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If you happen own to a pet like dog, then there are chances wherein you might have to deal with nuisance of flea and ticks. If so your pet has fleas, no need to get panicked. In fact, it’s quite common for dogs to get fleas particularly during summer and spring. The genuine question amongst many pet owners is how to get rid of fleas and ticks and keep them away from re-infesting your pet.

In this relate, there are great number of treatments available in market, but you need to consider the one that is suitable for your dog. Flea shampoo for dogs can treat bugs and ticks in dogs as it contain harsh chemicals. If your pet is prone to skin allergens, then flea shampoo can damage dog’s skin.

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1. Introduction

2. Quick Links to Our Picks

3. What is Pet Flea Shampoo

4. How to Tell if Your Dog Has Fleas

5. Different Methods of Flea Treatment

6. Benefits of Flea Shampoo Over Spot Treatments and Medication

7. Who Should Use Dog Shampoo for Fleas?

8. What to Look for in a Good Shampoo

9. What to Avoid in Flea Shampoo

10. Best Flea Shampoo Reviews

10.1 Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo with Precor for Dogs

10.2 Sentry Flea and Tick Shampoo with Oatmeal

10.3 Wahl Dog Shampoo Natural

11. Conclusion

What Is Pet Flea Shampoo?

Pet flea shampoo is a medicated shampoo used to clean the pet’s coat and to kill fleas and then prevent it from returning. A quality flea shampoo can easily kills adult fleas causing discomfort to your dogs. But make sure to shampoo your dog continually all through the year so that it remains effective in the long run.

It is much important to treat infected areas as and when you notice the issue. In this relate, flea shampoo for dogs can be used starting from head till tail and behind the ears as well. Let the shampoo lather remain on the hair coat for 5-10 minutes in order to kill the pesky insects. It can also be used as topical treatment to get further enhanced results.

Every flea shampoo claims to be safe, but remember each pet is unique from other and it may not react well. In case, if you come across any issue on using pet flea shampoo, then it’s better to consult your vet.

How to Tell if Your Dog Has Fleas

There are few symptoms that should alert you about flea infestation. Listed below are some amongst them:

  • Presence of small and dark spots which looks like paper flakes.
  • Flea biting is very itching as well as irritating on the dog’s skin. In case, if your dog is allergic to flea saliva, then it becomes very itchy just for one single bite.
  • Presence of visible fleas on the coat or bed of your dog.

If you don’t come across any of the above mentioned signs, but your dog/puppy scratching themselves, then it’s worth checking with your vet. The vet will perform necessary tests and a complete body check to determine the root cause for itching. Spotting out a flea dirt is quite tricky as it resembles the normal dirt specks which your dog might have picked from outside.

Different Methods of Flea Treatment

Once you have determined that your dog has fleas, then here are few options available at your end which help you to get rid of them:

  • On-spot treatments are tablet medicines

These two are the most powerful flea treatments available. The tablets will eradicate the entire flea life cycle; whereas on-spot treatments spread the medications all through the glands and kill the associated eggs.

  • Anti-flea sprays

You can also purchase anti-flea sprays for your dogs, but remember that it has to be applied continuously to get strong protection against fleas.

  • Flea collars

Flea collars have become relatively common now-a-days. It works by spreading the medication starting from dog’s coat to skin and thereby destroys fleas.

  • Flea and tick shampoos for puppies and dogs

The flea shampoo for dogs and puppies are considered to be gentle alternative to medications, collar and spot-on treatments. This method is very much effective as it has more chemically enhanced options.

No matter whatever the technique you use for flea and tick removal, but ensure that you are treating your home in the meanwhile. It’s known that flea and tick lay abundant quantity of eggs on your dog, there are chance of falling on its bed and around the house as well. So clean your house regularly before flea hatch and restart its life cycle. Make sure to wash your curtains, covers and beddings regularly.

Some of the dog owners make use of commercial medications to completely get rid of fleas and ticks, but ensure to use it under the suggestion of pest control experts.

Benefits of Flea Shampoo Over Spot Treatments and Medication

A highly effective dog shampoo for fleas is considered to be safe as well as efficient way to treat dog’s flea problem thereby destroying adult flea as well as flea life cycle without using heavy chemical medications.

Choosing natural flea shampoo for dogs over medications and spot-on treatment for your pet dog is considered as a natural root to prevent flea and ticks. Majority of the tick shampoo for dogs contain insecticides that destroy fleas and ticks without posing any sort of side effects.

Spot-on treatments have its own rules and regulations, i.e. it either kills just eggs or adult fleas and ticks. And again you may have to make use of flea shampoo to destroy the remaining one. On the other hand, tablets will also kill either adult fleas or just eggs, not both. But destroying the entire flea and tick lifecycle is very much important.

In this relate the best dog and puppy flea shampoo will destroy entire flea cycle starting from egg to adult, thereby kills remaining fleas and ticks as well.

Remember that, tick shampoo for dogs is quite easy to use. It can be used as regular shampoo for your dog. Flea bath for dog should be done at least once in a fortnight or month. In fact, it requires less maintenance than other medications. Moreover, the effect of shampoo remains for longer duration of time.

Who Should Use Dog Shampoo for Fleas?

Using flea or tick shampoo for dogs is usually recommended for all the dog owners. While giving bath to your dog never forget to use this shampoo. It just not only kills flea and ticks, additionally it has plenty of benefits loaded with it.

Using tick shampoo for dogs is indeed bliss to dog owners who would like to go for natural treatment for flea and those who can’t afford huge amount for chemical based treatments.

What to Look for in a Good Shampoo

It should be noted that dog shampoo with permethrin is considered as an active ingredient in flea shampoo. Pyrethrins are considered to be the potent insecticide causing failure of flea nervous system and gradually lead to its death.

Make sure to purchase a flea shampoo which just not only kills adult flea, but buy the one which destroy the entire lifecycle of flea so that there will be no more production of fleas. A good flea shampoo for your pet just not only kill fleas, but it will also provide other benefits like odor neutralization, effective cleaning of dust and debris and moisturizes its skin as well.

Always look for a gentle shampoo containing natural ingredients so that your pet remains safe as possible.

What to Avoid in Flea Shampoo

Essentially, you need to avoid buying any flea shampoo loaded with heavy chemicals. Kindly look for the products found effective by the dog owners. It should be noted that word of mouth is the most effective recommendation whilst buying quality shampoo for your dog to treat flea and ticks.

Remember that all the flea shampoos will not be able to kill flea eggs and adult fleas. In such a scenario, its better suggested to use of spot-on treatment and make sure that flea life cycle is completely eradicated.

Best Flea Shampoo Reviews

We are sure that this list will provide you suitable product that suits the needs of yourself and your dog.

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo with Precor for Dogs

It is a powerful shampoo to fight against fleas. It disrupts entire flea life cycle and kills flea at all stages starting from lice to adult phase. Though it’s little stinky, yet the task is perfectly accomplished.


  • It comprise of Pyrethrins, which is a natural and potent insecticide.
  • Removes scales and dandruff from the coat and softens it. While given bath using this shampoo lather is easily produced.
  • On using this shampoo on regular basis flea will be gradually reduced and after that you can reduce the number of bathing times.
  • When you rinse out your dog with this shampoo, you can see flea coming off gradually.


  • Needs more amount of shampoo to produce lather and also penetrate deep into dog’s hair and coat?
  • The smell of the shampoo is quite strong

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Sentry Flea and Tick Shampoo With Oatmeal

This is one of the effective and low cost flea shampoo available for dogs right now It is known to be the most powerful flea killer and ensures your dog get cleaned in short time.


  • Destroys fleas and ticks within 10 days of application.
  • It contains oat meal which is used to moisturize and also to replenish skin and coat as well, thereby leaving soft and shiny skin.
  • It’s very concentrated, i.e. a little amount of lather is enough to get rid of flea.
  • It’s a delectable Hawaiian ginger fragrance.


  • As per the reviews observed it’s seen that packaging wasn’t good and product was easily able to spill out of the bottle easily.

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Wahl Shampoo Natural

This is one of the known pet flea shampoo in the industry. This natural shampoo is quite popular for its effective formula.

For effective treatment, you may have to use it along with spot-on treatment as it completely natural product.


  • It is made out of 100% plant-derived ingredients.
  • It smells fantastic and gives a soft coat after use. It also cleanses hair dirt thoroughly.
  • It contains anti-bacterial as well as insecticides like cedar oil, lavender, mint, and rosemary.
  • It produces lather easily and also penetrates into dog’s skin and it’s more effectively than others.


  • Make sure to wash the shampoo thoroughly as there are chances of leaving marks on the dog’s hair.
  • Although it is used as a good natural alternative to kill fleas and ticks but it belongs to the category of chemical –laden products.

Wahl Shampoo Natural Recommended By Us

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Fleas are great nag! When you come across your dog scratching and itching, the best thing you can do is give it an immediate bath using best shampoo. Flea shampoo bathing can be supplemented by treating the flea in outside environment.

With the inception of internet era, you need not have to move to and fro from one store to another. There are various online sites that assist you in finding best shampoo for your beloved dogs. Make sure to go through the ingredients thoroughly prior buying and check whether it is suitable for your dog or not.

When it comes to payment section, precautionary measures have been taken to ensure financial safety of the customers Moreover, the best part of buying through online is, payment can be made once product is arrived at your steps, and after going through the quality of the product else it can be returned for exchange.

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