Can Dogs Eat Cherries: Everything a Dog Lover Should Know


One petty treat from heaven: this nice, beautiful, sweet fruit possesses no harm to human body whatsoever, but can we say the same about human’s best friend? Can dogs eat cherries?

1. Can Dogs Have Cherries?

2. The Proper Way to Give Your Dog Cherries

2.1 Only the Pulp

2.2 Raw Cherries

2.3 Fresh Cherries

2.4 Choking Hazard

3 How Much Cherries Can You Feed Your Dog?

4 Possible Health Benefit

4.1 Full of Beneficial Elements

4.2 Antioxidants

4.3 Good for Heart

4.4 Reduce the Chances of Many Health Risks

4.5 Good for Bone

4.6 Good for Brain

5. Bad Side of Cherries

5.1 Cyanide Toxicity

5.2 Intestinal Obstruction

5.3 Upset Stomach

5.4 Excessive Sugar

6. Symptoms to Watch for

7. What to Do If Things Went Wrong?

8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

9. Wrapping it Up: Best Alternatives to Cherry

Can Dogs Have Cherries?

You may ask can dog eat cherries. Well, ripe, shining, pulpy cherry is always appetizing and no wonder you can’t resist the appeal. Apparently, your dog can’t either. Whether you’re holding one before his nose or he has found an open basket, he’ll step forward to try a bite for sure. But…..

Yep, there’s a but.

No matter, how much you wish your canine pal could enjoy the life same as you, his lifespan is still pretty different from human. Canine digestion system is quite diverse and it can’t process all human food items. This is the reason, why you can’t feed your dog everything you eat. He won’t be able to consume them like you do. And the same restriction goes for cherries too.

You may ask, does that mean cherry is a total no-no for your pet?

Well, the answer is mostly yes, but not completely. You can still let your dog have some of these tiny persimmons. But there are some conditions for that.

The Proper Way to Give Your Dog Cherries

As I said above, dog’s digestion system isn’t human-like. So, it isn’t a good idea to feed them cherry regardless of its form. It should be prepared in a suitable way before feeding and you must follow some rules to avoid health risks. There’s a proper way of feeding your dog.

Only the Pulp

If you wish to feed him some cherries for meal, feed him only the pulp; without its seed, stem and leave. Dogs can’t separate food items and they are not trained with food etiquette. If you place cherries before your dog, he won’t understand what to leave and what to eat. Separate the flesh and feed him that.

The seed contains cyanide; stem and leave aren’t healthy either. Flesh is full of healthy anzymes and not toxic at all. That’s why forsake the stem, seed and leave. Cherry seed cyanide can make you furry friend sick.

Raw Cherries

Can dogs eat dried cherries? Can dogs eat cherries without pits? Well, let me explain. You can eat your cherry however you like. Raw from the trees, raw but packed from the supermarket, pickled cherry, cherry jam, canned cherry or processed in other ways-but your dog’s stomach can’t endure all these varieties. Processed fruit contains such minerals and elements that are poisonous to his health.

Even if these elements aren’t that toxic, they are pretty strong for a dog’s immune capacity. So processed cherry would either upset his stomach or cause inflammation. Also bears a higher chance of immune system failure and heart problem. So for your pet’s health’s sake, feed him only raw natural cherry. This condition actually applies to all types of persimmon and berry.

Fresh Cherries

Fresh or nothing. Only choose fresh picked fruit from the trees. Because the fresh fruit maintains the beneficial elements’ original quality. Old fruits lose the originality of its elements. They are also reduced because of fruitfully and germ attack. That’s why you should never feed your dog days old cherry. Remember cyanide in cherries may cause trouble.

Choking Hazard

As mentioned before, our dear poor fellas can’t separate food items like us. So, you’ll have to get rid of stem and seed before putting it in his bowl. Otherwise, he might choke on them. Choking seeds bears pretty fatal consequence for dogs. Your dogs won’t be able to express the incident either. Anything can happen before you even get a hint about this.

How Much Cherries Can You Feed Your Dog?

When you’re asking yourself, can dogs eat cherries? The answer is yes, you can feed them cherries, though it’s not a necessary diet. It’s better to totally avoid them. But, in case, if you’re willing to……or if you catch your dog eating some, you should have an idea of the safe amount. Because cherries are not just yummy delicacy, they are enriched with beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals; which can benefit your dog if they’re fed in an ideal amount.

Here’s one more thing. Before allowing this fruit in his diet, testing its reaction would be the smartest choice. Give him only one cherry at first. Examine the consequence. If your dog starts showing concerning symptoms, cancel the whole diet plan. Sorry to say, but cherry isn’t for your dog. Take him to vet as soon as possible.

If everything gets alright by God’s grace, never try them again. For your information, symptoms don’t always occur that instant. Sometimes it takes hours, days, even weeks for showing these symptoms. So, be careful.

But if one cherry doesn’t affect your dog severely, than you can rely on one or two pieces a day. However, continuous feeding will bear fatal consequence whether your dog is able to endure it or not. So, don’t make this a regular habit.

Possible Health Benefit

You’re maybe wondering, why bother feeding these persimmons when they possess so many threats? Well, cherry is actually not important at all for canine diet. But when you’re at a picnic and notice your dog sniffing the bunches, you know he wants to put his tongue over its shiny coat.

And it feels pretty cruel when you have a good stock of ripe cherries at home and he stares at them begging for your mercy. You may avoid them but let me tell you what, cherry isn’t all that bad and contains useful elements that can actually benefit his health.

You wonder how?

Full of Beneficial Elements

You have to strip off the stem and leave to avoid bad consequence, but the flesh part is actually filled with healthy elements. It contains important vitamins such as A, C, E and minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, and folate. Also contains sufficient fiber.


Antioxidants are pretty beneficial for pooch health. They counter free radicals and strengthen animal immunity system. It’s also beneficial for their neuron development. Cherry contains antioxidants like anthocyanins and melatonin.

Good for Heart

Yes, cyanide toxicity causes heart disease. But the elements present in cherry pulp are good for heart regulation.

Reduce the Chances of Many Health Risks

Besides containing beneficial elements, they are also capable of reducing inflammation. Even cancer risk.

Good for Bone

The cherry helps to reduce the chances of Arthritis. Strengthens dog bones and joints. Reduces bone soreness. Which means that cherries are actually quite effective for your active, running dog.

Good for Brain

Brain is everything to define a good and healthy life. Cherry contains all the qualities to fight against memory loss and brain tardiness. Provides good sleep. Effective for brain health.

Now you know, cherry is capable of ensuring a good health for your pet. But only when you feed him the fruit in a proper way and in a slight amount. If your dog’s immune system doesn’t pose any risk to cherry diet, it gets on full action for health benefits.

Bad Side of Cherries

Well, cherries for dogs. You can give him some cherries if he doesn’t react negatively to its action. But it’s actually better to ignore them if possible. Because if your dog is expose to the fruit’s fatality, things can get pretty out of control and this is never good. You know what’s good in these persimmons. It’s time to let you know about the bad effects too.

Cyanide Toxicity

The cherry seed contains a certain amount of cyanide and cyanide can be proved deadly for your dog. Cyanide will react inside his stomach and cause sudden poisoning. Canine immune system is not capable of handling such poison. Cyanide is also liable for inflammation. Dogs can’t stand severe inflammation.

Cyanide reduces oxygen inhalation which is accountable for breathing difficulty and dilated pupils. The severity of cyanide can reach such intense level that it can become the reason of your dog’s instant demise.

Intestinal Obstruction

Cherries are also liable for intestinal obstruction. If dog consumes cherry pit, it will block his intestine process.

Upset Stomach

Cherry pit, stem and leave aren’t appropriate for dog digestion system. Which results in diarrhea and upset stomach.

Excessive Sugar

Cherry is an extreme sweet fruit and the sugar level can be too much for dog digestion system. Consuming excessive sugar can result into hyperactivity.

Symptoms to Watch for

We know that cherry can have both good and bad effects on dog’s body. But if it attacks his intestines, how are you supposed to know? Sooner or later, your dog will start showing some concerning symptoms. Symptoms like:

  • Since cyanide will affect the oxygen uptake process, your dog will face breathing difficulty. The same symptom will also appear if he chokes on its pit or stem.
  • If you check his teeth gum, you’ll see it looks extreme crimson.
  • If you check his eyes, you’ll see pupils are bigger and abnormal looking.
  • Because of cyanide and other toxins, your dog’s stomach will be upset which can be seen by checking his mess.

What to Do If Things Went Wrong?

If your dog starts showing any of the symptoms above, it’s time you took him to the vet or pet care center and provide with necessary treatment. These problems should be treated quickly if you don’t want to risk your dear pet’s life.

If he doesn’t consume a vast amount of cherries, there’s no possibility of heavy risk. However, even a pinch can be proved fatal for your dog if he’s allergic. To avoid all fatal possibilities, you should prepare the cherries in proper way before feeding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Are cherries OK for dogs?

Ans. Fresh cherries are good for dogs if you don’t feed much as cherries contains some level of cyanide that may make your four legged friend sick.

Q. Are cherries safe for dogs?

Ans. Cherries will be 100% safe until you feed them fresh ones and remove stems, pits, seeds and leaves prior to serving.

Q. Are cherries good for dogs?

Ans. Yes, they are if you can maintain aforementioned conditions.

Q. My dog ate some cherries! What should I do now?

Ans. I have written on it in detail under the title “What to Do If Things Went Wrong?”. You will find there everything you should know.

Q. Why are cherries bad for dogs?

Ans. According to ASPCA cherries are quite toxic to dogs, cats and horses.

Q. Are cherry pits poisonous to dogs?

Ans. Yes, cherries are somewhat poisonous to dogs. Stems, leaves, seeds contain cyanide that may are toxic for dogs.

Q. How to give dogs cherries?

Ans. The best way is to remove stems, leaves, pits and seeds before serving as well as pick the fresh ones only.

Q. How much cherries should I feed my dog?

Ans. The less in better. If you feed him much, he will be sick and suffer from difficulty breathing, widened pupils, bright red gums, upset stomach and diarrhea.

Q. Why should I give my dog cherries?

Ans. Because cherries contain vitamins A, C, E, potassium, magnesium and iron like apples and strawberry. Cherries reduce risk of heart disease, joint pain and soreness and inflammation. Cherries improve quality of sleep and brain health. And cherries also decrease possibility of memory loss, arthritis and cancer.

Video: Why Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Cherries, Apricots, Plums, Peaches, Apples Seeds etc etc

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Wrapping it Up: Best Alternatives to Cherry

Cherry isn’t a must for healthy dog diet. But you have to admit that it’d be quite great to provide him with some of its beneficial elements. Plus, vegetables and fruits are a great addition to a beneficial diet plan. If you’re planning to move on from cherries, but still regretting the choice; don’t.

Because there are some substitutes for cherry and they are full of healthy elements, as well as a mouth-watering taste. You can add apple or blueberry to his diet. They are both physically and economically beneficial, and don’t pose a threat like cherries.

Dogs are lovely beings. We know how much you love your dog and what can you do for his contentment. We also want the best for the dogs. We want them to stay well-fed and happy all the time. We did our part. We hope you have the answer of the question: can dogs eat cherries? Now do what’s best for your dog.

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