How to Provide the Best Wolf Dog Food?

Before deciding to buy wolf dog and providing the best wolf dog food make sure that you know everything you need to know about these wild animals.

Wolf dogs are not used living with humans, so it might be a struggle when you get one.

It is not simple and easy to take care of such a dog, so inform yourself about the feeding of the dog, the vaccination program, the diet, the environment where the dog would live and which one is the most suitable, etc.

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1 of 7. Should You Let Your Children Near the Wolf Dog?

Probably not.

Urban wolf-dogs want to play and love playing with children.

But the pet can unintentionally hurt the child and the child can start crying.

When you are going to help the child and take it away from the wolf-dog, it will think that you want to steal the toy from him.

They will start holding the child even tighter and this can lead to a disaster.

So, never let your children play around the wolf dogs.

And if you think that your canine will hurt your child, then you should definitely need another breed.

2 of 7. What is the Best Living Environment for Wolf Dogs?

  • The wolf-dogs originate from the wilderness, so they need space. They can howl near the neighborhood, so you need to provide more land so it can be relaxed. Too much noise can cause stress for your pet. More land you provide, better for your canine.
  • This breed can kill the other canines or even the livestock. You need to be very careful about this and vaccinate the dog on time. The wolf-dog needs to receive rabies vaccination in order to not make attacks on the other animals. Still, if the canine is vaccinated and does attacks, then it will be killed and the brain will be analyzed, no matter if you agree or not with this.
  • You need to be cautious with him and take maximum care of it.
  • Make sure that there are no bushes or trees near the area where you will let your pet play because it can climb the tree and escape.
  • Make the shelter for the wolf-dog safe and secure so it can be protected from snow, rain, etc.
  • The wolf-dogs also can chew everything, so be aware of this.

3 of 7. Small Guide on How to Feed the Wolf Dogs

  • The wolf dogs and captive wolves need a good diet. The wolves in the wilderness feed on elk, moose, deer, bison, or some other animals, but the wolf dogs that are living with humans can enjoy the raw meat.
  • The raw bones are a great source of calcium for the wolf dogs and they do not need all the preservatives contained in the canine diet.
  • Raw turkey, beef, or chicken is the right choice for feeding your wolf with raw food.
  • The nutritional supplements improve the health of the wolf-dog and make it happier. Among the needed nutrients the wolf-dog needs are vitamins E, C, D, B, A, garlic – for the immune system, wheatgrass, pumpkin, some even like watermelon.
  • Wolf dogs want to drink a lot of water, so provide them constantly with clean water.
  • The diet should not be changed suddenly because its organism will act differently.

4 of 7. What is the Best Wolf Dog Food

  • Among the best canine diet is the one full of proteins. Depends on the geographic location where this canine can be found, they can eat different types of raw food, from different animals.
  • The wolf-dogs eat 1% of their body weight each day. A wolf-dog can eat up to 7 lbs in one day, but after that, it might not eat for a few days. This depends on how active is your pet.
  • Wolf dog food is available on the market where you can buy your canine the needed nutrients.
  • You can also make the food at home and you will not have to buy some frozen pet food and then prepare it.
  • The wolf-dog can also eat fruits and vegetables, so make sure you input in the feeding some of it from time to time.
  • The food needs to be warm when given, but maybe you can experiment once in a while and give your pet the food directly from the fridge.
  • They can also eat fur, which represents a good source of fiber.
  • In the end, you need to let your buddy choose the food, depending on its nutritional needs.

5 of 7. What is the Blue Wolf Food Consisted Of?

  • The blue wolf food reviews have shown that these products are rich in proteins and consist of chicken, peas, salmon, dried eggs, tomato, chicken fat, fish, alfalfa meal, etc.
  • It is a great source of protein and fiber and gives your pet enough nutrients.

6 of 7. Wolf Dog Foods Reviews

Which products are the best for your wolf dog?

6.1. Urban Canine Meal Mixer

This meal is completely natural and can represent a great choice for a dog’s diet.

It has been tested on the breeds and it has been shown that it is the finest source of natural ingredients, and when it is mixed with oil and fresh meat, it becomes the best food.

Among the food ingredients present in the package are:

  • apple, cranberry, blueberry, ground flax, calcium carbonate, pecans, kelp,
  • almonds, carob, parsley, marjoram, ginger root, basil, lycopene,
  • dried carrots, spinach, alfalfa greens, sweet potatoes, and celery.


  • It is 75% organic and 100% grain-free;
  • It is simple to prepare it since no cooking is required, you just need to mix the meat, the oil and the water, plus the Urban Feed package and you will get the food ready very fast.
  • The present ingredients in the package fulfill the needs of the pet.
  • One package of 8 lb can be enough food for the canine for more than 2 months.


  • Your pet may not like it.

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6.2. Solid Gold Dry Holistic Meal

This is a dry, holistic food for large and medium adult pets.

Among the present ingredients are:

  • cranberries, blueberries,
  • almond oil, pumpkin,
  • lentils, kelp,
  • carrots, and broccoli.

These ingredients give the needed nutrients for your wolf-dog and the package contains 9 recipes.


  • Rich source of proteins and fiber that provide the best nutrients.
  • It contains no soy or wheat that causes allergy.
  • The package of this food contains monounsaturated and healthy fats.
  • It contains canola oil, salmon oil, and olive oil that keep the coat and the skin healthy.
  • The package also contains sweet potatoes, brown rice, and real bison which improve the level of proteins, and thus the health of your wolf.


  • Your pet might want more raw food instead of this food based on fruits and vegetables.

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6.3. Wilderness Blue Buffalo High Protein Wet Diet

Your pet needs the best meal, so why don’t you buy this Wilderness Blue Buffalo food which is high in protein and is mainly for adult canines?

It is made in the USA and all of the packages of this food are unique and combined with natural ingredients.

They are rich in meat and are very delicious.

Since the pets are exposed to everyday stress, they can suffer from oxidative misbalance, so you need to provide the right food.


  • It contains antioxidants that keep your buddy healthy.
  • There are recipes for all sizes of the pet and can represent a healthy dinner for your furry friend.
  • Great source of kelp, vitamin E, C, beta carotene, blueberries, and barley grass.


  • The mood of the pet can vary.

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6.4. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy High Protein Meal

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness is rich in proteins and represents dry food for small puppies.

It contains real chicken and is grain-free food. There is no soy, wheat, or corn.

It can be found in packages of 24 lb and 4.5 lb.

The dog food with a wolf on the bag is the right choice for your little puppy.

You need to provide the appropriate care, so choose this product, while your pet is still a puppy.


  • Rich source of proteins and no soy or wheat are present;
  • It is a mixture of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and some essential fatty acids that are found in the milk;
  • It helps in the development of the cognitive functions and the retinal function.
  • Great source of calcium and phosphorus that help in the growth of the bones.


  • Your furry buddy might not react well to this meal, so you will need to change the canine diet.

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6.5. Taste of the Wild Meal for Puppy

This package of Wild Grain-Free Dry meal can be found in packages of 5, 25, and 30 pounds.

It contains a great grain-free formula with real roasted meat and protein sources that provide the best nutrition and energy for your puppy.

If you are still thinking about which food to choose while you are growing your puppy, this is one of your choices.

Among the ingredients present are:

  • lamb meal, buffalo, eggs, pea proteins, canola oil, tomato pomace,
  • roasted venison, potato fiber, flaxseed, fish meal,
  • salt, dried chicory root, blueberries, vitamin E,
  • zinc, copper, potassium iodide and much more.


  • It contains antioxidants because of the presence of fruits and vegetables and makes your puppy healthier.
  • Very rich source of proteins that helps in the growing process of the puppy;
  • It contains folic acid;


  • This might be too much for your puppy, so you might consider sometimes giving lighter food.

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6.6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Senior High Protein Wet Diet

You have grown your puppy and now you need to change the way of feeding.

You will need different types of diet that will satisfy the needs of your canine.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness is the brand that you need if you want to provide the best wolf dog food.

The brand contains 9 canned meals that are for adult pets.

Among the packages mainly the chicken grill is mixed with other types of meats, like trout, turkey, salmon, beef, or duck.

The wolf dog food reviews have shown that this meal is definitely among the best when it comes to making the diet for your wolf.


  • It is a great source of proteins;
  • It is a mixture of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins;
  • There is no poultry or any artificial ingredients;
  • No soy, wheat or corn;


  • The pet might be sensitive to this type of diet.

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Video: Wolf Hydrid Puppy

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7 of 7. Conclusion

In the end, resuming all these, we would recommend you to try these foods in the diet of your wolf and see the results immediately.

These are among the best diet and satisfy the needs of your pet.

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