10 Hacks to Help Your Cats and Dogs Get Along

Is it really possible for dogs and cats to be pals? We’ve all seen television shows and real life instances of these two kinds of animals not getting along at all. They don’t always have to be fighting with each other. In fact, they could be friendly toward one another most of the time. We have put together a list of 10 ways you can work with them or arrange their environment to make them friendly the majority of the time. Like siblings, they will fight from time to time, but they can be amenable for the majority, if you implement these simple hacks.

  1. Introduce Them at an Early Age

This isn’t always an option, but if you can have your cat and dog start living together when they are young, then they will be more likely to be fast friends. These animals tend to have good temperaments at a young age, and they will learn to adjust and be used to one another as they grow older. This is one of the best ways you can get them to be nice to each other.

  1. Play with Them Both at the Same Time

If your cat and dog are having trouble getting lengthen try spending time with both of them at once. Get them outside and running around the yard with you together. If they are inside animals, then you can get out some toys to play with them and entertain them both at the same time. You can teach them that they can work together or play in the same space.

  1. Feed Them at the Same Time

A lot of pet fights happen because one wants the other one’s food. If you feed them at the exact same time, then there will be fewer fights about food. You can also feed them separately until they start getting along with each other. Once they are friendlier, put their dishes together to get them used to occupying the same small space.

  1. Give Them Separate Living Spaces

Pets need their own space to inhabit, especially when they sleep or eat. If they are not getting along, then be sure you give your pets some personal space. The cat in particular will feel safer if it has a space away from the dog where the dog cannot reach it. Give your cat a space on top of a dresser or shelf or somewhere out of the reach of the dog. Then it can feel at ease and know it has a safe place to escape to if a fight starts.

  1. Wear Out Your Dog

A lot of fights between the dog and cat start because the dog is chasing the cat. Your dog may just have too much energy, so if you take him for walks or runs each day and make sure he gets lots of attention, he will feel less inclined to chase the cat.

  1. Make the First Meeting a Calm One

You don’t want your dog and cat to meet each other when they are excited, so make sure both animals are calm and relaxed before introducing them. This creates a great first impression that can form into a bond of friendship over time.

  1. Keep Them Separated Every Now and Then

Your pets may get along okay at times, but other times they will start fighting with each other for no reason. This could be because they are tired and irritable. They may need some separate time every so often, so you can put them in different rooms and close the doors or put one outside and one inside to give them some space. This lets them relax and not always be at each other’s throats. They say that with familiarity, contempt is bred, and this is true of animals as well.

  1. Keep Them Apart when You Are Not There

Your pets may fight a lot when you are not around, so if you leave them in the same space without supervision, that can lead to problems. This is true even if they normally get along. It’s a good idea to separate them when you are not going to be watching them, and that can avoid the kinds of fights that break the bond between the pets.

  1. Show Them Love at the Same Time

You can be the bond that brings them together. When you show both of them that you love them through petting, feeding, playing and attention, you can also show them that they share a common bond. Their love for you can grow into a friendship for at least a tolerance for one another. They will often exhibit good behavior around you just to gain your approval.

  1. Reward Good Behavior toward Each Other

You may not be able to change your cat’s behavior with reward and scolding, but you can easily get your dog to change the way it behaves with these treatment methods. Try for a positive enforcement rather than scolding, though, as the behavior is more likely to change permanently this way. If your dog is getting along with the cat or letting the cat interfere with its food without causing a scene, then you should reward your dog with love, attention and even snacks. If you can get just one of the animals to not be aggressive and irritable toward the other, then your battle is mostly won.

It’s possible to have your two pets get along very well. Just use the hacks we’ve given you to make them fast friends in no time.


About the author: David Cohen is a content editor at  felineculture.com – a site for happy, healthy, and adventurous cats who are fuelled by nature.