How to Find the Best Small Dog Breeds that Will Fit the Most in Family?

The small dog breeds are very cute and lovely and you will love having them as a part of your family. They are also very popular and they are sometimes hard do find at the shelters because they are very popular and people are searching for these types of dogs. Small dogs are considered the dog breeds under 25 pounds. There are also dog breeds under 10 pounds and dog breeds under 20 pounds, which are even smaller dogs.

Why the small breeds are so popular and why do people love them? They require less exercise than the large dogs, since they are smaller, require less space and you can have them in your lap without any problem, they are easier to maintain and are easy to pick up and walk with them around. The small dogs are also easier to travel with in airplanes, car or RV, they are easier to groom, manage and control.

People that live in condos, apartments or flats usually have these breeds. They are also recommended for children and older citizens, since they are known as cute, lovely and calm dogs that you can always entertain with.

1. Why the Mixed Breeds are Popular?

2. Which Dogs are Considered as Small Breeds?

2.1 The Affenpischer

2.2 The American Eskimo

2.3 The Bichon Frise

2.4 The Australian Terrier

2.5 The Border Terrier

2.6 The Bolognese

2.7 The Boston Terrier

2.8 Brussels Griffon

2.9 The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

2.10 The Cairn Terrier

2.11 The Cesky Terrier

2.12 The Chinese Crested

2.13 Chihuahua

2.14 Cotton de Tulear

2.15 English Toy Spaniel

2.16 The Dachshund

2.17 Havanese

2.18 The French Bulldog

2.19 The Japanese Chin

2.20 Italian Greyhound

2.21 Lhasa Apso

2.22 Lancashire Heeler

2.23 Maltese

2.24 The Jack Russel Terrier

3. Small or Large Breed?

4. Conclusion

Why the Mixed Breeds are Popular?

These breeds are popular because they are healthier than those dogs from pure breeds, they live longer than the pure breed dogs, and they are friendlier since several breeds are in them, they are easier to entertain and they look different. If you want a mixed breed that will have characteristics of few breeds, then you might probably re-consider and have one small breed.

The small breeds often want to dominate in the house where they live and is difficult to socialize them. From 4 weeks old they cannot be socialized and they need a family that can be understandable with them and that will know how to deal with these puppies that never grow. There are also the smallest dog breeds that are less than 10 pounds, and there are also small to medium sized dogs that are between 20 and 30 pounds.

The small dogs should not be given the opportunity to lead because they are known as greedy and dominant and you must not let them to think like they are the bosses.

Which Dogs are Considered as Small Breeds?

The Affenpischer


Is also called Affen and is a small dog that is similar to the Terrier by the constitution. It has thick, short and wiry coat and wisps that are falling on the face. It has round eyes, squared face and short nose. The ears and the tail is 1/3 of the tail.

The American Eskimo

American Eskimo

Is very miniature dog that is very playful and affectionate. This dog is just charming and you will instantly fall in love with it. The shape of the mouth and the eyes is giving an appearance like the dog is smiling. It belongs in the family of small breeds.

The Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

Is known by the puffy coat. It can easily get along with the family members, especially with the children since it is affectionate dog. It requires only some daily walks like a minimal exercise and slightly more grooming maintenance since the coat is growing fast and too much.

The Australian Terrier

Australian Terrier

Is another small dog with short legs, long head, and ears in a shape of triangle, dark nose, very strong bite and strong chest. The coat is straight and rough while the undercoat can be smooth and short.

The Border Terrier

Border Terrier

Is called small spunky because it has double coat and coarse, dark eyes, small ears and black nose. It is very active and alert dog that was used for hunting.

The Bolognese


Is small breed that has fluffy and white coat and no undercoat. It is actually a toy dog and is similar with Bichon Havanese and Bichon Frese. The ears are wide apart and the head is with average length.

The Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Is an American small breed that is muscled and that wants to go on regular walks. It is one of the most popular breeds in USA and is very intelligent.

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

Is originally from Brussels and is very intelligent small breed dog that attracts the attention of the people. It is very happy and active dog that requires more attention than the other small breeds and it is a perfect family member and companion.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Is very beautiful small dog with fluffy ears and beautiful eyes. It is small and muscular dog that has silky coat that can be black or white. The tail is docked sometimes and is known as a dog that lives in an apartment.

The Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier

Is also another excellent choice if you want to have a small breed and is very active hard-working dog. The head is shorter and wider than the other terriers and it has the facial appearance like a fox. It is very active dog that wants to go on walks and is ready all the time if the owner decides to take it away anytime.

It is always energetic and alert, and starts growling if it sees some strangers in the house or at the property. This would be the perfect small breed if you want small, but energetic breed.

The Cesky Terrier

Cesky Terrier

Is another member of the terrier family that belongs in the small breeds. It has shaggy coat, shaggy mustache and eyebrows. It has long body and is not heavy. The ears have a form of a triangle and the tail is not docked. They are calm dogs and are the perfect choice for having them in apartments.

The Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested

Is also very intelligent small breed that can be the perfect fit in your family. You can find this breed in 2 varieties, without hair, where the dog has hair only on the feet, tail and head, while the other variety is the powder puff breed that has long coat. The body of these dogs can be either small or medium and can have various colors, with spots or mixed.



Is known as a small dog with big ears, dark eyes and strong body. It is also known that is an eccentric breed and people used to joke that it is not actually a dog but rather a descendant of the rats. The coat can be long or short and the body is not longer than the height. Can be in brown, black, tan, chestnut and fawn color and is one of the most popular small breeds.

Cotton de Tulear

Cotton de Tulear

Is also small, furry and rare dog breed with white coat and round eyes. It originates from Madagascar and was name by some sea port of Tulear in Island. It has hair like cotton, brown, yellow coat with some spots in black color in the ears or the head. It is a perfect family member and companion.

English Toy Spaniel

English Toy Spaniel

Is very affectionate and amazing dog that is known being cheerful, gentle and playful. Sometimes this breed can be timid and sometimes very sociable id the person has some different and more loving approach.

The Dachshund


Is also known as small dog that is very energetic, affectionate, and curious and are hard to train because it is known as very active dog. If you want some calm dog that you can train easily, then forget about this dog.



Is cute little dg that is one of the most favorite one. It is also known as a circus dog. These dogs are excellent as watch dogs and are very intelligent, responsive, attached to the family members, gentle and affectionate. They are also very affectionate with the children especially and can get along with them.

The French Bulldog

French Bulldog

Is affectionate and cheerful dog that wants to play. It is very friendly, but some of the males can be aggressive sometimes.

The Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin

Is also a small dog that can be used as watchdog. It is very obedient and can learn a lot of tricks. They want to be the center of attention, but they don’t bark.

Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound

Is another playful small bread that loves walking. Is very affectionate, submissive and gentle dog that is very popular in Paris.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso

Is smart small dog that has long coat, ears covered with the hairy coat and black nose. The eyes are small and round and are also used as watchdog. It is very active dog that can be trained well and has a deep bark.

Lancashire Heeler

Lancashire Heeler

Is also friendly small dog that is devoted to the family where is living and also can be good watchdog. It is also alert and can bark when sees some strangers in the house or on the property. It cannot be trained very easy, but is an excellent choice as a family member.



Is also very playful and cheerful dog that is also very famous. The owners can train it easily and cannot function well when is in a company with the other pets.

The Jack Russel Terrier

Jack Russel Terrier

Is small dog that is very athletic, passionate, sometimes obsessive dog that wants to be active. It is not suitable for living in an apartment, so you need to re-consider your decision if you are living in a flat. It is affectionate and can get along with every member of the family. It requires more exercise than the other small breeds and can be very friendly with the strangers.

It is also fearless dog that should never be left alone, because it can easily get in t fight or make some disorder in the house and ruin your furniture. The Jack Russel is intelligent dog that responds to the training obediently and can learn fast, almost everything. If you provide the right companionship, exercise, confidence and mental stimulation to this breed, you will have the best dog.

Why would you choose this dog? Because it is sturdy, looks natural, it is very energetic and intense, athletic, alert and can be a good dogwatch, sociable, friendly with strangers, learns new tricks very fast and it is just simple, it’s the right choice for you.

Why wouldn’t you choose this dog? If you don’t want to deal with a dynamic temperament in a dog, spend much time in providing the needed exercise, or constant shedding, then you need to look for another small breed.

Small or Large Breed?

You might be wondering which breed dog to choose. Some of the people like huge dogs, while other like some small, cute and lovely dogs that you can take in your lap or on your shoulder and easily carry them everywhere with you.

Some of the people usually get the smaller breeds because they are easier to travel with and require less maintenance. But if you have been struggling on which breed to choose, then you need to read few things before deciding on the dog that you will have.

Owners now want the dogs to be in a size of a handbag. The people are more interested in having smaller dogs and 48% of the population in USA is having a small breed in the house.

For children and older people is recommendable to have small dogs, because they are easier to maintain and require less time outdoors. They also require less exercise and have quite good memory even within years. The smaller pets are easier to maintain them if you are living in an apartment or a flat, are easier to travel with and have less required vaccination environments.

Since the smaller dogs also require less food, it is cheaper for the people having smaller dog since less money will be spend. You can easily learn about the specific foods that your dog is eating and you will have few products for choosing and you will always know how much budget you will need for the maintenance of the dog.

The large breeds are more prone to hip dysplasia, arthritis or twisted stomachs while the small ones are more prone to dislocated kneecaps, periodontal disease and diabetes mellitus. Appropriate care needs to be provided to each breed.

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I would recommend you to choose the dog breed that will suit you or your family the most, if you live with them. The small dogs require less exercise and maintenance and you can easily deal with this new member of the family. The small breeds are known for being affectionate, loyal and dedicated to the owners and the family members where they are living, so you will have one loyal companion for life.

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