Why is My Dog Acting Weird?

The questions like why my dog is acting weird, why my dog is acting strange and hiding from me and why my dog seems sad and tired are some of the most common questions why dog owners search when they failed to recognized that reason behind their dog’s weird activities.

Indeed, pain in specific part of the body and other health issued could be the reason why your dog acting weird but these are not the only reason of acting weird every time.

These reasons could be social, environmental change and sometimes it can be happened because of your social and environmental change. So, you have to look at each and everything related to your dog to find out the reason that why your dog is acting weird.

This article will cover all the possible reasons behind the weird activities of dogs. Instead of talking about specific weird dog’s activities for a specific dog’s breed, we will discuss the general reasons behind the change in your dog’s behavior.

1. Signs That Your Dog Is In Pain

1.1 Loss of Appetite

1.2 Limping in the Dog

1.3 Panting

1.4 Dog Tummy Troubles

1.5 Listen to Your Dog

2. Changes In Your Dog’s Behavior

2.1 Social Changes

2.2 Environmental Change

3. Top Symptoms Your Pet is Sick and Needs Help

3.1 Your Dog Not Drinking Water

3.2 Your Dog is Not Eating Enough

3.3 Breathing Difficulties in Dogs

3.4 Vomiting

3.5 The Dog is Scratching a Lot

4. Conclusion

Signs That Your Dog Is In Pain

Behavior changes in dogs due to a number of causes. One of them could be the pain, injury or something related to health. So, if you are worried that why your dog acting weird, then you should inspect walk, running, jumping, restlessness in dogs and other physical activities. Other than this, there are several signs that can help you to judge the reason behind the behavior change in dogs due to pain and injury.

Loss of Appetite

The pain of dog has not been associated with his interest in the dog while vet says that if your dog has loss of appetite then this could be due to pain. So, if you notice that your dog is not eating the way he uses to be then there could be chances that he is suffering from the pain. Especially, this pain could be associated with oral health issues including a toothache or infection in mouth etc.

Limping in the Dog

Limping is one of the most common signs which can tell you straightforward that your dog is in pain. Limping in dogs is usually associated with the arthritis pain but the young dog can be also limp due to other pains as well.

The dogs with arthritis refuse to go up to the stairs and do not act very well when you play with them or do any other physical activities due to pain. Arthritis is usually common in old dogs and dogs that are over weighted.


It is true that panting is normal among dog and it should not be included in the list of signs to know whether your dog is in pain or not. But if your dog is panting a lot then there are chances that your dog is in pain and he is panting to inform you about it.

The dog usually panting on specific time but if you notice the panting on odd times like mid of night then pay attention as it is the clear sign that your dog is in pain.

Dog Tummy Troubles

If your dog acting weird then it could be due to tummy troubles. As compared to other signs, the upset stomach can be easily recognized. The symptoms for the troubles related to tummy include diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation. Any irregular bowel movement can also help you to recognize that why your dog is in pain.

Listen to Your Dog

Dog communicates with a human when they are in pain. Yes, they cry due to pain and you should recognize it. Usually, the dog does not cry often when they are in pain. They only cry when they do no bear pain anymore. They also make a sad face and look tired. These are all their way of communicating with their owners.

Whimpering and whining without any reason means your dog is in pain and he is telling you about it. By doing all these things, they can only tell you that they are in pain but they cannot tell you that which part of their body hurts. So, if you see that your dog cries, whining and whimpering then visit the vet for the full body check-up.

Changes In Your Dog’s Behavior

We have talked about the pain due to which you can get the answer of your question why my dog is acting weird? But this could not be the only reason. The change in your dog’s behavior could be also happened changed in the environment, present of a specific member of the family, addiction in a family member, change in your daily routine, change in food brand and much more.

So, you have to notice all of these signs to know that why your dog acting weird, hiding from you, feeling sad and tired all the time.

Other than the above-mentioned reasons which were related to pain and health issues, you could see the change in your dog’s behavior due to following reasons. So, if you are worried about your dog’s acting weird, then you should take a look at these changes in your dog’s behavior. This will also help you to understand the nature of your dog if you are petting a dog for the very first time.

Social and environmental changes have been mixed by many people why it should not be. Social change is more about the people around your dog while environmental change happened when you change the routine of your dog or move to the new place.

Social Changes

Sometimes dog starts behaving weird when they see that you have adopted a new pet or giving more attention to other pets in the house. Usually, in this condition, they behave aggressive or antisocial to warn you that they do not like your interaction with other pets.

Although, an introduction of a new family member could also disturb your dog. This is also including the guests visiting at your house for few days.

So, if you do not notice any sign which can tell you that your dog is not in pain then you should look around and see that what social things have been changed which causes your dog acting weird. If you found, then try to change it as early as possible. If you have a new family member, then introduce him to your dog or if you have a new pet then give your dog some time to accept.

Environmental Change

This is not very common change which causes your dog to act weird but this should not be ignored. The dog starts acting weird when you move their sleeping bed to another part of the house or completely move to the new place.

Change is weather also included in this. Very hot or very cold weather makes a dog tired, sleeping and even sad. The environmental changed are temporary and get normal with the passage of time. To provide aid to your dog in this condition, spend more time with them.

Top Symptoms Your Pet is Sick and Needs Help

Your Dog Not Drinking Water

As a dog owner, you must know that how much water your dog drink once in a day. If you see that your dog is not drinking enough water, then its mean that he is suffering from any health issue. Its work in same way as its work for human. Dehydration among dog can be also very dangerous. So, do not ignore this symptom as it could lead to serious illness in your dog.

Your Dog is Not Eating Enough

Like water, you must know that when did your dog eat food and how much food your dog eats. If you noticed that your dog is not eating enough and coming to the food bowl by running fast then this is the symptom of cold, temperature and fever etc. Dog acting weird in these health conditions are normal. They did not only stop eating food and drinking water but also feeling very tired all the time.

Breathing Difficulties in Dogs

If you noticed breathing difficulties in your dog then consult with a vet. The symptoms of breathing difficulties are sneezing, coughing and wheezing. This could be also happened due to other health problems as well.


Voting is not something you are worried about until it does not get stopped and your dog vomits twice in a day. This could lead to dehydration, lack of energy and other serious health issues. Vomiting can be happened due to food poisoning or your dog has eaten something from garbage etc.

The Dog is Scratching a Lot

Dog do scratch their skin but if they scratch a lot then it could be due to skin related allergies which can be very painful for them if did not get treated on time. So if your dog is scratching a lot then this is the sign that your dog is sick.

Video: 10 Strange Dog Behaviors Explained

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Dog acting weird can be happened due to a number of reasons including reasons related to health. None of this should be ignored and should contact the vet to help your dog to recover from the difficult condition. A good dog owner knows the need of his/her dogs. So, take care of your dog and do not let him act weird especially due to social and environmental changes.

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