Best Labrador Toys – for Puppies and Adult Labs

Finding the best Labrador toys is quite a difficult task.

You might consider different factors and conditions while providing the best dog toys.

Not the entire companies offer tested products of high quality; some of them just claim that the products have high quality and endurance.

In order to get the needed dog toys, you will have to do some research and discover the reputable companies that are offering the best Labrador toys.

Labradors can be very demanding and are considered as one of the heaviest dogs for chewing because they spend a lot of time playing with such toys and can be very aggressive.

The toys that you need to provide to these dogs need to be efficient, durable, adequate material and easy to use and wash.

Below are some suggestions that can give you a hint in getting the best dog toy for your dog in case you were wondering where to find the appropriate toy.

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1. Goughnuts – Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX
2. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Orbee
3. Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Dog Toy
4. Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Textured Ring Dog Chew
5. MultiPet Duckworth Duck 13″

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks

2. Why Destructive Chewing is a Problem for the Owners and the Dogs?

3. What are the Reasons of the Inappropriate Dog Behavior?

4. Some Facts About Nylabone Brand

5. Why the Dog Toys are Important in the Life of Your Dog?

6. What the Ideal Toy Needs to Be Like?

7. Product Reviews

7.1 Goughnuts Dog Chew Toy MAXX

7.2 Planet Dog Orbee Tuff

7.3 Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Dog Toy

7.4 Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Textured Dog Chew Ring

7.5 Multipet Dog Toys Duckworth Duck 13″

8. Some Dog Safety Tips

9. What to Do When the Puppies are in the Teething Period?

10. What You Need to Look for in Providing the Best Toys for Puppies?

11. Conclusion

Why Destructive Chewing is a Problem for the Owners and the Dogs?

The dogs have some preferences when it comes to the toys or items intended for chewing.

The new things, the irreplaceable and expensive things, the dangerous things are always attractive for the dogs.

They want to play around, hide or chew the shoes, scratch and chew the furniture and having some problems with the behavior.

In one research it was shown that 31% of the dogs that were given to the families had problems in the behavior, and the destructive chewing was the most common problem.

You might wonder why your dog is acting like that and why he decided to destroy the remote or the laptop in your house.

What are the Reasons for Inappropriate Dog Behavior?

There might be different reasons for the dog’s inappropriate behavior.

Your dog can be seeking attention, so that’s why is using the chewing techniques and starts destroying objects in the house while you are present there.

Another reason can be boredom.

When dogs are bored, they often start chewing some of the objects in the house, even though they are considered as very intelligent animals.

If you leave your dog alone the whole day, it can start feeling separation anxiety and will make fun by itself with chewing the objects.

Lack of exercise is another factor that causes the inappropriate behavior of the dog.

Every dog needs to stress out the energy, so if you don’t go on regular walks with the dog and you leave it to wander in the neighborhood, it can start acting weird, aggressive, can wander in the house looking for some objects to chew or bite.

The separation anxiety is among the other important factors for such behavior of the dogs.

The lonely dogs are seeking things to chew in order not to feel lonely and it is their way of dealing with the anxiety.

The puppies until the age of 6 months need to learn a lot of things about their surrounding, so they start chewing things.

It is very funny seeing a little puppy chewing part of the furniture or the remote control.

This is their way of learning about things and inspecting the environment.

The best chew Labrador toys can be found everywhere on the market, so it is recommendable to buy some while your puppy hasn’t yet started with the chewing.

The chewing is also helpful in the teething process when relieves some pain.

Some Facts About Nylabone Brand

The best Labrador toys are provided by the Nylabone brand.

It helps the dogs to establish appropriate chewing habits and helps in dealing the destructive behavior and chewing.

The brand has a wide variety of products in different shapes and sizes, for adults and puppies, so you can easily find the needed toys.

The needs of the dogs are instantly satisfied with these toys and they are distracted from chewing the furniture or the other important items in your house.

Nylabone brand formulates the chew toys and the classic bones in a way that will keep the dog engaged for a longer time, providing better enjoyment and entertainment.

The toys that are offered from this brand are DuraChew, which are powerful chewers, FlexiChews, that are intended for temperate chewers and Flavor Frenzy, which are toys with multiple flavors.

They also provide the best Labrador retriever toys that keep your dog busy most of the day.

The company developed since 1955 and they do their business and business strategies according to the knowledge of knowing that every dog is different and has different chewing habits.

They have committed to making the best chew Labrador toys and other breeds accordingly to the needs and requirements of each.

Why the Dog Toys are Important in the Life of Your Dog?

The dog toys are important because they are treating the boredom, are preventing the development of problematic behaviors, are keeping your dog busy and entertained.

Since your dog is a pretty active animal, as an owner you have to give the best toy for it.

There are different numbers of toys, so you need to be careful while choosing the one for your dog.

The dog needs active toys that are made of hard rubber so it can transfer them and carry them from one place to another.

It is important the material of which they are made of because it helps in the chewing and the fetching.

There are different colors and shapes of the toys, starting from balls and ending with rope toys.

What the Ideal Toy Needs to Be Like?

According to the studies that have been done, the perfect dog toy needs to be easy to manipulate, soft and to make some kind of noise.

The studies have also shown that the dogs are losing interest in those toys that are not making any sound or that are hard to use and play with them.

If your dog gets easily bored while playing with some toy, it means that you have to get a new one.

Product Reviews

Here are some guidelines and descriptions of some of the best dog toys on the market that can help you choose the best for your dog.

Goughnuts Dog Chew Toy MAXX

This brand offers excellent products with amazing durability and has the yellow dots on it with black color, which means that it is the sign of the strongest dog toy on the market.

It is virtually indestructible and a chew toy with a guarantee of the manufacturer and is designed by polymer and mechanical engineers.

It is a tested product that your pet can chew with hours and nothing will happen to it.

The outer layer can be exposed, and if the inner red layer shows, it means that the product needs replacement, so the company will replace it immediately.

The stick and ring of Goughnuts are the perfect choices as toys, so they represent adequate fetching toys that will keep your dog busy.

These toys are also adequate for teething puppies and are made in the USA.

The yellow Maxx is a recommendable product for those dogs that are very aggressive chewers.

The dimensions of the product are 5x5x2.5 and 1 pound.


  • The products are originally designed to meet the needs and requirements of safety and include the patented safety indicator where the yellow color means “GoughNuts” while the red one means to stop.
  • Perfect choice for your Labrador.
  • Easy to use and wash, made of adequate material where no harm is done to your dog.


  • No disadvantages were given with the use of this product.

Push Here To View The Goughnuts Dog Chew Toy MAXX

Planet Dog Orbee Tuff

This is another amazing product that will keep your Labrador busy for some time and you will be free to do your tasks around the house.

The Planet Dog company offers the Orbee-Tuff Orbee product which is one of the best on the market and is made in the USA.

It has a 100% guarantee and can be replaced or returned at any time.

It is also a recyclable product, so the company also has a positive impact on the environment as well.

It contains non-toxic materials and is completely safe for your dog.

Sometimes it is called “the best dog ball in the world” and the owners of Labradors often buy it for their dogs.

The product has been declared as number 1 at the top magazines and is a bouncy, buoyant and durable toy that your dog will love.

The dimensions of the product are 4x4x4 and 10.2 ounces.

It is intended for extreme chewers and can provide the needed quality.


  • It is a product of excellent quality that will give your dog the needed playtime.
  • It offers safety and is considered to be the best in the world.
  • It is recyclable.


  • No disadvantages.

Press Now To See The Planet Dog Orbee Tuff

Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Dog Toy

The Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude dog toy is an excellent choice of the owners who have Labradors.

It provides the best performance and quality and is a tested product.

It will not do any harm on the dog, the teeth or the overall health, so you will live safely with this toy.

A lot of hours of interactive fun can be provided to your dog, so you will definitely do the right choice in getting this product.

You can also customize the toy by putting some kibbles or treats inside and start shaking it.

It is safe for putting it in the dishwasher and is easy to clean.

The toy would be the perfect chewing toy for your dog and it is easy to clean it and load it.

The high durability comes from the Treat Meter patent that has implemented the innovations in this product.

It is intended for breeds larger than 50 lbs.

The Labradors, Rotties, Goldens and the other larger breeds can use it.

The dimensions are 14.1 ounces and 4x4x5 inches.


  • Perfect toy for your Labrador.
  • Excellent quality and endurance.
  • Completely safe for chewing.


  • No disadvantages.

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Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Textured Dog Chew Ring

Nylabone is a brand that provides one of the best dog toys on the market. If you want to have a long-lasting chewing toy for your dog, you might consider the use of this product above.

It is designed for strong and powerful chewers and can last longer than expected.

The bristles can clean the teeth during the chewing and it also helps to control the plaque and build up the tartar.

These toys are made to be resistant and long-lasting while using different textures that also can improve the oral health of the dog.

Most veterinarians recommend the product since it was tested and it was proven as one of the highest quality.

The dogs will have the stimulation with the nubs and raised ridges, but you need to choose the adequate type and size of the toy for your dog since the different breeds have different needs and chewing capabilities.


  • The completely safe and tested product that is made in the USA and is available on the market.
  • It would represent the right choice for your Labrador, whether it is your puppy or your adult dog.
  • A high-quality product with long-lasting features.


  • No disadvantages.

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Multipet Dog Toys Duckworth Duck 13″

The MultiPet brand offers one of the best dog toys on the market, and the duck version is one of those intended for Labradors.

It is excellent for playing and fetching and is a larger toy that can be used for every breed of every size.

It is plush filled and contains a squeaker, so the pets need to have supervision while playing with the toy because the damaged toys can cause some harm.

It is a soft toy in a form of yellow duck that is easy to clean, fetch and toss.

You will definitely have hours of fun with your Labrador while playing with this toy.

You will see the dog smiling when the duck goes flying at it.

The dimensions of the product are 1.9 ounces and 13x4x9.5 inches.


  • It is an adequate product for different sizes of breeds.
  • An excellent quality product that will keep your dog busy and entertained for a longer period.
  • Amazing design and fetch and play toy.


  • Since it is made of soft material, it can be easily and fast destroyed, so you have to supervise the dog while playing.

Multipet Dog Toys Duckworth Duck 13″ Recommended By Us

Some Dog Safety Tips

When you are providing the Labrador toys, you need to make sure that they are appropriate for the size since different dogs have different requirements.

The toys that are very small can be swallowed by the larger dogs and this might cause harm.

If you want the maximum safety for your dog, you will have to pay attention to the size.

Another tip is to avoid the stuffed toys that are labeled as safe for the children under 3 years old.

The soft toys can be easily destroyed, so you don’t need something like that for aggressive chewers like the Labrador.

These types of toys also contain fillers and can be damaged while washed in the washing machine.

You also need to ensure that the toys are dog proof and any ribbons or strings that can be swallowed or chewed need to be removed.

If you are using some squeaker dog toys, make sure that you are around while the dog is playing with it because these types of toys can be easily swallowed and ingested, so you don’t want something like this to happen to your dog.

If you want to keep your dog safe, you need to provide a special box for keeping it or a basket from where cannot get something dangerous.

Avoid playing aggressive or competitive games if your dog is aggressive because you might end up hurt at the end.

What to Do When the Puppies are in the Teething Period?

When the puppies are in the teething period they lose the milk teeth in a period of 3.5-8 months.

In this period the chewing is completely natural and is more consistent during the day.

The puppies need to chew in order to fasten the process of teething.

The chewing also helps to relieve the pain or scratching.

Now that you know this, you need to provide a toy for your puppy that will suit the shape of the mouth and that can fasten the teething.

The teething toys can be found everywhere, so if you don’t want your puppy to chew your things, you need to buy one.

What You Need to Look for in Providing the Best Toys for Puppies?

The toys need to be soft, easy to manage and maintain and made of safe materials, with non-toxins.

If your puppy doesn’t like the toy, it means you have to change it, because no puppy doesn’t like a toy without reason.

When you are choosing the toy for your puppy you need to take into consideration some facts like, to be tough enough, to last, to provide relief, to give the soft feel.

It also has to be durable and firm enough so it lasts more than just a few hours after the purchase.

The toy also needs to be shattered and not to break into pieces because there were studies that have shown that every year a lot of puppies and dogs die from chocking while ingesting some small parts of the toys they have been playing with.

Trying different textures and shapes is another useful tip that you can apply in your search process for the perfect dog toy.

Video: Cute Labrador Retriever Puppy Playing

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These Labrador toys for puppies and adult Labradors are the best choices that these brands are providing.

If you have been searching for the right products, then the toys are perfect for your dog.

If you want your dog to have quality time spent playing, then the purchase of some of the toys would be the right choice.

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