Tips for Living with a Blind Dog

No one likes to see their dog goes blind but due to age and other health factors, the dog can lose the vision.

Even sometimes the dog can lose other senses like hearing.

Age is usually the most common factor of these health issues.

Seeing your dog blind will surely break your hurt but it is the time when your dog needs your attention and time more.

If your dog suddenly becomes blind and you are looking for some tips to living with a blind dog then you must read this article till the end.

In the following article, I am sharing these tips and how you can easily make you and your dog live easily simply by changing little things.

Vision is the third most sense of a dog.

The two others are smell and hearing.

A dog can lose vision due to a number of reasons.

Living with a dog that lost his vision due to health issues can be very challenging for the dog owner and the family where the dog is living.

Even a dog can become very aggressive, sad and depressed when he is not able to see any more.

But with the little extra care, you can build confidence in your dog and as a dog owner, you can also make your life easier simply by changing lifestyle.

Indeed, at the start, even the small changes could be very challenging but with the passage of time, you are your dog become used to it.

1. Tips for Living with a Blind Dog

1.1 Know the Signs in Advance

1.2 Patience is the Key

1.3 Unable to See Dog Products

1.4 Help Your Dog to Recognize Things

1.5 Safety First

1.6 Don’t Move Your Furniture

1.7 Keep the Floor Clear

1.8 Make a Safe Zone

1.9 Cushion the Sharp Corners

1.10 Talk to Your Dog

1.11 Use the Other Senses of Dog

1.12 Use Textured Floor

1.13 Create a Map for Your Dog

1.14 Keep Dog Products at the Same Place

1.15 Keep the TV on

1.16 Put a Bell on Other Pets

1.17 Let Another Know About Your Dog

1.18 Know the Right Way or Approaching

1.19 Take Your Dog Out

1.20 Use the Safety Vest

1.21 Use Harness in the Public

2. Conclusion

Tips for Living with a Blind Dog

Know the Signs in Advance

Usually, the dog does not lose lost the vision from both eyes at a time.

So you should prepare yourself as soon as you have come to know that one of your dog’s eyes has been infected and he is only able to see from one eye now.

This is the time when you can start training your dog new skills which can help him in the future when he completely lost the vision from both eyes.

Also, you must keep in touch with your dog’s vet if your dog is having some health issues related to the eyes.

The vet can warn you in advance about the blindness of the dog. So, make sure that you are looking at your dog as early as possible.

Loss of one eye’s vision means that it is your time to spend more time on your dog training and help him to live without vision.

Patience is the Key

Accepting that your dog is now blind is not easy for any dog owner.

It feels very bad as a dog owner to know that your dog can not see you anymore or you cannot play with your dog like you use to be.

So, it required a lot of patience to accept reality.

You have prepared yourself for this as early as possible.

Usually, the doctors start giving you the hint if your dog faces any health problem related to the eye.

If you prepare yourself in advance for this situation, then it will become very easy for you and your dog.

You will start working on his training before he goes completely blind.

But these all require a lot of patience.

Unable to See Dog Products

Introducing the blind dog products in the house is very important.

These products are made in this way to make the life of a dog very easy.

In the market, there are almost all pet products available for blind pets too.

This includes the fountain water bowl, different style of feeding bowl and toys for blind dogs.

The toys usually come with more sounds or scented than the toys for the dogs with vision.

This helped them in recognizing the toys.

Help Your Dog to Recognize Things

The scent of different things can help your dog to recognize different types of things.

Everything has its own scent, so you do not need to use artificial scent to help your dog in reorganization.

You can always start with the toys.

Pick toy one by one and take it near to the nose of the dog.

Allow your dog to smell it, and then give it in his mouth so that he can understand its shape.

Same as that, you can take your dog on the round of your house.

Your dog already knows about the different directions but this time, you have to stop him on different stations for the smelling purpose.

The main stations could be near the furniture, door of the room and important things like that which you believe that big in size and your dog must recognize these things.

Dogs are a very dog in smelling different things but still, you have to take on the round for a few days.

Safety First

Forget about other things.

If you cannot provide you are unable to see dog safety first then you won’t able to live with him easily.

You have t look around your house and remove all the objects which can hurt your dog.

Also, introduce new items in your house for safety purposes.

For example, if you have stairs in your house then place a baby gate there.

The safety tips totally depend on the items places in your house and you have to look for it to make sure that these items could not be dangerous for your dog.

Don’t Move Your Furniture

Your dog already has the vision of your house.

He knows that which a furniture is a place where.

If your dog becomes blind suddenly make sure that you are not making any big change in the setting of your house.

Especially, do not move the furniture and other big items in your house.

This will make it difficult for your dog to maneuver around in your house.

Keep the Floor Clear

Toys and other objects on the floor can make difficult for your dog to walk.

An unable to see dog even start considering those things as a piece of furniture and start imagining it in his brain.

This will make him think about the different directions.

So, make sure that the floor of your house is clean.

Your dog can be also scared of the bump or anything he found on the floor.

This will lead him to make him disoriented and panic.

Make a Safe Zone

Making a safe zone is the most important step which you have to take immediately to provide security and safety to your dog.

When a dog becomes blind, he may lose confidence.

This can be build simply by providing him a safe zone when he can comfortably sit and sleep.

This safe zone could be an old place where your dog sleeps.

Make sure that you remove all the distractions like toys from there.

The safe zone should have a soft padded bed.

You can add toys there later but they should not be made with something hard.

Cushion the Sharp Corners

Your dog can’t see it anymore.

So, you have to be his eyes for this purpose.

To make his way around the house more comfortable, make sure that you have cushioned all the sharp corners around your house.

This could be including anything like furniture, door facing and even cabinets, etc.

Your dog can be hurt very badly due to these sharp corners.

Talk to Your Dog

Your previous training will help you with this.

You do not need to teach new commands or give new training if your dog suddenly becomes blind.

Do not touch your dog before you speak.

If you touch your dog without speaking or attention him, then he may consider you as a stranger and attack on you for his own protection.

So, it is very necessary for you and other members of the family to get the attention of the dog verbally before touching the dog.

Use the Other Senses of Dog

Dogs are very good in other senses like smelling the scent and hearing the voice or sound.

You can use this sense of the dog to help him to live a good and healthy life even without having the eyes.

You can use different types of sound to train your dog new skills which can be helpful for him to live his life safely.

You can also use dog toys for this purpose.

Today, in the market, there are many toys that have been only made for blind animals and pets including the dog.

You can purchase some of them.

These toys have different sounds which can help your dog to learn about new things and recognize different items around him etc.

Use Textured Floor

A textured floor can help your dog recognize the place.

This is an expensive way to help your dog when he becomes blind but at the same time, it will help your dog a lot.

The textured floor can lead your dog from one room to another room easily.

There are cheap forms of texture floors also available.

If you cannot afford, then at least try to use the textured floor on a specific area of the house where your dog spends the most time.

You can also use the carpet or rug for this purpose.

Especially adding the different texture of carpet or rug at the entrance of each door will help your dog to recognize that where he is entering.

Use this technique in his training to tell him that in which room he is allowed to enter and where he can enter any time etc.

You can also use different scents on the carpet to make the whole process easier.

Create a Map for Your Dog

Again, for this purpose, you can use the parts of the carpet, rug or textured floor.

But only place those things on a specific map so that your dog knows his own track inside the house.

Keep Dog Products at the Same Place

There are many things which you required to use when you adopt the dog.

These things include the dog food bowl, water bowl, dog bed, and the dog house and dog toys.

Once your dog becomes blind, you need to help him to recognize these things easily.

This can be done by not moving them from their place.

Keep all of them in the same direction and the same sequence to help your dog to recognize these products easily.

They should be always in the same way too.

Keep the TV on

If you are busy in another room or cannot be with your dog all the time, this is a good idea to keep the TV on.

You can also use the mobile for this purpose by playing the song etc.

This will not only reduce the feeling of loneliness but also your dog will feel that you are around him.

Your dog probably has his own favorite song or TV show.

By paying that, you can provide comfort to the dog and keep him engaged in the physical activity (if your dog dances on music).

Put a Bell on Other Pets

If you have other pets are your house, and then use bells with their collars.

This will alert your dog about the presence of other pets.

It is better to put the different sounds of bells on different pets and also allow your dog to smell other pets while ringing the bell.

This will help your unable to see the dog recognize them on the basis of the sound which comes from the bell.

You can also use the bell on yourself by putting around your wrist or may be shown etc to help your dog to recognize your presence.

Let Another Know About Your Dog

It is important that your friends, family, and visitors know that your dog is blind.

Do not allow them to touch your dog until your dog sniffs them.

Also, do not allow any of new people to touch your dog until your dog sniffs the new person in your pretense.

This could harm the visitor to your house.

So, make sure that if they want to pet him, they should first recognize their smell and sound.

Know the Right Way or Approaching

Never ever approach your dog from behind.

If someone approaches the dog from behind of even touches the tail, the try to rescue them.

So, make sure that you do not touch or approach your dog from behind.

Also, make sure that before approaching you’re unable to see a dog, you speak some words to help your dog to recognize your voice and he knows about the person around him.

Touching your dog while he is sleeping is also equally dangerous because they could attack to protect themselves.

Take Your Dog Out

Mostly the dog owner stops taking their dog out for the walk.

This leaves a bad effect emotionally and physically.

So, it is very important that you are taking your dog out for the walk on a daily basis.

Let him believe that he is still as same as he was before losing the light of his eye.

And this is not the only thing you have to do with your dog.

But try to keep all those activities on a daily basis which your dog use to do earlier.

Use the Safety Vest

Using a safety vest while the public is important.

This will help other people to know that your dog is blind.

They will not try to pet him, touch him or even try to engage with your dog by giving a toy, etc.

The vest should clearly say that “I am blind”.

Many people use the tag in the collar which is not a good idea because it is very hard to read that what is written on the tag where text on the vest can be easily read.

Make sure that this text is big enough to read from a distance.

There are readily made vests with customized messages come.

You will easily found the one in the market with your required message.

Use Harness in the Public

You must take your dog on the walk to keep him active and physically healthy.

But you have to take care of a few things to keep him safe while in the public.

The best thing to have control over your dog is to use a harness.

The leash of the harness should be short but not very short.

Do not let your dog walk alone or without a harness.

Your dog will also feel very comfortable with harness and leash because he will be controlled by you and know that you are taking him on the right track.

Video: Sound Signals for Helping Blind Dog – How to Train

Click here to see the video.


Living a blind dog is not as difficult as it’s sounds as if everything has been done wisely.

As an owner, you need to have patience and time for your dog as comparing a dog that can see everything.

At the start, it may be difficult but later with the passage of time; you will become used to live with your dog in the same way as you use to live earlier when he was able to see the world.

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