Why there are Quiet Dogs?

Why there are quiet dogs in this world? Aren’t the dogs supposed to be barking and protecting the owner from intruders or someone who is wandering on their property? There are a lot of quiet breeds that can be found everywhere; you just need to find your perfect breed. The quiet dogs are those that are suitable for living if you are living in an apartment or you have some problematic neighbors that don’t like the noise of barking.

The best quite dog breeds can be found anywhere, you just need to make some research. The dogs actually bark, howl and bay naturally because these are like their instincts and ways of communication. They don’t bark to make noise, at the contrary, they can alert the owner if something is wrong or if there is some intruder or anything similar.

Those dogs that bark are used as guards in the home. The quiet calm dogs are usually kept at home and are just adorable little creatures that you will love the most. These dogs are usually quiet family dogs that are considered as valuable members of the family.

It is commonly known that the small breeds make a lot of noise. Some think it is because of their size while the others think it is because of their breed. Here is a guide of some of the best dogs that can be found and that are actually very quiet.

1. Top 10

1.1 Basenji

1.2 Basset Hound

1.3 Bloodhound

1.4 Borzoi

1.5 Bouvier des Flandres

1.6 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

1.7 Clumber Spaniel

1.8 English Bulldog

1.9 Greyhound

1.10 Whippet

2. Do the Dogs Bark?

3. Is the Barking a Training Issue?

4. How to Prevent the Dog Barking?

5. Why are Dogs Barking?

6. The Varieties of Barking

7. How to Stop the Barking?

8. Conclusion

Top 10



This breed is a primitive one that has origins from Africa and is known that it cannot bark or bay. It makes some soft gurgling sounds and howling with low intensity, while it has a lot of energy for playing and exercising. It is one of the quietest dogs and does not shed.

Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Another representative of the small dogs is this Basset Hound that can get along with children instantly, loves the family members, wants to roam around and sniff the things in the house and is moving slowly. This dog is known as calm dog because it only bays when is excited. Does not bark.



This is a quiet guard dog that is really big and can be used as a guard in the house. The disadvantage is that this dog does not bark, it just howls lowly. You can play with this dog with hours and don’t get bored. It is definitely not a member of the barking family.



An amazing breed that originates from Russia and is known as loyal house pet. It loves going outdoors and running and also can play with hours with children sometimes even though it is not known as a playful dog; it is more known as timid and reserved dog while some strangers are present. It can travel for miles and is really fast, plus belongs to the non-barking family, which means is quite quiet dog.

Bouvier des Flandres

Bouvier des Flandres

This breed originates from Belgium and can be considered as guard and watch dog.

Bouvier des Flandres is calm dog that can be kept outdoors as guard and can protect your house from strangers or intruders.

It is good with the children and most of the time does not bark. It is an excellent choice if you want a protector for your house and non-noising dog.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the most amazing and lovable breeds that exist on this world. It is very quiet, friendly and can get along with any member from the family. It weighs up to 18 pounds and is a perfect choice as a family pet.

Clumber Spaniel

Clumber Spaniel

The Clumber Spaniel is considered to be quiet hunter of a dog which is unusual combination. It can be excellent house pet and outdoors dog that can bark but not much, so it is pretty quiet. It can live together with a group of the other breeds as well if you are a dog lover and have few dogs from other breeds.

English Bulldog

English Bulldog

The English bulldog is amazing house pet that is quiet, funny and lovable. It loves the family members and is easy to train it. It is very obedient and sometimes can be silly, but is good with children and everyone will love it.



It is an amazing house pet that is quiet and obedient and can be found lying on the floor while is waiting for the owner to come back. It is not the best choice for guard or a watch dog and is raced for 3 years. If you get a 3 year old dog that is well trained and with good habits then you will have the perfect dog in your house. It wants to play, is very affectionate and can get along with everyone.



The Whippet is another quiet dog that needs a lot of exercise and playing. It is physically and mentally sensitive dog, but still is amazing house pet that can get along with anyone. Your children will just love it and can be a good watch dog.

Do the Dogs Bark?

All of the dogs bark, some of them more while some of them less, exception with Basenji that makes the communication with different communication sounds. The barking actually is a way of communication for these breeds and if they don’t bark sometimes they can get lost.

A lot of the dogs bark in order to alert the owner that someone is wandering in the property, that there is an intruder, and these dogs are known as excellent guard and watch dogs. The difference between the barking among different breeds is the purpose and the degree of barking. Some of the dogs bark soft and low whiles others loud and hard.

Is the Barking a Training Issue?

Some of the trainers consider that the barking is actually due to the training of the dog. If inappropriate training is given to the dog, it can start barking at the very same moment. The people who have dogs that are barking constantly are actually responsible for that barking.

Why is like that? Some of the breeds are more impulsive and can get excited easily, while the others are more calmed. Not all of the dogs are actually quiet and lazy, there are a lot of breeds that can bark for some time and then be quiet for longer time.

How to Prevent the Dog Barking?

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t know why your dog is not barking anymore? Some of the breeds have the characteristic of barking for some period and then being quiet for some longer period. The barking can be prevented since it is considered as a part of the training process. If you dedicate enough attention to your dog and provide the needed care, then you will learn how to prevent the barking.

Most of the dog have fur coat year-round in order to live comfy in the low temperatures during the winter. If you are living in some cold area, then it would be important to choose the best tools and provide the needed care for your dog. If the dog doesn’t feel loved or if it feels like the owner is not dedicating enough attention to it, then it can start barking.

You can prevent the barking, if your dog is barking too much, in a way so you can always draw the attention away of the dog or you can start playing as well. This way the dog will be busy and will not bark.

Some training is also useful if you want to prevent the dog of barking, especially if you are living in a calm and quiet neighborhood and you don’t want your dog to be the only one making all the noise.

Why are Dogs Barking?

They bark for several reasons. As we said before, they can bark as a sign of communication in order to communicate with the other dogs. Another reason for barking is if someone gets into the property and the dog can serve as an alarm. Some of the dogs can also bark if a command is given to them to bark. Others would bark if they want to attract the attention of some other dogs. But some of the dogs bark because of fear.

The Varieties of Barking

Since we learnt the dogs can bark for different reasons, so we need to ensure ourselves that we know the right reason for the barking of the dog. Let’s say for example if an intruder is wandering on your property and you have very quiet dog, the dog will not do anything to alert you or to make the intruder to go away. This is the disadvantage of the dogs that they can barely bark. Not to mention the Basenji breed that has different communication with low intensity howling.

How to Stop the Barking?

The barking can be stopped in several ways. You can take some actions like closing the mouth of the dog, but be careful so the dog is not too much angry, because it might hurt you. Do this slowly, first with one hand try to draw the attention of the dog to the other side, and when the dog is focused on your hand, you can easily catch its mouth and gently close it.

Another intervention is if you make your dog to carry something. For example if the dog starts with the excessive barking, make it to bring some present or some object from the house, or just fetch some toy and the dog will immediately go after it. The dogs cannot bark when they are holding a toy, so this is pretty much smart strategy to stop your dog from barking.

Barking on a command is also another strategy that is used while the training of the dog. If you command to your dog to bark with the command “speak”, you need to make sure that the dog is not eating anything. Like the way you have taught your dog to bark, you can also teach it not to bark, with similar techniques.

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Preventing your dog from barking might be a problem for you if you don’t discover the reason for barking. Every dog barks with different reason and every dog does not bark for a different reason. Make sure you know that you have a quiet dog as a pet house so you don’t face some misunderstandings.

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