Tramadol for Dogs – the Best Pain Medication for Your Canine Pet

As a passionate dog owner, you will certainly not like to see your beloved pet suffering from pain. However, for various reasons, you pet might suffer from acute pain that can hamper the solace of its living and well being. In those instances, you will require applying effective dog pain medication that can produce a relief from pain.

Tramadol for dogs is considered one of the best dog pain medicine that can give comfort to the pooch in instances it catches up acute pain. This is a prescription drug for dogs that you can avail from all the leading Vet supply stores or pharmacies dealing with vet medicines.

Tramadol happens to be a pain reliever formulation that is used in treating moderate to severe pain. This medicine gets classified as a controlled substance, falling in the category of Schedule IV.

Vets suggest this medicine for treating chronic pain and it can produce relief from various types of pain, arising from various factors. This medicine comes effective in treating the Post surgical pain in dogs as well. In some instances, vets suggest this medicine along with drugs of nonsteroidal, anti inflammatory meds for dogs or as as an alternative to this category of medicine.

In recent time, this medicine is widely prescribed by vets across the world as it comes effective in treating the cause and comes absolutely safe, if served in the right dose for the adequate span of time. As such, it is obvious that pet owners will rate this medicine on high notes.

1. Mechanism of Action & Pharmacokinetics of Tramadol

2. Contraindications of Tramadol – a Point that is Crucially Important to Know

3. Benefits of Tramadol

4. Tramadol Dosage for Dogs

5. Overdose of Tramadol In Dogs

6. Will it Be Safe to Serve this Pain Killer to the Dogs?

7. Side Effects that are Likely to Come Up

8. How to Buy?

9. Frequently Asked Questions

10. Final Verdict

Mechanism of Action & Pharmacokinetics of Tramadol

Before delving deeper into the topic, it is important to know how these dog pain killers work. This information will give you a clear estimation of the worthiness of the medicine as well as the key areas of threats, associated with abusive use of this medicine.

The exact mechanism by which this medicine works is yet unknown, however, Vets state that the mechanism is somewhere similar to Morphine. Just like this medicine, Tramadol blocks and binds the Opid receptors that plays a crucial role in the transmission of the feeling of pain all through the body.

This medicine happens to be a Codeine, Synthetic analogue of 4-Phenyl –Piperidine. As Serotonnin and Norepinephrine have got the involvement in centralized pain modulation, it steps up the analgesic effects of this medicine that is produced by the activity of Opid binding.

The binary mechanism for the action of this medicine explains the lesser potential for abuse and respiratory depression to a lesser significant extent as well as other negative impacts that can be typically observed in the conventional Opioids. This point accounts for the reason as why this medicine is considered to come effective in instances of treating chronic pain that is likely to have resistance to Opioid.

Tramadol’s Pharmacokinetics were studied in Six Research Beagles, however, the study never got into the investigation on the Pharmacodynamics of this medicine. As it comes up from the course of this observation, the medicine features the presence of M1, which is an active Metabolite.

This data accounted for the elimination of Half-life at a massive rate that indicates towards dosage at shorter frequencies in dogs, compared with the frequency suggested in human applications.

The outcome of this observation established the reason as why vets and pet owners use to recommend this drug for dogs on very high notes.

Contraindications of Tramadol – a Point that is Crucially Important to Know

Explained in simple terms, Contraindications refers to the specific instances wherein it is not suggested to use any medical procedure or drug or not to undergo any surgical method as such instances can trigger adverse effects.

Though tramadol HCL for dogs comes as an effective pain relief medication, it is obvious that the drug will have contraindications towards certain instances. Following are some of the key points in this regard.

To start with, this medicine should not be served to Canine, having records of Seizure in the recent past. It is for the reason that this medicine is likely to intensify the trouble. Likewise, the medicine is unsuitable for dogs, undergoing any nursing process as well as during the course of pregnancy as it gets transmitted to the pups from the mother.

In the opinion of the vets, Contraindication of Tramadol is likely to appear if served to dogs, suffering from the ailments of the kidney and/or liver.

Serving tramadol 50mg for dogs in either of these instances, will trigger devastating outcome that can even result in the death of the pet. It is for these reasons that Tramadol has been made a prescription drug and under no instances, you should try to buy these medicines over the counters, without the prescription.

Likewise, if the Vet is suggesting this medicine for your pet, please disclose the names of all the medicines that you have been serving to the your pet or have served in the recent past. It is for the reason that Tramadol has got contraindications to certain types of medicines and if Tramadol is served in parallel to these formulations, there are every chances for the life threat to the dog.

Benefits of Tramadol

If you are going to serve this medicine to your pooch for the first time, it is obvious that you will be wondering about the potential benefits that your dog can reap from this medicine. Put in a nutshell, following are the key benefits of serving Tramadol to your pet:

  • Tramadol comes highly effective in eliminating pain of both chronic and acute types in moderate to severe levels of intensity.
  • This medicine can give instant relief from pain to pooches suffering from Osteoarthritis.
  • Can produce relief from pain that is rising due to general injuries and other conditions of health.
  • Relieves post surgical pains.
  • Pain that arises due to any types of cancer or Lameness.
  • No side effects occur if you are sticking to the right tramadol dose for dogs

While discussing the benefits of using this medicine, it will be especially relevant to state that Tramadol, not being a conventional Opioid medicine, never triggers addictions in dogs. This is the most prominent cons of the typical drugs of the Opioid category.

Thus, it is relatively a safe medication for dogs, if served in the exact dosage as prescribed by the Vet. This is one of the major factors beyond the popularity of this medicine as pain killers for dogs.

Tramadol Dosage for Dogs

Though the package label of the drug states the tramadol dosage for dogs that usually suggest the oral consumption of the pill in intervals of 8 to 12 hours, the best approach should be to follow the instruction, suggested by the Vet.

It is for the reason that depending on the cause of the pain, the general health of the dogs, ongoing medicines, the intensity and type of the pain as well as the aging of the dog, Vets are likely to suggest a different dosage, varying in a case-to-case basis. Hence, there are chances that you end up serving higher or lesser dosage that will not only effect the healing, but can trigger devastating outcome.

On the other hand, if you are serving this medicine in the right extent and for the perfect span of time, you can not only ensure that the medicine works effectively, but it comes safe.

Hence, for the dose of this medicine, you should take the recommendations from the Vets as the abiding term. Doing so, you can shield the pet from the probable side effects that the overdose of this medicine is likely to trigger.

Overdose of Tramadol In Dogs

In all instances, overdose should be refrained. There are certain symptoms that will pinpoint that you have served the medicine in an extent that passes the permissible limits.

It is likely to include, but not limited to, salivation at an excessive rate, drowsiness, loss of consciousness, vomiting tendencies, and several other outcomes that can affect the well being of the dog. Most importantly, overdose can lead the way for development of resistance to this medicine, after which the drug will not produce any positive outcome.

Though the symptoms of overdose suggested above can arise due to other factors, but, if you see these troubles to persist longer than usual, you should immediately seek the guidance of the Vets for the remedial measure.

Just like overdose, some complications are likely to arise while withdrawing from the serving of this medicine. Vets will be able to guide you how to win over those challenges.

It is to ensure the effectiveness of the medicine as well as to secure the health of the dog that you should stick to the dose as recommended by the vet.

Will it Be Safe to Serve this Pain Killer to the Dogs?

In spite of the fact that there can come up brutal consequences as an outcome of abusing this medicine, on the other hand, serving the drug in the right dose, suggested by the vets, comes safe to the health of the dog. However, to stay on the safer side, it is wise to follow the cases of Contraindications as discussed in the paragraphs above.

As a safety instruction, you should refrain from serving MAOIs and SSRIs in parallel to these medicines as it can trigger casualty. Likewise, You should not serve Digoxoin along with Tradamol as it can play a toxic role in such instance.

Side Effects that are Likely to Come Up

As observations suggest, certain sets of tramadol side effects in dogs are likely to come up when you serve this medicine to the canine pets. However, if you are sticking to the right dose, these complications will last for the initial days only. Following are the most common side effects observed in dogs:

  • Upset stomach and/or loss of appetite
  • The heart beat can go slower that the usual rate
  • Constipation
  • Feeling of anxiety
  • The dog can have a drowsy feeling
  • Vomiting tendency
  • Nausea
  • Seizures

In addition to these common side effects, in certain instances, the following troubles are likely to come up

  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Skin rashes and itching sensation
  • Outburst of Diarrhea
  • The vision getting blurred
  • Feeling of Dizziness
  • Allergic reactions can come up in instances a number of these symptoms are evident.

In majority of the cases, these symptoms are observed for a shorter span of time. However, if the troubles are continuing for longer span, you need to seek adequate medical assistance. In instances the side effects get to an alarming extent, vets suggest to stop the serving of Tramadol for dogs.

How to Buy?

Tramadol is available at all the major online and offline pharmacies, Serving vet medicines as well as at selected pet supply stores. To buy this medicine, you will have to produce the prescription from a registered Vet.

It is important that you consult the Vet before buying this medicine to ensure that this will be suitable and safe for the health of the pooch. Additionally, you may refer to the reviews on tramadol for dogs that will enable you to find the features and the Pros & Cons of this medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs take tramadol?

Dogs can certainly take Tradamol, provided it is served in the right dose and the animal is not going through any instances that can trigger adverse outcome from the serving of this medicine.

How much tramadol can I give my dog?

The dosage as well the as the span for serving this medicine will be determined by the Vet, considering the extent of the trouble as well as other health conditions of the dog. Your responsibility will be to follow the guideline, recommended by the vet.

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Final Verdict

Tramadol for dogs is considered the safest pain relief formulation till the time it is served in the right dose to the pet. Reviews on this medicine from pet owners that have tried it on their dogs, come highly positive and it should give you the confidence to serve this formulation to the pet.

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