Best Dog Water Bowl – Our Guide in 2019

If your dog’s water bowl has been cracked, old and not big enough to fulfill the water requirement of your dog, then, you should check this article till the end because following I am sharing with you the list of best water bowls for dogs including complete information about each product. This article will help you to buy the only good quality of water bowl at a reasonable price.

Dogs are humble. They deserve our love as they love us.

Due to their loving and caring nature, it does not take the time to be part of the family.

Spending time with dogs and playing them with their toys is not enough to show your love to them.

Other than just time, you should spend money on their care too.

Water container for a dog is one of the essential, which you should own so that your dog can fill his stomach whenever feel thirsty.

Day by day, the companies are making new types of dog supplies due to which, now it’s become difficult to decide which product will fit your dog.

You need to take care of so many things including the material from which the dog food and water bowls have been made, the size of the bowl, color combination and much more.

Purchasing one with extra-large or small size can be a waste of money.

So, to help you how to choose a perfect watering bowl for your dog, I am sharing a quick shopping guide for you below.

1. How to Buy a Best Water Bowl?

2. Different Shapes and Sizes

3. Know the Materials of Your Dog’s Water Bowls

3.1 Steel Water Container for Dogs

3.2 Plastic Watering Bowl

3.3 Ceramic Dog Food and Water Bowls

4. Dog Water Bowls with Special Features

4.1 Electronic Water Feeder for Dogs

4.2 Elevated Water Bowl

4.3 Gravity Feeder Bowls

5. Product Reviews

5.1 Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer w/ Microban

5.2 Petmate Pet Cafe Pet Waterer, 1/4 Gal, Pearl Lady Pink

5.3 PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

5.4 Premium Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain Dog

5.5 Petrageous Designs Pet Bowls Pooch Basics

5.6 Aqua Buddy Auto Fill Outdoor Dog Water Bowl

6. Conclusion

How to Buy a Best Water Bowl?

I know it’s sound easy to purchase a water bowl for your dog but in reality, it is not.

Today, there are so many options available in the market which made it very difficult to decide which bowl will suit most to your dog.

Water bowls are coming in different types of material, shapes, sizes, and features.

While this is a good improvement but so many options makes it very difficult to stay with one.

If you are purchasing a water bowl for your dog for the very first time or knowing about different types of these bowls for the first time, then you should educate about them before you learn about the best water bowl for your dog.

The process of buying the best water bowl is the same as you are purchasing any other product online.

Step 1: Know your dog’s requirements

Step 2: Choose a brand you are familiar with

Step 3: Read online reviews of dog owners

Step 4: Select the product within your budget

Step 5: Compare them to buy the best of them

Different Shapes and Sizes

The size and shape of the water bowl are very important. Many people simply ignore this and purchase the one which looks fancy due to which the dog faces the problem when drinking water.

Don’t purchase a very big or very small water bowl for your dog. You must know about the required size of the water bowl for your dog.

You can know about the size of the water container for your dog simply by noticing the behavior of your dog with his previous water bowl.

Also, many water containers for the dog have mentioned the size of the water bowl along with the dog breed and age which helps a lot to find the perfect shape and size of the bowl for your dog.

If you have more than one dog of big size then you can simply purchase a big size dog water trough instead of purchasing a separate bowl for each of them.

Make sure to not ignore the shape of the bowl. A cylindrical bowl looks attractive to the eye but it could be very hard to clean it or you need to purchase extra cleaning tools for it.

So, it is better to go with an easy shape bowl like round so that you can clean it easily before the bacteria start growing in it.

Know the Materials of Your Dog’s Water Bowls

The god water bowls are being sold in different types of material which include plastic, steel, and ceramic.

They all come with their own advantage and disadvantages.

If you don’t know about them and confused to decide which water bowl will suit your dog, then do read title description about each of them.

I hope that this will help you to buy a perfect water bowl for the dog, which will be easy to carry, clean and fill with water.

Steel Water Container for Dogs

Steel water bowls are usually made of stainless steel. They are rust-free, durable and last for many months if they have been clean properly on a regular basis.

This type of bowls is also dishwasher safe. So, cleaning them is very easy.

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Plastic Watering Bowl

Plastic water bowls for dogs are usually very cheap due to its material. It is a dog option for puppies or for those dogs who do not chew.

They are also durable, easy to clean and last for months if your dog does not have the habit of chewing the plastic.

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Ceramic Dog Food and Water Bowls

Ceramic water bowls for dogs are heavy in size and not easily moveable by the dog.

If your dog is playful and always mess with the place with the water bowl, then this could be the best option for you to purchase.

They are easy to clean and it is required to clean them on a daily basis because the bacteria can grow on ceramic easily as compared to plastic and stainless steel.

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Dog Water Bowls with Special Features

Once you did with the material, size, and shape, the next thing you need to decide about the feature of your dog’s water bowl.

While it is not necessary that you purchase an advance and electronic water contains for your dog, but bowls like this can make your life very easy.

Because you do not need to refill them on time and also you do not need to be worried about sterilization as there are companies who are making water bowls for dogs with so many options.

If you are tight with the budget, then you can simply purchase a traditional bowl for your dog, but if you want to spend money on your dog and also surprise your pet with something different then you must select a water bowl with maximum features.

Following I am sharing information about different types of water bowls for the dog including their benefits and how they can make your life easy in no time.

Electronic Water Feeder for Dogs

While these types of bowls are made for the eating purpose but there is a whole range of water feeders for dogs available for water as well. This type of bowls allows you to set the timing.

Simply fill the bowl with water and set the timing for it.

Even if you are not at home, your dog will get water on the time.

This is a great option for those people are do not have much time for their pets due to the job and other professional schedules.

Also, such type of bowls is great to make a routine for your dog, when to drink water, etc.

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Elevated Water Bowl

Elevated bowls are made for big size dogs.

If you have a big size dog, then this is what you need to purchase for your dog. This will make your dog’s life very easy.

Your dog will never need to bend his legs to drink water.

They usually come in the set of two (one for food and one for water) while they are actually quite cheap.

You can even use these bowls for your puppy who like to splash water for fun.

The main advantage of this type of bowl is that it will keep debris out from your dog’s water and food.

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Gravity Feeder Bowls

They are the same as electronic bowl except they do not have any option to set time.

The lower part of the bowl gets filled automatically whenever your dog makes it empty.

If you are impressed with the electronic bowl but don’t have enough money to spend on it, then this could be a great option for you.

Surely, there are many other types of water bowls for dog exists.

But these are the most common with most amazing features which you should consider before purchasing one for your dog.

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Product Reviews

Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer w/ Microban

This gravity water bowl is made of those dog parents who short stay away from the home because its gravity feature will automatically refill the water bowl whenever it’s required.

It’s come with an advanced filtration system that makes the water clean for your dog and removes any type of chemical, smell and chlorine from the water.

Its Microban® Antimicrobial Protection keeps the stain away from the wall of the bowl due to which you don’t need to worry about its cleanness (it’s required less cleaning as well).

It is made with pet plastic and safe for your dog in case if your dog likes chewing things.

It is a large water bowl for dogs. The mouth of the bottle is wide enough, which makes it easy for you to clean.

The company is also offering you the option to purchase only the bottle cap in case if you broke one.

So, you do not need to purchase the whole new bowl in the future if any part of the product gets damaged.


  • Available in different size and colors
  • This bowl comes with large dog water dispenser
  • Fit with the dogs of all sizes including puppies
  • Prevent the growth of bacteria and promote health
  • Comes with the advanced filter to make water clean
  • Automatically refill when you are away from home.


  • Maximum 4 gallons of water can be filled at once
  • There are not many options available in colors
  • It’s light in weight which means your dog can move it.

The advanced features to clean the water and control the water make this product my favorite on the whole list.

You should purchase it right now as it’s hard to find a water bowl with that many features at such a cheap price.

Click Now To View The Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer with Microban

Petmate Pet Cafe Pet Waterer, 1/4 Gal, Pearl Lady Pink

This is another Petmate water bowl for dogs. The dogs with medium size can also use this water bowl.

This bowl is made with pet plastic which means that is pet safe where it is made in the USA with quality material and standards.

The automatic watering system allows you to leave your house for hours without worrying about your dog at home.

I like the design of this product, especially it’s wide mouth opening which makes the cleaning very easy.

The company has added recessed handles on both sides of this bowl; this makes it very easy to lift even when the bowl is full of the water.

It is a large water bowl for dogs. The large dog water dispenser can store water for up to 2 days.


  • This bowl is made with pet-friendly and pet-safe plastic
  • Easy to clean due to its flexible design and wide opening
  • Automatic gravity design refill water when it’s required
  • Cleaning this bowl is very easy as it is dishwasher safe
  • More than one dog can drink water time due to its design.


  • It’s available in only three sizes; 0.75 – 3 gallons
  • Not suitable for big dogs because of its weight
  • The quality of the plastic is not very good.

If you have puppies at your home, then this is a perfect choice for you because it is not very big which makes it easy for your puppies to drink water.

Press Here To View The Petmate Pet Cafe Pet Waterer, 1/4 Gal, Pearl Lady Pink

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Fountain water bowls for dogs are still new for many of us, especially the one which comes up with the electronic motors.

This PetSafe electronic water bowl is one of them.

The fountain feature of this bowl will allow you to use the same bowl for all sizes of dogs. The best feature of this bowl which impressed me is its factorization process.

The company has included a removable carbon filter in this bowl which does not only remove the odors from the water but also keeps the water fresh by removing bad tastes and smell.

It is really hard to found a bowl with that type of feature at cheap price.

Also, to make it pet-friendly for your dog, the company has made it with the plastic which is pet safe and pet-friendly.

It won’t hurt your dog’s health if he chewed it.

The reservoir of this water bowl allows you to control the capacity of the water.


  • The flow of the water can be controlled easily
  • Rubber at the bottom of the bowl makes it difficult to move for dogs
  • The carbon water filter removes smells, odors, and bad tastes
  • It is made with pet-friendly and pet-safe plastic
  • Dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to clean when required
  • The motor of this bowl is very low voltage and safe.


  • Available in only one size with a 168-ounce water capacity
  • Required you to replace carbon water filter when it gets dirty
  • The motor makes very loud sounds when there is not enough water.

While there are so many fountain water bowls available online to purchase but I have included only this one because I found it very attractive due to its design, features, and option to clean.

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Premium Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain Dog

This is a totally new type of a fountain water bowl for the dog. Its design will surely make you buy it now because it makes it easy for your dog to drink water while its bowl part gets filled automatically.

To make it interesting for the dog, the company has added the light feature which means that, your dog can drink water easily when it’s dark.


  • It has a premium filter to keep the water fresh and captures debris
  • Very attractive design, shape, and size which fits for multiple pets
  • LED light feature makes very easy for your dog to drink water in dark
  • The water flow continuously which encourage your dog to drink water
  • Its design allows you to clean it easily.


  • The total capacity of water is only 1.80 liters
  • It is not a dishwasher safe product
  • The LED feature may disturb some dogs.

In the time of technology, this water bowl should not be missed.

It’s a simple design but advanced features make it a must to buy the product for the dogs.

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Petrageous Designs Pet Bowls Pooch Basics

This product has a very traditional shape and design but its color scheme made it very attractive where the designing on this bowl has been done by hand.

I have included this in advance features water bowl list as some people still prefer to purchase an old-style water bowl for dogs. The total dimension of this bowl is 6 x 6 x 2.5 inches, which is big enough for big size dog.

While its design is very simple but still company made it with a dishwasher and microwave safe material.

It is made with FDA standards and pet safe products. It can be used as a kennel water bowl with additional wire for holding purposes.

Usually, the traditional water container for dogs comes in small sizes but this is large in size and can be classified as a water bowl for dog crate.


  • Traditional and attractive design
  • Handcrafted design on the front
  • Microwaves and dishwasher safe
  • Easy to wash and clean.


  • Available in two different sizes only
  • No advance features include.

While this water bowl is very simple and doesn’t have much to offer but still you must purchase it if you like the art and looking for a unique design of a water bowl for your dog.

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Aqua Buddy Auto Fill Outdoor Dog Water Bowl

There isn’t much to write about this bowl as its attractive design is enough to make you buy this water bowl right now.

It can be fit in any part of the house where you have access to the garden hose.

I like this water bowl because of its design and feature which will make it impossible for your dog to move it.

While it can be used at any part of the house but the company has made it for outdoor purposes only.


  • Light in weight but difficult to move by your dog
  • Made with pet-safe material and it’s not chewable
  • It is sun UV resistant and last longer
  • Easy to wash and clean when required.


  • It is needed to connect with the hose all the time
  • It is not fit for small size dogs including puppies.

If you have a garden in your house and your dog love to spend time there then this should be your must to purchase a water bowl.

This is also a great product for those who are looking for water bowls for sloppy drinkers.

Aqua Buddy Auto Fill Outdoor Water Bowl Recommended By Us

Video: Weekend Projects – Pet Water Warden

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As you have noticed that there are so many options available when it’s come to purchase a water bowl for the dog.

So, make the decision wisely and do not get distracted by the features and the price of the product.

Keep in mind the requirement of your dog and purchase the best from the above list which suits most with your dog requirements.

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