How to Live with a Small White Dog Breed?

The small white dog is a perfect pet for your home. There are different types of this breed, like fluffy, long haired and curly haired. The small white fluffy dog is wonderful and your children will love playing with it. But when it comes to choosing a name for this little creature, then you need to think of the best one. The names for white dogs are quite lot and you can search on the Internet and find different suggestions.

1. How to Find a Name?

2. Finding a Name Based on the Color

3. How to Choose the Best Name for Small Long Haired White Dog Breeds?

4. Name Suggestions

5. What are the Cutest White Dog?

5.1 West Highland White Terrier

5.2 Maltese

5.3 Bichon Frise

5.4 Bolognese

5.5 Japanese Spitz

5.6 Pomeranian

5.7 Chinese Crested

6. Conclusion

How to Find a Name?

Every dog needs a name, like every human needs a name. How would you call your dog if you want to give food to it, or what will you say if the dog is outdoors but you need it to come inside? Even the dogs learn their names and know when they are called by their owners. Finding a name for this small breed can be based on the origin of the breed, on the hair of the breed or after some famous dog.

You just need to let your imagination work, and the inspiration for choosing a name will come by itself. A lot of the people choose some boy or girl name like for humans because they usually see the dog as a little baby.

Finding a Name Based on the Color

A lot of the dogs have white coat, so it is easy to name the dog based on some white flowers like Lily or Cotton. These actually sound kind of cool so you can easily get used to this dog name. Also Aspen, Yukon and Alaska are favorite names for white dogs, especially if you have small white dog with curly hair.

What about Milky, Dove, Diamond or Chalky? These sound pretty good and are all based on the white color. Choosing a name of this type can give your dog’s name some logic on why is called like that.

Other suggestions are to give the name to your dog by some dog characters from the movies, TV shows, books or comics. Bolt is one of those names that is usually given to these breeds. The name can also be based on the food or the drink. You can check a lot of these names online.

Also you can use some foreign words and add some twisting or re-translating of the name in your own words and this way combining two or more words in order to get one and original. For example you can choose the name Blanca for your female breed, since this name means “white” in the Spanish language. If you have a French Poodle (we have article about what do Poodles eat) or Chihuahua, then this would be the perfect name.

How to Choose the Best Name for Small Long Haired White Dog Breeds?

If you were choosing the name for your small long haired white dog breed and you couldn’t decide on a good one yet, then you need to make some rules and follow them in order to give a good name for your dog. If more of the members in the family are participating in the choosing process, then you need to vote and each of the members would vote for the name that he/she likes the most.

Say each of the names that were given as suggestions once and loud in order to see which one suits the most by the appearance of your dog. Try pronouncing the names gently, softly, or loudly and if you can’t find a proper name this way, then you will have to ask for some advice of someone who can give you good name suggestions.

Name Suggestions

Here are some of the name suggestions for this small white breed: Karo, Lacy, Arctic, Alpine, Avalanche, Lunar, Klondike, Kaya, Marble, Beluga, Bianco, Mayo, Blanc, Misty, Blizzard, Camille, Clorox, Casper, Carnation, Cloudy, Powder, Pearl, Sands, Puff, Coconut, Sparkle, Snowy, Snoopy, Tofu, Swan, Daisy, Fluffy, Ivory, Igloo and lot more.

What are the Cutest White Dog?

Since the dogs can be found in all shapes, sizes and colors, the white and small breeds with long or curly hairs are the best one. They are amazing and incredibly cute animals that will make you fall in love with them immediately. Here are some of the cutest small white breeds.

West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier

This breed is 2 inches long and has 2 layers of hair. It has black nose and is in the form of a button and also has pure white coat. As an owner you will need more effort in the maintenance of the dog and the grooming is required if you want to keep the fur white. This breed is an independent one that is also very intelligent and active. It is also friendly and wants to play. Can live up to 16 years.



This dog is also pure white breed that can have some variations of light ivory in the color. It is covered with silky hair that is long and has no undercoat. Some of the owners tie the hair of the dog in different haircuts, so the dog can look very cute and very funny sometimes. Some of the owners decide to clip the hair of the dog in order to give less maintenance. This dog loves its owner; it is very active and playful.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is another pure breed of white color and can also include some apricot and cream variations. There is no undercoat while the outer one is curly. This dog needs to be given proper care because the coat needs to be brushed daily and groomed monthly. This breed is an active one that wants to play; it is very cute and wants to cuddle as well. Can live up to 13 years.



Another pure breed that is fluffy and with big brown eyes and a nose in a form of a button. It originates from Italy as we can see by the breed name and requires daily brushing. It has little hair and is very playful and active dog. Also is very committed to its owner and is happy living with humans. Can live up to 16 years.

Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz is pure breed dog with white color with soft undercoat and long hair. It has rounded ears and curly tail. The hair needs to be brushed daily and groomed monthly. It is very intelligent and active dog. It is loyal and loves its owner. Can live up to 16 years.



Pomeranian is a small white breed dog that has some other variations in the color like brown, tan, grey and sometimes scent of black. It is a tiny dog that has long outer coat and dense undercoat. It requires high maintenance and needs to be brushed more often. It is active and friendly dog. Can live up to 16 years.

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested

This breed is also named as “powder puff” because it has a fur like a powder. Apricot, cream and black colors can be variations of this dog. It requires high maintenance and daily brushing. It is incredibly cute a friendly dog that can live up to 14 years.

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As a conclusion, I would recommend you to get a dog of this breed if you have been thinking of getting one, because these dogs are not just cute, they are amazing companions and family members.

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