Arthritis in Dogs – 10 Ways to Help an Arthritic Dog

Arthritis is one of the common problems in dogs. Usually, it happened due to the old but there could be many other reasons for this. As a dog owner, you must know about all the information related to arthritis. So, that, you can provide your pet a proper treatment in time. If it has not been treated on time, then your dog may need to face the surgical treatment which can be very costly.

1. Symptoms of Arthritis – What the Owner Sees

2. Dogs at Increased Risk

3. Inflammation: The Real Cause Of Dog Arthritis

4. 10 Ways to Help an Arthritic Dog

5. My Dog Already Has an Arthritis Problem, What Can My Veterinarian Do?

6. What is Actually Happening in My Pet’s Joints That are Causing Him Pain?

7. What are the First Signs of Arthritis That I Will See in My Dog?

8. What are Effects of Arthritis From the Dog’s Point of View?

9. What Tests Will My Vet Suggest to Confirm an Arthritis Problem?

10. Are There Things I Can Do to Slow Arthritis in My Dog?

11. Final Verdict

Symptoms of Arthritis – What the Owner Sees

Dog arthritis symptoms are not much different than human but it could be sometime very difficult to know that whether your dog is suffering from arthritis or by other pains. So, knowing symptoms of arthritis in dogs can help you to get better treatment of arthritis.

While there are no signs of arthritis in dogs, but if you notice any of the below sign, it’s mean that your dog may have arthritis and you should concern with your dog’s doctor for dog arthritis treatment:

  • Your dog may be limping on one leg
  • Your dog may be facing difficulty in moving
  • Spinal issues can be also the symptom of arthritis
  • Many dogs are tired all the time in arthritis
  • Licking, snoring, and biting are signs of arthritis
  • Fast weight gain, slow in activity and exercise intolerance
  • Aggression when two joints touched together
  • Depression, swollen joints, and irritability.

Dogs at Increased Risk

The arthritis pain is very common among domestic dogs but it is not specific to them and can be happened in any breed and gender of the dogs. Usually, the aging is the cause of arthritis because the joints getting weak but breed like Rottweilers, Labrador Retrievers, and Bernese Mountain Dogs who are predisposed to elbow osteochondrosis and dysplasia, hip dysplasia or patellar luxation have the high chances of developing arthritis.

If you have free roaming dogs (who jump a lot and run etc) have chances of arthritis are also high due to injuries. Weight loss has been also one of the main signs of arthritis in dogs. that’s why the dog breeds with heavy sizes usually face this pain in their adulthood and when they get older.

Inflammation: The Real Cause Of Dog Arthritis

Wear and tear does cause arthritis but this is not the main cause of arthritis in them. According to research, the inflammation is one of the main cause of dog arthritis and this is not any kind of inflammation but low-grade, chronic inflammation. The low-grade inflammation is caused when the joints of dog release excess amount of proteins.

This excess amount of protein damage the joints which later causes arthritis among dog. Surprisingly, the arthritis meds for dogs are not the anti-inflammation dog drug. Giving anti-inflammation drugs to your dog who is suffering from arthritis can give more damage to your join’s tissue. That’s why the arthritis medication for dogs which have been used for dog arthritis treatment contains a different formula.

Inflammation on your dog’s body could happen on any part. That’s why you should not be worried about it until it is happening near the joints of your dog because not all inflammation for your dogs is bad.

The inflammation could be happened due to over jumping, bacteria, virus and other infections. You have to be worried about if the inflammation stays on your dog body for weeks because this is the main sign of chronic inflammation.

10 Ways to Help an Arthritic Dog

Arthritis is painful but you can help you by taking necessary steps other than just visiting the doctor and a surgery. So, if your dog is in pain due to arthritis, then you should care your dog extra. You can help your dog in 10 different ways. The list of these 10 ways to help an arthritic dog is given below:

  • Regular checkups:

Monitoring per’s arthritis is important because when you know the level of arthritis, then your doctor can suggest a better treatment and change medicine according to it. So, have a regular check-up of your dog is he is in pain due to arthritis.

  • Keep your dog slim:

The main reason behind arthritis is overweight. So, if you want to keep your dog safe from arthritis, then you must take care of his/her diet and keep your dog slim.

  • Practice control exercise:

These exercises include walking, running and playing etc. This keeps your dog’s bone working and active. Your doctor can suggest other control exercises too. Some veterinarian also offers the services of control exercises.

  • Keep your dog warm:

In pain, keeping your dogs warm can give them relief from pain because the cold weather can aggravate arthritis. Consider purchasing warm bed and bed sheet for your dog.

  • Visit massage therapist:

Massage is one of the best non-medicine treatments which can help your dog to get rid of the pain for a specific time. But asked from the veterinarian before a visit to the massage therapist for your dog.

  • Use pain medicines:

Defiantly, there is no better way to get rid of the pain than using pain medicine or pain killer. If none of above works, give your dog painkiller to kill the pain for a specific time.

  • Use supplements:

There are many supplements available for dogs in the market which can help your dog to get rid of arthritis. Ask your veterinarian for supplement treatment. They are long term and also cost low.

  • Practice acupuncture:

Acupuncture is techniques which can help to get rid of the pain. Acupuncture is usually for human but there are different acupuncture treatments for dogs who are going through pain due to arthritis.

  • Plan a surgery:

If your dog’s arthritis is in advanced stage then there is no better way than surgical treatment. This treats arthritis instantly.

  • Change dog’s environment:

One of the ways to help an arthritic dog is changing the environment. This could include many things like keeping your dog active, play with your dog, take your dog on a walk, changing bed of your dog and giving better food etc.

My Dog Already Has an Arthritis Problem, What Can My Veterinarian Do?

This depends totally on the stage of arthritis. Not all arthritis pain can be treated with arthritis medicine for dogs available in the market. Some people actually use human pain meds for dogs which can be very dangerous because the amount of different chemical in human medicine is different that the joint medicine for dogs.

So there is no better solution than visits to the veterinarian for pain relief for dogs because he is the only one who knows how to get rid of the arthritis pain.

After recognizing the signs of arthritis, the doctor can suggest better treatment which could include the use of arthritis medication for dogs or surgical treatment. There are also essential oils for dog arthritis treatment exist. So, instead of doing things by your own, visit the veterinarian for the best solution.

What is Actually Happening in My Pet’s Joints that are Causing Him Pain?

You cannot ask for your dog whether he is sugaring from pain or not. So, you have to notice all the signs of pain. You can visit the veterinarian for this because they can tell you what is causing him pain.

Usually, it could be happened due to over activity, jumping, and excess running. But still, the veterinarian could give a better idea about the things which caused him pain as it could be something internal.

What are the First Signs of Arthritis that I Will See in My Dog?

The old age of your dog and overweight is enough signs of arthritis that you will see in your pet but there are many other signs of arthritis which can easily help you to recognize arthritis in your dog. This includes:

  • Difficulty in running and walking
  • Not able to play for long periods
  • Slow response to your orders
  • Slow down when bound up on stairs.

What are Effects of Arthritis from the Dog’s Point of View?

Arthritis can be very painful for your dog. So, it is very important to know that how do they are feeling while suffering from this painful disease. They feel very uncomfortable all the time, laziness, lameness, pain in doing different activities, stiffness and soreness etc.

What Tests Will My Vet Suggest to Confirm an Arthritis Problem?

The vet can easily recognize arthritis in dogs but still, sometime it could be difficult for him too to know that whether it is really arthritis or something else which causing a problem. So, the vet will suggest you X-ray of your dog to confirm an arthritis problem in your dog.

Are There Things I Can Do to Slow Arthritis in My Dog?

Above I have mentioned the list of different ways to help an arthritis dog, but other than that, you can slow arthritis in your dog simply by adding better nutrition in your dog’s diet, daily exercise, good foot care, massage, visit to physical therapist, radiotherapy, providing warm bed and add extra padding for comfortable etc.

Video: How to Treat Arthritis

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Final Verdict

If your dog is facing arthritis, then it could not be ignored because it is one of the painful conditions for your dog. Visiting to the vet once in a 3 month can help you to recognize the early signs of arthritis while the information I have provided above will be also beneficial for you to take your dog to vet on time to avoid surgical treatment and more pain in your dog’s joints.

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