Guide to Understand Why Dog Pees on Bed

There are thousands of people across the globe who is known to have dogs as pets. There is seriously nothing distressing like the house trained pooch urinating in the bed. This not only creates a messy situation, but also makes your bed to get those stinky wet spots. Dog pees on bed are quite common incidents and do not assume that he is getting back at you due to some reason or the other, like many tend to believe.

However, this behavior is sure to make you to panic. You may perhaps lose trust in your dog. After the dog has peed in, you might not be able to get good sleep. Once you get to understand the real reason of this behavior, then the problem can be tackled well.

1. Why My Puppy Keeps Peeing on My Bed?

2. Dog Keeps Peeing on Bed – Is Your Dog Being Taken Out?

3. The Probable Causes for Dog Peeing in Sleep

4. How to Stop Puppy Peeing on Bed?

5. It Can Be Something Else

6. Has the Dog Been Trained Properly?

7. Marking vs Peeing

8. How To Stop A Dog Wetting The Bed?

9. Dog’s Pee Can Be Warning Sign

10. Give More Love to Handle all Types of Situation

11. Use Waterproof Dog Bed

12. Solutions

13. Prevention

14. Limited Access

15. Conclusion

Why My Puppy Keeps Peeing on My Bed?

This is a question that is asked by many. There are indeed several reasons for your dog to pee on the bed.

  • Anxiety:

It is one of the major reasons that can well answer the question, “Why Did My Dog Start Peeing in My Bed?” In case, your dog is frightened of thunderstorms, which is a common phobia, then he might seek solace on the bed. It could also be that the dog has some nervous disposition and feels comforted on your bed. Once in the bed, if he becomes anxious or hears clap of thunder, he could pee.

You do not have to worry, since this can be prevented in the future. You can have your dog placed on a schedule. Just walk him, play with him and feed him every day at the same scheduled time. Also, discuss the options with your vet and provide the dog with anti-anxiety medications.

  • Medical reasons or aging:

In case, your dog has some medical problem or urinary tract condition, then dog peeing on bed can be common. It is sure to drink plenty of water, which might cause him to pee on bed accidentally. The smell could possibly cause the dog to pee again, although the medical condition has been solved.

The area is to be treated with enzymatic urine odor eliminator. This can help avoid urination in the future. Few older dogs may become incontinent and do not have the capacity hold their pee. Discussing with the vet can help to get the best possible treatment. An absorbent pad is to be kept on the bed, in case, the incontinent dog is to be allowed to sleep on it.

  • Marking:

The dog peeing on bed could possibly because, he is trying to mark it. The message is delivered through marking that the marked area will be well protected and defended against intruders. Aggressive dogs tend to mark the house perimeter, allowing others to know that the place is safeguarded.

The less confident dogs just leave their mark, presuming that the intruders will be scared off automatically. An alpha role is to be assumed by the owner of the house. It is necessary for you to let know your dog that you are the person in charge here and protection is not needed.

  • Bar the dog from bed:

Dog pees on bed can be avoided, if the dog is stopped from getting onto the bed. This is a better option, if the dog is medically fit and reason is not found as to why “Why is my dog peeing on my bed”. It is possible to restrict access to your dog by having the bedroom door to be closed or to use a baby gate to bar it.

It will be wise to select another spot for your dog, in case, he sleeps along with you. Probably, your dog has not been completely trained to avoid urinating on bed. The covers have to be cleaned up occasionally.

Dog Keeps Peeing on Bed – Is Your Dog Being Taken Out?

If your dog peeing on bed, the other potential reason could be that the dog needs to go our more frequently. As you hope, they might not be able to hold it for a long time. hence, they start peeing inside the home. The bed does seem to them as a potential option.

They may find it to pee comfortably on the bed and assume not to get caught quickly by the owner, when compared to peeing in other places, like they are scared.

The Probable Causes for Dog Peeing in Sleep

The instances like your canine pet urinating on the bed is no doubt such instances that is awkward. It piles up, your works as you have to keep on cleaning the bed and washing the bed covers.

Hence, dog owners keep wondering the reasons beyond the dog peeing in sleep as well as they look for solutions that will enable them to escape such instances. Can dogs pee in their sleep? What does it mean when a dog pees on you?

You should take these instances as the symptom of physical or mental problems in your dog and hence, the challenges are not confined to the scopes of repeated cleaning of the house or the beds. Let’s explore a few probable factors that trigger such instances.

Anxiety can make your pooch to urinate in an uncontrolled manner

One of the most common reasons for dog peeing in sleep  or the frequency of peeing getting excessively shortened for the intervals, is that of anxiety. These instances can make the dogs feel panicked and nervous and as an outcome, they might start to pee on the beds. Hence, if you are wondering why my dog keeps peeing on my bed, consider the chances that the dog is suffering from a feeling of anxiety.

There can be various factors that are likely to trigger such anxious feeling. For instance, they feel anxious when there are thunderstorms or people around them are shouting  or there have some nervous inconvenience while on the bed. Hence, Vets suggest dog owners to maintain a peaceful and calm ambiance in the house that will keep the dogs in the perfect mental state.

There can be medical reasons beyond the troubles of excessive peeing

Another factor that you can account beyond the instances of dog peeing in sleep or they pee at abnormally higher rates can be for some health reasons. In majority of the cases, these instances are a symptom of troubles in the urinary tract for which the Pooch is unable to control the pee. Hence, if the problem persists, you are advised to seek the guidance of the Vets on a war footing basis.

Aging is another factor that makes dogs to pee on the beds

With aging, dogs start loosing the power to hold on the pee and in those instances, they can urinate during the course of the sleep. This trouble is witnessed is the majority of the dogs and if you see the repeat of such instances in your dog, you need to seek medical treatment.

Whatever may be the reasons for dog peeing in sleep, these instances can have a negative impact on the health of the  dog and hence, the moment you start experiencing such troubles in your dog, you need to look for the suitable remedial measures. As a precautionary measure, it will be wise to use plastic sheets on the dog beds that will prevent the chances of the dog catching cold or keeping the coat Wet that can trigger various skin ailments in dogs.

How to Stop Puppy Peeing on Bed?

The only solution left to stop dog from peeing on bed is to take them out frequently and offer them with ample opportunity to pee different times during the day, until a better approximation of the routine is had.

It Can Be Something Else

If your dog pees on bed, then do not assume that he is mad at you. Rather, it can be something else. The very first instinct can be that after locating that pee spot on your bed sheet can be that your dog is bent on taking revenge on you. The truth is that dogs in nature are not vindictive.

It does not mean necessarily that bed wetting is not a way to signal something. In few cases, puppy urinating on bed is seen to be separation anxiety sign. When the dog gets into such kind of mindset, it might seek refuge especially at a spot which smells similar to you.

The reason is because, they tend to feel secure at that place during your absence. This type of bed urination can be regarded to be a sign that you are being missed. Also, he lets you know that he is getting bored without you besides him.

Has the Dog Been Trained Properly?

Dog peeing epically on the bed is seen to be an indication of not giving him proper house training. Your dog may not have completely grasped as to where he should pee and where he should avoid. In such a case, it becomes important to teach him some basic housebreaking steps and help him to avoid peeing on the bed.

Marking vs Peeing

Not every instance of urine means equal pee necessarily. If the dog is found to be urinating on the bed in very small amounts, some small similar sized amounts is noticed surrounding the house, then chances are very high that it is not peeing problem. Instead, it can be treated as a sign where the dog has been marking his territory.

A common thing that is associated with dogs, more specially the male ones is territory marking. This practice might also be followed by female dogs. Typically, marking is known to begin during the adolescence stage of the dog. Its behavior increases as the dog is known to reach its physical maturity.

How To Stop A Dog Wetting The Bed?

Host of ways does exist to help stop dog urinating on my bed. This behavior can be prevented from taking place in the future. You can carry out some methods and tactics like changing the bed sheets often to taking much more complex actions such as neutering or spaying your dog.

Dog’s Pee Can Be Warning Sign

It could be that your dog has just qualified housebreaking in flying colors. There might not be noticed any dog peeing on bed or surrounding the house. He may appear to be completely cool and busy with all the different items found around him like puzzle toys, chewies and the like.

These are like to keep him constantly engaged in your absence. Still, you might be back home to your bed only to find it doused in pee of your dog! The question is why?

The dog pee which you notice here can probably be an indicative that the pet is suffering from some kind of medical condition. It may range from an ordinary urinary tract infection or something that is much more serious like kidney disease.

In case, the dog is suspected not to be functioning 100% from health standpoint, then it will be a real wise decision to take an appointment from the dog’s veterinarian immediately, without any delay.

Give More Love to Handle all Types of Situation

An excellent and effective way to stop dog pees, is to show very clearly that you love your dog very much. According to the vets and animal experts, it is regarded to be a fabulous way to handle all types of situations, irrespective of what exactly the situation is.

It is not just pleasant to come back home to your bed that is covered with your dog’s urine. It can be really infuriating. The first instinct will be to start yelling at the pet and take out your anger. But, it will be wise to stop and think for a moment, to collect the thoughts and to be composed.

There is a genuine need to understand that if you find your dog to have behaved wrongly, probably he might feel the same or realize it. From his perspective, this can be behavioral issue. It cannot be considered to be an emotional one.

It is your own frustrations that may lead to further complications with your dog. Moreover, the anger vented out on your pet it not likely to help the little buddy to differentiate right from wrong.

Use Waterproof Dog Bed

If you find dog pees on your bed regularly, then investing in a good quality waterproof bed is likely to be a wise decision to be made. It is stated to be easy to be cleaned, affordable, fully waterproof due to the presence of the cover.

Besides this, the memory foam base does make it quite comfortable and convenient for your dog, thus proving to be a wonderful investment. It is highly recommended by the vet experts.


After understanding why your dog pees, the next task is to get to know few solutions which can help you to prevent such conditions from occurring again.


It is necessary to take preventative measures which will automatically diminish the likelihood of the dog peeing in your bed. It effectively means that you are to ensure that your bed is free from urine scent completely. The enzyme cleaner can be stated to be just perfect for this. Probably, you might be eager to have the entire area cleaned, instead of relying upon ‘spot’ treatment.

In case, any kind of odor remains, then it may prove to be some kind of signal to the dog that it can still be treated to be the right place to pee without any hassle. It is be understood that the sense of smell of the dog is quite superior to that of humans. Hence, you may perhaps not be able to smell those things which your dog can.

Limited Access

If the dog pees on bed, then an easy solution for avoiding this unwanted situation is to prevent complete access to the bedroom. In case, your dog enters your room, then there is a need for someone to be present to supervise and ensure that no accidents take place.

In case, dog begin to pee, then pet is to be interrupted immediately and taken outside. The following fundamental house training techniques are to be followed, which is likely to do the trick.

Video: Dog Pees on Himself Out of Fear and Terror the End Will Amaze You

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Bed wetting problem can be a big one as well as frustrating. This can be all the more, if you have carried out all types of methods and strategies to prevent your dog from peeing from bed and still the same thing takes place. You should follow this guide and apply the given strategies that are recommended.

I suggest you to use some products that are available readily. Being made from 100% organic materials, they are completely safe for your dog and will not create any side effect on cause any kind of harm for your dog. The products are good enough to change the dog’s behaviors as well as to improve house training.

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