How to Find the Best Dog Training Whistle?

How to train your dog appropriately? Which training tools and techniques to use in the training process? What the behavior of the dog tells you and how you can change some bad and inappropriate behavior?

All of this can be handled with some good training where you need to know some methods and practices in order to train the dog appropriately. Using a dog training whistle would be one recommendation since it is commonly known that the owners of dogs use whistles when they want to control their dogs.

But how to use a dog whistle? Is there any specific way of whistling? There are many ways of whistling and different types of sounds, in length and volume, so you can learn some of them and teach the dog to recognize the sounds when you whistle. Which dog training whistle is the best and how you can use it?

You will have to give some dog whistle commands that are different from the spoken ones and you will have to teach the dog of the types of whistles, what the dog needs to do if you are giving a super loud dog whistle command or when you are giving some silent dog training.

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1. Quick Links to Our Picks

2. What is the Dog Whistle Used for?

3. How to Control the Labrador Retriever with a Whistle?

4. Do Dog Whistles Work?

5. Is the Whistle Going to Make the Dog Obedient?

6. Is the Whistle Harmful?

7. What is the Best Whistle?

8. Why the Acme Gundog Whistles are One of the Best?

9. What is the Best Frequency for a Whistle?

10. Which Commands You Need to Use?

11. How Can You Make the Dog to Respond to the Whistle?

12. What the Dog Whistle Won’t Do?

13. The Silent Whistles

13.1 Acme Dog Whistle 210.5

13.2 SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Special Whistle

13.3 UNM Whistle Training for Dogs & Barking Control

14. Conclusion

What is the Dog Whistle Used for?

Even when there were no whistles in the past, people still were whistling to the dogs when they wanted to give some command or control some behavior. Now with the presence of the whistles people are giving different whistling commands and the training process is different. The owners are using different techniques in the whistling in order to give some distinctive sound.

How to Control the Labrador Retriever with a Whistle?

These dogs are less responsive when they have been trained to distance and they need to be able to hear and follow the signal from the whistle. But you might ask why you need a whistle while training your Labrador? If your voice is too silent or if you don’t want to get sore throat, then the whistle would be the best choice in the training process.

When you are giving commands with the whistle, the commands are easier to hear and recognize since they are consistent and soon the dog will learn what you are trying to say to it. With the training process the dog can easily learn the whistling commands, especially if you repeat them more times in certain situations.

Another advantage of using a whistle is when you have cold, you are tired or you have some issues with the voice, the whistle will sound the same to your dog. You can also prevent others using the whistle, especially your children who want to play with it and give some unspecific commands to the dog. In order to avoid any confusion and go with the training process in the right direction, you will have to keep the whistle away.

A disadvantage of using a whistle would probably be the fact that you will never forget the sound of it, you will remember it deep in your conscience, and that is kind of bothering. Since some of the whistles make strange and high-pitch noises, you might have chosen the wrong whistle, so you will have a headache every time you hear the sound of it.

Do Dog Whistles Work?

Of course they work, and plus are very effective. You can use the whistles in the dog training process if your dog is disobedient and you will get a fresh beginning in the training of your dog.

It might happen that your dog is deaf and you can think that it is ignoring you, so there is also a special dog whistle for deaf dogs that can be used in the training process. This issue of deafness needs to be treated appropriately and you will have to consult a vet and ask for some additional training tools.

There is also a case when your dog pretends to be deaf, this is called selective deafness. The dog selects the moment when wants to pretend deaf and does not follow the instructions and the signals from the whistle, so usually the owner becomes nervous in situations like these.

The selective deafness is common at those dogs that are playing with the other dogs and do whatever pleases them, which means they are not going back at the owner when the whistle command is being given, but instead the dog goes at the owner whenever it wants.

Is the Whistle Going to Make the Dog Obedient?

The whistle itself cannot make your dog obedient, but the training process it definitely will. You have to follow the instructions that have been given to you by a professional in how to train your dog with a whistle. There is no particular thing about the whistle, you just have to train it to listen and obey to your voice and every time you give some signal or command.

Some of the customers often go to the store in order to return the whistle and claim that the dog is still being disobedient. This is not due the fact that the whistle is not working, the whistle is working perfectly, and this is due the fact that the training is not suiting your dog. The dog often doesn’t respond to the whistling commands and the owners usually think that is hopeless to use the whistle as a training tool.

Is the Whistle Harmful?

Is the whistle going to affect the hearing or hurt the ears? Is the whistle going to cause any damage? Some of the whistles are very powerful and there is ultrasonic dog whistle that is one of the most powerful ones, but they do not make any harm or are not dangerous if they are not blown near the ear of the dog or directly to it. The best whistle for dog training gives proper sound and signal and is at appropriate volume and pitch.

What is the Best Whistle?

What features you need in a whistle in order to consider it as the best choice? There are several features that need to be taken into consideration while you choose the whistle. The consistent sound is not different whenever you blow from it. The sound should be heard at distances more of 200 yards, so if your dog is somewhere far, the signal still can be heard.

It can be replaced easily in a case you lose it. Also the construction is rigid and strong and if you drop it on the floor, it will not break. The sound command you are giving can be clearly transmitted, so you will know what command you are giving, there are no noises while whistling.

Why the Acme Gundog Whistles are One of the Best?

These whistles are used among the British trainers and are among the best training tools. There are a lot of whistles on the market and you can easily find the perfect one for your dog and for you, so below are some of my recommendations. Some of the whistles are made from natural materials and stags horn.

The sound that the whistles from Acme gundog make is consistent and it carries well. The most popular frequencies are 210.5 and 211.5, so you will also pay appropriate price, as you are buying a whistle, so you know that you have a high quality product.

What is the Best Frequency for a Whistle?

The best frequency for a whistle would be 210.5 and 211.5. It doesn’t matter the type of the frequency for different types of dogs, they all equally accept the signal and react to the commands. You can have 2 different breeds and use the same whistle. There is no particular recommendation in this. The most important thing is to be consistent, you need to choose the right frequency and do it every time, just stick to that frequency.

The blowing of the whistle should start softly and then loudly. You cannot give signals without order or that not make any sense. You will just confuse your dog and the training will not give the wanted results. You can use the tongue if you want to break the sound in few different signals with the same frequency.

Which Commands You Need to Use?

There are several commands that you need to learn and practice with your dog. If you want your dog to come back to you from somewhere, you can make some long and loud whistles, twice in order your dog to turn back to you and wait for your commands. While the dog is turned back, you can point some directions with the hands and focus the attention of your dog.

When you want to stop your dog from doing something or going somewhere, you will have to blow a single, loud and short command. This way the dog will stop from doing any activity and will wait for your command.

If you want the dog to fetch something and put the nose on the ground, then you can give short and low sound and show with your hand on the ground. If you want to teach your dog to these signals, then you need to start with the training process.

The dog does not care about the signals or the commands you are giving, if you are not enough committed and dedicated to your dog in order to teach the signals and the commands and how to be obedient, then the training process will result in a failure.

You do not need different whistles while you train your dog, it is not a requirement, you can have, but I would recommend you to use one, since the dog does not differentiate the sounds, if one sound is better than the other, it just differs the training that you give. All of the dogs respond the same, if you teach the right techniques.

How Can You Make the Dog to Respond to the Whistle?

There are several ways to make your dog to be responsive and obedient. You need to use few techniques and methods while training. Let’s say for example you are at the beginning of the training process and you are struggling to attract the attention of your dog. You are whistling all the time but your dog is pretending to be deaf.

This happens because the dog doesn’t know that the whistling is intended for it, you need to make sure that your dog understands that the whistling is done when you want to give some command to it. How can you do that? Every time you are going to whistle, you can have some treat near you and attract the dog with it.

You can blow in the whistle and then fetch the treat somewhere, so the dog can go there and eat it. The same can be used with the dog’s toys. The fetching can be used as a part of the training process, as well as the feeding.

What the Dog Whistle Won’t Do?

Since the whistles are used in the training of your dog, they are intended of giving commands and signals. You cannot prevent your dog from barking even though the dog can be prevented for it but only for some short time, which is temporary. If you are dealing with annoying dog, then do not hope that the whistle will save you from the noise. The whistle can more make the dog to bark, instead of shut it up.

The whistle cannot make the dog to leave some area, so if your dog is somewhere and you are giving some command or signal and you are expecting the dog to leave the place, it will not happen.

The whistle cannot stop the dog of going into fight with the other dogs, or prevent it from doing some mess and playing around. When the level of aggression is at the highest level at the dog, better don’t try to control it with the whistling.

The deaf dogs and the older dogs have also issues with the hearing, so the whistle will not be heard at those dogs that are completely deaf. You will have to use some hand signals instead.

The Silent Whistles

The silent whistles function like the other whistles, and they also make noise. It is called silent whistle because the frequency by which is given the signal is above the normal frequency of the other whistles. The people can hear the actual tone but most of them can only hear the sound of the air passing in it.

The concept by which these whistles are made is that they will not disturb anyone and that people can hear them since they are in ultrasonic ranges. They can be very quiet or very loud, depending on the range where the person is standing while the command or the signal is being given.

Some of the whistles produce sounds with ultra high frequencies up to 12,400 Hz, while the silent ones are definitely below the normal standards. Some of the dogs don’t even respond to the silent whistles.

Acme Dog Whistle 210.5

If you want to train your dog with a whistle, you need to know how to use the whistle and what type to use. There are plenty of brands that offer different whistles and Acme Dog Whistle is one of them. Its size is 210.5 and when you use it in the training of the dog, the training goes easier and faster.

It has ultra high pitch without cork and the volume can be up to 5900 Hz. It is excellent tool for training and the owners are very satisfied. The sound is appropriate and is not some high or low that cannot be bearable, or when you whistle the dog to get scared, this is not the case.


  • Very effective tool for training.
  • Your dog will develop the reflex for doing something after hearing the sound of the whistle.
  • The pitch is ultra high.


  • There are no disadvantages in using this product.

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SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Special Whistle

Another useful tool that can help you in the training of your dog is the SportDog Brand Roy Gonia Special Whistle that is easy to blow and your dog will recognize the sound easily. It is lower pitched and is used to train more the field champions. It is definitely one of the best whistles that can be used in the training and your dog will get used to it.

The owners are very satisfied with it and the product has a lot of positive reviews on the sale websites. If you are searching for the right whistle that can help you in the training, then you have found the perfect one.


  • Product with high quality.
  • The owner can blow in the whistle easily.
  • Dogs will learn faster with it.


  • No disadvantages.

SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Special Whistle Recommended By Us

UNM Whistle Training for Dogs & Barking Control

This product is with a premium quality and is a fantastic tool that is used in the training of your dog. You will never lose your whistle again and this is due to the premium quality lanyard which made the whistle easy to attach and detach. You can control the behavior of the dog and train it with commands and discipline, whenever you feel the dog is out of control.

It is also handy when you go camping, hunting or in a case of emergency. It is small, but powerful training tool that provides the best performance and the most convenient design. It provides great effects for the barking of your dog.


  • It is an excellent product that will provide excellent service.
  • Very suitable design and high performance.
  • A product of high quality.


  • No cons registered at the moment.

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Video: Pamela Dennison Training the Whistle Recall

Click here to see video.


If you cannot control your dog or you are struggling with the training of it, then you certainly need some useful training tool that will help you in the training process. These whistles are proven to be effective in the training of a dog and are among the most wanted products among the dog’s owners.

I would recommend you to purchase some of these in order to have less struggles and issues with your dog and its behavior. They are definitely worth the money since you can use them in other occasions, not just for training your dog.

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