the pug common health problems related to muzzle is birth defect. So you as a dog owner you should be concern about your dog’s health on the very first day of the birth to get any birth defect corrected through surgery as early as possible.

Following article with help you to know about different pugs health concerns and diseases including how you can recognize them on time and what are the possible treatments for these disorders are available.

1. Eyes Problems

1.1 Cherry Eye

1.2 Inflammation

1.3 Dry Eyes

2. Muzzle Problems

2.1 Stenotic Nares

2.2 Elongated Soft Palate

3. Intestinal Problems

4. Legs Problems

4.1 Luxating Patella

5. Neurological Problems

5.1 Encephalitis

5.2 Myasthenia Gravis

5.3 Parkinson’s Disease

6. Conclusion

Eyes Problems

It is very important for the pug owners to keep a close eye on the eyes of their pugs. Because, as compare to other breeds of the dogs, the shape of pug eyes are quite different due to which they can face many eye problems. The eyes of pugs are protruded from the face, which makes them get hurt easily and scratchable which could lead to many health problems and infections related to the eyes.

Although, the bulging anatomy of their eyes is prone to injury. That’s why eye problems are among the common pug health issues. If you do not take them properly, then your pug may face many problems including difficulty seeing and even blindness in rear cases.

While there are several numbers of eye problems that pug can face but some of them are worth to mention in this article including how you can avoid them easily at home without visiting the veterinarian.

Cherry Eye

The most common symptoms of cherry eyes are a large red or pink bump in the eyes which are usually on the corners of the sclera. That’s why this health problem is called cherry eyes. It happened when the third eyelid slips out from its place and bulges out. This eye problem usually occurred if the connective tissues of your dog’s eyes are weak.

Usually, it’s happened to one eye but could be spread to other eye if it does not properly treat. In the cherry eye, the dog could also face swelling around the eye which could lead to other pug health problems. This infection can be only treated by removing small gland from the eyes.


Eye inflammation is among in the list of pug common health problems. This is happened due to the bulging anatomy of their eyes. The common symptoms of inflammation or irritation including excess blinking, sensitivity from bright light, tearing, red and swollen eyes etc. This eye problem can be treated easily simply by proper cleaning eyes on time.

Veterinarians also recommend you eye drops in case of excess irritation and swollen eyes. In some rear cases, a blood test may be needed for the proper treatment. Inflammation could lead to other pug health problems, so treatment could be different and vary from pug to pug.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are also one of the most common pug health issues which can be happened in any age of the dog’s life. The medical name of this health problem is called Keratoconjunctivitis. This happened due to lack of tear production or blockage in the tear ducts. This could be very painful for the dog if not treated on the time.

You can easily know whether your pug has dry eyes or not simply inspecting them. Usually, the scar tissue appears on dog’s eye or you start seeing the blood vessels. In the early stage, lubrication drops are enough to treat dry eyes but in the case of swelling or extreme cases, the surgery may be needed.

Muzzle Problems

The muzzle of pugs is short because they are brachycephalic dogs. They are famous for their squished appearance which can actually lead to many muzzle and face problems. There are a number of muzzle problems which pugs can face but most common are:

Stenotic Nares

This disease is one of the common among small dog health problems because it is a birth defect. This happened due to overly soft nasal tissue. In stenotic nares, the pug use mouth for oxygen instead of the nose.

This disorder can be only treated with the help of surgery. While this is not a life-threatening disorder but it could make your pug life difficult due to breathing problem. You can identify stenotic nares in your pug by foamy discharge when they excessive breathing.

Elongated Soft Palate

If you noticed the change in your pug snoring then there are chances that your pet is suffering from Elongated Soft Palate. The most common symptom of ESP is sound like gasping for air and honking. This disorder happened due to obstruction of the airways. This can be corrected with the help of surgery and should be treated on time as it could cause the problem in breathing for your pug.

Intestinal Problems

Intestinal problems are not very common in pugs. Especially female pugs hardly face any intestinal problems in their life as compare to male pug. The most common intestinal pug health issues called intussusception which is a fatal condition and found mostly in male pugs. The symptoms of intussusception include diarrhea, blood in stool, vomiting and constipation etc.

The treatment of intussusceptions is depended on the stage. Usually, at an early stage, it can be treated simply with the help of healthy diet but in the case of advance intussusceptions, the surgical treatment may be needed for complete recovery.

Legs Problems

Legs problems are usually common in small dogs as compare to big dogs due to their size. The most of the leg problems happened due to excess running, jumping from a high point and weak bones.

Like human bones, the leg problems of pugs can be treated easily at an early stage but once its pass through a specific condition then only surgical treatment can correct leg problems. The most common leg problems among pugs and other small dogs are luxating patella.

Luxating Patella

Luxating Patella is also known as trick knee and it is one of the most common leg problems in almost all different types of dog breeds including pugs because they are small in size. Due to luxating patella, your dog could face problem in running, walking sitting down and getting up. There are different grades of luxating patella and treatment has been suggested on the basis of these grades.

Sometimes it required surgical treatment where at early grades it can be treated with proper training, medicine, and supplements. Usually, vet suggests surgical treatment because it does not only treat trick knee pain of your dog but also prevent onset arthritis.

Neurological Problems

Neurological disorders are the most common reason of death among pugs. According to research 27% death among pugs has been occurred due to neurological disorders. Neurological health problems are referred to the disorder of pug’s nervous system.

Because the nervous system is spread throughout the body, that’s why the disorder could happen at any part of the area including brain, nerves and spinal cord etc. The neurological problems and disorders are not very common pug health issues in small dogs. Usually, these disorders attacked old and aged pugs only.

It could be also difficult for dog owners to recognize the signs of Neurological disorder in their dogs because some of their symptoms could be happened due to other health problems.

For example, your pug could have a lack of balance, persistent trembling, head shaking, eye flickering, vision problem, and aggression. Most of the Neurological problems can be treated if they have been recognized at early stage otherwise there is no cure for them exists due to which the Neurological disorders lead to the death.


This neurological disorder occurred due to inflammation of the brain. Usually, the dog loses control over their muscles. They could not walk properly, seizures and lethargy etc.

Myasthenia Gravis

This neurological disorder disconnects the connection of communication between muscles and nerves. The dog may experience weakness in muscles which can lead to other problems like laziness, fatigue, loss of facial expressions and eye problems etc.

Parkinson’s Disease

It is among one of the common small dog health problems as compare to adult and old dogs. This happened when nerve cells lose connection with neurotransmitter. The most common sign to recognize this disorder includes difficulty in walking, balancing, stiff muscles, and tremors etc.

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Like other breeds of dogs, you pug can face a number of different health problems. Getting known about these health problems on time does not only reduce the amount of pain which your pug can bear but also your money.

Most of these health issues can be solved simply by getting medicine on time. To avoid expensive surgical treatments, you must know about the above-mentioned diseases. This could be easily done if you have a good relationship with your pet.

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