Pet cremation jewelry – A way to remember your pet

The concept of pet cremation jewelry is not new; it is here since ages, except the way of storing the pet cremation has been changed in the jewelry. In past, the human was using the hide of animals to store their pet’s ashes and then wear it as jewelry. Today, we have easy, stylish and modern ways of using pet cremation as jewelry.

If you search for the urn jewelry, you will found that how easy it is available in the market. This jewelry simply comes up in a shape of pendants where you put the ashes of your faithful companions in it and use a chain to wear it around the neck. The price of this jewelry totally depends on your budget because it is available in steel, silver, and even the gold.

What is pet cremation jewelry?

It is a type of jewelry which looks the same as the ordinary jewelry. It is different only from one aspect and it is the hollow compartment. In this type of jewelry, there is always a hollow compartment. Inside that is a sealed with a tiny precision screw. All you need to do is that you have to remove that screw and replace it with the small amount of the ashes. You can also put other cremations like sand, hair, nails and other memorabilia etc.

Ordinary jewelry usually come in the same type of style but urn jewelry comes in a verity of the shapes, designs, and style. For examples, you purchase the jewelry with the animal shape, paws, pet prints, wood, cylinder, hearts, key chains, glass, teardrop, bracelets, and jewelry with your pet photo and much more. Like ordinary jewelry, this is also available in gold, silver, and steel plated material.
<р2>Why pet cremation jewelry is so popular?</р2>
A car or a dog, or even any other pet is considered the part of the family. He is as important as the other members of the family. Losing them is equally important and emotional for humans as they have loosed their family members. There is no better way to honor that loss other than choosing urn jewelry to remember the pet and their memory provide a meaningful and unique way to respect and remember the faithful companion of the pet. This is the main reason due to which the pet cremation jewelry is getting popular especially in the USA.

Till a few years ago, the trend was limited to pets like cats and dogs only. Today, the owners of other pets like reptiles or birds, to turn their cremation into jewelry to keep them all the time along with them.
<р2>Style of pet cremation jewelry</р2>
The pet cremation jewelry comes in so many different designs but the style is mostly the same which is pendants. Why pendants? It is the only type of jewelry which has some space to put the ashes of your pet inside easily. That’s why; the majority of such jewelry is based on the pendants style.

The good thing about these pendants is that you can personalize it as per your requirements. For example, you can ask the jeweler to put the photo of your pet on the front of the jewelry or design the shape of pendants which matches with the paw of your dog or cat etc. When we talk about the personalizing the pet cremation jewelry, there are so many options available to make it more personal.