4health Dog Food

4health dog food is one of the best foods for dogs that contain the needed ingredients and the packages can be for adult dogs or puppies. The brand is marketed as premium and is considered to have the optimal nutrition value for the health of the dog.

The retail store called Tractor Supply Company has produced this new product in 2010 and since then has become the leading product for improving the health of the dog. The feeding guide also provides you the needed information where you can see how much to give to the dog and how many times per day.

The dog food formula can be found in wet and dry varieties, and also a grain-free formula is added in this 4health food. The dog food ingredients provide the needed nutrition for your dog where you can have healthy and happy family member. The price of the dog food is lower than the others and is considered to be 20% less than the national brands that provide the same quality.

1. Who is the Manufacturer?

2. Rating

3. What the 4health Formula Provides?

4. Some Facts About 4health Food

5. Is 4health Fog Good Being Recalled?

6. Detailed Information About the Ingredients

7. Percentage of Nutrients

8. What are the Claims of the Product?

9. What are the Dry Foods of this Brand?

10. Review of 4health Salmon & Potato Formula for Adult Dogs

11. Additional Ingredients in the Food

12. What is the Quality of the Ingredients?

13. Conclusion

Who is the Manufacturer?

The 4health dog food is owned by Tractor Supply Company, but is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, which is a pet food production in Missouri, California and South Carolina as well. It was considered that the company was not trustworthy and that the ingredients that are in the formula of the package can come in overseas, so the consumers are not very persuaded in the use of the food.

Still the results and the 4health food recall have shown that the food is completely safe to use since thousands of consumers are purchasing the product for their dogs.

The tractor supply 4health retail store might not be available everywhere, sometimes is only available in the stores, so if you are nearby the location of Tractor Supply Company, you will have access to the products.


This dog food rates pretty high in the pet organizations, so we can say that the ingredients in the product make it definitely safe and satisfying since the dogs are very healthy and happy after consummation of the product for certain time.

The company that owns the product claims that inside the package, the content of ingredients consists of omega fatty acids, 3 and 6, a high percentage of antioxidants, no artificial flavors, colors, no soy, wheat or corn, fresh meat for the presence of healthy fats and proteins. The owners of the dogs claim that after the use of this food, the coat, the teeth, weight, stool consistency and the overall health of the dog have improved.

What the 4health Formula Provides?

It provides the needed balance of the nutrients that are needed for the dog, and since we have 4health grain free puppy food and adult food, the testimonials have shown that the best ingredients in the product are cracked pearled barley, millet, chicken, chicken meal and brewers rice and that they provide the needed amount of proteins for the body of the dog.

The cracked pearled barley is excellent source of fiber, but there are some owners that don’t like the presence of the ingredient and consider it as filler, nothing more. It is better to have the barley than the wheat, soy or corn present in the product because some of the dogs might be allergic to some of these ingredients and the digestion cannot be performed smoothly.

It is difficult to find the information about the manufacturer and owner of this pet food since the brand is labeled as private and the information is not available on their website, or the one that is available gives us the following:

It is claimed that the ingredients inside the different packages of the canned dog food, dry and wet dog food contain ocean fish meal, salmon, potatoes, peas and cracked pearled barley. The ocean fish meal and the salmon are among the most important since they give the high amount of proteins for the dog.

The concentration of meat contains high percentage of proteins than the raw meat that is included in some of the other dog foods. This formula also contains dried chicory root and some dried fermentation products, so these nutrients are convenient for the digestive tract and improve its function.

The metabolism of the dog is improved as well because the presence of antioxidants, selenium and vitamin E increase the function of the digestion system and inhibit the enzymes.

The crude fat content is considered to be 14% in the package, while the crude protein content is 25%. The crude fiber content is 3%. It is the best formula to make your dog healthy and keep the overall health for long time.

Some Facts About 4health Food

Some of the facts indicate about the healthy ingredients included in the package of this dog food and provide us with further information about its use.

The brand line includes different packages and foods like Grain Free Duck & Potato Dog Food, 4health Grain Free Turkey & Potato Dog Food, 4health Grain Free Pork & Potato Dog Food, 4health Healthy Weight Dog Food, 4health Grain Free Whitefish, Potato, & Pea Formula for Adult Cats.

The headquarters of the company are in Powel Place, Brentwood TN, 37027.

The contact information in accessing the company is 877-718-6750.

Is 4health Dog Food Being Recalled?

This food has been recalled but in the manufacture of the cat food that had low levels of thiamine and vitamin B1 that was very important for the cats.

The company was also recalled for the presence of salmonella in the food, but all of these statements were refused after it was proven that no salmonella was found in the packages. The company is improving constantly the formula of the food in order to provide the best ingredients for the dogs and cats.

The reviews also analyze the ingredients of the product, the certifications and the marketing that has been used in the production process. The dog food formula that was chosen to represent the line of the company for the dry dog food was 4health Chicken and Rice Adult food, based on the ingredients present in the package. The source of nutrients meets the requirements and values of the dogs.

Detailed Information About the Ingredients

The ingredients that are in the content of the food also include potassium chloride, choline chloride, chicken fat, dried plain beet pulp, flaxseed, natural chicken flavor, glucosamine hydrocjloride, zinc proteinate, copper sulfate, ascorbic acid, vitamin A supplement, biotin, B12 supplement, riboflavin, folic acid, vitamin D, ferrous sulfate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, salt, Yucca schidigera extract, copper proteinate, manganous oxide, potassium iodide, thiamine mononitrate, calcium pantothenate and niacin.

These ingredients keep your dog healthy and provide the needed nutrients. The chicken is a combination of skin and flesh and can also contain some feathers and bones. It is the best source of proteins for the dogs and some of the ingredients that are listed show that the raw chicken contains 80% of water which provides better cooking.

The chicken meal is reduced in size while the meat meal is the dried product that contains high amounts of amino acid.

The cracked pearled barley contains 8% of sound barley, 6% of foreign material, 3% of heat damaged kernels, 10% of wild oats and 20% of other grains. This provides the needed carbohydrates for your dog, and the needed fibers that provide the best health benefits.

The millet is gluten-free cereal that is also considered as small grass grain and is an ecological food used in the pet food formulas. It is rich in vitamin B and fiber as well. The brewer’s rice contains rice kernels that are white and is used for improving the digestion at the dog and providing more energy. The ingredient is considered to be highly digestible and high source of energy like the brown rice. It is completely safe and most commonly used in the pet foods.

The chicken fat contains the poultry tissue and we can see the presence of tocopherols. Since the fats are also important for the dog, only the healthy ones are allowed. The fats are required for having balanced diet and the chicken fat is extremely healthy and a high source of healthy fats and quality ingredients.

There are also antioxidants in the formula and the vitamin E is derived from the fish and nuts and the vegetable oils that are used in these foods. They are completely safe for using and the health benefits are increasing with further use in future.

The plain dried beet pulp is the dried residue from the sugar beets and is one of the most common ingredients in the pet foods. It contains insoluble fiber and improves the stool in the dogs. Some of the studies have shown that the beet pulp can be used as alternative source of fibers because provides a lot of benefits for the pets.

The natural chicken flavor can be derived from some chemicals, supposedly naturally, but it is still derived in a laboratory. It is used only as a term, but is a substance that is obtained from the animal source or a plant.

These types of flavors are used to enhance the sweetness, tastiness and deliciousness of the dog food, but are considered that there is no contribution to the nutrition and there is no high nutritional value. It is disputable to discuss the quality of this ingredient, but we know that is relevant part of the dog food.

The fish meal is dried, clean and ground tissue of the whole meal and can be with fish cuttings or oil portions. It is also important for the health of the dog since it contains minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. It is the best source of omega fatty acids and is considered to be better than the flaxseed. It also boosts the immune system and provides the needed essential fatty acids.

The other additives also provide good sources of chondroitin and glucosamine that can help in the health of the joints. There are no ingredients that can be unhealthy or harmful for the dogs.

Percentage of Nutrients

The protein is present in a minimum of 26%, the carbohydrates are undetermined, the fiber is 40%, and the fat is 15%, while the calories are 3,755 per kg. The energy provided is very high.

What are the Claims of the Product?

The manufacturers of the dog food claim that the food is tested and that meets the requirements and needs of the dogs. They also claim that the specific regulations have been met and that some of the companies have analyzed all of these claims and certifications in order to provide the accuracy.

The claims of the nutrition value of the product show that the dogs are definitely healthier after the consummation for some time and that the food is optimal for the dogs. The used terms like optimal health or optimal nutrition do not provide any definition and is considered that are used only for marketing.

The standards are set by AAFCO and the presence of this statement on the label of the dog food is essential since it shows the adequacy of the nutrition. If you see “best by date” on the label of the food, it means the food is safe and tested and you can give it to your dog.

If the label is “use by” on the package, it indicates that the food is committed to safety and quality. There are some other evaluations that can help in the labeling and evaluating the products.

What are the Dry Foods of this Brand?

There are different types of dry food that this brand contains and among them are: Grain Free Turkey & Potato Formula for Adult Dogs (3 Paws), Salmon & Potato Formula for Adult Dogs, Mature Adult Formula for Dogs 7+ Years of Age (3 Paws), Puppy Formula (4 Paws), Chicken & Rice Formula for Adult Dogs (4 Paws), Grain Free Beef & Potato Formula for Adult Dogs (4 Paws), Mature Adult Formula for Dogs 7+ Years of Age (3 Paws), Large Breed Formula for Adult Dogs (4 Paws), Canned Foods, Chicken & Vegetable Stew for Dogs, Salmon & Potato Dog Food, Chicken & Vegetable Stew for Dogs, Performance Formula (5 Paws), Lamb & Rice Formula for Adult Dogs (3 1/2 Paws), Small Bites Formula for Adult Dogs (4 Paws), Hip & Joint Dog Biscuits, Puppy Growth & Development Dog Treats, Snacks, Turkey & Sweet Potato Stew Dog Food, Adult Health & Wellness Dog Treats, Dental Care Biscuits, Skin & Coat Dog Treats and many more.

Review of 4health Salmon & Potato Formula for Adult Dogs

It is one of the most popular dog foods that are listed on the website of Tractor Supply company and a lot of people buy it for their dogs.

It has a lot of benefits and can be used in the treatment of skin issues.

Some of the owners said that he was giving the food to mixed breeds as well and that it was an excellent choice to buy this pet food for adult dogs.

The ingredients that are in the content are 5 and there is no soy, wheat or corn. The main ingredients are ocean fish meal and salmon and this shows that the food is an excellent source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The dogs love the taste of salmon, so be sure that they will also love this food.

The ocean fish meal contains concentrated fish proteins and they are ethoxyquin-free. It also gives the fish oil that is good for the coat and skin of the dog. The other ingredients are a good sources of insoluble fiber, carbohydrates, and antioxidants.

The peas, potatoes and cracked pearled barley also contain a lot of proteins, dietary fibers, vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium and manganese. Your dog will easily digest this food and the ingredients, so some of the dogs that have issues with digestion can now avoid those problems.

Additional Ingredients in the Food

There might be some other ingredients that are not mentioned on the official website of the company, like for example the presence of eggs. The eggs are high in proteins and are easy to digest for the dogs, so the food also contains such additional ingredients. The canola oils is another example that can be found in the content and helps in the digestion of fats.

The fats that are plant-based are another source and are considered to be healthy. The linoleic essential fatty acid, omega-3 and omega-6 are also present so the cooking of the food can also be performed well and you won’t be worried about the calories that your dog will intake.

The tomato pomace is another additional ingredient that can be found in some of the packages of the food. It is used as a high source of fiber and cheap filler in the foods. It contains lycopene, vitamin C and beta-carotene that are also required.

The food can contain flaxseed which is high in thiamin, phosphorus, manganese, iron, calcium, copper and magnesium. It also contains a lot of calories and dietary fiber.

The dog breeders use the foods that contain flaxseed in order to avoid some breeder issues.

What is the Quality of the Ingredients?

The quality of the ingredients seems pretty good until now since the food was tested and it was proven that the owners and the dogs are very satisfied with it.

A lot of dog issues were solved, the coat and the skin of the dog were brighter and shiny and the teeth and immune system were also improved.

Video: 4health – Feed Your Pets Like Family with No Corn, No Wheat, and No Soy

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We can say that 4health food is definitely one of your choices and you should start giving it to your dog if you want to see some improvements. The dog is like a family member, so you need to provide the needed care if you want to see it happy and healthy.

This pet food has been tested and proven the opposite besides the claims and recalls that it is not safe. The ingredients maintain the needed balance in the organism and provide better environment for absorption. There are different types from which you can choose, and the food is intended for puppies and adult dogs as well.

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